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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  August 18, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, fire danger. the red flag warning as thousands of bay area residents won't have power back for hours. the latest on fire conditions across the bay area. and a huge fire ballooning in size. the fight is onto protect a small community in the el dorado national forest. later as the bay area gets hit with wildfire smoke what's the best way for you to check the air quality in your neighborhood? how to protect yourself, expert advice coming up live. and it's back to school in the south bay. the new drop off requirements parents need to know before heading out the door. and how do residents feel about the governor's handling crimevniquthjust westart with a
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of the east bay hills this morning because we have air quality concerns and spots have a red flag warning in effect. a lot going on in the weather center. let's get over to mary. the northerly winds pushing the smoke in to the region. moderate air quality for the an the south bay. smoke concentration forecast at the surface and you can see with the northerly winds pushing widespread smoke in to the region. if you smell smoke close the windows, doors and stay inside and stay safe. let's talk about that red flag warning. highlighted in red. the north bay mountains, and
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diablo range. gusting up to 55 miles an hour. up in and relative humidity would plummet down to about 10 to 15%. thousands of residents waking up in the dark this morning. pg&e had to shut off their power because of high fire danger. >> we just got the update from the utility. they expect to give the all clear later today. >> not a moment too soon. highway 50. you can see the flames there burning in the hillside. this is just a couple of minutes away. that is the community now under evacuation orders this morning. highway 50 is still open but try and gusty weather could force officials to close a
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portion of it later on today. two evacuation centers full and only one is taking people. > . green valley church in placerville. the only place accepting folks. you can see there are people with trailers filled with boxes. furniture, there is dirt bikes on this other side, there's all sorts of equipment. we have people that have shown up in the early hours of the night. these folks over here from camino and pleasant valley. the american red cross gave them blankets and pizza and kept them calm. when you have kids it's hard to explain what is happening given the danger of the situation. >> itto ain this tothem theyn't see it. until ey they
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kind of get a better idea and then they get really scared. >> if the parking lot here is serving as a staging area for rv's and camper is trailers as well. in terms of animals some have their dogs, cats in the car with them. the fairgrounds is taking larger animals and the fairgrounds is accepting smaller animals. green valley church and the cameron park community center, the only place that people can go. cameron park shut down so the church is the only place right now. the dublin interchange. the high wind advisory in effect for that area that was
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issued for that area. westbound highway 4. antioch to the east shore give yourself 37 minutes. a live look at the bay bridge for those getting ready to go into san francisco. it's crowded across the upper deck and traffic getting busy at the toll plaza. the white house this morning. today the biden administration is expected to officially announce recommendations for a coronavirus booster shot. >> how will the roll outlook? we asked a doctor with ucsf. >> it'll be very similar to how it was rolled out. nursing residents, health care workers, those over 65. >> those third shots could begin as soon as next month and anyone fully vaccinated will get the booster eight months after their second shot. the johnson and johnson vaccine is still being studied. the back to school coverage continues in san jose this morning. a lot of kids saying good-bye
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to summer vacation. >> the largest school district in the south bay begins full in person learning. >> there's been so many years since i have been in school. here in san jose you will notice major changes especially for parents. before you drop off your kids here at school. they must fill out a questionnaire. that is for your safety and the safety of the students and parents with in the school district. i want you to look at this list here. there are major adjustments with in the school district that parents and students must get used to like staggered drop off and pick up times. plexiglass. masks must be worn indoors and outdoors and it doesn't even
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matter your vaccination status. distaps learning has allowed them to spend more time with his kids but both of them. the dad and the daughter said they are ready for in person learning. >> i have -- meet new people. >> being around friends and seeing different cultures and different lifestyles. you don't get to see that as much in the house. >> we know students younger than 12 cannot get the vaccine but the school district here reports that 90% of their employees are indeed vaccinated. >> all right. justin. you mentioned the district is not offering any distance learning option right now. what if parents don't feel safe r ba >> rit knsoparents
