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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 3, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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breaking news on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area a deadly shooting near the pentagon. new details just into the
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newsroom about the incident. good afternoon. >> let's get right to that breaking news. the violence at the pentagon. about 30 minutes ago we learned law enforcement died there at the scene and a pentagon police officer was stabbed and has also died. this happened in a metro transit station outside the entrance to the building. the pentagon was locked down for more than an hour after the burst of violence. more breaking news. an investigation reveals one of the most powerful governors in the country sexually harassed multiple women and violated state and federal laws. the new york governor now faces new calls to resign. michael george on the fall out. >> a defiant new york governor challenged an investigation's findings that he sexually harassed multiple women. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate advances.
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>> the investigation found all 11 accusers credible. >> the investigation found that the governor sexually harassed current and former new york state employees by engaging in unwelcome and nonconsensual touching and making offensive comments of a suggestive and sexual nature. >> investigators say that an employee who they identified as executive assistant number one endured repeated violations. >> the governor hugged assistant executive number 1 and reached under her blouse to grab her breast. >> it also found his administration created a hostile work environment. >> the governor and his senior team took actions to retaliate against at least one former employee for coming forward. >> this investigation doesn't carry any penalties. whether or not the governor will face civil or criminal charges will be to the accusers and law enement. >> only dealing
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cases, and civil cases but we are really dealing with his political future. >> the attorney general's as d > a tweet at least one of the accusers called on him to resign. across most of the bay area marks are officially back. at midnight seven bay area counties and the city of berkeley started requiring them inside once again as coronavirus cases climbed. we sent justin andrews to alameda county to see how people are adjusting. >> it's a busy day at this 24 hour fitness in pleasanton. people are working out. they are ready to pump iron but they say they have no problem wearing a mask. >> we just found out when we walked in that w country
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could not take it off. >> these seven bay area counties and berkeley ordered masks to be worn inside regardless of vaccination status. it's a mandate for businesses, restaurants, and other indoor public settings. >> over the last year everybody is used to wearing their mask. it's nothing different. it's more of like a default. >> everybody who walked into this gym had masks on. we talked to a few working out who said they don't have a problem wearing one. in fact they say it may make them sweat a little harder. about a mile and a half up the road we caught a couple picking up their breakfast. masking up has always been his rue routine. >> even if you have been vaccinated. i have been vaccinated twice already. then you could spread the virus. for my protection and the protection of others i have to
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wear a mask. >> whether are you picking up food or pumping weights if you are inside, have that mask on. >> i'm not worried about getting it and getting really sick. we definitely want to keep other people safe. >> the gm at this gym said that his staff comes around and sanitizes all the equipment every 30 minutes to ensure the members are safe. in pleasanton. justin andrews. new, the san francisco symphony just announced updated coronavirus protocols starting this friday. you will need to present proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test taken with in 72 hours to attend a live performance. and less than a week into the new school year eight of the 11 schools in the brentwood union school district have positive coronavirus cases. leaders say they are following safety guidelines but where the test positive is at 8.6% 12 students and a staff member
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have tested positive. none of the positive cases were contracted at a school. for the latest on school reopening plans in your district head to we also have experts answers to your medical questions. alameda is ramping up it's efforts to get more people vaccinated. more than a million residents are vaccinated so far but at least about half a million who are not. anyone who still needs their shot can drop in on martin luther king way in oakland. its open until five. sfo, one of the places where people from around the world are coming to get their coronavirus vaccine. many desperate to get the shot because of the slow roll out of vaccines in their home country. they are paying thousands of dollars for flights to the united states. they are becoming vaccine tourists. a lot of people arriving at sfo and done shot. >> we have a surplus supply in being able to make that available for others is a good
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thing and really helps everybody. >> since may sfo has vaccinated about a thousand people from more than 50 countries. the united states just reached 70% of united states adults being at least partially vaccinated but it's about a month after the president wanted to achieve that goal and now the white house is working with private company who are requiring employees to get the shot. >> wal-mart, google, all with vaccine requirements. it's to protect their workers. >> the rise in vaccinations coincides with a sharp increase cases due to the delta variant. some states still lag behind and 17 of them vaccination rates are still under 50%. meanwhile new york city is getting tough with vaccination requirements. people have to prove they are vaccinated if they want to eat inside or attend performances. new streets are reopen in
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berkeley after fire crews put out an apartment fire. this was on sacramento near ashby. the first calls came in about six. flames, black smoke out of the ground unit apartment. one victim was found taken to the hospital. the cause of that fire still under investigation. and new evacuations just issued as the dixie fire burns to the north. check out new video of the wildfire. stark smoke into the sky. alameda county fire one of the agencies supporting the effort to get the fire under control. crews have the fire 35% contained now but more than that 253,000 acres have burned. california's drought is helping firefighters. now some businesses are going to great lengths to stay going as the water runs the
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struggle. >> this is what it's come too. businesses like this inn trucking in water so guests can take a shower. >> right now costs $600 for 3500 gallons and that lasts about a week. >> he already saves as much as he can. using dirty dish water for the flowers and buying new light weight sheets for guest beds. >> you can get more of them into one load of wash and cut your water use significantly. >> most people across the united states cannot imagine a situation where they turn on the tap and no water comes out. >> it's frightening. >> that's what would happen if he was relying on the wells at his restaurant. >> right now there's just no water. >> three nights a week now the kitchen is dark and the dining room is empty. he pays $3,600 a month to fill
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that. will tank. >> why don't you get more water trucked? >> these towns on the coast are starting to shut off the sale of water. >> sot trucks can't get water to bring to you? >> yeah. >> is this an emergency? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> ryan others is in charge of ground water management. >> without rainfall it's all being depleted. >> everything is on the table for a solution, even bringing water by train from 40 miles away. can neighboring communities spare it? >> people are scared. they don't know what the future will bring. they are not likely to want to give up what reserves of water they have. >> they could be the next township in this trouble. >> they d be. s. >> one bigetting tourists, some 2,000 a day, to understand how important the shortage is and signs all over town warn people to conserve.
