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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 17, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news on kpix 5 , one of the candidates in california's gubernatorial recall election just to drop that. what he says is taking him out of the race. afternoon and thank you for joining us. >> former congressman doug ose was part of the crowded field of candidates trying to unseat
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governor gavin newsom. a short time ago he announced his campaign is over there an he said on sunday evening he had a heart attack and while he has been told he should expect a full recovery mulcair is native. in a statement he said it has become clear that i must now focus my attention on rehabilitation and healing. he went on to say i remain committed to the success of our state and steadfast in my belief that new leadership is required to bring back our california. santa clara county sheriff is speaking out after the mayor of san jose and others made an urgent call for her to step down. some city and county leader said the sheriff has violated people civil rights and needs to go. justin andrews was there today for her response. justin. >> reporter: sheriff laurie smith said she will not resign. it took about 45 minutes for her to even address that and it reers asked her retomar salido' ging her to resign. hipr
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conference of course. and we are going to do these investigations. let's see what the truth is. at this time, no. be orone. >> reporter: smith has been the sheriff since 1998. leaders say her reputation has been marred for years. there have been allegations of concealed facts, tens of millions of taxpayer dollars paid out in civil rights cases. costly consent decrees to improve jail conditions and ongoing bribery and campaign allegations. most of the press conference, the sheriff talk about progress at the jail under her watch. she says her department has been at the helm a meaningful change even when staffing isn't there. she says there are about 133 employees short including mental health professionals. today, santa clara county supervisors will vote on whether to get the civil grand
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jury, the state attorney general and fair political practices involved. in obtaining and releasing information to the public, about her alleged scandals, she said some of the information the county is asking to be released is disrespectful to the two inmates families who were murdered or beaten. there is a lot to unpack with the press conference that just went up about an hour and a half ago. we will continue our coverage with this on-air and online. in a san jose, justin andrews. we first brought you the sheriff's briefing live on cbsn bay area. you can watch 24/7 streaming on doug ose or the kpix5 news app. more news of the caldor fire exploding in el dorado county. flames are consuming homes and more people are being told to get to safety immediately. this is video from thizzly flats area southeast of camino. the fire is burning heavy
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timber and steep terrain in the middle of the fork of the river. and 6500 acres have burned and the fire is threatening hundreds of structures. mary, you have been watching the smoke showing up from space. he is making an appearance on your radar today. >> it shows how massive the wildfire is. i will show you how deaf doppler coming up at you can see all the massive wildfires burning in oregon as well as for california. the smoke plumes are showing up on satellite. satellite images and observations showing these destructive wildfires burning right now. i will show you how deaf doppler and you can see it is the wildfire that is burning out of control in el dorado county. and you can see the radar picking up on the fire and smoke plumes out there. that is just how big and out-of- control the wildfire is. now let's show you the high fire danger. as we have through tonight into tomorrow, looking at a red flag warning
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for the areas highlighted in red. the north bay mountains and the diablo range will be under this red flag warning. gusts of 50 to 55 miles per hour and low relative humidity values plummeting to about 10 to 15%. this is a big concern for us as you know, everything is so dry with record dry vegetation and brush out there. we are looking at good air quality for now but things will be changing with the northerly winds it will push the smoke from wildfires burning to the north into our area. we are looking at deteriorating and worsening air quality as we have through wednesday, thursday and likely friday. because of the fire danger, parts of the north they could be in the dark this evening. pg&e says high winds and dry conditions could force public safety power shutoff. starting tonight, 48,000 customers could be effective. most in shasta county but more than 2300 customers in napa, sonoma and solano counties could lose power through tomorrow afternoon. we are keeping tabs on the
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situation. look to updates throughout the day on kpix 5 , and cbsn bay area. to mayors held a news conference within the past hour asking all bay area mayors to mandate vaccinations for all of their city employees. antioch's mayor says we need a united front. >> we are at a point where the virus is doing what is expected today. that is mutate for longevity. there is a way to prevail. getting vaccinated is the most effective way an individual can take to survive so that we can all get past the pandemic. >> antioch has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the