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the district is offering what they are call alternative learning. independent learning which is basically an alternative. we will dive into that at 5:30. it's not zoom school. all your questions answered about coronavirus and the classroom. interviews with the experts. snow the santa clara county sheriff has arrested a vta trainee employee on suspicious of threatening to shoot the place up if the agency didn't hire him. the incident of course nearly three months after a vta employee did shoot and kill a atthve saying about lrd in s
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this. this morning air b&b taking legal action against a guest who rented a home and threw a massive underaged party that ended in a homicide. an 18-year-old was killed at this party. the company now plans to pursue legal action against the guests for legal damages and claims connected to the party. the council is set to discuss that issue next month. the early voting now underway in the governor's recall. how will crime play into voter's decision and how do people feel about his handling of crime across the state? we have the results of a new cbs news poll. nearly all residents say crime is an important issue. 68% consider it very important. on the issue of crime prevention, what would help curw crime rates? 72% say more economic opportunity and 68% say more mental health services. looking at the police in their
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own area more people say that the police where they live make them feel protected compared to those who said they felt threatened. while some say it's a mix and a few said neither. cbs polled more than 1800 and the margin of error is plus or minus four points. the governor gets only mixed approval for handling the issue of crime at 49%. it's lower than his handling of items like the economy or the wildfires but higher than handling homelessness. and tonight we will dig more into what this all means and you can see the full poll is he results. testing is once again becoming important. how san francisco is stepping up it's game to fill the new need. and a landmark restaurant getting a new lease on life. restoring the cliff house. coming up in the next half hour with bad air here in the bay area and more on the way,
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how do we prepare? live expert advice on what you can keep stocked in your home. and strong off who are winds. with it a high fire danger and more wildfire smoke pushing in to the bay area. we will talk about the air quality coming up in just a moment. let's go live. sales force tower camera as we look west and you can see the
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they can give you personalized advice and could help you save hundreds. hey medusa! let's boogie. for expert help with all your insurance needs, get to know your local geico agent today. for the 6th day in a row an air quality advisory is in effect. taking a live look at lafayette. this is one spot that could see shifting winds that could make the smoke more widespread this is the problem. gusty winds causing fires to explode near lake tahoe. the city showing the massive plume of smoke you can see over glizzly flats. how can you prepare for the bad
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air? we get expert advice from the air quality management district coming up live in a little bit. with the delta variant now accounting for nearly 99% of the coronavirus cases in the united states more people are wanting to get tested. in response to rise in delta cases san francisco is opening up a high volume testing site in the city's soma neighborhood. it has the capacity to give 500 tests a day. tests by appointment only. also happening today in san francisco, the mayor joining the city's labor and health officers to talk about the new vaccine requirement for businesses and large events. >> that takes effect in two days on friday, people are going to be required to show they are fully vaccinated before going inside indoor spots like restaurant, bars and gyms. as for enforcement the mayor said they will look for compliance but plan to leave it
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in the hands of small business. 16 minutes after six. time to get a check on the weather and traffic and you always bring us good news. today you justin [inaudible]. >> not the case for today. that high fire danger and also poor air quality with widespread smoke about to push into the region. for the moment looking good to moderate for the air quality. enjoy it because things will be changing pretty quickly for us. here is what to expect. critical fire weather conditions. i'm tracking just gusty off shore winds. 40 to 50 miles an hour. mount diablo clocking 55-mile an hour winds. the air quality advisory in effect. talkingabout widespread smoke. if you smell smoke close your doors and windows and stay inside and stay safe.
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it drops for us on the eastern side of the sierra. when you have that type of situation you have strong down sloping winds ththe region and that's we have the high fire danger. the red flag warning in effect for the areas in red. the north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. we have seen them. strong, gusty, informationerly winds, down to about ten to 15% as we go through the day. we could see a second burst of off shore winds tonight into tomorrow. that could mean that red flag warning gets extended into tomorrow. we will watch that closely for you. let talk about the air quality. this morning good to moderate it. will get worse through the day. moderate for the coast and the peninsula. unhealthy air for sensitive groups for the north bay, east bay and the south bay. the air quality as we and through the day.
