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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 5, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. now at 11:00. vaccines will soon be mandatory for millions of californians. the new order tonight. a live look from santa clara county. a new coronavirus variant has emerged. what we know about delta plus. bay area crews part of a desperate effort to keep the dixie fire from tearing through another small town. >> they are on the active perimeter right now. that is where it is busy. a shift in the wind means some of the wildfire smoke will arrive in the bay area. we are tracking the air quality. good evening. now at 11:00, and streaming on cbsn bay area, new statewide health orders, california imposing first in the nation,
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vaccine mandate for all health care workers. kpix5 is live from san francisco general hospital with some reaction to those orders, andrea? >> reporter: we have seen piecemeal orders come down from individual employees, sutter health, the uc system, kaiser, other ones all come down in the past week or so, this is the only brood overarching order that effects all health care workers in california. >> reporter: state health care workers now have a deadline to get jabbed with two doses of the vaccine. september 30th. that order came down today from the california department of public health. applies to workers at all hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and other health care facilities. >> many of the large health care systems have done this including ucsf and others, kaiser did it a few days ago but it is appropriate for all health care workers in the state to be vaccinated
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and should not be coming near vulnerable patients unless they are. >> reporter: the order coming down from the state department of health and not a private employer eliminates one key challenge according to the professor. >> employer may have to negotiate with a union, the state does not have to. they are not the direct employer. >> reporter: the nurses association issued this statement. we strongly believe all eligible people should be vaccinated while respecting the need for medical and religious accommodations. the order does allow exceptions. >> the state allows people who are exempt to continue working as long as they get tested and wear masks. so, accommodation is you don't have to vaccinate but you have to test and wear a mask. yes, it is perfectly legal. >> reporter: the chair of the ucsf department of medicine says it is time. >> i am all in favor of it from the very beginning it has been appropriate for health care
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worker who's take an oath to do no harm, at least the doctors do, to keep themselves safe for their patients. >> reporter: andrea, does it effect only health care workers? what about other people coming in and out of the medical facilities? >> reporter: well, ken, this was a two-part order from california department of public health. the second part of the order effects all visitors to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and other medical facilities. they will have to show proof of vaccination or if not a covid- 19 test that is negative from no later than 72 hours. >> all right, good to know. reporting live, thank you for that. looking live at san jose tonight. a vaccine mandate for city ffin juser two weeks. beginning august 23rd employees must be vaccinated or they need covi tests. anyone who does not adhere to those rules could be placed on unpaid
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leave. on to the fire watch now. flames are bearing down on the small town of chester tonight. 2,000 residents under a mandatory evacuation as the dixie fire rages. firecrews are taking a stand trying to defend as many homes as they can. tomorrow, weather conditions will hopefully improve. right now, gusty winds and dry fuel are making the flames nearly impossible to stop. the people of chester just hoping their town does not see the same level of destruction as nearby greenville experienced last night. this resident packing up last minute belongings. >> frozen food and pictures and paperwork that we might of forgotten. >> i was holding out, keeping an eye on the neighbor's houses and my house what have in to, i will kpix5 e alama fire stth on the bay area crews fighting the dixie fire.
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katie? >> reporter: a strike team from the pay area has actually been up in the area for the past two weeks. that team including firefighters from alameda county, oakland, hayward and fremont. >> all right, look at that. >> reporter: this is cellphone video from one of the strike team members part of cal team 2870 made up of firefighters from the bay area. >> they are on the active perimeter right now. that is where it is really busy in between greenville and chester. the alameda county fire department coordinating the strike team that is five fully staffed fire engines and team leaders. a crew of more than 20 firefighters. >> we have very experienced crews up there who have seen a lot of fire in their years. you know, extreme fire behavior is what we are seeing now, this year and the last. the dixie fire is indicative of that. >> reporter: when she talked to the bay area strike team assigned to the
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greenville area they described intense fire conditions. including swirling winds and unstoppable crown fires where the fire jumps from tree to tree. flames shooting hundreds of feet into the air. >> when they lost greenville it wae crown fire. one of the, you know, fastest moving dangerous fires we can face and very hard to stop. >> we have had some pretty extreme conditions out there over the last 48 hours. we have a lot of folks in there. >> reporter: katie, where is the strike team now and what are they going to be doing tonight? >> reporter: so right now they are close to the chester area and that is going to be a critical area tonight on the dixie fire because the winds have shifted and the fire is now blowing back directly towards that community. so, they are going to in the chester area tonight doing structure protection all night tonight. they worked 24-hour shifts, they will be off midday tomorrow and back at it again on the weekend. >> long hours. all right, katie, thank you.