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bay area at 62%. in contra costa county as a whole, the number is 76%. cbs news has confirmed the white house is expected to announce this week that anybody who got the pfizer or moderna vaccine should get a booster shot. the boosters could come as early as mid-september. that is if the fda approves the plan. the 3rd shot would likely be the same brand as you got for the first to and would come eight months after the second dose. >> as with most vaccines, after a time, protection wanes. we have to give our immune system a reminder. and that is what a booster would do. >> people with compromised immune systems are already allowed to get a booster shot. officials are waiting for more data before issuing any guidance on the one-shot johnson & johnson vaccine. workers as the and why, a popular chinatown restaurant announced a massive wage settlement this morning. >> this is a story about the perseverance and courage of a group of chinese immigrant workers standing up and taking collective action. and as retaliation and the pandemic. >> the settlement is worth over $1.6 million. covering stolen wages and tips, penalties and interest of 22 service, busters cooks and other
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kitchen staff. this afternoon airbnb will take legal action against the person who hosted another ross poster at a sunnyvale metal. that was the scene of a deadly shooting an into a tingle was killed and one of the person was when do. airbnb says the guests violated it's community standards in terms of service. the guest has been banned from the app and the listing the activated. overseas, the taliban has taken full control of afghanistan's capital city with armed checkpoints in the streets. thousands of american citizens and afghan allies remain in the country. natalie brand has the latest. >> the u.s. military and sent more troops to the airport in kabul to ensure the safety of americans trying to flee afghanistan. >> throughout the night, nine c- 17's arrived. delivering equipment and approximately 1000 troops. additionally, seven c-17's departed. these flights lifted approximately 700 to 800
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passengers. >> reporter: in a statement the taliban spokesperson claims foreign citizens in kabul are not in danger. >> when it comes to that taliban, we are going to look for their actions rather than listen to the words. implement president biden forcefully defended his decision to withdraw from afghanistan and says the u.s. military will remain long enough to get americans and our allies out of the country. >>, the the essence and we all share a sense of urgency. but right now, the mission runs to the 31st of august and i will begin to speculate what happens after that. >> the former national security adviser to president trump, h. r. mcmaster argues some american forces should have stayed to support afghan allies. >> they said who has our back and we said not us. we are leaving. implement the concern is for future threats and the safety of the american homeland. >> most of afghanistan is ungoverned space. that type of terrain is a
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potential haven for terrorist organizations. al qaeda, and other groups. ittee chairman mark warner say they have questions for the administration about why the u.s. was not underprepared for a worst-case scenario. lawmakers like house speaker nancy pelosi weighing in on the chaos in afghanistan and later today, we will talk with her life. you can send your questions for the speaker with the #kpix or you can send a video or text and watch it 5:30 right here on kpix5 and cbsn bay area. still ahead, we all know it is expected to live your. to a new poll takes a snapshot of how californians are feeling about the cost of living and possibly moving out.
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track the results are in for him our exclusive poll on the california dream. we focus on the cost of living among 1800 respondents.
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35% say their cost of living is somewhat manageable. only 7% said it was very manageable. when looking at real estate, 41% say the price is bad for them financially. i am surprised he is not higher. 42% say if they had a choice where they would live or with a live where they are now, 36% would leave the state. the poll's margin of error was four points. we will have reaction on the numbers coming up tonight at 5:30 and you can see the full results on let's get a live look at sfo and one of the many places that saul a rebound in trouble but that may be changing. in a recent survey, more than a quarter respondents say they postpone the trip and more than have said the delta variant had made them less interested in traveling. right now, there is more from reagan national airport. >> it was kind of heartbreaking to not be able to finally go. >> reporter: on wednesday, con start of houston was expected to see her friends in san diego for the first time in a long time. >> i was a little concerned
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with what was going to happen during the travel. i was going to be exposed to a lot of people. >> it is been basically two years now since i've been able to see them. >> reporter: kim huff has been waiting even longer. planning to meet our friends at dragon con. a convention in atlanta next month. >> when it got to the point, of the rates skyrocketing in the last week or so, i thought no. i'm sorry. there is no level of logistics that will make me feel okay if i bring this back. >> reporter: both cancel their long-awaited trips due to the spread of the delta variant. >> airfare is only downtrend. >> reporter: this economist says summer flight demand has flattened from pandemic has which is now leading to lower prices. but his service is finding since july, one aspect of travel is up. there has been a 33% increase in people buying cancelable ticket on toca
