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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 23, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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rod pampling. he knows it was big but nobody knew it would hold. jim furyk was on fire but the putter was not cooperating on sunday. he could not get that one to drop. that would have been for a playoff. instead, it is rob pampling with his first win on the pga tour champions. look at that final leaderboard right there. three coming in 11 under par but rob pampling is your champion. on the corn ferry they are in playoff form. 25 more players will be able to grab their pga tour cards. this is grayson sig. he had an extremely long attempt for birdie here. he thought he would have to make this just to force a playoff against arson rye. but aaron rye would double bogey
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the 18th so it was not a pla playoff. sig had the outright victory. that is a life changing win. he has a final round 65. mckenzie tour, noah steele an amateur you love that, two amateurs at the top. 23 under par. would claim victory. we know there name. anna nordqvist claiming her third imagine championship title, first win in four years. annika sorenstam giving her a huge shout out. those were the final results or the european tour. we will take it back to librty national to the sixth hole. frank: tone finau found that first ball. trevor: we have had all sorts going on. he made sure that it is his ball
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then got a rules official to see if it was embedded. the ruling is that it is not. looks like it will be an unplayable. frank: back on the green. trevor: i thought if he was taking the unplayable he would be able to reach the green. i thought from the original lie he could at least hack it out 20 yards and get to the fairway. frank: he is trying to make a birdie. trevor: probably going to have to wait another hole. frank: exactly. make sure the little fella gets away. his third.
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that is not bad because the hole is on the right. he has a good distance in there. to eight. frank: big hitting keith mitch mitchell. trying to get inside, make his way to kay's valley. good birdie, 12 under par. he is in 70th place right now. harry heuriggs we saw meeting t cut. harry higgs the big beautiful, he rolls one in. really character. one of the good guys that the
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fellas love to play with. phil mickelson mid alongside him with keith mitchell and joel damon on tuesday. frank: that breeze off the right is it still there? dottie: off the right and a little bit of help. it is very much the direction of thursday but not as lively. frank: we saw it on the golf course all week on this par 5. dottie: being catch it solid and get it in the fairway it is a green light. it is a bonus to put the ball in the grass where that is not because you can put your hands on it. frank: just one eagle today. to 14. frank: jordan spieth struggling, one over par, the short par 3. has made two triple boys in his
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round today. that is at nine and 10. he had a 62 friday. amazing how this game will change. jim: he will have three rounds that are over par which you don't this week, and a 62. go figure. dottie: that is cutting. might leave a little bit of a soft bounce. frank: that is almost two drives in a row the same. aim down the left, rotate hard make sure that works a little to the right side. now up ahead important shot for finau, his fourth. trevor: tiny area in the back. will have to do well to control
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the spin. this is from 88 yards. frank: what a great shot. he is a deevaluate lakers fan. it would have been kobe bryant's 43rd birthday today. cameron smith. that is swallowed up. this is a hole he birdied each of the first three rounds. trouble on the previous hole and trouble here.
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jim: for birdie at ninth. nick: fairish. jim: going to be three under par
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sos making some nice progress today the back it section. frank: that is a big sign for finau after triple off the tee. maybe get him over the finish rain today. we saw a great third in for lowry. he is another one that played well saturday. 62 for lowry saturday. he is only two back. frank: brooks koepka. he had a good round yesterday, this for birdie on the eighth. jams it in. 4-putted the third earlier did brooks. two over par through eight hollis, noon under to the. back it smith.
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frank: that will be a 3-shotter. i can assure you that like was there at the start of the week. still it is quite a narrow runway. dottie: it's not one you take for granted. i don't think being hit more than an 8- or 9-iron out here. >> was he had the bunker? . frank: i'm concerned about the lay-up bunker down the line. dottie: there was a player playing up 15 that was over there and there were word perhaps it was not raked in days he hits -- in case he hits it in. stkpwhra the bunker is some 75
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yards short of the green. dottie: nice contact. good job there. frank: still good with the wedge, that's for sure. had a great week with the wedge. you have to make sure you keep it clean because you have wedge sand. it was sitting up a little but it was so close to the front lip. but clipped it clean as a whistle. jim: tway. frank: sam burns on tour this year. birdied the first and the sixth.
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third shot on the par 5. and a good shot in there from 11 yards. a chance to get to 14 under, a tie for fifth. a fine young player on tour, aaron wise. second at 11. 230 yards today, and it is a birdie. had a doublity first and that gets him into red figures. so he is no fans there today unfortunately. hard getting in here with the weather and nine inches of rain. jim: that would have produced a error on saturday. vocal and passionate fans were out here before the storm hit. finau in good shape off the tee here at s. back to six. frank: left clean and place with
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the deluge. dottie: also got relief from what is casual water. frank: that always sounds weather. the new sportscenter knack similar. dottie: it does to some, i guess. frank: robert streb from about 50 feet away. how about that. we have a chip-in from aaron wise and 50-footer for robert streb here on the par 3. also a winner earlier this season, last year. r.s.m. classic. trying to improve on their points to the for next week.
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>> straight down but a little right to left. dottie: there's your answer about the wind, frank. >> i was looking at 93. enough wind there. >> i think it is the same shot. frank: i would definitely trust adam, dotty. dottie: dottie is telling us it is a 6-iron it must stay in the air 201 fp. frank: he is looking more the flat of the green. dottie: even 2002 there and or camera tower is golden.
