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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 18, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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out here and my eyes are burning and running. >> this is what people saw as they raced to flee their homes near clearlake, a wall of smoke and flames. within a couple of hours, this is all that was left of the neighborhood. they left behind with forward progress stopping at 75 acres. andrea nakano live at clearlake right now with the aftermath. >> reporter: we are here with two mobile home parks completely burned to the ground. it used to be the home of the creekside estates and cache creek mobile home. you can see now you can barely see with the place used to be. firefighters are on the scene mopping up some of the hotspots. we read into the resident of the mobile home park he wanted to see for himself that his
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house was really gone. i want to see if that was true. spotted you get any stuff out? >> my dog and my medication. some blankets to sleep on. >> reporter: david just moved into the mobile home park just about a year ago. he says he was living on the streets of sacramento prior to coming here. he he is homeless once again. the sheriff estimates about 1600 people were evacuated as the fire ripped through the area, the sure was here doing the evacuations himself and says that the fire moved so fast that residence really had to get out of the area in minutes. cal fire says the fire is about 75 acres, forward progress has been stopped on the fire but 0% containment of the pointer to the sheriff says he believes the fire started in the mobile home park in the wind blew this
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way, the causes still under investigation. back to you. this morning a neighborhood and everything was normal. tonight, it is gone. just burned to the ground. terrible. thank you. every new fire started only as to the deteriorating air quality across the nova california skies in the bay area. no exception as we look outside. paul heggen tracking the fire conditions in the air quality. we start with the fire conditions around the cash buyer. then was fire burning in lake county right now. stilted resected taylor police they stop the forward progress there is the satellite indicated hotspot. temperatures in the mid 80s which could have been worse. the smoke in the upper levels of the obscure with temperatures climbing into the 90s and she really levels 10- 15%, the vegetation so dry was sustained winds at about 10 miles an hour with gusts up to 2125 miles an hour and theoretic fire behavior will be a concern for the fire crews all across the california.
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especially on those larger fires. the dixie fire and the monument fire, mcfarland fire, all the parcel burning and the shifting winds have been directing smoke towards the bay area. look at clay county. those shadow appears with the during the afternoon. ash atss of course larger smoke plumes blowing off all the fires in the area being blown right into the bay area. here is the current air quality. it improved somewhat for the north bay with and onshore breeze trying to push the gas fire to the east with unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups for the worst air quality will be the north village of east bay and santa clara valley over the next two days. we will take a look at the air quality forecast hour by hour tracking smoke with persistence coming up in the forecast. >> here's a look the smoky skies of chopper 5 this afternoon. this is from above the port of oakland. the air quality is poor where
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we have been reporting this evening. truck i want you to take a look behind. we have downtown san francisco from brisbane. you can you see the salesforce tower in the horizon typically you can see all the way across san francisco bay to the east bay to the port of oakland. all of that is computer shadowed by the smoke from the wildfires burning in the california while the bay area had been spared from smoke the wildfires burning in front of the california lease of sacramento for days, that streak of luck i did this morning. smoke moved in with a vengeance from the candor and dixie fire is. people in the peninsula began noticing the smoke almost immediately and were wearing masks outside to to both the double whammy of the coronavirus and the smoke. >> when i walked out my apartment, it was the air quality you could cents. it was a lot of in.
