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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 3, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11:00. a chilling discovery brings the search for a missing bay area runner to a sad ending tonight. where the investigation into his disappearance goes from here. >>'s family wants answers as to why and how. one bay area plan starts mixing coronavirus vaccines. we will explain why. my biggest fear is, how far is it going to go downhill, from here. >> tonight, how bay area businesses are adjusting with most of the region bringing back indoor mask mandates. control tonight, e eq cld be di
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goodening,i juet. the family about missing runner from book league never came up hope, that he would be found alive. tonight they are grieving. search teams have found a body matching the description of 38- year-old philip krycik. kpix 5 is live at the pleasanton police department, where investigators announced the grim news just a short time ago. andrea. >> reporter: it has been about a month since philip krycik vanished. after telling his family he was taking a plot run at the pleasanton ridge regional park. since then hundreds of volunteers have been searching the area, and today was one of those volunteers, that found the body. >> that person located a deceased individual, matching the decision, description of philip krycik. >> reporter:
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some of the northern part of the ridge roughly 250 yards on the game trail used mostly by wildlife. at a quarter of a mile from the trail used by runners and hikers. >> this area is not readily available to get to. it is not traveled by the public. it is in an area not designated for recreation. it would not be something, that someone would come across. >> reporter: investigators of the body was in a heavily wooded area with a lot of brush and would not have been spotted by crews flying over the area. they are now collecting evidence to try to find out how philip greg trick ended up there, and why searchers were not able to find him. >> especially his family wants answers as to why and how. why did it happen, how did it happen. they deserve those answers. wel erytinour power to make sure we are doing our job. >> reporter: justin frazier is one of the volunteers that helped philip krycik's family while they were searching. >> it is amazing he found now.
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i did not leave hope, but i was kind of thinking other possibilities. >> reporter: hearing this news makes him wonder if he could have done more to bring philip krycik home alive. >> maybe when we were searching, maybe we were just feet away from him, and if that is the case, that would be pretty heavy to know, maybe we did not look to the left, just long enough to find him. >> to the investigators say if they have any reason to suspect foul play in this case? >> reporter: police say at this point, they do not have any reason to suspect foul play. that is one of the things they are going to be looking at. ner's office is right now currently trying to confirm the identity of the body, and find out the cause of death. >> andrea reporting live, thank you. to the coronavirus pandemic now. encouraging news on the vaccination effort. governor newsom says the state has seen a 41% increase in vaccinations over the last two weeks.
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>> take a live look a san francisco tonight, where the city is making it even easier for people to get vaccinated. mobile vaccine units, have been on the move since february. beginning today, clinics started going directly to groups of 5-12 people, wanting to get a shot at their home, their workplace, wherever. all you need to do is get an appointment with the department of public health. >> andrea's live in san francisco tonight where there is a new plan to mix vaccines to increase effectiveness. ondrea. >> reporter: at the start of the vaccine rollout, there was pfizer and then modern opera then came the single dose johnson & johnson vaccine. now they're offering certain people a chance to back that single-dose vaccine up. and what could be a first nationwide, the san francisco department of public health, while not recommending vaccine
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boosters, is offering this. >> we are accommodating special request from the individuals who have received the johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine and in many cases have consulted with her doctor, who wished to receive a supplemental dose with an mrna vaccine such as pfizer or moderna. >> the single dose is proving to be about 60% effective against the delta variant currently circulating throughout the bay area and nation. >> this is better than not having any vaccination alone. the messages still, get the first vaccine, that you can get. if you have an opportunity to get the mrna vaccine, please go ahead and do so. that seems to offer better protection. >> in early april and vaccine appointment are still scarce, paul larson got a johnson & johnson shot. he is curious and will consult with his doctor about a pfizer
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or moderna supplement shot, in part because of the strength of the delta variant. >> how to integrate the same values into my body, to give my body that resiliency, that adaptability, and the strength to combat it. >> reporter: the cdc is not calling for booster shots or supplements yet. dr. thought she did say at least one group of americans, may well need them. >> those who are transplants, cancer, chemotherapy, immunosuppressed, because of autoimmune therapy. and others, giving them an additional shot, is almost not considered a booster, it is considered part of what their original regimen should have been. >> do we know at this point, when the supplemental shots will be available? >> they should be available starting later this week here at the san francisco general hospital. julie. >> just in a couple days,
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thank you. businesses are adjusting to this indoor mask mandate now in effect in most of the bay area. kpix 5's betty yu check in, to see if everyone is adjusting to the order. >> reporter: it look like an ordinary tuesday night during the pandemic here in downtown cagns greeted guests, that most businesses. it is too soon to tell whether the new indoor mask mandate will affect sushi confidential's bottom line. >> my biggest fear, how far is it going to go. downhill from here. that is the biggest fear. we do not want to go back to 75%, 50%. we do not want the bars to close. >> reporter: has workers messed up yesterday, as soon as the announcement was made. he hopes of this precaution will force people to realize the surgeon cases and hospitalizations, is serious. >> i am okay, i went working
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out today in my mask. it was not a big deal. i've been wearing my mask in the gym, rock climbing, this whole time. >> reporter: people can remove masks to eat or drink, but must keep them on in gyms and stores. >> the biggest thing for you, might be to remember your mask everywhere you go, again. >> my no doubt. my car has a few in there. got used to these last couple months, being without a mask. going into target. >> it sucks that we are going backwards again. i do not mind. it is not too inconvenient. i think the biggest thing, i've gotten used to going places with no mask. i'm having remember, even going to the bathroom here. i forgot my mask on. >> i still go to my favorite places. i still going to work. i started working in the office three or four weeks ago. i intend to keep doing that. >> reporter: in campbell, betty yu, kpix 5.
