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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 17, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00. breaking news on booster shots that will impact millions of americans. breaking news out of marine
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county. a fire is triggering evacuation. a firethreat and air quality. i am tracking it in the forecast. calls for the sheriff to resign. the key vote expected in a matter of hours. tonight we hear from the man who tried to unseat her. and how the president is reacting to the desperate situation unfolding in afghanistan. what he is saying about his decision to end america's longest war. plus, school has only been in session for one week but classrooms are shutting down in one school district. good evening. we begin with breaking news about coronavirus booster shots. tonight, the biden administration is expected to announce that most americans will need them. eight months after being fully vaccinated against covid-19. regardless of age. those third shots could happen as early as middle september.
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after authorization from the fda. now, the news comes as covid-19 cases continue to rise. fueled by the delta variant and an official announcement expected early this week. we are also following breaking news out of san rafael. in the past 30 minutes we learned firecrews are battling a vegetation fire triggering evacuations tonight. it broke out in the past hour. it is now burning on a hillside near the water tower near the san rafael hill neighborhood. viewers tells us the flames are visible from highway 101. e vac waeugs ordered for graceland drive and there is new video of the fire into the news room just minutes ago. you can see those huge orange flames and plumes of smoke looming over the roadway and downtown. pg&e wildfire cameras captured the blaze. the firecrews have not ordered
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more evacuations beyond that area. unclear what sparked the fire. we will keep an eye on the breaking story. looking live out in san francisco. the wildfire is breaking out just as fire weather is starting to ramp up. parts of the north bay could be in the dark in just a matter of hours. pg&e says high winds and dry conditions could force public safety power shut offs, beginning tomorrow night, 39,000 customers could be effected. most of those in butte and shasta counties. but, nearly 2,000 customers in napa, sonoma and solano counties could lose their power. with we have been monitoring the conditions, paul, it has to be a huge concern for the firecrews as well. >> with the row sources stretched thin by a number of fires in the state over all. more fire tarting but that is the concern any fire that does start would rapidly spread. the fire weather watch in effect for the north bay mount apes and the
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east bay hill goes into effect in the evening untiles on wednesday. within this we are concerned about the northern half of the northern half of the county. driest conditions, overnight and early morning hours below 20%, winds sustained. 20-30 miles off shore winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour and future cast showing the fire threat from 0-10. we tonight to be as low as possible and this is normal to see answers, this bull's-eye here in napa county and solano county where the fire threat will be elevated late tomorrow night into wednesday morning. even if we avoid any new fires getting started we will be concerned about air quality tracking that in the full forecast. >> all right, paul. thank you. tonight, dixie fire evacuation warnings have been upgraded to orders for the town of janesville. they shared the photos of a
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plume of smoke approaching the areast of dixie grow tonight. harsh wind conditions are making it difficult for firecrews to put out the blaze. the dixie fire covers nearly 900 square miles, more than 1,000 structures are destroyed. the fire is 31% contained. >> could there be a new sheriff in town? tonight, the mayor of the largest city in santa clara county is demanding that the sheriff, laurie smith, turn in her badge. kpix5 is live at the sheriff's office to explain why, maria? >> says enough is enough. the sheriff's career is filled with serious allegations including the murder of inmate michael tiri. >> sheriff smith must resign. >> reporter: a growing call for the sheriff to step down. as an elected official she
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can't be fired. tomorrow, santa clara county supervisors will vote on to get the grand jury, attorney general and fair commissions involved in hopes of obtaining and releasing information on the scandals, investigators and inmate deaths and injuries under smith's leadership. >> the public can not hold the sheriff accountable until they have that information. >> do you think she should resign? >> yes. >> reporter: now retired santa clara county undersheriff ran and lost against smith in her last bid for reelection. >> i called for her resignation during the campaign. she has not agreed to an independent oversight of either the jails or the enforcement. you have to have community trust. without that community trust you need independent oversight to bring that. >> what is smith's reputation recently, the ongoing investigation of her command staff for allegedly handing out hard to
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contain carry permits in exchange for reelection campaign money for smith. >> should of assign thad out to an outside firm. intest. conflicof they prey onthe fact there is a problem. >> the public is paying attention, elected leaders hopes it gains momentum. it is not the first time the sheriff has been asked to step down. in 20can't. the blue ribbon recommended new leadership of the jail saying skwoet, problems festered under the current leadership. >> worry paying our taxes and everyone has the right to know those things of people in power for sure. >> we can not expect a change in behavior so we need it in leadership. >> the board of supervisors plan to vote tomorrow sometime after 11:00 a.m. but, we should actually hear from the sheriff before that. she plans to hold a news