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it was a little bit hard to breathe like you. >> pretty horrific just looking at here. my eyes are burning and i told the girls to be sure to stay inside. >> it's dry with the air quality. i have a headache. >> there is no spare the air alert so far with the bay area air quality district management pick up at the fire continues to stick around. doctors say it is best to layoff outdoor exercise to avoid exposure. right before we went on air, i checked the air quality index and the north side of san bruno mountain, it was 111. that is unhealthy for sensitive groups. back to you. >> time to stay inside, thank you. of course it is impossible to judge the air quality by how it looks. we posted links to tools that's breakdown the conditions of your neighborhood on tran02. this satellite image from the caldor fire shows just how much smoke wildfires are pumping out right now. it looks more like a volcano
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erupting. strong winds and the fire tripled in size in a single day to more than 53,000 acres. the satellite time-lapse shows it all happening. >> the main reason why the fires are getting so large so we is the fact that the fuels are so dry. we have unprecedented dryness in the forest because of the drought. that leads to more heat release and with more heat release, they spread faster. >> so far, there are no containments on the caldor fire. exactly five weeks after it started, the dixie fire still owing strong. still only 32% contained. now it covers just under 1000 square miles across for different counties. the fire danger with pg&e cutting power to 10,000 area customers say. is still working to restore service to about 6000 in napa and sonoma counties. not to the coronavirus and
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a new statewide rule for indoor events. the 20th, he will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative test for any inter- gathering of more than 1000 people. the previous threshold was 5000. the san jose enactment of stricter rules, the mayor wants proof of vaccine requirements for any events of 50 people are more. city-owned venues with the city council considering the proposal on tuesday. meanwhile, sinclair county rolled out the latest weapon in the fight against vaccine hesitancy. it is the vaxmobile which will be deployed all over targeting the roughly 300,000 eligible county residents who still haven't had their shots. >> seeing it available right there, you know, i will get it. this is easy and i do not had to schedule an appointment, it's right there, i do not had to find where to go. i will do it out of respect many people who support test of the san francisco newly reopened high-volume site were surprised to be turned away.
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it is by appointment only. now i have to go wait a few weeks before i have time off to get it. that is kind of stupid. i don't have a lot of time because i work. >> the city health department is searching anyone who can to use health care providers our home test kit to keep the city sites available to people with fewer options. the reid-hillview airport in san jose which could take up sooner than expected. santa clara county board of supervisors voted unanimously last night to begin the process as soon as possible. they also banned the sale of leaded fuel for airplanes there. recent study found elevated lead levels in children living near the airport. now we have proof that the lead in the gas was causing damage and harming children in the community. >> it will be a long road, make
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no mistake, they actually will not allow it to close. anytime soon. >> the faa says it is committed to working with san jose and santa clara county representatives. still to come on, san francisco takes aim at ghost guns, the crackdown on retailers accused of selling untraceable firearms. with were shot officially on the way, what you should know about where your immunity stands right now. why the a's have reasons to be optimistic after one of their own takes a been hit. morning news, can wildfires smoke increase your risk of catching covid? a bay area doctor and leading expert on air pollution joins us live to break down a new study, that is tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30.
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the san francisco top prosecutor taking aim at manufacturers of so-called ghost guns. the digit attorney filing a civil suit against three companies that manufacture and distribute the do-it-yourself gun kits across california we have reported extensively on the problem. as the name suggests, ghost guns cannot be traced because they have no serial numbers. because they are sold as unfinished part, they are not legally considered guns. spot ghost guns are easily available for purchase on the internet. simply following youtube videos they can be quickly assembled using tools many people have in the garage. >> they seek monetary penalties
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and a quarter that would bar the companies from shipping the products into keller it. number of ghost gun seized by the san francisco police jumped more than 2700% from 2016 until 2020. takeok atyour top headlines the u.s. military says it is ramping up efforts to assure american citizens and afghan allies can't get out of kabul for the u.s. withdrawal is complete at the end of the month. the taliban assured the u.s. all foreign citizens will be allowed to safely leave, there are reports the tele-ban is stepping against the distance from which the airport. a nato leader says a stampede at the kabul airport injured at least 70 people. president biden today defended the american withdrawal during an interview with abc news. >> the idea somehow chaos is ensuing i don't know how that