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thursday into friday. the stronger sea breeze kicking in and that will help the air quality for saturday and sunday. sunrise at 6:28. daytime highs for the peninsula. upper 70's to low 80's. about 80 for santa clara and for san jose. for the south bay, inland east bay 90 concord, upper 80's for the tri valley. around the bay upper 60's, mid- 70s oakland and upper 70's to the north bay. 90's in lake port and clear lake. for san jose we are going to be dealing that haze today. likely through friday. better air quality and cooler temperatures for a weekend. inland east bay. you will have that smoke as we go through today, tomorrow and friday. also for the north bay and looking better for the weekend.
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it's the slowest spot. women are tracking the break lights onto westbound 580. delays are between mount house and north flynn. once are you past that things look better. chp has issued a high wind advisory for the pass. just be extra careful as you travel through there your travel time just about 41 minutes from 205 toward 680. we are seeing extra volume from the westbound 580 commute. also for those commuting out of antioch, already petting slow westbound. you will start tapping the brake lights through pittsburgh and bay point. 37 minutes from antioch westbound highway 4 toward 80. connecting onto 80, east shore freeway and hercul, seconds. just keep that in mind if you are going toward the bay bridge.
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the future of the cliff house building was in doubt until now. >> this 157 year old building that housed the cliff house restaurant is on track to become a new eatery. the national park service which owns the building has removed a major hurdle in the agency's leasing process. according to the chronicle that clears the way to accept proposals from potential tenants. >> the report said the national park service has a goal of announcing a new tenant next summer. its what a family run operation for 83 years until it fell victim to the pandemic. it'll be great. it's an iconic spot. be nice to see it back in action. >> beautiful location. 20 minutes after six and coming up here, the latest on
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that a's pitch erin juried by a line drive to the head. and we have been talking fire danger and bad air now add the drought. how soon new water restrictions could be in place and how the
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some drought news for you this morning. california may soon be seeing mandatory statewide water restrictions. according to the governor they could come in six weeks. >> the above noted that he has called for 15% voluntary conservation during the state's 2012 to 2016 drought you may remember the former governor called for a 25% reduction. right now 88% of the state is in extreme drought and seeing the least rainfall in any two
6:25 am
year period since 1975. and the [inaudible] drought is threatening the almond industry. woe state produces 80% of the me growers have sto all the stuff is a repeat of what we saw almost ten years ago. ? lots of kids waking up early. one of the biggest school tricks heading back to the classroom. we are live with what parents have to do. the -- the historic move just made overnight for the airport. and no special effects here. the new video of wildfire smoke is transforming the sky
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to the east. and a bay area baseball player in the hospital
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if you are just waking up with us here are your morning headlines. the biden administration is expected to officially announce recommendations for a coronavios
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after they are fully vaccinated. those shots could begin as soon as next month. pg&e has shut off power to thousands of bay area customers because of high fire danger. all the purple triangles showing the counties in the dark. pg&e expected to give the all clear later today. and waking up to a red flag warning. all because of the gusty off shore winds. that is as fires in the sierra continue to burn out of control. good morning. thank you for joining us. 6:30 on wednesday, august 18th. and let's get right over to mary. very busy in the weather center today. starting off with a look at what is going to be nasty air quality. >> yeah. i wish i had better news. this morning, right now we are looking at good to moderate air quality. enjoy it because things will change rapidly with the wildinthe bay area. we are looking at moderate air quality for the coast and
6:31 am
peninsula and in orange unhealthy air for sensitive groups for the north bay, east bay and the valley in the south bay. you can see on the smoke concentration forecast all of that smoke pushing in to our region. if you smell smoke close your doors and windows and stay inside. stay safe. that red flag warning highlighted in red for the north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. relative humidity values would plummet with very dry air. it's busy morning commute. let's check in with gianna. we are tracking break lights on the bay bridge. word of a crash at stage road. give yourself a few extra minute itself are you going through there and that san mateo county area. the main travel times tracking brake lights. get busy, antioch over toward the east shore.