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some are closing bathrooms. still ahead, the return of simone. how she did on her final olympic event after all the buzz off the mat. and new look for the warriors. what's behind the design just revealed? we go live with the team spokesperson. and blue skies in the south bay with your mount hamilton camera. we will talk about cooler temperatures on th
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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. and a live look at chase center where the warriors just revealed their new logo. amanda, chen, a spokesman is here. tell us about the new logo. >> yeah. we are so excited. we have been working on warriors origins which is sponsored for two years. alongside our partners at the nba and nike. fun fact the warriors are one of three teams that are part of the nba that were part of the league when it started in 1946. it's us, boston, and the new york nicks. and the three of us and the nba are celebrating our diamond anniversary. the nba led the way with added to the uniform as a nod to the diamond anniversary. we revealed our 75th logo today
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that features a diamond shape as well. we are really excited about that. our classic edition uniform is going to be a huge talking point as we look forward to the 21, 22 season and recognize this diamond anniversary. >> i have a lot of friends who collect those warriors jerseys. give us more information about this new uniform. >> yeah. like i said its been years in the making with our friends at nike. it'll be a center piece to the season long celebration for the diamond anniversary. the design honors the warriors history and we are borrowing our 1962 uniform which was worn when will chamberlain set the single game scoring record in a game, scoring 100 points in a
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single game. it's not an exact replica. we were playing in philadelphia at that time. we have always been warriors. we updated and we are really excited to have our home opener and have the team take the court in these uniforms. >> yeah. look forward to it. i like the vibe. thank you. >> thank you. a bronze for simone. that's the big talker out of the summer olympics. she competed on the balance beam nearly a week after dropping out of several other events. she now has seven olympic medals. she is tied for the most ever won by an american female gymnast. the men's basketball rallied from behind to take over spain. the united states also got a
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thrilling win over germany in the beach volleyball quarterfinals and allison felix burst onto the track to win her heat and getting the united states's place in the 400-meter women's semi-finals. and a quick live look at the big board right now. the dow is up 255 points. nasa and boeing have postponed today's launch of the star liner space craft after engineers found issues. boeing's last attempt in 2019 didn't go as planned so a lot is riding on this do over. a nasa boeing investigation recommended 80 actions before the star line shernell fly again. yeah i was looking at radar in florida. thunderstorms are popping up and moving through that region.
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now here at home blue skies. watching that clearing in san francisco and inland catching that sunshine though that cloud cover hanging around along the coast. as we kick off the lunchtime hour you can see upper 50's in downtown san francisco. this hour. so, watching two weather systems. a low pressure system off the coast. that's why we starred off the day for gray skies. that ridge of high pressure in control and dominating the inland locations. we are looking at warmer compared to yesterday. there we go with that cloud
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cover. that marine strategy us in tonight and into tomorrow morning. with that stronger sea breeze for tomorrow, temperatures will be cooler for your wednesday. in the meantime air quality forecast for today, good air quality for the north bay, east bay and for the peninsula. moderate for the coast and for the south bay. we are slow concentration forecast. you can see our winds pushing that smoke away from us and that will continue into your wednesday, likely through the rest of the week. daytime highs looking at seasonal if not a little below average for this time of year along the coast and around the bay. 80's and 90's through the day. for the bay, san francisco and for oakland. a bit of a dip in the temperatures.
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inland east bay, 80's by tomorrow and thursday and then friday the hottest day of the week. also for the north bay. 90 on friday and daytime highs over the next several days in the low to mid-60s's. >> thank upnew ride or attraction. what disneyland fans are waiting for today.
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looking live over san francisco. the mayor announcing 11 neighborhood libraries will restart full in person service by august 17th. that's going to start today with the park and westportal location. this is the final wave of library reopenings for the city. and big news expected from the happiest place on earth today. >> a lot of people are waiting for this, including me. disneyland is set to reveal a new magic key program to replace the popular annual passport. disney canceled them in january in the middle of the covid related shut down. we will keep you posted on the
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babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! new york city becoming the vaccination proof for most indoor activities. could the bay area follow suit. how businesses are weighing in. that story and more at five. let's get a final check of the forecast mary. >> here is a live look at the south bay. downtown san jose with plenty
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of sun out there. really pretty view. in san francisco, mark hopkins hotel camera with blue skies out there. it's a breezy afternoon, especially along the coast and around the bay. sfo at 18 miles an hour. ten in oakland. tomorrow we are going to cool it down as we go through our wednesday and then warming up by the end of the workweek. >> that's it for the news at noon. we are on 24-7 and streaming >> our next newscast is at five. have a great afte
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