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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 11, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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headed our way. >> good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. taking a live look around the region, and not much to see yet, but an air quality advisory has been issued for tomorrow and once again, the biggest exact will be in the north and east bay. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen has been tracking what is heading this way and how long this might hang around. >> it is not going to hang around long enough for the smoke down in the atmosphere to get dragged down. so that is good news for surface air quality and that is what we're focused on here. air quality, the smoke and the whole depth of the atmosphere. we just have to worry about ground level and it is good pretty much across the board right now. that may deteriorate a bit. you can see some of those yellow colors coming and going. the air quality is 3r0eb8 a bit worse than that on friday, just because that smoke farther up in the atmosphere will be here a little longer, so it is going to settle down into the lowest levels of the atmosphere and then the on shore wind also
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strengthen and push that away. so i think the worst that we're going to see is the moderate category, which for most of us means we won't be affected by it. you should keep an eye on the air quality s because the air quality forecast is going to get tricky if the winds shift just a little bit or if that smoke hangs out in the upper levels of the atmosphere just a little bit longer. more of it could make it into the surface level where we have to breathe it. we will be watching this carefully. i will have the four-day air quality forecast coming up. >> we'll look for it. thank you, paul. happening now in santa clara county, a community briefing on an alarming new study showing dangerous levels of lead in children living near san jose's reed view hill airport. the researchers believe it is coming from leaded aviation fuel used by most of the small planes there. a flight school owner tells kpix 5 the airport is just weeks away from switching over to unleaded fuel, and the
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county is obligated to keep the airport running until 2031 when a federal grant expires. l but critics want it shut down sooner. the full board of supervisors will review the study at its meeting next tuesday. tonight the public is being invited to ask questions and make their comments. you can be sure there will be plenty of both. we have a reporter in santa clara county monitoring the meeting and we will have a full report tonight at 11:00. and another developing story out of san jose where the police are investigating a shooting that left a man critically wounded. the police have blocked off the intersection of little wood lane close to james lake high school and just east of 680. the gun fire erupted a little over three hours ago. we're told the victim's injuries are life-threatening. no word yet on what led up to the shooting and so far no arrests. for other big story that we are following at 7:00, california now the first state in the country to require
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vaccination or weekly testing for all teachers. that is public and private schools. kpix in palo alto with plenty of reaction. max? >> reporter: several parents from districts all over the bay area tell us they're overall pretty pleased with the decision. tonight we'res are learning how the california teachers' association is reacting to the decision. >> it is the right thing to do, to keep our most precious resource healthy and safe, our children. >> reporter: schools have until october 15th to be in compliance. >> we think this is the right thing to do, and we think this is a sustainable way to keeping our schools open. >> reporter: according to the california teachers' association unwith of the largest unions in the state, around 90% of their educators are already vaccinated. they praised the move today, the cta president said in a statement today's announcement is an appropriate next step to ensure the safety of our school communities and to protect our youngest learners under 12 who
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are not yet vaccine eligible from this highly con taig out delta variant. in the meantime, some parents in pleasanton told us they're on board. >> maybe it is not a cure, but at least -- it will help. >> reporter: another one told us the move doesn't give teachers much of an option, but if it will keep the kids safe, he is all for it. >> it is a way and when we're dealing with our children, we have to do things that we're -- we're not comfortable doing in the first place anyway. >> reporter: and in palleto alto, the parent believe this is is a wise decision. >> i think it should minimize, definitely, and make it safer and easier for me to send them to school every day. >> reporter: the move affects the more than 300,000 public schoolteachers across the state of california as well as support staff. in palo alto, kpix 5. governor newsom's more prominent recall challengers were quick to pounce. the businessman john cox called him, quote, a power hungry politician who wants to control
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every aspect of people's lives adding instead of more mandates, we should be giving parents greater choice when it comes to schools. the former san diego mayor kevin faulkner said i have consistently urged my fellow californians to join me in getting vaccinated, but mandates are not the solution. those decisions are best made at the local level in consultation with parents. the public school board in berkeley is meeting right now to discuss its own employee vaccine mandate. it could also mo to require regular testing for students. meanwhile, stanford announced today it will require weekly covid testing starting sunday regardless of vaccination status. that applies to anyone coming to campus or living in university provided housing on or off campus. we sent a to get reaction from students the and staff. hear from them at 11:00. t. and in california, it has confirmed nearly 10,000 new cases of covid-19 in just the past 24 hours, and our total