6:32 am
give yourself 38 minutes for that travel time. he is expected to talk coronavirus vaccine boosters today. preliminary data suggesting the general population may need a booster shot about eight months after the final dose. those could be offered by mid to late september. that is of course pending fda authorization. texas governor is recovering from coronavirus. he has tested positive. he is vaccinated and has no real symptoms. he has been isolating and receiving antibody treatments. he has fought mask mandates and appeared indoors at a
6:33 am
republican club event monday night. coronavirus cases in texas are soaring and hospitals are stretched very thin. it's 6:33. it's back to school day for thousands of kids in san jose. >> it is. today the largest school district in the south bay starts full in person learning. justin andrew is live from greystone elementary in san jose with the district changes and options for parents getting those kids to school. >> absolutely. learning is all in person. that means all 28,000 students enrolled in this district will be in some form of a classroom like setting. parents even if you don't feel comfortable sending your kids back to school, the district here, san jose is offering some alternatives for you this morning. one of them is called independent studies. the 550 students enrolled in that option, 330 of them signed up for medical reasons. the district handed out laptops
6:34 am
for older kids and i-pads for the little ones. san jose's first spokesperson said that pet studies it's a large portion of the day. students will work independently. younger ones will need parental support to stay on task and complete that work. they will do daily live instruction and interaction with their teacher classmates. it is going it be a very different model than what we had in the spring. >> parents listen up. every single morning have you to fill out a questionnaire before bringing your child to school. once you do, expect staggered drop off times and pick up times. the district is nglunch and fre every student at every at no cost. you don't even have to qualify.
6:35 am
>> i was just thinking remember when we all showed our back to school photographs. i see yours. have you sent one? >> i think you should. >> i haven't. i have been looking for it. i can't find it. >> okay. >> i'm sure. he can't find it. i'm dieing to see mini justin andrews headed off, dapper. first day of school. >> and you got me. >> the best dressed kid in the class no doubt. >> all right. we will check in with you later. >> thank you. onto fire watch. we have been watching the calder fire it. exploded in size over night. now over 30,000 acres. two evacuation centers completely full right now and so far go people have been hurt. flames have already leveled the community of glizdly flats and it continues to tear through the el dorado national forest.
6:36 am
this was taken along mormon immigrant trail. you can see how the fire has torn through the el dorado forest. the trees just going up in flames right there along the roadway. >> i. 76. i don't feel that brave anymore. >> i will stay with my son and see if i have a house. these things could burn -- they could burn for weeks. >> check this out. looks like the middle of the night but this video was taken around 4:30. this is when gardnerville, nevada. it's dumping ash. you can see it falling on the community outside of lake tahoe. turning the skies to that deep red orange color. that wildfire smoke is expected to move into the bay area today and here is a live look
6:37 am
outside. this is from lafayette from brian kiley. you can see that haze in the distance. a historic move the santa clara county board hasapproved beginning the process of closing the airport. there were more than three hours of public comment during the county board of supervisors meeting yesterday. the majority of people urging the board to close the airport claiming the leaded fuel from small planes is threatening the health of children living nearby. >> it's unacceptable that families and children are exposed to toxic lead fuels. >> county needs to study the effect of introduction of unleaded fuel for two years to
6:38 am
determine if solves the problem. >> supporters want to repurpose the land for housing but there's a big process. the airport wouldn't close before january 1st 2022. this the united states is still working to evacuate thousands of people from afghanistan. the taliban said that it'll allow people to get safely to the airport but there are reports of gun men blocking the routes. this as the taliban insists it'll allow women and girls to continue to work and go to school. the president is promising a review of the united states's withdrawal and the taliban's quicka sum of power. the house speaker was here in the studios for an interview and we asked her if she thought the president did the right thing by ending the war with afghanistan. >> we should have been out of afghanistan a while back. now we are -- one of the itd be
6:39 am
disarray but that has to be corrected. >> she also touched on the pandemic and the recall. she said that the governor has a clear vision about the state that he loves and said she is proud of him. you can watcthe full interview on it's 6:39. coming up,. >> scary moments for the a's during their game against the white sox. the 100-mile an hour line drive that landed a pitcher in the hospital. and meet the 19old ready to fly in to the history books. how she is taking aim at a record right now. and let's take a quick check on the big board. the dow is down again today. about 127 points. we will have more live right after the break.
