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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 6, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i. now at 11:00. wildfire smoke drifting into the bay area. it is creating unhealthy conditions tonight. what you can expect this weekend. 8 people unaccounted for in the burn zone of california's largest wildfire the latest tonight. with the delta and the delta plus, some people are reevaluating their weekend plans. i go to bed every night trying to figure out who has done there. >> an emotional plea for justice tonight five years after a college baseball player was murdered at a bay area park.
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good evening. now at 11:00. streaming on cbsn bay area, let's take a live look outside tonight. air quality will still be an issue this weekend. multiple wildfires are sending smoke our way. the hazy skies scene all across the region today. our chief meteorologist paul hagan lets us know what is in store for tomorrow, paul? >> reporter: taking a look at air quality as it evolved throughout the day today. not as bad as it was today. that is the good news, you can see how the dot shifting around the green is where we want to be, the red not where we want to be and plenty of the red dots in the north bay and inland and east bay. the try valley had bad air quality today. take a look, look at all of the green pushing far inland thanks to the onshore breeze today and continued into the this evening. unfortunately that improvement is temporary because as the onshore breeze dies down tonight, which it does every night, some of that
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elevated smoke will settle back down to ground level. we will dip back into the orange category, unhealthy for sensitive groups, folks with severe asthma and emphysema for the north bay and east bay by saturday, take a look in just a few minutes as when the air quality will improve, coming up in the full forecast. all right, paul, thank you for that. now, live in walnut creek where the smoke started drifting in earlier today. andrea? >> reporter: the bay area air quality management district says for the most part most of the bay area's air quality was good to moderate. that was hard to believe if you looked up at the sky. >> reporter: this is time lapse video today. smoke invaded the valley. the further inland you were the more you ce >> i just came from oakland, came through and got out of the car and it hit me like a ton of bricks. >> reporter: the smoke in our area is coming from the
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mcfarland monument and river complex fires, bay area residents say it was only a matter of time until the smoke headed this way. >> it is sad it is like this every year. you can never get a year away from it. >> it is frustrating. i think it makes the air quality poor. at the same time this is california, right? what are you going to do. >> reporter: kids playing at the park in walnut creek tonight many decided to keep them indoors during the day as a precaution. >> i work at a school so, with the kids we kind of just want to be careful. >> reporter: this couple in walnut creek will say their i do's this weekend and celebrate the big day with family and friends under smokey skies. >> i feel like it is probably not going to impact it too much and the eyne, i meif will be outdoors but, it is not ideal. >> reporter: the bay area air quality management district says at this point there is no reason to be alarmed. the smoke is not impacting the air we breathe. >> i do understand that people
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are seeing hazy skies at the higher elevation. rest assured a lot of the smoke is aloft. >> reporter: he says the best way to tell if the smoke is effecting the quality is to take the smell test, if you it smell it stay indoors as much as you can and especially for those with pre-existing conditions. back to you. >> thank you. tonight, eight people are unaccounted for as the dixie fire continues to rage out of control. that fire now the third largest in state history behind the mendocino complex and last year's august complex fire. six out of california's seven biggest fires happen inside just the last year. we go there tonight with the latest. >> reporter: in less than 24 hours the dixie fire wiped the historic gold rush filo
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ke o thur canyon dam, everything, trees, cars, homes, flames, now, other northern california towns are threatened and there are more evacuations. >> the fire over kitty ridge and then we will leave. >> if all signs to is coming here you are ready to get out of here? >> we see flames we are gone. >> reporter: so far crews have been able to protect chester. >> we are standing in front of what used to be a general store. the smoke here is so thick at times it looks like night. officials here believe this fire is going to continue to burn for several weeks. >> i have been fighting fire for almost 25 years and this is the most extreme fire behavior i ever been a part of. >> reporter: the dixie fire scorched territory bigger than los angeles. >> a lot of smoke, haze, can not see over the valleys and stuff. . >> for information on how you can help thcts of the dixie fir for the link on our website, better news tonight on the
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river fire. evacuation warnings have been lift inside nevada and placer counties. evacuees will have to wait longer while the power and the water is turned back on and the crews make sure that there are no dead trees or other hazards that could fall on people. tonight, people who were forced to abandon everything are wondering what they will find when they go back. >> it is hard to drive away from your house and wonder if you are going to see it again. >> we will pull our bootstraps up and keep ongoing and rebuild, you know, that is what you do. >> the fire river has destroyed at least 88 structures since it started on wednesday afternoon. the highly contagious delta variant means that it is important to be extra cautious, especially right now, even if you are vaccinated. we are live in san francisco tonight with the dos and the don'ts.