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frank: that took a very bold line. oh, not much to play with. you would have to think he pushed it. jim: new series to cbs onceouls. traveling around the country to help real families solve real problems. once 9:00, 8:00 central. phil mcgraw a big golf fan usually sits around and watches weekend coverage with his buddies chris chatham and graying midell. this is lowry at the seventh. trevor: that ball was plugged and couldn't do much more than hack it out in the fairway,
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advance it 40 yard or so. frank: van rooyen at section. dottie: one club less but a much more difficult shot. frank: will it pick up in the mud at all? dottie: i don't believe so. he's again back it 6-iverron. nick: smart move not to even look at that flag. dottie: his caddie is his best pal from the university of minnesota. yeah, don't look at that flag. got to miss left. like that. frank: still a tricky chip because it has to go pack up over that ledge.
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jim: justin thomas 13 under but one over for today. nick: 50 yards but into the w wind, face for the sand. jim: to eight. frank: sam burns for birdie. lost in a playoff last start to abraham ancer. he moves to 14 under, just that back now. lots much confidence after that first win at valspar and had a good season. dottie: 108 yards, couldn't ask for a better angle here. extremely proficient wedge pla player. frank: never hits it too hard.
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dottie: never, ever. frank: and i don't mean that in distance, just the rhythm. sometimes people grab a short club and rain into it. up to seven. jim: how do you like this swing, nick? >> it is short but lovely online. i love when he tries to come down as if he is hitting a draw but uses a wrist action to hit a fade. that is how he gets it on the raoeight plane. jim: newark airport close by. fasten those seat belts, folks. a little windy out here still. bring the big bird home.
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frank: erik van rooyen his third. . have to be careful where you land this but he has space on top of that. frank: five or six feet. dottie: i think so. that's a good shot. frank: yes, take that. we go to seven.
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jim: shane lowry at at the seventh. trevor: hell location the front left on a front plateau. jim: this is his third shot, trev . nick: very difficult to get to the left side of that green. jim: back it six. frank: chip in-able here. dottie: that is an exceldo term. nick: are you feeling it. frank: i'm feeling it. dottie: chip--inable. frank: it seven. jim: also out of that bunker third shot for j.t. trevor: ball was slightly before his feet so trying to draw it
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back. jim: down the left side. nick: he was swinging smooth on day one and he is trying to keep it going. jim: you can see the wind whipping the magazine at seven. back it six. frank: flag out here. surprising actually. you would think it would helped. across to 16, which certainly will be in play this afternoon as far as decisions are concerned. driver for spieth. a few people knocked it on today. today though you cannot miss it hole high because the flag is on the left side. no run. right at it. so, he will have to make that decision later in the day, go for a lay-up. back at six, van rooyen for his four.
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momentarily ties the lead, 16 under. that is a good start for him. to seven. jim: tony finau. stpwhraoeufrpblgts up a steep slope. jim: two playing companions both long pupts for par. this for birdie. one of three tied at the top. one of home is at six. frank: up ahead, seven. jim: justin thomas for par.
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hit it. goes right in front of the hole. nick: another part of his game has been better. jim: back to six. frank: smith. not quite the start he had saturday when he shot 30 on the front side. to seven. jim: lowry with a long putt for par. trevor: he had a touch of a read off finau, but most important is to give it enough juice up the hill. jim: he did. wonderful par. nick: that is some full. jim: that had to feel good after birdying two of the previous three holes and keeps it going.
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on the tee at seven. tee shots giving people fits. frank: it is important to get the arms down before he start his hip action. dottie: that is hanging to the right. nick: hips a little quick, arms a little slow. dottie: it is a hard tee shot. they are not on the back tee. nick: no, they are up 50. frank: third shot for tom hoge back right location. 105 yards. nice sandwich. lovely. one over par today. get that in, become it even. back at 17 fp. -- back at 17. jim: three great birdies.
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nick: that is absolutely perfect. dottie: that is why the finish fits him well. 16, 17, 18, all require cuts. >> yes. a cut at 14 as well. jim: now cam next. dottie: he needs a fairway. missed left and right the last it. jim: and drastically left into the water. that was a seriously good double bogey. that rattled around in the tree and could have easily gone into the water. he could have been looking at eight. saved his tournament. nick: yes. dottie: that is right as well and floating kind of limp up there. nick: he signaled left with the driver and right with his arm. jim: everybody is looking on the
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other side of the fairway. nick: suddenly his swing feels out of sync. amazing one bad shot or we are 48 hours later we are playing who knows. jim: fan duduel has who is tren i ing for the playoffs? nick: he is a season campaigner and comes in under the radar and huge opportunity to have a great fedex cup. frank: i'm looking for the spoiler, a man who found his form again. i know the win in phoenix but that is brooks koepka. frank: justin thomas is my man swinging smoothly but more importantly putting better than he has the rest of season. got the putter back in the bag. jim: of course the next leg
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begins thursday the b.m.w. at kays valley. head to fan and make your free picks and compete for prizes at fanduel. great to see some sunshine after this area got batter ed. nine inches of rain at this place alone. here is brooks koepka. nick: where are we, frank, with your man? frank: he is reeling a little bit today. jim: over to the eighth. frank: finau on the tee at the par 5. left look the earlier. trevor: like the par 5 two holes ago. frank: we see the ball in a decent lie. big break to miss that deep stuff.
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j teams and shane lowry playing alongside.


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