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a live look from washington tonight were congress and the biden administration are now urging states to rapidly distribute tens of billions of dollars in rental assistance. according to the treasury department, just 7% of the available funds for rental assistance have been distributed by the start of july. as of today, california has given out just over 4% of the available money, from the emergency assistance program. the push comes after the cdc signed a new order today, extending the eviction moratorium in areas with substantial and high levels of covid transmission. that order is set to expire on october 3rd. tonight new york's number, governor standing firm despite a number of new york democrats founding him being told to step down. an investigation found that he sexually harassed several minutes, women. and retaliated against sel fo he
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one of told cbs news anchor, she feels vindicated. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately, or made inappropriate sexual advances. that is just not who i am. >> he sexually harassed me. i'm not confused. it is not confusing. i am living in reality, it is sad to see that he is not. >> president biden and house speaker nancy pelosi are among those calling for his resignation. it is now up to the accusers, and law enforcement to decide, whether to pursue civil or criminal charges. ahead tonight, the dixie fire is getting dangerously close to a town in plumas county tonight. adjust research and effort to keep the flames at bay. >> the way the fires and smoke and wind have been picking up of the alerts. you just have to kind of be
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babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! stunning new video of a violent confrontation of a frontier airlines light, from philadelphia to miami. >> shut up. >> 22-year-old passenger had been drinking when he started shouting profanities and groped two flight attendants. at one point, he even punched a crewmember in the face. eventually a flight attendant and some special, fellow passengers subdue the man and
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use duct tape and duct taped into the seat. he was later arrested on three counts of battery. >> flight attendants in their initial training and recurrent training learn a lot of different tech weeks, and how to keep control of the cabin. safety is paramount, when you are flying. >> frontier airlines says they are supporting the flight attendants. after originally saying they're not following proper procedures. new at 11:00, state water regulators voted tonight. offer drastic emergency order. it bars thousands of californians, primarily farmers from using stream and river water. state officials are calling the order unpreceented. it includes thousands of senior water rights holders across the state. water used for drinking, bathing and household purposes are not affected by this order. >> tonight, the dixie fire is dowsing, forcing thousands more
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to evacuate. there is no video showing the intensity of this fire. the flames engulfing trees. and jumping highway 89, near the town of greenville. if kirsten look at this fire content tonight, strong winds in the morning could cause it to explode. >> reporter: the dixie fire base camp in quincy, home to fire crews who spent weeks out on the line battling a record- breaking blaze. the dixie fire force evacuations until this past weekend, when cruz finally got a handle on it. evacuees were allowed to return home. winds picked it up. dry brush and trees lit up like matchsticks. sending hot embers outside of containment lies. sparking fires closer to neighborhoods. which meant families who thought they could go home, were forced to leave once again. >> you have to have strong faith. >> reporter: it is happened
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before. they tell us the dixie fire continues to surprise crews. just as they had gotten a handle on it. it changes again. it is frustrating for fire crews and evacuees. >> they've lifted evacuations and re-evacuated. >> the way the fires on the smoke in the wind has been. picking up in the alerts. you just have to kind of be ready. >> reporter: forcing kathleen back into a red cross shelter. >> there is a sense of safety there. you left maybe a dangerous area to a safe area. >> reporter: he volunteers for the red cross. while crews work to protect homes, they will provide one for anybody in need. >> we give them a safe place to sleep. and have activities, and we feed them three meals a day. i'm sorry people have to do this.
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>> cal fire says the biggest concern right now is that high winds could allow the fire to jump containment lines once again, and sparked more spot fires. now.a check in with paul right wh is wiik itnsis ound day. strong enough to come look at the efforts of the fire crews.t area. we have the dixie fire here, the monument fire, the farland fire. visible from space, but being pushed off to the north. tracking that smoke. we will see how things evolve as we had to the rest of this week. tomorrow, keeping the smoke pushed away from us. things start to shift a little bit on thursday. went in the mid-level atmosphere. 7-10,000 feet off the ground. instead of being on shore, they will run along the coast for that will take some smoke and try to move it down towards the north bay.