6:40 am
counter terr miller joins us to discuss his biggest concerns. and cracking down on vaccine misinformation. in a cbs this morning interview the facebook ceo tells gayle about the false information on his platform. we will see you at seven.
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time for your money watch report. stocks starting the day off with a sell off. a potentially toxic dog food
6:44 am
recall. >> good morning. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes. it's -- right across the board, dow down 88 points, the nasdaq down 10 and the s&p500 down 7 points. more than 130 dogs may have died after eating contaminated food in the past year made by midwestern pet food. toxic mold was found in sport mix and other brands made by the company. yesterday the fda sent midwestern a warning letter giving it 15 days to fix violations found during inspections much its facilities. so sad. >> if you have pets you probably need to check that before you give them more food. thank you for letting us know. thank you. >> absolutely. now the a's take on the white sox but everybody is still talking about last night's game it. was a scary moment for chris basset. >> he was hit in the head by a
6:45 am
line drive. the pitcher going far his american league leading win when he threw a fast ball. to brian goodwin who a li ive back athim. you saw it happen. basset just laid onmod en. ayerby wha >> he has cuts. they to use stitches. is he in a scan. know more about potential fractures. >> he never host shop newsness. the team is a waiting more test results. heads up if you are hoping to dodge the mask mandate on airplanes next month. it just got extended. let's go live to sfo where the
6:46 am
tsa just announced it's extending the mask mandate into january . this was nearly 4,000 passengers have been violating the mandate. the administration just reported these numbers since january 1st, just under 2900 pieces have refused to wear masks and more than 680 have prompted an investigation. 120 of those cases involved penalties. right now a 19-year-old pilot is on a flight with a goal to become the youngest woman to fly around the world solo. >> the teen took off this morning, check it out. she is flying at on board her shark ultra light plane on social media she showed off the air craft, the world's forecastest and she is hoping to win the title. good luck to her. it's 6:46. we want to get back over to
6:47 am
mary. bad news. we have been tracking big fire in the sierra. you can see how extensive the red flag warnings are. for us we are also dealing red flag warnings for the range. that is until 3:00 p.m. today. tracking gusts up to 40 to 55 miles an hour in the higher elevations. mount diablo talking 55-mile an hour wind gusts and he with are looking at relative humidity values. this is really an early season off shore wind event. we normally see that in the fall. we are seeing it at the moment.
6:48 am
also wildfire smoke. air quality at the moment good to moderate but it'll get worse very quickly for us. looking at moderate air quality for the coast and peninsula. unhealthy air for sensitive groups for the north bay, east bay and the south bay. air quality due to smoke as it'll get worse with that haze and smoke back in the skies. smoke concentration forecast. this profiles all levels of the atmosphere. you can see that smoke pushing in. that continues that haze as we look to thursday and friday. sea breeze kicks in for us for the weekend and that means better air quality thankfully. for saturday and for sunday. in the meantime daytime highs seasonal for this time of year.
6:49 am
upper 70's to low 80's. low 80's for santa clara. mid-80s's for morgan hill. inland east bay, 90's. upper 80's for the tri valley. upper 60's san francisco, mid- 70s oakland and for alameda and san leandro. upper 70's to low 80's and into the 90's for ukia clear lake, later on today. that busy wey morning commute. it's busy especially for those trekking that way through the pass. we have the break lights out of tracy. already busy at mount house extending to north flynn and
6:50 am
beyond that now. we are seeing brake lights. sluggish there. will see the brake lights toward this 680, 580 dublin. high wind advisory in effect for the pass. keep that in mind, especially if are time 43 minutes from 205. woe have a slow ride along highway 4. no crash crashes or incidents on four but 46 minutes from antioch as you work toward the east shore. we will see most of those brake lights as you head through pittsburgh and bay point. getting busy on thest search. the travel time 18 minutes, westbound from highway 4 to the maze. if are you going toward the bay bridge those lights are on and photograph sick backing up here.