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happened. >> the state department plans to double the number of consulate officers to process these applications for people hoping to flee the tele-ban macro. nursing home staff must be vaccinated against the the coronavirus or, risk losing federal funding. president biden making the announcement today to protect the patient's most vulnerable. with the biden administration recommending covid-19 booster shots for, we wanted to know, will this be an annual thing like the flu shot? that remains to be seen, but, studies published today by the cdc show protection from the covid-19 vaccine declined in the midsummer as the delta variant rose to dominance. >> we like to see the data on which this was based. then a the day, will be effective? possibly. but probably more effective in some groups. >> it's worth noting how the officials say the vaccines do not lose their effectiveness
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against severe illness. parents of santa fe unified students will have to fill out a covid questionnaire every morning before school. kids there adding back to class today with staggered drop off and pick up times and a mask mandate indoors and out. >> think of it like security on an airplane. we do it for a reason. this is the same thing. >> the district reports 90% of the workers are now vaccinated. as we look at the skies over san jose, and other health threats. it is pretty easy to spot and the smell. paul heggen is here and tracking how long the wildfire smoke will hang around. >> yet another reason to wear a mask the next couple of days air quality will not change dramatically. the worst spots of the current air quality map in the santa clara valley and the tri-valley trending towards flat out
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unhealthy air quality. then the north it is not as bad around the bay and on the coast, some longshore influence kabul list take a look at how things will evolve as we had the next couple days, we can do that with the forecast model tracking service smoke so we ignore the stuff missing hazy skies from europe, just the stuff we have to prepare a good handle on today's pattern indicates much of the north bay into the east bay down into the santa clara valley, we want the clock forward, decided tomorrow, it doesn't change a lot. yellow indicates moderate air quality closer to the water, orange and red indicating unhealthy with the two categories especially in with the north bay and the east bay and sinclair valley. hugh need to come if you're in a sensitive group if you're from a disease or emphysema you want to stay inside and make sure you are stocked up on medication and treatment strategies. everybody else, you want to keep the windows and doors closed, outdoor activities, don't plan on running outside
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the next couple of days. anything that takes you outside for work, you want to take plenty of bricks and try to limit how hard you are exerting yourself because the air quality you may not notice from the smell, it can have it affected you, it kind of wears you down the longer it is a place that it will be with us always through writing. there are signs maybe things will improve as we have for the weekend. the red flag warning continues through 11:00 tomorrow morning for lee county and the northern half of solano county it looks like the warning continues to 8:00 be a thursday. still dusty usher wins, warm tortures and low humidity levels combined with dry vegetation for a bad combination. outside, there is the haze and the smoke just hanging out, kept temperatures cooler, 60s and 70s right now across the board. half-and-half, the cool spot is 62 then to the worms 577 degrees in concord. high temperatures tomorrow will be below average inland underneath the thick smoke. temperatures are not dropped on most in the upper half of the 50s to 60 degrees, it's really high temperatures along the coast in the mid 60s.
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that is actually a degree or two above average because of the offshore winds. mid to upper 60s around the south end of the bay and the peninsula with upper 70s and the lower half of the 80s with the santa clara valley just short of 80 degrees in san jose. low to mid it is for the tri- valley were responsible into the east bay getting up to 90 degrees. east contra costa county upper 60s in san francisco with elsie 70s for the east bay and a mix of upper 70s and low 80s in the north, the smoke overhead of electing the summit and keeping temperatures are warming up as much, at least it will not be hot and smoking until you had farther north into mendocino county l.a. county with temperatures eyeing the upper 80s a 90s. temperatures very similar across the board on friday and over the weekend we start to clear up some of the smoke and ground level it is hazy skies especially inland on saturday. clear skies overhead on sunday, the below average temperatures continue this weekend before we slowly warm-up through the first half of next week ago low 80s for temperatures in parts of east bay saturday and sunday, air quality improves
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with a lot of people trying to take advantage of that, temperatures with the north bay also turning to near averages we have through next week. were data between now at 11:00 about how the wildfire smoke. we have an update on. we have new details on the rest of retail theft splaying the bay area with the most target items that might surprise it. we also have an update on the pitcher that took a line drive to the face. apparently it could have been much worse.
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san francisco in oakland two of the top three cities for the country for organized retail crime in 2020. that is according to a new survey or the national retail federation. the most stolen items, designer clothing and handbags. high-end liquor and believe it or not, laundry detergent. allergy medicine and pain relievers. razors and infant formula. teeth whitening strips.
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most retailers attribute the spike to the pandemic. chris bassitt awaiting surgery in chicago tonight taking a line drive to the face. if you haven't seen it yet it is hard to watch. >> oh my goodness. >> he had no reaction time on the ball. the ball came 100 miles an hour . it happened last night. he will need surgery to repair a broken cheekbone but scans show no header vision injuries. it is unclear if he will pitch again this season. still to come, special birthday wish for in oakland poets with 105 reasons to celebrate.
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