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that is a trend that will continue on friday. now again, we are looking at all the smoke through the whole depth of the atmosphere. this is not a ground level. but, when you see some smoke farther up in the atmosphere. gravity can pull that out and the ground. have to worry about for air nullity. that is where we concern as we head into saturday as well. the smoke remain elevated enough off the ground where we do not have to breathe it, our air quality will only deteriorate to the moderate category. it is something we will keep a close eye on as we had through the rest of this week. in the short term. even some drizzle acuity on the camera lens. as we look at the top of the mark hopkins hotel. we can tell it is in the camera at this point. it is so foggy out there. 50 degrees in oakland. 54 in santa rosa. temperatures remaining in the 60s. including san jose. the fog will spread a little farther in wind. map indicating the coastal drizzle. fog does his usual thing backing up towards the coast. as we head toward's early afternoon. spreads into the inland valleys early night into thursday morning. even a few lips of green
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showing up again. indicating the potential for at least a trace of moisture. and even the oakland hills comments and east bay hills, as we head into early thursday morning. again, traces what we see this time of year. temperatures dropped to the 50s. that is normal for early august. hot temperatures tomorrow about 2 to 4 degrees below normal. mid-60s was san francisco. upper 60s around 70 degrees oakland and east bay. upper 70s and san jose. most of the north bay topping in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. the warm spots in lint to east bay. the hottest spots only make it up to around 90 degrees. to my attention, similar temperatures on saturday. low 80s for the couple of days and san jose. hotspots will be the usual locations, well into the 90s friday and saturday. the north bay makes it into the 80s. temperatures back down to
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slightly below levels next week. even on the cost temperatures managed to hit mid-60s. a new phase on the kpix sports desk, this evening. madison against its former club. and despite his struggles as an arizona diamondback, had it going today guesses for martin. highlight coming your way after the break. remember kpix 5 is your home for all things back to school. for the latest on reopening plans in your district, had to everyday bay area medical experts will weigh in on wh
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i want to welcome in charlie walter to the sports desk. charlie, good to meet you. the giants faced a very familiar face in arizona. >> the man we call mr. october in the bay. on paper we had a giants world series reunion tonight with man mgars
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former teammates. second outing against his old team. dealing a second evening. here is one you do not see often. he blocks it, with his mask, traps that there. both diamondbacks runners awarded bases on the bazaar play. then arizona makes them pay. gives it up, two runs come into score, 3-0 to arizona. he has not been good as a diamondback grady turned it up a notch today. the d-backs win 3-1. >> it is a strange feeling. regardless of their in the lineup or not. just the uniform, the team, organization whatever. just, a strange feeling. stomach athletics and the padres
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from the colosseum. he came in tonight after back pack restarts. not a good start on this one. tommy pham, leadoff homerun. did not make it out of the fifth. his worst start since may 15. saw josh harrison stealing third, tries to tag up, will myers, the laser. that is an ending ending . ay they were 0-13 with runners in scoring position. padres was six of 10. starling duarte said that on a right to the seats. his first home run in green and gold. he needed the fictional seven run homer. forget the million dollar man, how about the $200 million man times two. the warriors signed steph curry to a four-year contract for 215 million. makes him the first player in the league to sign multiple $200 million deals. he wants to play until he is 40. the new contract ends when he
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is 38. and then, on a much smaller scale the warriors agreed with a one-year deal with the 33- year-old. it gives him a 6'10" big that can stretch the floor. 39% shooter from 3/6 seasons. the rally praying mantis does not bring the same mojo. the last night a praying mantis attached himself to nationals outfielder, victor robust, instead of brushing the insect off, he decided to leave it there for an entire inning. like i said, the rally praying mantis is 0-1. the nationals lost that game. also, to get to the dodgers lose the astros. the giant still up 3 1/2 in the standings. houston gained the game on oakland with the wind. >> did he know it was there? >> i don't know he continued to go along with it. >> the must go on. thank you, charlie. tonight, a new twist on the
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looking live in san francisco, tonight. the mayor announced earlier today, 11 neighborhood libraries will resume full in- person service, within the next two weeks. the part in the less, west portal locations open today. you may have seen little free libraries around san francisco. >> tonight the wisconsin town is adapting to take when we one concept for therefore leaving, four-legged friends. it is called a little stick library. just like their more well-known counterparts. it has this role. take a stick, leave a stick. dogs and their owners can conveniently play a game of fetch. while on a walk. >> original.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. thank you for watching. news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. captioning sponsored by cbs >> the new york city board of elections throwing the new york city mayoral primary into chaos. the board released new numbers suggesting eric adams' lead over kathryn garcia had narrowed. >> the city's board of elections removed those results from its web site. according to the b.o.e., 135,000 votes that were put into its system for testing purposes only had never been cleared. ( upbeat bouncy jazz ) ( computer error chime ) >> oops. we counted the wrong ballots. one second. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( laughter ) ( computer error chime ) >> wait, that's 2021's most popular baby boy names. hold on.
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