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for information on how you can help victims of the dixie firelock for the link on our website. also tonight, governor newsom declared coun due f gency in nevada to the fire. evacuation orders remain in place for 5,000 people. the flames destroyed 76 structures, thousands more are still in danger tonight. we are near colfax with the latest. >> reporter: flames still lingering in the rubble. house after house destroy inside this grass valley neighborhood off of myer road. >> it was a cross between apocalypse now and wizard of oz. propane tanks blowing up left and right. >> reporter: one of the other neighbors that stayed behind fighting flames on his own with 2,000 gallons of water stored on his
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property. >> i kept filling up my tank and running around and putting out spot fires. >> reporter: he defended his house and his neighbors. charred land showing how close the fire got. e house caught back on fire. so i started up a chainsaw, ran over, cut a hole in the side of the house and put a hose in. >> reporter: the blaze burning so hot melting this jeep with neighborhoods now turned to rubble in colfax. cal fire explaining a number of factors are responsible for fanning the flames. >> low humidities, higher winds. those all led into the fact that we had to kind of explosive fire growth on this. >> reporter: fire officials explain support from overhead played a critical role in calming the flames. >> there were at some points a large >> toght, people in
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colf area have been asked to conserve water. stop all nonessential use to make sure there is enough water for the firefighters. some of that smoke may begin effecting our own air quality here starting tomorrow. r chf meteorologist has a reporr: the wind shifted, katie referenced concerning to firecrews because it is pointing the fires in a different direction and the smoke plumes in a different direction. this is the smoke plume, the winds turn to the north which is going to take the smoke from the monument fire and mcfarland fire to the north and send some of it down into the pay area. this is a forecast model simulating the smoke concentration right at ground level. we are focused on ground level smoke that will effect our air quality. this forecast model anticipated a higher concentration of the smoke to move into the north bay early tomorrow morning and spread across much of the bay area as we head through the day on friday. not all bad news, though, the latest update of the forecast model
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shows the air quality improving as we head into the weekend. the smoke does not disappear. a little more elevated in the atmosphere and while it does not look great there, there is a hazy look overall. we don't have to worry about breathing it in. now we are looking at the possibility of the air quality going into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category tomorrow. for the north bay and the east bay, everybody else at the moderate category, air quality forecast it is tricky. it depends how much of the surface smoke gets blown in and how much of the smoke in the atmosphere gets pulled down to ground level just by gravity and the long it is in place the better chance it comes towards us. it improves next week. the management district a different scenario in mind tomorrow. we will look at that coming up. still ahead tonight. >> each of you are responsible to some degree. >> a coworkers of the vta rail
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yard shooter gives an earful to the agencies leaders y. he says there are huge failures months and years leading up to the attack. cases of a new coronavirus variant have been found in santa clara county. tonight, doctors explain how concerned we should be about delta plus. >> we believe that it is the least as bad as delta. and the extreme drought forcing unprecedented action. why california's power supply will take a hit.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. new coronavirus cases in the south bay linked to a new variant. kpix5 is in santa clara county
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where they are scrambling to learn more about delta plus. >> reporter: at this point the delta plus variant is not emerging as the dominant covid-19 strain. however it is here in the bay area. santa clara county health officials have tracked almost 50 cases of the delta plus variant so far. >> reporter: as people stroll through downtown mountain view, the threat of another covid-19 variant exists. the delta plus variant. >> yes, of course it is concerning. you know, you start with one and then another one and another one. when do they stop? >> we are outside. we have been vaccinated. not worried. >> reporter: the santa clara public health department is tracking the mutation, the latest dashboard update detected 46 cases of the delta plus mutation. the county told kpix5 in a statement, cases of delta plus exist statewide and nationwide and there is currently not enough information on these particular variants to indicate if they may be more concerning than the original delta variant. >> we believe that it is the
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least as bad as delta. >> reporter: the doctor is a expert at ucsf. he is as there is still a lot to learn about this mutation. >> number one, it is more transmissible, number two, does it evade vaccines? and number three, does it make you sicker? >> having additional variants is going to be expected with any virus. >> reporter: infectious disease expert at stanford school of medicine as health experts continue to track and learn more about mutations such as delta plus, she urges people to do what they can to make it harder for the virus to spread. >> what we can do is get vaccinated and keep ourselves from getting infected. that is how you stop the viruses from mutating. >> reporter: the health experts say they expect more variants to emerge over time. the best way to combat this is to get more people vaccinated. the more people that are vaccinated the fewer people the virus can
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infect therefore slowing down the mutation proses. in mountain view, back to you. in just about 45 minutes people in napa county will have to wear a mask inside public spaces regardless of vaccination status. the county announcing the new mandate today. salono is the only bay area county not enforcing that indoor mask rule. new at 11:00. a coworker of the vta rail yard shooter is blasting the agent's leaders over a toxic workplace. culture and management were so bad it may of pushed the shooter over the edge. he was at the rail yard during the massacre and tried to help some of the victims. he says sam cassidy's previous workplace problems were not handled properly and demanded a full investigation during tonight's board meeting. >> each of your responsible to some degree. it happened under the failed
