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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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>> plus, thousands of bay area residents in the dark tonight. the north bay city that had some trouble using its high tech system to keep the lights on. and it's a race to stop an unpredictable inferno racing toward a northern california community. and airbnb sending a message tonight after a deadly shooting erupted at a south bay house party. later, our exclusive interview with house speaker nancy pelosi. what she said about the california recall and how the president is handling afghanistan. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich the for
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elizabeth. tonight we are following dangerous fire weather, prompting a red flag warning that just went into effect. >> let's check in with our chief meteorologist paul heggen with those putting crews on edge tonight. >> we have 16 hours to go in this thing. the north bay mountains, t hillo range. within this, not all of the red shaded areas are equal. we're really focused on the eastern half of napa county, the northern half of solano county. that's where we'll see the gustiest winds and lowest humidity. that's the combination that prompts the red flag warning. the sustained winds north-northeast. offshore direction 30 to 40 miles per hour. gusts up to 50 miles per hourúl. combine that with humidity levels staying below 20%, that's very dry air to go along with dry vegetation we have in place. we're going to watch this carefully as we head through the rest of tonight. here's some good news, our fire weather tracker, every one of
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these circles is a different reporting station sending back information about wind speed and wind direction. zero of them are in red flag conditions right now. this is going to change as we head through the rest of tonight. we'll also talk about the smoke that's blowing into the bay area coming up. >> paul, thank you. with multiple major wildfires burning right now, pg&e is not taking any chances. tonight pg&e is shutting off power for up to 10,000 bay area customers in napa, san francisco ma, solano, contra costa and alameda counties. >> kpix 5 reporter andrea nakano joins us live from cal to ga. andrea, pg&e had issues powering up its backup micro grid, what's that all about? >> reporter: that's right, ken. the micro grid had some issues just kind of powering up, so downtown calistoga was without pot. the lights just came on after 10:00.
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it started coming on here in downtown calistoga first, and then we noticed power coming on to other parts of the city. as you can see right here, there were stop signs placed at this major intersection just to help traffic along here, because it was completely dark in this area about an hour ago. now while this area has the power back on again, the western side will be without power for a couple of days. >> here we go again. >> reporter: rancho residents are very familiar with public safety power shutoffs. >> i thought maybe it might be a little late in the season, but you know, with this wind and this dryness, i'd rather have that than the fire, believe me. >> reporter: while large microse tower the city east of the napa river, issues with that grid left the entire city without power for a portion of the night. power from that grid doesn't cover the western part of the
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city at all. they lost power earlier than expected around 6:30 tonight, and according to pg&e, the psps there is expected to last until thursday afternoon. for herb welch, this means a couple sleepless nights without power to operate his medical equipment. >> i have to have power, so i don't sleep without that. so i'm basically up all night. it's real disappointing. >> reporter: daniel is talking about this emergency backup generator. the city used grant funds the generator to provide power to roughly 120 units in this mobile home park. residents are crossing fingers it'll be online soon and psps's will be a thing of the past. >> this will be the last summer that we'll have to deal with this i hope. >> and that's andrea nakan now, you can head to our website, kpix 5, for the latest
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information on pg&e shutoffs impacting your area. on the fire watch tonight, a new wildfire exploding in el dorado county, forcing thousands of people to evacuate. the caldor fire has ballooned to over 30,000 acres of hours. that fire has injured at least two people. wall of flame tearing through the eldorado national forest. and it's already levelled the community of grizzly flats as large large reports, fire crews are racing to keep the flames from reaching the town of pines. >> reporter: it is an unpredictable inferno. flames ripping through this mountain community causing even more concern over where the wildfire could go next. this is the bigightreu ca feel e ey're going up hills and crossing roads.
