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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 25, 2021 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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ballot box. the bill now heads to an evenly divided senate. download the cbs news app on your cell phone or connected tv. hanson, cbs news, new yo . it's wednesday, aug it's wednesday, august 25th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." secret trip. as the u.s. races to evacuate americans from afghanistan, why two lawmakers decided to fly to kabul. breaking overnight, remain in mexico reinstated. the supreme court rules in favor of the trump-era policy that forces immigrants to wait in mexico while seeking asylum in the u.s. remembering charlie watts. the rolling stones drummer dies at the age of 80. how celebrities are paying tribute tribute to the legendary musician.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. and we are going to begin with president biden sticking with his deadline to pull u.s. troops out of afghanistan in just six days. yesterday mr. biden said the u.s. is n pace to finish evacuating american forces by tuesday. he said the military has flown more than 70,000 people out since august 14th. meantime, there's criticism against congressman seth moulton and peter meijer. both iraq war veterans. they made a secret trip to the airport in kabul to conduct oversight on the evacuation efforts. but a u.s. official told cbs ws irresponsible. bradley blackburn is in new york with the latest on all of this. bradley, good morning. >> reporter: anne-marie, good morning. the clock is ticking on that deadline, and the taliban's grip is tightening. this morning they are refusing to let many afghan civilians head to the airport, accusing
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the u.s. of trying to take away the country's doctors, engineers, and other professionals. the united states continues to evacuate thousands from afghanistan every day. >> the first hope is god, and the second hope is the united states government to help them to take them out of there. >> reporter: nazar got out just before kabul fell to the taliban and now lives with family in california. >> me, i was working with the u.s. government for five years. i have the documentation i was able to get out of kabul. the people, there are too many people that don't have anything in their hands because it happens all of a sudden, and they were not prepared. >> reporter: the u.s. military is working to get americans and afghan allies out before they withdraw on august 31st. president biden is confident they'll meet that deadline. >> the sooner we can finish the better. each day of operations brings added risk to our troops. >> reporter: the president has asked the pentagon and state department for contingency plans. >> the completion by august 31st, depends upon the taliban
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continuing to cooperate and allow access to the airport for those who we're transporting out, and those disruptions to our operations. >> reporter: taliban leaders are blocking afghan citizens from reaching the airport. another threat to the mission, an islamic state affiliate known as isis-k. >> every day we're on the ground is another day we know that isis-k is seeking to target the airport and attack both u.s. and allied forces and innocent civilians.>> reptemakers from bh parties want the white house to scrap its deadline and only leave after the last american is out of afghanistan.geall american citizens out, but it is less clear what that means for afghan allies. anne-marie, a u.n. official says there are credible reports of executions of former members of afghan security forces now that the taliban is back in power. >> bradley, it is so disturbing to hear. bradley blackburn in new york. thank you so much.
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>> reporter: thank you. so breaking overnight, the u.s. supreme court ruled the biden administration must comply with the controversial remain in mexico policy. the trump-era program forces people to wait in mexico while seeking asylum here in the u.s. the high court said the biden administration likely violated federal law as it tried to end the program. according to a memo obtained by cbs news, u.s. immigration officials were told to replenishment the program starting today. and the list of companies and schools requiring employees and students to get vaccinated against covid is growing. yesterday walt disney world, goldman sachs, and ohio state university announced that they would enforce the mandate after the fda gave full approval to the pfizer vaccine. dr. anony i id.s could have covid under control by next spring if hesitant americans get the shot. manuel bojorquez reports from hard-hit florida. >> reporter: a day after the fda
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gave full approval to the pfizer vaccine, health officials are urging businesses to step up. >> you have the power to protect your communities and help end the pandemic through vaccination requirements. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci said the country could get the virus under control by next spring if vaccination rates rise. >> get vaccinated, and the time frame will be truncated dramatically. >> reporter: 18-year-old danae gutierrez of california says the fda's approval swayed her to get the shot. >> social media like gets you kind of brainwashed into thinking that it's -- sometimes the vaccine can be bad. >> reporter: nationwide, the daily number of people getting their first shot has declined for ten straight days, even as the highly infectious delta variant pushes hospitals in some states to the brink. georgia's governor announced plans to send more than 100 national guard members to hospitals across the state. florida leads the nation in new covid hospitalizations and is averaging more daily deaths than at any other time during the pandemic.