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foy reasonis something happens the situation develops in a way they can't take that trip. >> another potential pitfall is airlines cutting flights. in june and july domestic air cancellations were above the 1% average. which translates to 10,000 cancellations in july alone. for the number of people canceling trips, a sizable number still plan to head out somewhere. 26% of respondents say they do in fact plan to travel in october. several bay area companies are delaying their return to the offices as the delta variant spreads and they are not alone. new linkedin survey shows more than one 3rd of americans are still waiting to hear if they will continue to work from home. already 1% of workers say they would need more than a week to prepare for an actual office returned. the survey found only one 3rd of remote employees have accepted back to office directives. taking in a wall street the
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dow has been down all morning. he continues right now almost 350 points. stocks falling softly as the pandemic is holding bad the economy. retail sales fell about 1% in july. that is much longer than expected. let's get a live look in lafayette this afternoon. you can kind of make out the hazy skies in the this since and way with the grass blowing. you can see smokies guys do to the wildfires. let's get a check of the forecast and here is meteorologist marylee. >> it is about to get worse for the air quality. as we go through tonight and into the rest of the week. we will see a change in the wind pattern and we will see the northerly winds pushed the smoke into the region. let's get to and what you can expect. he is a cooler day today and inland, several degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time. good air quality at the surface for the air we breathe at ground level but that will be changing. gusty officer winds will develop tonight into tomorrow
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and a red flag warning for the mountains and east bay hills and the diablo range will be in effect from 11:00 tonight until 3:00 begin tomorrow. here we go. red flag warning with the area is highlighted in red. looking at gusts of 50 to 55 miles per hour and relative humidity dropping to about 10 to 15%. very dry air with the record draft fuels. a concern for us. the low pressure system bringing the cooler air and better air quality for now. as we look to tonight and the rest of the week with the inside slider, it is going to bring the smoke our way and the high fire danger with the northerly winds. looking at today, good air quality for now and as we have through tomorrow, you can see the northerly winds pushing more of the haze and smoke into the region. worsening air-quality wednesday, thursday and likely for friday as well. sunset at 7:59 and sunrise at
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728. i'm highs today below average. low 60s alone because. 70 around the bay. '70s for the peninsula and upper 70s and low 90s in some of the hottest spots inland. not as hot as yesterday for sure. for cisco in for oakland looking at temperatures a little bit warmer for tomorrow. same for san jose and the south bay and temperatures even more for the rest of the work week and cooling down for the weekend with the stronger ocean breeze kicking in for us. inland east bay into the low 90s and upper 80s for the northbay tomorrow and staying low to mid 60s alone the coast. really watching the high fire danger as we have through tonight into tomorrow with the relative humidity values plummeting as we look to tomorrow. coming up, the call of the wild without the role of an inch in. how some african safaris are going green.
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homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time?
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we must have a competent governor th magent experience and outsider integrity. [sfx: bear roar] that describes only john cox.
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as electric cars take over the streets, they are proving to be popular off road. >> the eco-friendly vehicles are giving tourist in africa wider and clear safaris. advent engines for
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electric and that saves around $150,000 per year in gas bills and it does away with the rumble of the engine and toxic fumes that animals can smell a mile away. >> when you are doing the game drives it feels that you're just floating to the grasslands. would like to say every safari vehicles are running on sunshine. >> it looks like the animals like it and so do the tourists. >> we shared their core values in terms of trying not to disrupt the ecosystem here and enjoy it also be respectful of it. >> that is on vacation inspiration. before covid, hundreds of thousand of people were going on safaris. she had me uploading on sunshine. that is what she said. >> still ahead, not ready to let go of summer? there may be a solution. >> how you can get a sense of the season all year long.
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one of the biggest school districts in the south bay is getting to walk welcome thousands of students back to class. the need sector measures, that story and more at 5:00. today is sucking the final days of summer. budweiser is helping to hold ngto that feg all they are teaming up with candle company homesick to create a
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candle to offer since about your grilling and an i.c.e. brew. the as notes of allspice, barley and smoke. in sales for 34 bucks on the homesick website. we were talking about earlier but the good thing in california is you can grill out all year long. >> and the real thing. >> you don't need a meat scented candle. >> that would just make me hungry. >> that is it for covid , kpix 5 vi t 5:00.
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♪♪ >> quinn: eric, what are you saying? >> eric: i love you. i've had a lot of time to think about, about what happened here. i was hurt, i was hurt so badly and, and, but then i was able to think back to what we said on our wedding day here. i promised to protect and defend you, and i've fallen terribly short in that regard. >> quinn: eric. >> eric: quinn, i, i don't want


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