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conference at 9:30 a.m. ken? >> thank you. tonight, president biden is defending his decision to withdrawal u.s. forces from afghanistan leading to scenes like this. desperate to flee as they create chaos in the country. >> president biden returns to camp david after giving a speech at the white house about the worsening situation in afghanistan. >> i stand squarely behind my decision after 20 years i learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw u.s. forces. >> the withdraw led to chaos at kabul's airport. at least two people died when hundreds of afghans rushed the tarmac holding on to a military plane as it took off. the pentagon says two others that were armed were killed when u.s. troops fire inside self-defense. the president says that the
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taliban take overover in afghanistan happened sooner than expected but blamed leaders there. >> american troops can not and should not be fighting in a war and dying in a war that afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves. >> reporter: all u.s. embassy staff have been evacuated to the airport. 100 remain in the country including the u.s. ambassador. criticism of biden and the troop withdrawal has been fierce from republicans and even some democrats. >> what we have seen is an unmitigated disaster. a stain on the reputation of the united states of america. >> there is increased danger of attack on this country. afghanistan's fall has been difficult for many veterans. >> we have been getting a lot of phone calls from veteran who's served in afghanistan feeling like they served in vain. >> tonight afghan americans here in the bay area are expressing
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heartache as the situation in kabul detireiates, many fear what holds for family mbs -- reves many fears that holds for family members. >> are girls going to get slavery put on them? all kinds of corruption. >> women and children, who was hopeful, hopeful for 20 years, their life going to be changed. it is a doom. >> reporter: there are an estimated 60,000 afghan americans living in the bay area. lawmakers like nancy pelosi are weighing in. tomorrow we will speak to her live and we want you to take part. you can send your questions to us. you can send a video or a text and then watch at 5:30 right here on kpix5 and cbsn bay area. tonight, late show host stephen
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colbert is weighing in. >> for the last 20 years four separate administrations told the american people to care about the plight of all of the afghan people women. that will not change. all that has changed is there is nothing we can do about it now. still ahead tonight, at 11:00 and streaming on cbsnbay area, just moments after the state's big reopening the hospitality industry coming back to life. now things are in jeopardy once again. plus, disturbing allegations against a legendary singer detail inside a new lawsuit tonight. plus, what led up to this bizarre accident in
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we are following breaking news, a seg sraeugz fire burning vegetation fire is burning above downtown near the water tower. evacuations have been ordered for graceland drive. you can see the huge orange glow. smoke rising up from the hillside. it is looming over the roadway and into the downtown area. we will continue to monitor this breaking story. and new at 11:00. tonight, bay area businesses are edge orlived
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recovery. >> two minutes after the state's big reopening the hospitality industry is seeing cancellations again. we are live at the airport where she met people giving second thought to their travel plans. andrea? >> reporter: ken, here at the airport tonight, many that flew in say they were apprehensive. they are noticing people putting travel plans on pause. >> it is hard. it is hard. and, it is no fun. and it is stressful. >> reporter: sandy flew in from phoenix and starting to tr the company says cancellations and fear of bookings are believed to be driven by the recent rise in covid-19 and the delta
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variant. for evette flying comes with higher risks. >> i was scared because i had covid-19 before. >> reporter: she was infected a couple months ago and experiencing long-term symptoms ever since. >> have they told you if you get infected how it will effect you? >> yeah. it could be bad. it left me with heart problems and stuff. >> reporter: others are comforted by the fact almost everyone is following all of the precautions. >> we came back from arizona and they do a good job with compliance and strict on wearing your mask. >> i feel safe. i don't take my mask off ever. >> they are enforcing the rules and i feel comfortable. >> reporter: as it starts to sedecline local destinations are seeing businesses strong. napa valley is at 88% of at20 i shortage we are not over commit
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we are only taking as much business that we can service at the level of service we are known for and our guests expect. >> and a long with air travel, air b&b says they noticed a dip in demand for the month of yell and with the variants and the virus it expects it will continue to have an impact on travel behavior. >> andrea, thank you. it has been a week since oakland students returned to the classroom. oakland unified has already had to shutdown two classrooms. oakland high school and montclair elementary each closed a classroom. the high school is reporting 15 covid-19 cases among staff and students and there are five at the elemryscol. district wide10 staff members and 58 students are infected. new at 11:00. tonight, legendary singer bob dylan is accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl in 1965. a new lawsuit claims he groomed
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the under age girl when he was 23 years old and the singer gave her drugs and alcohol and threatened physical violence. dylan's spokesperson says quote, the 56-year-old claim is untrue and will be vigorously defended. results are in from our california dream cbs news poll focusing on climate change. polling 1800 adults. when asked what impact climate change has had on california 46% say a lot. about a third say some, 21% said not much at all. or none. now, bizarre mishap in the east bay. an suv swimming pool. an elderly man suffered medical condition. he was rescued and he was taken to the hospital to get checked out.