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>> we have pfizer -- >> reporter: dr. hussein anan coinunity in miami-dade county. >> i tell patients always be careful what you read. choose where you're reading from. are you reading from cdc, fda, >> reporter: he's been leading efforts at this community clinic, and on line to combat misinformation and believes full authorization of the pfizer vaccine will help. having the full approval for pfizer, how does that change what you do? >> that added an extra layer of trust from our patients to say, okay, now it is safer to take the vaccine. >> reporter: his clinic is planning to host a drive-through vaccination event this friday. but overall, government-run vaccination sites like this one are seeing a slowdown. the number of new vaccinations in florida has been declining for 11 straight days. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, miami. house democrats passed a landmark voting rights bill named after the late congressman john lewis. the measure was approved last
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night on party lines with no republican support. it would help restore voting rights dismantled by supreme court over the past decade but faces an uphill battle in the senate where democrats don't have enough votes. republicans have called the measure unnecessary and a power grab. and this morning, tributes are pouring in for legendary rolling stones drummer charlie watts. his publicist says that he passed away peacefully yesterday in a london hospital surrounded by his family and friends. watts had announced that he would not tour with the stones this year due to an undisclosed health issue. on twitter, elton john said a very sad day, charlie watts was the ultimate drummer. former beatles drummer ringo starr wrote, "god bless charlie watts, we're going to miss you, man." fellow beatle paul mccartney also paid his respects. >> condolences to the stones. a huge blow to them because fantastic drummer.
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steady as a rock. >> watts joined the rolling stones early in 1963. he brought a jazz artist's touch to what's been called the world's greatest rock and roll band. charlie watts was 80 years old. so coming up, screening earlier for diabetes. the new age you should get tested. and later, kanye west wants a name change. the two-letter nickname he wants to go by. this is the "cbs morning news." e wants to go by. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ ♪ depression can be pretty rough. you feel alone with your depression, except for the bunch of symptoms keeping you company. then one day, you get fed up. so you talk to your doctor. and your doctor tells you about trintellix, a prescription medicine for adults with depression. and the overall mdd symptoms... you feel this relief. trintellix may increase suicidal thoughts and actions in people 24 and younger. call a doctor right away.
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the white house says the cases in vietnam did not involve anyone traveling with the vice president. a former football star is running for u.s. senate, and wildfire smoke is causing closures. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "associated press" reports thick smoke from massive california wildfires forced some schools in neighboring reno, nevada, and parts of lake tahoe to close. smoke blanketed reno yesterday causing hazardous air conditions. schools shut down for a second ounds ofdeay, affecting tens of >> makes life more hard because like some people can't like -- they get like allergies to smoke and get -- they start coughing and all that stuff. so like it doesn't -- it doesn't help at all. >> northern california's 11-day-old caldor fire has burned almost 123,000 acres and destroyed more than 600 buildings.
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"the atlanta journal constitution" says former football star herschel walker is -yr-isn trophy . senate in winner and nfl running back filed paperwork to run next year for the seat held by democratic senator raphael warnock. walker has never run for office before. he is backed by former president trump who has publicly encouraged walker to enter the republican primary. and "the new york times" says former new york governor andrew cuomo lost his emmy award on the same day he was replaced as governor. yesterday the international academy of television arts and sciences said it was taking back the emmy it awarded cuomo last year for his daily televised pandemic briefings. the academy cited cuomo's resignation and the recent sexual harassment allegations against him. the move came just hours after lieutenant governor kathy hochul was sworn in to replace cuomo. still ahead, fast food meltdown. why some mcdonald's restaurants
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that's why there's blue wilderness, minner wolf. with blue wilderness. here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ getting screened for the disease earlier, starting at age 35 instead of 40. the guidance stems from rising rates of obesity linked to type-two diabetes, and research showing that health -- the health benefits of prevention methods and early treatment. on the cbs "money watch" now, a warning about a salmonella outbreak, and why a classic mcdonald's treat is no longer available at some restaurant. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie.
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well, stock futures are pointing to a slightly lower open after another record-setting day on wall street. investors remain optimistic over continued strength and corporate profits and economic activity. the dow rose 30, the nasdaq gained 77, rising for a fourth straight session, and hitting an all-time high. the s&p 500 also closed at a e cd investiting twoke itn-style meats. the products include salami, prosciutto, and other meats found in anti-pasta or charcuterie assortments. 36 illnesses have been reported in 17 states. a dozen people have been hospitalized. health investigators are working to identify a specific contaminated product, manufacturer, or brand. some people in san francisco can now hail a robo taxi. part of a pilot program rolled out by google's sibling company wamo. riders can download its app in
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order to hitch a ride in its fleet of all-electric self-driving jaguar suvs. but expect the driver in the seat. they'll take control in case of emergency. in the future the company plans to run the vehicles in san francisco without drivers like some mcdonald's customers won't be able to order milkshakes for now. the fast food chain temporarily pulled the item from all its uk restaurants due to supply problems stemming from a shortage of truck drivers. mcdonald's says it's also experiencing shortages of bottled drinks. the company says it's working hard to get the items back in stock so customers can order them again. i guess its milkshakes don't bring all the boys to the yard. anne-marie? >> diane king hall, i love it. >> i had to. i had to. >> no, those milkshakes stop bringing this girl to the yard once i took a look at the calorie count. then i was like -- i don't know if it's worth it.
