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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 17, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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concerned about northern napa county and northern solano county. that's where i think we are going to have the greatest combination of gusty offshore winds, 20 to 30 mile an hour humidity levels, even overnight into early tomorrow morning, when usually we get a little more moisture in the atmosphere. that's really the spot we are going to have to watch. all these red shaded areas are going to have that elevated threat. look how widespread it is. if we don't see any fire starting in the immediate vicinity of the bay area, the ongoing fires elsewhere in the state are going to exhibit some erratic behavior as the winds are shifting and becoming gusty or. that threat continues well off to our east in nevada and utah, and if we don't have any fires start locally, we are still going to have smoky skies. i'll track that air quality forecast coming up in just a few minutes. because of the fire danger, parts of the bay area could be in the dark tonight. high winds, drought conditions prompt for pg&e to turn off power now, an estimate of more than 6000 customers in napa county will be affected. more than 1000 in sonoma and just about 1000 and solano. more than 300 customers in
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contra costa county, and only 18 customers will be affected in alameda county. >> kpix 5 reporter max darrow joins us live in napa with more on the elevated fire danger. >> we obviously all know how dry it is at this point. you can see the wind is well behind us. so combined that with the dry areas in both the northbay and in the east bay. you've got quite the fire danger in many parts around the bay area tonight. >> tonight, red flag warnings will take effect in several parts of the northbay and east bay. >> the greatest risk for this red flag warning is really the northeastern portion of the napa mountains. that's where we could see gusts of up to 55 miles an hour. >> reporter: cal fire is bracing for 24 hours of extreme fire risk. >> we are definitely preparing with extra resources, extra firefighters on the ready, and
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really across much of the northbay, down into the east bay, we need those residents to be prepared. >> reporter: some san rafael residents got a reminder of that late last night when a fire broke out in the hills. >> it was very windy. it was really windy. >> reporter: matthew padilla took this video right before he evacuated. >> we came outside and it was literally just ash raining on us. >> reporter: san rafael fire crews quickly contained the fire. no homes were damaged. they were out there this morning, mopping up the scene. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. nearby neighbor robin casper thanked them for their work and says they are fortunate it wasn't worse. >> there is a lot of vegetation but there are a lot of homes out there, so i was very concerned. be prepared. i feel like i learned a big lesson from this experience. i wasn't as prepared as i would like to have been. >> reporter: as cal fire prepares for strong winds to set in tonight, they echoed her point. >> we really need everybody tonight to really be prepared, to know what they would take if a wildfire breaks out in their area, so they could evacuate
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early. >> here in the southern tip of napa valley, you can see all this smoke that is blown into the area from some of the bigger fires that are happening here in california right now. in fact, cal fire's assistant deputy director told me they have more than 10,000 firefighters working all of the major fires throughout the state but they are ready and have more station to go if something were to break out here tonight. reporting live in napa valley, max darrow, kpix 5. breaking news in el dorado county. within the last hour, governor newsom has declared a state of emergency for the explosive keller fire. we've also learned that two residents have been seriously hurt in the grizzly flats area. firefighters help them get airlifted to a hospital. authorities say the fire has destroyed at least 50 homes. hundreds of others are threatened. that fire has burned 6500 acres with zero containment. and all of this happening in the steep middle fork sumas river canyon. right now portions of pines are being evacuated.
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last night several families had to escape overnight when the flames exploded in size near grizzly flats. this a view from one camera crew that was escorted through the fire lines. reporter marissa perlman is there with the very latest. >> the devastation is frankly hard to see. we've been here for hours and it feels apocalyptic right now. we are here in grizzly flats. we were off of evergreen, up a street canyon road between wood and glenn and gold aspen drive. this sadly is a laudable we are seeing, holmes completely burned to the ground. heavy smoke still in the air at this hour. here in evergreen you have a lot of this. i'm going to have dennis kind of show you these burnt out cars. these are classic cars and classic trucks in front of this home here, and this is what we are seeing lining the streets. we also went to the elementary school here in town this afternoon, walter tyler elementary off of tyler road. there we saw burnt up desks, a storage facility gone. the playground sadly burnt to
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the ground and a nearby post office in grizzly flats, we are told it burned as well. >> that's marissa perlman. meanwhile, firefighters say the massive dixie fire is moving to the north. it's now charred nearly 605,000 acres in butte, plumas, and lassen counties. crews are worried about more strong winds tonight. at this hour that fire is 31% contained. developing now in the east bay, some people are being told to shelter in place in san ramon as police search for a murder suspect. chopper five was just over the area near bullinger canyon road between briar oaks and north monarch drive, and police say the suspect is wanted for homicide in florida. everyone in the area is asked to stay indoors and we will keep you updated on this developing story. now to a major development in the fight against covid. the white house is expected to announce this week that anyone who got the pfizer or moderna vaccine should get a booster
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shot eight months after their second dose. the shots could start as early as mid-september. kpix 5's wilson walker is in lafayette with more on this. >> once again, health officials here are looking at data from israel, a country that had a head start on us with the vaccination campaign, and what they're seeing there is evidence that the vaccines, their effectiveness does decay a little bit over time, so get ready to start checking your eight-month clock. >> we were vaccinated first in january, second in february. >> reporter: gail and beverly pincus are not waiting for any kind of official policy. they have come up with their own plans to get a third pfizer shot in just the next couple days. >> i didn't want to wait a few re months for em to s, you can get osters d then i can't get an appointment.