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a nonstop air attack could not keep these flames from spreading north all day long. yellow tags could be seen throughout this community designating homes under mandatory evacuation orders. >> keep coming towards me. ucks and other preciousfla possessions to get out. >> i'm 76 years old, and it's like i don't feel that brave anymore. >> reporter: marvin silva got the evacuation order tuesday morning. he does not know when or even if he'll ever be back to his home. >> i'm going to go stay with my son and see if i got a house after. they say this could burn. they could burn for weeks now. >> reporter: as night fall hit, evacuation orders expanded even across highway 50. the concern, this wildfire could be the next big one. >> that's steve large reporting. and we have some new video into
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our newsroom of the skies in gardenerville, nevada. take a look at this, looks like the middle of the night, right? this video was shot about 4:40 p.m. this afternoon. caldor fire dumping ash on the community. you can see it there going by theens outside of lake tahoe turning the skies a deep red orange color. >> meantime, the high winds are fanning the dixie fire. crews continue to have difficulty controlling the fire. a dry cold front is expected to shift the winds in the area. now, the dixie fire now covers over 900 square miles. that is twice the size of los angeles. it is 31% contained. and you can join our morning team for the latest on this developing story starting at 4:30. well, tonight a lot of people are speaking out in favod hillview airport. there have been more than three hours of public comment during the county board of supervisors meeting, the majority of people urging them to close the
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airport, claiming the leaded fuel from small planes is threatening the health of children living nearby. the airport switched to unleaded fuel yesterday but supporters want to repurpose the land for things like housing. >> it is unacceptable that east side families and children are exposed to toxic lead fumes every day from private planes, mainly owned and flown by people who live miles away. there's no safe blood lead level in children. please close the airport. >> the county needs to study effect of introduction of unleaded fuel for two years to determine if this solves the problem. >> well, right now the airport is expected to operate until 2031, when a federal grant expires. airbnb is sending a strong message that violators will not be tolerated. the company announced it's taking legal action against a guest who threw a massive underage party. it end i shooting. kpix 5's maria medina is in sunnyvale with what's being done
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to stop this from hapngain. >> reporter: tonight this sunnyvale home sits empty, but more than a week ago it was filled with an estimated 150 to 200 people before it turned into the scene of a homicide. the airbnb guest who booked the home where this underage party took place just learned airbnb plans to sue them. for legal claims and damages after violating the company's large gathering ban. the august 7th house party mainly made up of teenagers ended in gunfire and an 18-year-old dead. >> somebody should be held responsible. >> reporter: neighbors say they're looking for answers from police as well as city leaders about what's being done to prevent another tragedy or future airbnb violations. >> this is a very safe area. i don't like that kind of thing going on, you know, no. that was very disturbing. >> the city is taking various steps. >> reporter: councilmember mason fong happens to live in the
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neighborhood and called 911 the night of the party. he says he's already set into motion for the council next month to look into whether to ordinance, including possible changes to the law. fong says his constituents have been vocal about their concerns. >> and they've wanted the city to, you know, hey, this is not just a one off. there are airbnb rentals that are most likely not in compliance, and so what are you city official and city staff doing about this. that is a very valid question. >> reporter: neighbors we spoke to say they're grateful to hear city leaders are taking action, as well as airbnb, which also removed the home from its site so it can't be rented out again. >> that sounds like a good idea. seems like a policy they should have been doing for a while perhaps. >> reporter: and councilmember plan to discuss changes on september 14th. meanwhile, police plan to meet
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with neighbors to talk about their concerns. in sunnyvale, maria medina, kpix 5. still ahead tonight at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, our exclusive interview with house speaker nancy pelosi at the kpix studio. she weighs in on how president biden is handling afghanistan and the california recall vote. plus, california's almond industry facing a serious threat. why the popular crop could soon get more expensive. and why a single covid case is shutting down an entire country tonight.