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case count since the beginning of the pandemic is approaching the four million mark. the unvaccinated are more than six times as likely to be infected. the state is averaging 51 new case as day for every 100,000 people who have not had the shot. and just 8.2 for every 100,000 people who have. just over an hour ago san francisco police announcing a second arrest in a particularly heartbreaking case. the victim, homicide victim, 6- year-old jason young, fatally shot on july 4th of last year as he watched fireworks with his family in the bay view. 18-year-old deshaun lump kin has been wanted since then and today officers were able to track him down still in the city. and a second suspect, the 18- year-old james harbor was arrested back in january. a vallejo mom is facing child endangerment charges for allegedly leaving her 3-month-
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old baby in a hot car while she got her nails done. good samaritans called police while spotting the child in the back seat of the car on plaza drive yesterday afternoon. all four windows were rolled down. 0steth-year-old selena cook was later located a t a nearby nail salon. the police say she left the baby alone for up to 45 minutes. >> to the fire watch now and pretty close call in san jose as the flames erupted from a large homeless encampment near the paypal campus at north first street and component drive. this one burned about five acres. luckily nobody was hurt. and in marin county, the hikers were evacuated while the crews battled a brush fire. that fire created huge plumes of smoke that rose up over the mountain. air crews were called in immediately to make retardant drops. our cameras spotted the remains oh of the car fire believed to have started the whole thing. crews are still on scene mopping up. to the north in the dixie
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fire zone. the town of jamesville is the latest to be put under an evacuation warning. some residents there are doing what they can now to defend their properties later. >> and i'd like to take out a few more trees and i'll have to move on from that. i'm racing around the house to make sure no embers or anything can land on my deck or burn anything on the deck. >> the fire has destroyed more than 1,000 buildings so far. and it is threatening 16,000 more. the burn area now covers more than a half a million acres across four different counties. containment still at only 30%. new drought restrictions just hit north bay. as of today more than 300 grape growers, ranchers and landowners in sonoma county can no longer draw from the russian river water shed. would you be willing to take a pay cut to keep working from home? tonight at least one bay area
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tech giant is telling its employees they may have to. and no vaccine? no fun. the huge california city that could follow new york's lead in requiring vaccination to go just about everywhere. and the search is on for a bay area woman with a dangerous habit. why animal control needs help identifying her and right now. and it certainly won't get there in 30 minutes or less, but together a pizza delivery is on its way to space. and kpix 5 has you covered on all platforms as bay area schools reopen tomorrow morning, we go one-on-one with the santa clara county sheriff's department as kids head back to class as a lot has changed there since the last time school was in. that is tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30.
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here is something new. the tech workers in the bay area could be facing a pay cut if they opt to continue to work from home. indefinitely. according to reuters, google is experimenting with a pay calculator. so-called work location tool allows workers to see what their salary would be based on where they live. the pay cuts could be as high as 25% for remote workers choosing to live in, say, lake tahoe instead of san francisco. the silicon leadership group says employers are navigating uncharted waters. >> i really do see this as a range of possibilities that companies might choose from, but ultimately it is going to rest on the unique
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circumstances of each company. employees are also going to have to look and consider what are their family obligations, what are their concerns with commutes, and what are their financial circumstances and ultimately they're going to have to make the decision that is best for them and for their immediate families. >> and facebook and twitterer have also cut pay for employees moving to more affordable cities. taking a look at your top headlines, the fda could authorize covid booster shots for the immuno compromised in just the next 48 hours. so will we all need one eventually? we asked stanford's dr. maldonado who sits on the cdc immunization advisory committee. >> the original study for the vaccine started last year around this time and we knew that we would have one year follow-up data to look and see how much the immunity lasts from year on. so on friday we'll have a meeting with the cdc group to look at the data and see how
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well the immunity is holding up at this point and whether or not the immunity should be used. >> meanwhile, the cdc is now officially recommending that all pregnant women get vaccinated. the same data showed no increased risk of miscarriage from the shot. in los angeles, the city council voted today to move one step closer to a vaccine mandate for most public indoor spaces. lawyers are drafting a law which could require a law requiring entering restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues to show proof of vaccination. a new morning political poll show that 5 #% of americans strongly or somewhat support vaccination mandates. the divide is largely political with democrats far more likely b fthan republicans. and the cost of living rose right along with the temperatures up half a percent from june, and our more than 5% higher than a year ago. gas is up 41% compared to last
