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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 9, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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watch cbs in bay area with the kpix 5 news app. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, covid and the classroom. as cases are spiking nationwide it's the first day of school for lots of kids in alameda. what california's school chief had to say. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am gianna franco. tens of thousands of oakland unified students are back in the classroom, first day of in person instruction for most students in 17 months. libby schaaf and tony thurman got a first hand look. >> this is an important time for our students. they deserve and need in person
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instruction. even though there are many challenges facing us with the variant, this school district like many has taken into account the needs of students and put all the safety measures in place to ensure our students can continue to learn. >> justin andrews with what's on students' minds. >> reporter: the kids had big smiles on their faces, wearing backpacks and many of them had their parents by their side. before the school bell we interviewed about how school has been at home. >> bad. >> reporter: why was it bad? >> keep on stressing me with questions and stuff. >> they can't get everything that they need at home. they need to be here where they can comprehend everything that the teacher is trying to teach them. i like it better when they are at school because at home they are not really focused. >> reporter: he and his grandmother were welcomed by teachers. though most students are doing in person, the district says
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they have a couple hundred students who signed up for zoom school this year. in person learning has brought a lot of emotions and emphasis on health and safety. some teachers in oakland unified school district say they don't feel safe going back inside the classroom with this delta variant and no mandate for the vaccine. as a reminder, all staff, students, visitors at all schools across this district are required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. the picture isn't getting any better. the seven day average for new daily infections is at about 100,000 nationwide. >> we haven't seen that number since february. covid hospitalizations in louisiana are at all time high. at baton rouge general hospital the icu is meant to hold about 25 patients but more than 70 covid patients need beds. the hospital has converted four hospital wings to make room.
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cdc says about 61% of u.s. adults are fully vaccinated. dr. fauci expects vaccines to be fully approved this month which could lead to new vaccine requirements at the local level. >> colleges, universities, places of business, a whole variety. i strongly support that. >> children under 12 are not eligible and as students are starting school, this is what parents are worried about. pediatric cases are soaring. nearly one in five cases nationwide in the last week of july were in kids. we asked the marin health medical officer what's the number one thing parents can do to keep kids safe while at school. >> i think it is masking. if they're able and old enough, which most kids going back to school are, it's masking. i am impressed with how kids are almost better than adults
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at masking. my niece and nephew are always reminding adults to put masks on. i think the teachers are doing a fabulous job of remindk kids to mask. we have to remember as parents that school is quite safe because kid is tuned in to keeping kids safe. i think it is very exciting particularly in the bay area that we'll see kids back to school in person. it's been a rough year for pediatric patients. kpix5 has you covered. we are live tomorrow morning as more districts reopen. all your questions answered. we'll be talking top tech tools for school, best gadgets for students returning to the classroom and how to keep them sanitized. that's tomorrow morning at 4:30. i am anne makovec. police in san jose say they took down part of a re g a dent in what they call an epidemic of ghost guns.
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[ gunfire ]. >> that is the video police just released this morning. they say suspects guns modified to basically be hand held machine guns. police served several search parents and found illegally possessed firearms, high capacity magazines, ballistic vest, and material to make ghost guns. >> the firearms the guys were in possession of, they modified a hand gun to fire in full automatic mode. that can do a lot of damage. the video shows how fast they empty one of the magazines. >> here are the three suspects that were arrested, all from san jose. they've been charged with at least ten violent crimes including carjacking, shootings, stolen vehicles, burglaries. they have been active since february and they think there are other members of the gang
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still out there and may be more victims. you can text or call police anonymously. i am anne makovec. happening today, new ac transit ride connects riders with ferry terminal in alameda. passengers hop online 78 at the fruit veil bart station. riders who use their clipper card will get a discount on the ferry essentially making the trip free. ac transit will monitor demand during a one year pilot program. ac transit is restoring 600 series that takes students to and from school. parents and students can check online to see schedules and realtime arrival predictions. a major san francisco intersection is officially back open. cal trans had shut down at mission street to replace the road way, part of the vanness improvement project which will bring the city it's first bus
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rapid transit system. the search is on for this hit and run driver. the suspect slammed into the black car between sellers and marsh town creek road, say the driver may have been impaired. a dad and two kids were in the car. the father was taken to the hospital but it sounds like the children are okay. governor cuomo facing more fall out following a report that says he sexually harassed 11 women. >> one of his accusers brittany commisso spoke with jerika duncan. >> i then felt while taking the selfie his hand go down my back onto my butt and he started rubbing it. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with cbs this morning, brittany commisso identified as executive assistant number one in the state attorney general's report claims the new york governor
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andrew cuomo groped her twice including once in november 2020. >> i could tell immediately when he hugged me it was probably the most sexually aggressive manner. it was then that i said governor, you are going to get us in trouble. when i said that, he walked over, shut the door so hard and came back to me and that's when he put his hand up my blouse and cupped my breast over my bra. >> this just did not happen. >> reporter: the governor denied all allegations of misconduct. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. >> reporter: she's filed a criminal complaint against the governor. why did you file the criminal complaint with the sheriffs office? >> because it was the right thing to do. the governor needs to be held accountable. >> reporter: legislators may