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only at metro. tonight pressure is mounting on the biden administration to evacuate thousands of afghan allies fearing for their lives. state department says that it has connected with the first
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group of americans who need to evacuate. >> but several americans tell cbs news it's been too unsafe to get to the kabul airport. the white house says at least 11,000 americans are in afghanistan and want to come home. and today speaker nancy pelosi was here in the kpix 5 studio for an exclusive interview. >> and we asked her whether she thought that president biden did the right thing by ending the war with afghanistan. kpix 5's betty yu joins us now. betty, the speaker weighed in on a lot of issues from the recall to the mask mandate. she had a lot to say. >> that's right. speaker pelosi reflected on a range of issues, local, state and international topics. we also went out on the streets of san francisco tonight where we found a range of concerns. >> reporter: in an exclusive kpix 5 interview, speaker nancy pelosi commendedid for his strong and decisive action in afghanistan, adding that withdrawing was the right
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thing to do. >> we should have been out of afghanistan a while back. but now we are, unfortunately, one of the possibilities was that it would be a disarray, as it is. but that has to be corrected. >> i personally believe that it was not handled correctly. i believe that the people of afghanistan and especially the women are going to definitely pay for that. but i do not believe that it was solely biden's fault. >> we shot the military over there for how many, 20 years? and they had a chance to succeed and do what they were trying to do. and they couldn't do it. so i think 20 years is long enough. >> reporter: the speaker also weighed in on the possibility of a national mask and vaccine mandate. >> we don't have that kind of, should we say, enforcement, but we should have morals. >> reporter: as for the recall
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effort in california, she said governor gavin newsom has been a great governor. an opinion poll shows newsom with a thin advantage in the recall. >> we do have to get more enthusiastic about turning out the vote, and that is -- and the governor's making a tour right now calling attention to the fact that voting has already started. >> i don't support the recall. and what did he do wrong? i mean, if you told me that he killed somebody or he, i don't know, did something horrible, i'd say, okay, let's recall him. >> this is a strong blue state, and the fact that he's already here, it bodes well or not so well for the democrats nationally. >> and pelosi added that the governor has a clear vision about the state that he loves, and she's very proud of him. she said that she does not at this time foresee herself working with the republican governor. >> she'sls related to him. and you know, her purpose here
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will be multiple, raising money, also, you know, talking about all the issues, including the recall, which has got to be number one. >> september 14th, official election day, of course. >> betty, thank you for that. >> thank you, betty. to watch our entire exclusive interview, head to our website at new at 11:00, tonight new zealand is shutting down over one covid case. the prime minister announced a strict lockdown over the next three days. the country just confirmed its first covid case from community transmission since february. an unvaccinated 58-year-old man in auckland tested positive for the virus. he had traveled to other areas but had not recently left the country. the almond is king in the central valley, but now the worsening drought is threatening the state's $6 billion almond industry. the state produces a whopping 80% of the world's almond
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supply, but as water becomes scarcend expensive, some growers have stopped irrigating their orchards and plan to tear them out earlier than planned, and that could lead to higher prices. man, it just never stops. every day. now we've got a wind warning to contend with. >> right. >> and you know, that drives down the moisture and makes it worse. >> yep, everything dries out. the red flag warning is in effect as of the top of the hour. goes until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. we're watching for elevated fire conditions in the higher terrain of the bay area. let's talk about the big picture setup. let's go to the video wall and take a look at what's happening. why is this red flag warning kicking in? this upper-level storm system moved into the pacific northwest. it changed the wind direction through the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere. offshore winds, that always boosts the fire threat around the bay area, but it's directing more wildfire smoke towardst the week, the wds weaken a
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little bit, but we don't see a big change in the overall pattern. once the smoke moves in, it's kind of stuck. if humidity levels stayed here the rest of the night, we'd be fine in terms of fire threat, but it's going to keep dropping. we were talking about napa county and solano county, we see the lowest humidity levels tonight into tomorrow morning along with gusty offshore winds. and then everybody dries out tomorrow. tracking the smoke, the forecast models indicate a strong chance that we are going to see deteriorating air quality tonight and tomorrow. once that smoke is here, it's going to linger as we head into thursday and probably even into friday. maybe towards saturday. i think that the worse it's going to get on a widespread basis is that unhealthy for sensitive groups category, and the places where it's most likely to reach that threshold, north bay, inland in the east bay and the santa clara county valley for tomorrow and thursday. gradual improvement through the week and the weekend. haze on the horizon, but no fog right now. temperatures in the upper 50s