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>> you're ready to go. >> yes we are. >> i'm ready, willing and able. >> more than 1 million americans have already gotten, on their own, a third shot, if they've got two shots before. one additional shot if they've gone j and j. >> reporter: dr. peter chin- hong says while the booster idea has been gaining momentum, the white house move strikes and as surprisingly sudden. it would recommend a third shot for everyone who got the pfizer or moderna vaccine. eight months after your full vaccination dates. >> it's going to be very similar , nursing home residents, healthcare workers, those over 65, people with comorbidities. >> reporter: then once again on to everyone else. >> definitely will get one. got my last shot in february, so i understand -- i have moderna. >> reporter: no details yet on what type of logistics would support this nationwide booster campaign, but some health experts worry about the optics of that, while much of the world is still struggling to obtain vaccine. >> now all of a sudden you
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think, forget the two dose, which was hard enough for you to get. three doses is kind of the new normal and get with the program. >> what about the johnson and johnson vaccine? >> obviously an outstanding question for everyone who got that shot, including yours truly. there is going to be some kind of recommendation for a booster for the j and j folks, but it's not exactly sure what that's going to look like. they're still waiting on studies that look at how people respond to either a second shot of j and j or combining the j and j with say a pfizer shot, which is what they've been tinkering with in the uk a little bit, so that they're trying to figure out what the best course is for those folks. that data comes out in the next couple weeks if they're going to be finalizing this plan for boosters for everyone. if you're on team j and j you
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got to stand by and see what that advice looks like. >> we'll certainly report it once we know. two east bay mayors are calling on their counterparts across the region to mandate ns their city employees. the mayors of walnut creek and antioch say that they need to have a united front. e the virus is doing what it's expected to do. that's new tate for longevity. but there is a way to prevail. getting vaccinated is the most effective way an individual can take to survive, so that we can all get past the pandemic. >> right now antioch has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the bay area at 62%, across contra costa county the number is 76%. we brought you the mayor's briefing live on cbsn bay area. you can watch 24/7, streaming on or the kpix 5 news app. here is a new look at the covid numbers from the state.
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our test positivity rate just dropped below 6%, down about a half a percent from the previous week. about 7800 people are hospitalized with covid in california. that is up about developing overseas, the taliban has taken full control of afghanistan's capital city of kabul with armed checkpoints in the streets, yet thousands of american citizens and afghan allies remain in the country. the u.s. military has sent more troops to the airport in kabul to ensure the safety of americans trying to get out. that's about 10,000 to 15,000 american citizens who need to make their way through the city. the government sent a note today, warning they could not guarantee their safety getting to the airport. president biden says the u.s. military will remain just long enough to get americans and our allies out. time is of the essence and we all share a sense of urgency here, but right now the mission runs to the 31st of august, and i won't begin to speculate what happens after that.