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today, marks the one year anniversary since dry lightning struck the santa cruz mountains and ignited a cluster of destructive fires. one person died and hundreds of buildings torched. we have wind in the forecast. that can't be good. >> without the dry lightning threat this time around. everything is shaping up tomorrow night into early wednesday morning. a double edge sword. we are getting the elevated fire threat we are getting relief from the heat. the storm system moving through, close enough to crack in the heat wave. santa rosa got to 100 degrees today. temperatures will be closer to or above average. northerly winds kick in. the fire threat, increase in smoke. you will see hazy skies over sh- d. right now the air quality it isu ghrie a little biwell inin catery, the worst it is going to get tomorrow. the smoke and that is what
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effects our air quality it is going to be more widespread wednesday rolls around we will get into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category and keep you updated if it deteriorates further. we are starting to see the cloud cover spreading downtown, the fog is taking its time. the temperature mostly in the 60s. cool spot, downtown. 59 degrees. we will see fog. backing up quickly. late morning we will see the visibility unobstructed by noon at the latest. middle to upper 50s for 60 degrees and then high temperatures are not going to be as hot inland. it will be cooler across the board. lower 60s across the coast and middle 70s along the south of the bay. you will go from the middle to upper d 70santa clara. lowtory middle 80s. that is quite a change for the past couple of days, hot spots, topping out
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at 90 degrees. middle 60s in the city, upper 60s and 70s for the east bay. upper 70s for the north bay. a 20 degree drop compared to today's high temperature over 100. it will still be hot inland and lake county but not as hot. every drop does count. temperatures will bounce back a little bit on wednesday and settle into a slightly below average pattern by the time the weekend rolls around. the same pattern for inland and north bay. we get to enjoy a pleasant august weekend and hopefully we can get through without the fire threat causing problems. lance's teammates are getting to know the rookie quarterback better. ta. of the targets met him in anthe giants feasted on cuak last 6. now the toughest stretch of the season has begun. highlights of
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giants did what they needed to do on the road trip against arizona
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and colorado. but the gauntlet begins today. 19 straight games with teams against a winning record. first ofly with the met who's are right in the national league east hunt. new york leading 3-2. bottom of the 5th, not anymore. giants never trailed against. giants still up 1 in 7th. how about a pinch hit home run. the 16th home run of the season. the next pitch. clear for take off. yes we are. chris bryant going deep again. merry-go-round just continues. off of the bricks. it is all in the 7th. lon tkp-rbgs oria races around to score. a triple for a 4-4 night. giants win 7-5. they stay hot and ahead of the dodgers. a's in chicago facing their formthwhite sox top of the
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2nd, chapman is heating up here. his 4th long ball. in the last 3 games, oakland takes a 1-0 lead. tied at 2 in the 5th. sizzler, that is off of the glove of chapman. look at him go. he comes around to score and chicago takes the lead. top 8 we go. there is mr. roboto. oakland is down 4-2. and craig fires it up. the number 1, gets josh harrison with the heater. white sox win, 5-2. astros lost today. a's staying 2-1/2 back of houston in the al west. >> the 49ers added another linebacker to the mix signing michael kendrix today. he won with the eagles made a name for himself, he pled guilty for insider trading and sentenced to a day in prison and three years probation. 99% of 49ers players and fans never seen trey lance play in
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college unless you had a wager, you were not watching fcs football. one of the first guys to get a look at lance was matthews, he was a free agent this off season and ended up in fargo, north dakota to catch balls. >> you will not have a destination wedding in north dakota. they just needed receivers to go and catch for trey. >> i saw a guy willing to listen, a guy that was asking questions. >> he has the talent. what kind of person is he? i think he is a stand up guy and everybody will be able to notice that throughout his career. >> obviously lance did not play last year in 2020 or did play the one game, struggled 2019, off to a good start. coming
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causing him to tear his achilles. he is suing the condo associate waste management for $15,000. >> you can not go after the bear because he has
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thank you for watching. have a good night. >> good night (mellow music) - the bay area is a golden destination and healthy living.
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