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>> reporter: that is right. now, we have not reached the peak of the surge. vaccinated people can still do a lot of things but they should be very mindful. >> reporter: the delta variant is the main driver behind the surge. people are generally getting sicker, sooner, after exposure. according to ucsf infectious disease expert. >> right now delta is the game in town. more than 90% of the cases now. the most infectious. 1,000 times more virus than the regular. >> reporter: as far as the newer variants. >> with delta plus i put in the category of delta, it has not really taken over and i feel the same way about it. much more in south america, regional. >> reporter: he says even if you are vaccinated being in an uncontrolled environment is risky. >> what i would nois go to
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a bar that has a lot of visitors or even regular bar and a lot of people walking around and leaving my mask off. that is, that is the riskiest place to be. >> even going to a movie theater, descent ventilation, you know, if you are spaced apart from someone, skip the popcorn. >> reporter: he says outdoor gatherings and indoor dining are relatively safe for vaccinated people. she has remained cautious throughout the pandemic. >> i am still wearing it because i am pregnant. i am vaccinated she is not. >> these vaccinated freshman are sticking to low key activities. >> just avoiding the big crowds. i guess going to concerts, raves, big parties and stuff like that. avoiding all of that just for now. >> we stick around people we know. like my two best friends. >> betty, a lot of people are
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asking the question, are the symptoms that you get with the delta any different than the previous variants? >> reporter: yes, they are. the doctor said the main ones are sore throat, runny nose, loss of smell and interestingly sneezing. he says a lot of patients are coming in thinking they have allergies or a cold and it was a breakthrough case, ken? >> all right, good to know. betty yu reporting live, thank you, betty. happening tomorrow. new testing sites will open. more than one million residents are vaccinated outside of the 1.5 million people who live in the county. the county wants to push that number higher as delta variant infections surge. for a list of the vaccine sites in alameda county head to our website with just a few days until students in oakland return to school, the
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covid-19 vaccines were available at oakland technical high school today. there was all part of an open house for incoming students. the district says they have a number of precautions in place as students gear up to return to campuses on monday. masks will be required indoors, classrooms upgraded. ventilation systems, and rapid covid-19 testing will be available to students and staff. >> we are doing everything we can especially with the guidance of the state and the county to keep everybody safe. >> it feels kind of weird. i feel like i will get the hang of it in a couple of weeks, i am not worried about it. >> the district does not require teachers or staff to be vaccinated. a reminder we are tracking school reopening plans across the region on and every day local experts are answering your questions. on cbsn bay area. still ahead tonight, five years after the senseless murder of a
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promising college athlete at a bay area park, friends and family come together to mourn and call for justice. it has been a living hell, every day, it is just, you know, trying to figure out who has done this. >> tonight, an autopsy report giving us new insight into what happened to that runner found dead in a bay area park after weeks long search. a call to conserve going unanswered. the alarming new data tonight on santa clara county's efforts to save water in this extreme drought
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♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. five years ago a college baseball player was killed in a
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seemingly random attack in a bay area park. tonight, friends and family gathered to share their favorite memories of calvin riley and to make a plea for justice. we were there for tonight's memorial. andrea? >> reporter: here at saint gregories there was a call and prayers for closure for the riley family. they lost their son in a senseless shooting in san francisco. tonight, the family still wants answers and justice. [singing] >> reporter: it was five years ago tonight that shawn riley's life changed in an instant. his son, calvin, was gunned down while playing pokc >> it has been a living hell, every day it is just, you know, trying to figure out who has done this. trying to bring someone to justice. it is, trying to get up every morning fighting the fight to figure out who has done this. >> reporter: calvin, a
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20-year-old never made it home that night. his case has been cold for years. >> we have a killer walking the streets. we have nothing. >> reporter: at saint gregories there was a call for justice. >> i go to bed every night telling calvin i will find who has done this. >> reporter: a moment to remind the young man with a contagious personality filled with potential and a zest for life. >> he had a key phrase, what's up, stud in that thick boston accent. i still remember his smile and making jokes. >> reporter: shawn says calvin gives him strength. >> i miss my family, you know, i miss him, i miss it all. i miss sunday afternoon dinners. i miss just his thirst for life and his, the way he impacted others. great energy every single day. >> reporter: his father says the past five years have
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been a living nightmare without his son. he wants to see the killer brought to justice at some point. in san mateo, back to you. >> reporter: the runner that was found at the park may of had a medical emergency. his remains were found 250 miles off of a trail. autopsy results showed no signs of trauma. there were no broken bones or signs of an attack. toxicology results are still pending. now to our drought emergency tonight. santa clara county's water conservation efforts are coming up empty for the most part. back in june the santa clara water district asked all two million county residents to cut their water use by 15%. but, new numbers from june show the area used just as much water as before as 2019, before
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the drought. a nonprofit group says it shows that people do not realize how serious this drought is. they need to start changing their behavior. >> we were looking at smoke around the bay area awhile ago, paul, and, andrea was saying there is a lot of smoke, aloft, high up in the air but i was smelling smoke. >> yes, we all live in the east bay and farther inland you can smell it, see it, you can even taste it. it was thick for a while. it got into the unhealthy for the north bay and inland in the east bay when it was at its worse. things improved as the breeze blows the smoke farther off to the east. tomorrow, unhealthy category for sensitive groups in the northbound and inland in the eastbound, things will continue to improve heading through the weekend and next week. should be back to green. good air quality by monday and tuesday. let's take a look at the
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weekend and how it will evolve. as the winds die down tonight, some of the smoke aloft, elevated in the atmosphere, it will get dragged down by gravity. we want it as green as possible and the other colors as possible but we are going to be seeing the whole situation improving as the onshore wind kicks in. the air quality by late tomorrow should be moderate at worst. and, tomorrow night, i don't think we are going to see as much smoke settling down. the air quality will not take a step back saturday night into early sunday and the worst air quality we will see again on sunday throughout the day is going to be in the moderate category. one more day tomorrow with the worst air quality in the northbound and eastbound and the unhealthy for sensitive groups category. keep the doors and windows closed and the time you are high. no smoke outside right now.