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year fueling a rise in overall prices, including food. and an unusual delivery is on the way to the international space station. pizza! the pie in the sky is expected to arrive tomorrow along with other food and research materials and equipment are also included in that order. i just want to know is it going to be hot? >> yeah. >> is it going to be that melty cheese or is it going to be kind of like space pizza? >> floating around up there. >> cardboard. >> you can eat it cold if you have to. >> now at 7:00, a plea for people in one san francisco neighborhood to not feed the wildlife, especially this woman who has been seen feeding coyotes at a park right off of a plate. animal control is now trying to identify her so they can at least talk to her. one woman who did confront her told us that she said the coyotes were her babies. >> she's probably trying to be
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and it is really dangerous for the coyote. >> they're not home animals. they're like wild animals that life outside and you're not supposed to keep them. they go hunt for their own food. so i don't think it is right. >> the kid gets it. animal control says they have reason to belief the same woman may be feeding die owe r. owe tees in other city parks. let's take a live look outside from our camera. you can see a little bit of treasure island out there. or is that angel island? but we could have some changes in the coming days. >> yes, chief meteorologist paul heggen is tracking a new round of wildfire smoke that could be on our way. yeah, we've got some stuff headed towards different directions. monsoonal moisture from the south will converge on the bay area over the next couple of days. i don't think either of those factors is going to have a major impact, though, at ground level. we'll talk about that in a second. and farther to our north it
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will be this big heat dome taking over once again there the pacific northwest, and not quite as strong as the record shattering heat wave that impacted seattle and portland in late jetblue, but temperatures into the 100's and even at 110 degrees, but 92 in seattle on thursday. 102 in portland. redding is going to get up to 110 degrees. friday gets even hotter for seattle. up to 9 # greece. still 102 in portland while redding cools down to 108 and 106 on sad saturday as the heat begins to subside in the pacific northwest. but they are in for it once again. so many houses in that part of the country don't have air conditioning and the overnight low temperature also be low as well. there is the monsoonal moisture. this is the satellite and radar simulation. so you're seeing the clouds and the satellite simulation. you're not seeing any blips of green indicating any showers, much lessingly thunderstorms that would give us that dry lightning potential. this is one version of one forecast model, our dry lightning threat is at zero late tonight into early tomorrow morning but remains very low. still a 5% chance any of the
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elevated storms develop where the rain evaporates but the lightning is there and can start any fire. so we'll watch that carefully and just clouds passing through. that is the likely scenario. after that the sun breaks out, but it is going to have to shine through some haze overhead. while the elevated smoke is going to obscure the sunshine for the next couple of days, it is going 20 be r farther up in the atmosphere. the surface level smoke as we showed you about 15 minutes ago is only going to send our air quality down to the north bay and the east bay thursday and friday and the conditions should improve by saturday and sunday. the on-shore breeze starts to pick back up. temperatures now still all over the place, anywhere from 61 downtown to 83 degrees in concord right now. temperatures for san jose and santa rosa, you're kind of the winners now in the upper 60s and low to mid 70s. we'll end up in the upper 50s and low 60s by early tomorrow morning which is close to normal for this time of year. low 60s along the coast. 70s an 80 #s and down the peninsula for highs on thursday with low to mid-80s for most of
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the santa clara valley. temperatures in the 90s there. upper 80s and low 80s for the trivalley. the hot spots will still be hot, but not record setting. upper 60s in san francisco with low to mid 70s for the east bay. the temperatures in the mid to even upper 80s for most of the north bay, just the cooler spots stay in the low 80s. saturday and sunday, the warmest two days in the seven- day forecast regardless of where you are. right around 70 in san francisco with upper 70s for oakland and east bay. mid-80s around san jose. t. north bay reaches up to around 90 degrees before cooling down to average temperatures. we'll have an update on the wildfire smoke and how it will behavior coming into the weekend tonight at 11:00. >> paw, thank you. the big bay area city looking to curb carbon emissions from cars by taking away places to park. and the niners kick off preseason at levis this weekend, but with vta light rail still out of serv
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three out of four commuter trips in san jose are made by one person inside a single car. >> the city hopes to change that by giving them fewer places to park. it is considering slashing minimum parking requirements for new developments to encourage the use of mass transit. it is also mulling a plan that would require builders to take steps to reduce the need for
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private vehicles. >> and, of course, we're counting down to kick off 49er preseason football, but vta will not be running. their light rail to saturday's game at levi's. it is still shut down. instead, buses will be provided. fans can also take cal train and bart. the kick-off is getting closer by the minute. niners take on the chiefs this saturday at 5:0 right here on kpix 5. and still to come, a bay area home burned down to a shell, and wait until you hear
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well, this burnt up east bay tear downturns out is a
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pretty hot commodity. it just hit the market in wool nut creek for $875,000, and s.f. gate reports the offers are pouring in. fire rayaged the home last september, even the roof collapsed, but potential fires -- piers don't seem to mind. the realtor says s.f. gate 2 sale is expected to close in just a matter of days of course well above asking price. >> and in the bay area. in california. >> it is probably -- you know, the home next door is probably worth # million. >> probably. >> thank you for watching, the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. >> we'll see you back here
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