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policies of fernandez, who you employed and failed to oversee. that is behind us. i am here to tell you each of you it is past the time to investigate. that the employees in the department are asked what was wrong? what created the stresses and the hostility that pushed cassidy to kill my friends. >> nine vta employees were shot and killed when their coworker opened fire in may. we reached out to vta for a response but have not heard back tonight. unprecedented move today has results of the drought emergency water levels at lake oroville, they are so low right now one of the three power plants had to be shutdown. that is because there is not enough water to spin the turbines and generate electricity. energy experts say the loss of power can be replaced by increasing the use of natural gas and
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importing electricity from other states. we go from that to our weather. we will not get more water. we will get wind and heat. >> and smoke to go along with it. let's start with the air quaility and how -- air quality and how it will change. we took a look at the ground level smoke. this simulates the smoke through the whole depth of the atmosphere. not just the ground level that we breathe just what you will see. the haze in the air. we anticipate plenty of haze throughout the day on friday and that lingering in place in the first half of the weekend as well. for the onshore winds kicking back in on sunday it helps to improve the air quality and should be back to good air quality across the board by the time monday rolls around. how much of the smoke moves in at ground level or moves in farther off of the ground and then settles down due to gravity? i am anticipating we are in the unhealthy for sensitive groups in the north bay and the east bay. the bay area quality management district
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is more optimistic. moderate air quality, across the board on friday if you have someone in your family, you know someone with severe asthma, a breathing difficulty you want to make sure they are prepared for decrease of air quality. regardless which category we now, no smoke no fog. temperatures are around 60 degrees. the numbers will not change a lot heading through the rest of tonight. the fog will not be as thick or as persistent as it was early today. so, it will be out there and spilling into the inland valleys early on friday. backs up quickly. plenty of the hazy smokey sunshine throughout the day. the temperatures will heat up from a tart that is close to normal -- start that is close to normal. 3-5 degrees cooler than right now. the temperatures will heat up. along the coast, making it into the lower 60s. temperatures farther in the
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santa clara valley. up to 93 degrees for morgan hill. lower to middle 90s for the try valley. temperatures, hotter from concord to the east, close to 100 degrees for antioch and fairfield. the temperatures will top out a couple degrees above normal for san francisco. reaching close to 70mito upper in the east bay. middle to upper 80s close to 90 degrees for the north bay, heading farther north where the temperatures will reach farther into the 90s. at least you will stay short of 100 degrees. but you will have more smoke in the atmosphere as well. the temperatures will back down close to or slightly below average across the board as we finish off of the weekend and into next weekend. a bit of a warm up for wednesday and thursday. noticeable inland and the east bay and for the north pay as well. we have the hazy icons in the forecast for friday and saturday. you are at least going to see the smoke. be prepared for potential to breathe a little bit of it as well. andrea? all right, coming up in
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i giants have great terms to describe the team and their season. the word resilient is being used. may be the perfect one for this ball club. belton and the rest of the giants stifled by the d'backs starter who pitched 8 shutout innings. but, with kelly watching from the dugout, the giants offense finally wakes up. belts in, tropes in an rbi single that scores dickerson to cut the deficit to 2. the same sport now. on the 8th pitch of the at bat singles to right. two runs come in to tie the game and we go to extras. chris bryant doubles into the left field corner here and tommy scores the go-ahead run. bryant's third hit of the day and the
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giants win 5-4. the first 4-run, 9th inning come back since 1993. they lead the dodgers. a's color analyst announced he will step away from the broadcast booth immediately. he says he has been silently battling cancer for the last 16 years. in the nba. kelly ubre junior signed with the hornets, he started 50 games and averaged 15 points a game. in the nfl. 49ers rookie, lance, has been impressive on and off of the field. according to one report, lance registered the most minutes using the team- issued ipad to study the playbook and watch the film. who cares about that number, right? shanahan doesn't. >> you can press play and watch a movie and act like it was on for 8 hours. so, how they are, i mean that
11:27 pm
is why i don't ask everyone's hours, are they prepared? would not surprise me. he seems prepared each day. >> here is your 2021 football hall of fame class, current 49ers gm, lynch and charles woodson. they were all honored tonight in canton. first nfl game for harris, first quarter, gets outside and picks up the 1stdown for the steelers. rushing for two yards. the 3rd quarter, steelers, barrels in for a 4 yard touchdown. the preseason opener 16-3. such well deserving candidates for the hall of fame. it is great to see him get the call to canton. >> oh, yeah, such a great coach, a great legacy. tonight, a michigan highway appears to be the scene of a military invasion. the explanation, straight ahead
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a military exercise to show you tonight. >> not too often you see military aircraft landing on a stretch of highway but it was done intentionally as part of the large scale training exercise in all 6 jets and planes took part in the event. >> pretty amazing. a warhog on my street. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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the late show captioning sponsored by cbs >> news sources tell us they are setting up emergency hotline with the chinese, similar to the so called red phone that was established between the u.s. and the soviet union during the cold war but the problem here of course would be is china actually going to engage because there have been problems getting in touch with china at multiple levels from the u.s. side. ♪ why don't you call me on my


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