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just fog. the temperatures all over the place, still, 59 degrees downtown, still 71 degrees in livermore and 69 degrees in concord. the fog is going to spread inland. back up towards the coast by midday into the early afternoon. the temperatures start off in the middle to upper 50s. normal for this time of the year. hot and smokey. inland in the east bay and warm for the east bay. temperatures will 10 back a little bit. upper 60s in the city, lower 70s for the east bay. temperatures for the north bay in the lower to middle 90s. san jose in the middle 80s a couple degrees above average with the temperatures warmer heading farther inland in the valley. the temperatures are going to cool to slightly below average temperatures sunday and monday for san francisco and oakland. then, warming up a few degrees heading through the rest of next week. back to above average readings for tuesday, wednesday, thursday,
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back up into the middle 80s for the east bay, you will be the hot spots, a couple cooler days sunday and monday before you are back in the 90s for the rest of the week. the north bay, back up in the 80s as well. along the coast you will not notice the change but more sunshine peaking through the clouds heading through the middle and latter half of next week. you have been away for 42, 78 hours? >> i lost track. what i am keeping track of is sports. warriors reuniting with a fan favorite. one of the catches of the year helped the giants get a win against the brewers, i will have can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys---- i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much
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still, 1-0 in the 6th. brhis fis since june 19th. solo shot to tie the game. then, the ttof the 10th. down the line, garcia scores the winning run and they walk it off with a 2-1 win. a's outfielder has been suspended 80 games for testing positive for a banned substance. he will miss the rest of the season and the first month of next season. now the a's, hosting the rangers tonight. a's ace allowing just one run while striking out eight in seven innings. he would get a no decision even so, the game would go on to extras. tied at 1 in the 11th. one of the newer faces with a game-ending 3-run home run. oakland's second straight walk off. 10th of the season. a's win 4-1 to pull within the three games of the astros in the al west.
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nba, curry put his social media team to work after the news broke that iggy is back. after spending the last two years in miami. [music] >> he told the "new york times" he plans to end his career in golden state calling the opportunity to return something special. with three players on the roster, 20 or younger the 37-year-old gives the warriors a much-needed veteran who can still contribute. now, former warrior, kevin durant, trying to lead team usa to a gold medal. third quarter, durant knocking down the 3 to put the u.s. up 56-45. finishing with 29 points, 4th quarter, france down 5, drew holliday gets the steal. team usa hung on to win and their 4th straight gold medal and it was a tough start for team usa but it is nice to see they are bringing that gold home. lots of medals, thank you.
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take a look at this. a walrus tried to catch a ride as he ast southern a boat ireland. wollie the walrus is a local celebrity. >> cute thing, not. >> first spot inside march. he travels along the coast of ireland, britain, france and spain. does he make it? >> he has a hobby of popping inflatables? >> does he make it?
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>> been there, man. >> thanks for watching. the late show with steven colbert is coming up next. >> good night, wollie captioning sponsored by cbs >> the oregon wildfires continue to rage, creating fire clouds over the blaze. when these types of clouds form, they grow so big and so hot that they can create their own weather, leading nasa to call them "fire-breathing dragon clouds." >> and that's our headlines. now let's check in with stormy, with the local weather. >> good evening! hi, i'm stormy daniels-- not that one. big story in the weather today. fire-breathing dragon clouds over thwas e midwest. let's take a look at the st. louis metro area. ( explosion ) yep, that's definitely going to affect evening commute time. we're expecting more threatening weather ahead.


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