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>> stay home. out the yard. >> diane king hall. >> all right. >> right? thank you so much, diane. you're at the new york stock exchange. thank you. >> you got it. up next, a story time. how one app is making it possible for you to fall asleep to british hearttlop -- heartthrob rege-jean. i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer. ♪ ♪ i feel free to bare my skin yeah, that's all me. ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand nothing on my skin, ♪ ♪ that's my new plan. ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ achieve clearer skin with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around
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the country. ♪ the problem is you trying to the longer you do it the more dangerous it becomes. >> the first trailer for the upcoming sequel "spider-man: no way home" is out. tom holland returns as peter parker, aka spider-man, who is now living in the spotlight after his secret identity was revealed in 2019's "spider-man: far from home." he's joined by benedict cumberbatch as dr. strange. "spider-man: no way home" is set for release in theaters december 17th. rapper kanye west is trying to legally change his name. he's filed papers in los angeles at a superior court to ditch his full name and change it to his longtime two-letter nickname, ye. he cites personal reasons for the change.
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a judge has to approve the request. and west is holding another listening party for his upinning -- upcoming a "don morrowicsoldieeld. oe d that's supposed to be a re-creation of his childhood home. and fans of the hit netflix series "bridgerton" can now fall asleep with the show's star, rege-jean page. >> good evening, my name is rege-jean page. tonight i'll be accompanying you as we travel back through time to old england. >> the british heartthrob who played the duke of hastings on "bridgerton" narrates a new bedtime story on the sleep and meditation app calm. the app is designed to help people with insomnia. he reads a story called "the prince and the naturalist," not returning for the second season of "bridgerton." coming up on "cbs this
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morning" in "school matters," grover from "sesame street" stops by our neighborhood to share some of his favorite meditation and mindfulness techniques. little bit of a different voice, though. on and mindfulness different of a different voice, though. i'm green. this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . i'm annegreen. this is the "cbs morning news." . i'm annegreen. this is the "cbs morning news." . i'm annegreen. this is the "cbs morning news." . i'm annegreen. this is the "cbs morning news." . i'm annegreen. this is the "cbs morning news." . i'm annegreen. this is the "cbs morning news." . i'm annegreen. this is the "cbsews." -green. this is the "cbs mororewen.this" . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news.e. this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news." . so anyone who says lactaid isn't real milk is also saying
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our top stories this morning -- president biden is sticking with his deadline to pull u.s. troops out of afghanistan in just six days. yesterday mr. biden said the u.s. is on pace to finish evacuating american forces by tuesday. he said the military has flown out more than 70,000 people since august 14th.
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and the supreme court ruled the biden administration must comply with the trump-era remain in mexico policy. the controversial program forces people to wait in mexico while seeking asylum here in the u.s. the high court said the biden administration likely violated federal law as it tried to end the program. and as students head back to the classroom, there's a growing problem for school districts nationwide. one survey found 75% of districts don't have enough teachers as the school year begins. nancy chen explains. >> reporter: when students recently returned to illinois' lasalle south high school, the number of teachers didn't add up. were you fully staffed when you started class? >> we were not. >> reporter: superintendent steven wrobleski says the pandemic has accelerated a teacher shortage years in the making. >> it would not be uncommon to have between 50 and 100 applicants in years past. now if we get between one and five applicants, that's a good day.
4:27 am
>> reporter: districts nationwide are facing similar problems. nearly 30% of national education association members say the pandemic has led them to plan leaving teaching earlier than expected and less college graduates are signing on to become teachers. almost all 50 states reported teacher shortages for the 2021 school year. >> i need to cut these brownies -- >> reporter: in wisconsin, anthony schnell retired this june after 29 years of teaching. dedicating himself full time to his family's bakery outside madison. >> it's much earlier than i expected, at least five or six years earlier than i expected i would. i was a chemistry teacher, and you deal with numbers a lot. and numerically it only made sense for me to leave teaching. >> we will look more at that -- >> reporter: some districts are tackling the problems with teacher bonuses. schnell calls the incentives band-aids with former colleagues saying they, too, are looking to leave. >> the common refrain was if i had something i would do it, too.
4:28 am
and that scared me, it worries me a lot about the system. >> reporter: forcing districts to ask who will be at the head of the classroom this year and beyond. nancy chen, cbs news, lasalle, illinois. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will speak with newly sworn in new york governor kathy hochul about her priorities in office. plus, in our series "school matters," grover from "sesame street" stops by our neighborhood to share some of his favorite meditation and mindful techniques. and we talk with paralympian melissa stockwell, the first iraq war veteran to qualify for the paralympic games. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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