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>> the concern now is for future threats and the safety of the american homeland. >> most of afghanistan's ungoverned space. that type of terrain is a potential haven for terrorist organizations, al qaeda and other groups. >> coming up at 5:30, we sit down with house speaker nancy pelosi. she will be live in our studio, and ask her why the u.s. wasn't better prepared for a worst- case scenario in afghanistan. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, santa clara county sheriff lori smith defends her name. why she said she will fight for her
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santa clara county sheriff lori smith says she will not step down. ken bastida has her response
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today on the call for her to resign. sheriff smith held a news conference one day after san jose mayor sam liccardo publicly urged her to resign. sheriff is facing some allegations of civil rights violations, with how the county jail has been managed. her critics point to millions of taxpayer dollars paid out in civil rights cases, costly consent decrees, and ongoing bribery and campaign investigations. today the sheriff said that she'd welcome an investigation. >> we are going to do these investigations. let's see what the truth is. at this time, no. or to quote a general, nuts. there's a lot still to be done. i need someone else. very often people are in custody because they've committed a crime that really is related to their mental health, even an assault. >> the murder of inmate michael
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tyree and a serious injury to inmate michael hogan while in custody are two of the cases called into question. the sheriff says that some of that information could be disrespectful to the inmates' families if made public. coming up at 6:00, more on what the board of supervisors is doing that could ultimately lead to her being forced out of office. we first brought you the sheriff's briefing live on cbsn bay area. you can watch 24/7 streaming on or the kpix 5 news app. a live look at the state capital. today, california's race for the governor seat got a little smaller. one candidate has dropped out. former congressman doug lucy was part of a crowded field trying to unseat governor gavin newsom. he announced today, medical reasons are forcing him to end his campaign. he said on sunday evening he had a heart attack, and while he's been told he should expect a full recovery, more care is
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needed. in a statement he said, quote, i'm grateful to my family, my supporters, and my team for believing in our campaign and our vision. i have a deep love for california, and since god gave me another day, i look forward to resuming the fight for the state that i call him. let ted nesi paul heggen. he's been looking at our air quality and all of the smoke from the fires. >> just an unbelievable amount of smoke being produced by the fires in northern california. let's take a look at the visible satellite perspective. pictures of that smoke from space and we also have the satellite indicated hotspots from all of these fires burning. mcfarland fire, the dixie fire, and now the keller fire is really the bright spot in the map, including all that smoke being produced by that fire. blowing off to the east for now but eventually the smoke to our north is going to be heading to us. take a look at the perspective, this is from heavenly, of all that smoke being blown into the tahoe area by the keller fire, but you get the perspective of the fire itself. this is the time lapse from one
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of the alert cameras, we are going to back up the time and put it in motion. you can see that erratic fire behavior and just the unbelievable amount of smoke being produced by this with those pyro cumulus clouds billowing up as the fire literally creates its own weather. as the winds continue to shift and get dusty, the fires that are already burning are going to exhibit some erratic behavior, and eventually some of that smoke is going to make its way into the bay area. for now, we have good air quality pretty much across the board, but that's going to start changing tonight. a lot more colors showing up on the map, and not the ones you want to see, indicating from this forecast model that we could tip into the unhealthy category for a big chunk of the northbay and inland east bay, even parts of the santa clara valley by tomorrow. this might be over done a little bit, but even if this forecast model is off by two categories, it at least puts us into the moderate category across the board by tomorrow afternoon and it looks like that's going to linger in place as we head into thursday. widespread moderate air quality
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with a lot of locations getting into that unhealthy for sensitive groups category. that's when you want to keep the windows closed and rely on the air conditioner rather than open windows to cool off the house, even during the cooler overnight hours, and hopefully we are going to be able to avoid having any new fires start locally. but the concern is, especially for northern iowa county in nrthern solano county, that the humidity levels are going to remain really low as we head through tonight into early tomorrow morning with those gusty offshore winds to add into that. that's why the fire danger is going to be so high there. of course the red flag warning includes the northbay mountains, the east bay hills, and the diablo range. we are going to be watching all the spots as we head through tonight and into the day tomorrow, with low humidity levels developing during the afternoon as the atmosphere starts to heat. right now looking outside and it's already kind of hazy out there, but not much smoke at ground level just yet. temperatures anywhere from 64 degrees in downtown san francisco to 84 degrees in san jose. it's a big drop from 24 hours ago. pence in some places 10 to 15 degrees cooler. tonight we'll drop down to the mid to upper 50s to around 60
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degrees in most locations. temperatures pretty close to normal tomorrow, within 2 or three degrees of our average. but then we are going to back down to slightly below average temperatures as we head through the rest of the week and into the weekend. now let's get some cooler weather as we try to deal with the smoke that's going to be blowing into the bay area. the coolest days likely to be saturday and sunday. the onshore breeze is eventually going to kick in and start to push some of that smoke away from us. that could happen as early as saturday but that's about the earliest it would happen. temperatures even england in the east bay, low to mid 80s by saturday and sunday so we are going to be seeing those below average temperatures sticking around before we went up into next week. we'll check the air quality, check the smoke through the depth of the atmosphere in just a few minutes, but it does look like it's going to be sticking around for the next few days at least. we are leaving the hazy skies in the forecast all thugh the e week. on john ramos in san francisco. how do you feel about the future of the golden state? cbs asked californians and we'll let you know what they said
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new at 5:00, results are in from our california dream cbs news poll focusing on the cost of living and housing. >> cbs news polled more than 1800 adults and most californians say they're optimistic about the future when they look to the next generation. so what do people in the bay area think? kpix 5's john ramos reports. >> asked californians about the future of their state, and they may be optimistic, but it's the present that has a lot of people concerned. >> it's a good place. the weather is good. people are good. food is so good. >> that last one hits the market, according to anthony salvanto, who supervised the cbs poll of 1800 californians. >> top answer for people statewide is the food, as well as the nature, the outdoors, the diversity in the state.