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and low 60s. not a whole lot of variation. we'll end up in the mid to upper 50s by around 60 degrees early tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow almost exactly normal for this time of year. these are the warmestdingswe'lle week. that's the good news. it's going to be smoky. we'll have to deal with the fire threat, but it's not too hot after tomorrow. even the hot spots are only going to reach the low 90s. low to mid-70s around the bay for low to mid-80s for the north bay and farther inland in the santa clara valley. the haze sticking around through the rest of the workweek. the coolest days line up with the weekend, saturday and sunday. if we can get the smoke out of here, looks nice, even inland parts of the bay area see below average temperatures. inland in the east bay and also in the north bay. charlie? >> thank you, paul. next in sports a bigger picture moment for the oakland athletics tonight. this one went way beyond the scoreboard as we saw a pitcher's
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athletics pitcher chris bassitt was going for his american league-leading third win tonight in chicago, but tonight reminded us that this
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game is just a game. much bigger than baseball, bassitt was actually drafted by the white sox, but this not the homecoming anyone wanted. oh, hit in the head by a 100 mile per hour line drive off the bat of brian goodwin. bassitt laid on the mound while the trainers tented to him. the a's report he never lost consciousness. they got him on to a cart before eventually taking him to a hospital. you just saw the faces of his teammates. hard to think about a game after that, so the white sox immediately did their damage. three-run shot off jake lamb. that was jake lamb off bassitt's replacement, birch smith. white sox win 9-0. here's bob melvin with an update. >> we don't think the eye is a problem at this point. it felt like it was below it. he's got some cuts. they had to do some stitches. he's in a scan, and we'll know more about potential fract
11:26 pm
or whatever tomorrow. former giant kevin pollard telling everyone how much he loves the cream sickle unis. tommy la stella la see ya. same score into the seventh. evan longoria high deep and out of here. first homer since returning from the il. logan webb was dealing a shutout into the eighth. pete alonso, that's a big swing, and he will end that. two-run shot, mets down a run. on to the north. polar up with two outs and the tying run on second. dominic leone paints the black like picasso. 3-2, giants winners tonight. webb has allowed two or fewer runs in 11 straight starts. they remain four up on the dodgers in the nl west. full nba schedules will be released soon, but get out the calendars and the sharpies, we have a little tease. the warriors will open the season october 19th in l.a. against the lakers then two days later they will host the
11:27 pm
clippers for the chase center opener. well, no jonathan ca min ga, he wasn't in uniform for the warriors final summer league game in las vegas. jessup was, and he showed out. -- knocked down four trifectas in the first half. the lakers came back to beat the warriors 84-76. quakes and minnesota united fc. nathan was handed a red card in the first half for a hard foul, so quakes had to play a man down with a 1-nil lead. a minute later, will trap with the equalizer, and it would stay 1-1 until the very end. quakes extend their unbeaten streak to nine games but only have two wins in that stretch, so a lot of draws for the quakes lately. back to you. >> thank you, charlie. and up next, new steps
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the future of the san francisco's landmark cliff house building was in doubt until now. >> yeah, the 157-year-old building that housed the cliff house restaurant is track to becoming a new eatery. national park service, which owns the building above sutro baths, has removed a major hurdle in the agency's lengthy leasing process. according to the chronicle, that clears the way to accept proposals from potential tenants this fall. >> the report says the national park service has a goal of announcing a new tenant next summer. the former cliff house restaurant was a family-run operation for 83 years until fall
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homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? we must have a competent governor with management experience and outsider integrity. [sfx: bear roar] that describes only john cox.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> yeah, thanks for watching. news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. have a good night. >> good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> for the first time in u.s. history, the government has declared a water shortage in the colorado river. climate change and the ongoing drought are both threatening the river's future. with less snow hitting the mountains each year, the melted runoff can't replenish the water levels. >> were you thinking of visiting the colorado river but were hesitating because global warming is draining the water? now you can experience all the thrills of the colorado river on land! the colorado river is still the place for a thrilling adventure and has never been more exciting! enjoy the thrill of a lifetime with the benefit of less drowning! and be sure to visit colorado mountains in the winter for more


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