6:51 am
seven. with a long wildfire season we know that means nasty smoke from firessa all over northern california. we will have an air quality expert with the steps we can take to breathe easier here at home. and we are keeping a close eye on that massive wildfire burning in el dorado. the race to get
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. kids love visiting kidifornia.
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but parents like it to, like a lot. they go bonkers. (wuaahh) tboomly it's an adventure. (sound of playing) you know ,you have to keep an eye on them. you got to let them explore and figure things out for themselves. so hurry up (screams) they're not gonna stay this way forever. kick off your kidifornia vacation at welcome back. we have a high fire danger with a red flag warning in effect until 3:00 p.m. that could get extended until tomorrow. looking at the north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range under that red flag warning due to gusty off shore winds and relative humidity values plummet. smoke concentration. thise e lookg at for ea.
6:55 am
90nd. upper 60's to low to mid-70s. low to mid-80s's across the peninsula and low to mid-60s's across the coast. we will deal with the hazy skies and air quality for today and like lie over the next couple of days. all right. well, here is a live look with our air quality advisory that is in effect. you can sele fayette we have been telling you that air quality -- in the bay area. due to the massive wildfires out of control and look at that. hazy sunrise out there. joining us now is aaron richardson, spokesperson for the bay area quality management district. the department that issued today's air quality advisory. what can we expect today? >> we have this air quality advisory in effect. we -- just because we know there will be hazy skies and some impacts from the wildfire smoke. a lot of fires burning to the
6:56 am
north of us and the winds have shifted today to bring that down over the bay area and in some cases down the sacramento valley in to the bay area lower levels. we don't think federal health standards will exceed for health quality. we haven't issued a spare the area alert but expect there will be some moderate to even maybe high moderate readings during the course of the day. >> all right and there are a lot of air quality websites. i know our viewers will want to check the air quality for their neighborhood. what do you recommend? what's the best one out there? >> we really recommend the epa's fire and smoke map. it's -- you can do a search on that and find it. it's really one of the best resources that's been out for a couple of years now. it takes readings from our air monitoring network as well as state and local monitor that are set up for wildfire
6:57 am
recording. and then also the crowd source low cost monitor that individuals have purchased and added to the network like air monitors and takes those readings and adjust those low cost sensors, reading which are minimums inaccurate >> that is my air quality website. the most accurate. i recommend it as well. all right. with the truth and record dry vegetation we have a long wildfire season ahead of us. how should we prepare? >> you know the first principle is if, you know there's a lot of smoke in your neighborhood stay inside with the windows and doors closed. this is a good time to think about weather stripping the home. one of the things we recommend is that people buy affordable
6:58 am
air filters for their home. you can set that up in a room and set up a clean air room if smoke levels are higher. if you have ac run it on recirculate during a wildfire and during the smoke so it doesn't bring erin side and you can buy a filter for your hvac system which will be a more effective at filtering out smoke. if you have a condition you want to check with your doctor and see what he recommends for you to do [inaudible]. those are -- and then, you know lastly if you have to be outside, then you need to wear a mask you -- the coronavirus masks won't do you much good.
6:59 am
the bay area quality management. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. as we take a look at the roadways, quick look at the travel times. we have some brake lights. a wind advisory for the pass. east shore slow and we have brake lights along highway 4. imagine hearing a knock at your door and it's dr. phil making a house call. >> he is leaving the studio in a new series house calls with dr. phil. it's a new one hour prime time series showing him travel across the country. you can watch it tonight at nine.
7:00 am
good morning to you. it's good morning to you. eets wednesday, august 18, 2021. i'm gayle king. that is anthony mason. that's tony decouple. let's go. we welcome you to cbs this morning. president biden is facing new backlash after intelligence officials say the white house was warned that the afghan military could collapse. fear in afghanistan as the taliban take over, what it means for the terror threat here at home. a powerful earthquake killing close to 2,000 people in haiti. tropical storm grace is hampering rescue and he leaf efforts. >> this is what's left of the only hospital. the caldo


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