5:23 pm
its culture and its weather. >> reporter: but the downside of being here focused on two things that are hard to avoid -- traffic, and the main concern, the high cost of living. and while it makes sense that people living less than $50,000 would feel that way, the poll shows that the majority of people making 100,000-plus also consider the cost of living to be unmanageable. >> for me as a young person, the hopes of living here when i'm older is not very high. >> reporter: the poll says young people are the most optimistic about the future, but in the bay area there's a growing sense of hopelessness about the affordability of housing. >> have to work upwards of 60- plus hours a week just to even make ends meet. >> ought to take pride in being a bay area native, but i feel like as of today, in the moment, i feel like there is no such thing as a california dream, unfortunately. >> reporter: the poll asks people about that california
5:24 pm
dream. one quarter thought they already achieved it while 30% didn't think they ever would and 22% just aren't sure. >> as far as the dream goes, i can't say -- i'm not really sure what the california dream would be. >> reporter: that may be the dream of california is something that can only be appreciated from a distance, like ohio, where andy donahue came from. >> i came out here and i love it. it's a different way. people think differently, act differently. >> so the california dream is a real thing to people outside of california? >> it was to be, and it still is. >> in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> we will have continuing coverage of our california dreams cbs news poll on kpix, cbsn bay area and tomorrow we focus on crime and polingl ah5:30, she's one of the most powerful women in washington. our exclusive one-on-one interview with house speaker nancy pelosi. and a live look at sfo.
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covid rules have just been extended. what you need to know if you're planning to travel. and the last of the large school districts in the bay area is back in class tomorrow. we've got all the last minute reps with san
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homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? we must have a competent governor with management experience and outsider integrity. [sfx: bear roar] that describes only john cox. you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area, a kpix exclusive interview with the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. her take on the taliban takeover of afghanistan, and what happens next , the efforts to control the coronavirus, and the california recall. issue ready to work with a republican governor? right now our one on one with the most powerful woman in washington. >> good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm alan martin. house speaker nancy pelosi joining us live from the kpix 5 newsroom. >> madam speaker, thank you for coming to our staton, albeit a little socialy distanced. thank you for being here at kpix 5. >> thank you juliette and ellen, nice to be with you, however distant. >> let's start with what's on everyone's minds right now, the situation in afghanistan, and certainly after witnessing the confusion and the chaos, the big question right now, should the biden administration have had a stronger u.s. military presence for the transition? >> first may i just say that i
5:29 pm
commend the president for the action that he took. it was strong, it was decisive, and it was the right thing to do. we should have been out of afghanistan a while back. but man, we are unfortunately -- one of the possibilities was that it would be in disarray, as it is, but that has to be correct did, and it is my understanding from the assurances we have received that the military will be there, negotiating with the taliban, for the safe exit of american citizens and friends, people who have helped us, our allies here. and people who work in the nonprofit sector, but also not just u.s. ngos, but those that have work in afghan ngos as well, who would be targets. >> those folks were all crucial to our effort there, but the
5:30 pm
u.s. withdrawal left tens of billions of dollars worth of u.s. military equipment in the hands of the taliban. helicopters, guns, ammunition. how much does that raise the threat of future terrorist attacks as well armed taliban? >> i do believe that the president's decision was based on one that reduced the prospect of any attack on our homeland, and the president has made it very clear to the taliban, any assault on any american entity or person would be met forcefully. so this is what happens when you withdraw. some stuff, some equipment is left there. it was thought that that would be used -- it was hoped that it would be used by the afghan military to defend its own country. the fact that it did not and could not was all more the reason for us to leave. >> even if ending the u.s. military presence in afghanistan was the right decision, as president biden insists, many are still questioning how it was carried out. so that does bring us to viewer questions that we've been
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asking. so let's go to


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