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hold the governor accountable. they're discussing whether there are grounds for impeachment. >> the findings, the content of the report are deeply disturbing. >> reporter: while cuomo has resisted calls to step down, his top aide announced her resignation saying the past two years had been emotionally and mentally trying. new, pentagon will require members of u.s. military to get covid vaccine by september 15. that could get pushed up if vaccine receives final fda approval or if infection rates continue to rise. in afghanistan taliban is changing its offensive shifting from the countryside to taking cities. the taliban took control of a sixth capitol in the city and destroyed buildings still smouldering from fighting. the flag can be seen flying
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victoriously. taliban offensive kicked into high gear as u.s. and other foreign forces pulled out. afghan military is fighting back. air strikes by u.s. and afghan forces are slowing the militants' advance. >> government and national defense forces have training, equipment, numbers to prevail. >> many aren't so sure. hundreds of thousands have fled hoping they'll have homes to return to. the dixie fire now the second largest wildfire in california history, late breaking word about residents who were reported missing. a new report on climate change shows the speed and impact of human-caused global warming. what experts say has to be done to avert a climate catastrophe. a beautiful sight with blue skies looking at the santa clara valley. we'll talk about ai
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[ sfx: ding ding ding ] [ phone buzzing ] [ sfx: bing bing bing ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state, with real california dairy. taking a live look at the big board, looks like dow is down about 83 points. to fire watch, dixie fire is the second largest wildfire
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in california history. we learned four people unaccounted for have been located. cal fire is reporting more than 489,000 acres have burned. that's still less than half the size of the august complex fire which started around this time last year and burned more than 1 million acres. crews in placer making progress on r fire. evacuations have been lifted. that means animals and families can reunite. volunteers have been rounding up animals in hopes of finding owners. some owners though are still missing some pets. the fire is 68% contained. crews expect full containment friday. for information on how you can help victims, head to as we deal with catastrophic fires, world's leading climate change scientists have issued a report about speed and impact of human caused global warming. >> it warns there will be more
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disasters slash greenhouse gases now. >> reporter: fires like those raging across greece and turkey to flooding, heat waves, drought in the u.s., the un report says global warming is rapidly hitting every region of the world in unprecedented ways. it is unequivocal that we are to blame with global carbon emissions higher than at any time in at least 2 million years. >> we are responsible for it. >> reporter: a senior author of the report. >> how alarmed should we be. >> we are not yet on a track to even stop this warming from further increasing. yes, we should be alarmed. >> reporter: the report finds melting ice sheets and sea level rise caused by global warming are irreversible for centuries to millenia even if we limit our emissions today. scientists point out we have already made the world two
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degrees hotter than preindustrial levels. if it works another roughly two degrees, upper target set by the 2015 paris climate treaty every region will feel the heat more intensely. scientists warn the world can get there and beyond this century unless we drastically cut carbon, methane, other greenhouse gas emissions now. is it too late? >> it is never too late. every bit of warming we can avoid will be beneficial to us. acting together is absolutely necessary in a global way. this challenge can be overcome. >> reporter: the report was approved by every country in the world, sure to push governments to cutting emissions faster ahead of a climate summit in scotland this fall. time for a check of weather with meteorologist mary lee. some areas already seeing the 80s. we are warming up especially inland as
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temperatures rise. we are looking at it a little bit warmer compared to yesterday at this time. 81 livermore, mid 60s oakland, san francisco, 74 for santa rosa with mostly sunny skies. good air quality at the moment though berkeley and pleasanton reading moderate air quality at the moment. through the day, the air quality forecast is good to moderate, much better compared to friday and over the weekend with strong on shore flow and pacific ocean breeze kicking in. that's why we are looking at that better air quality for the bay area thankfully so. smoke concentration forecast, you see with westerly winds pushing all that smoke away from us. as we look to tuesday and wednesday and even thursday as well, could see some haze with shifting of our winds as we look to the north bay and east bay. i will be watching that closely for you as we look ahead to the next few days. for today that strong ridge of
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high pressure due to the low pressure system to our north ushering in the strong sea breeze for us, better air quality and seasonal daytime highs for this time of year. taking you hourly hour on futurecast you see sunshine inland and around the bay, cloud cover still along the coast. marine stratus pushes in along the coast and for parts of the bay but we will warm things as we look to the next several days. also keeping an eye on the possibility of monsoonal moisture surging into the bay area. that could bring instability back to our region. i will be watching that closely as we look ahead especially to the mid to latter half of our week. sun set at 8:09 and sunrise at 6:21. daytime highs topping out in the 80s and 90s with sunshine inland. low to mid 60s at the coast. here we go with the seven-day forecast around the bay, san francisco, oakland, warming up especially as we look to wednesday, thursday, friday. south bay, san jose into the
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mid 80s starting tomorrow. inland east bay, you are heating up actually even to the mid to upper 90s wednesday and thursday and especially by friday. north bay, upper 80s starting tomorrow and along the coast in the mid 60s. a warm up in store for us as we look to the rest of the week. back to you. >> thank you so much. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> good news if you are thinking about taking a cruise but worry whether all the other passengers will be vaccinated.
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a federal judge sides with norwegian so called vaccine pass ports. the judge ruled that the cruise liner can require proof of vaccinations for voyages on ships from florida. florida's governor tried to ban vaccine pass ports in the state. norwegian's first trip since the pandemic started is scheduled to depart from the
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