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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 29, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . looking live out of new orleans, louisiana, blasted by one of the most powerful storm to ever hit the u.s. what we just learned minutes ago. >> the bay area fans have been waiting 10 years to see this. >> looking live at the smoke and haze outside and what to expect for the work week. thank you for joining us. we are tracking hurricane ida. >> new video in the past 30 minutes of the wind ripping apart a building in lockport,
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louisiana. >> looking live out of new orleans more than half 1 million customers are without power in louisiana and the governor requested a major disaster declaration. another live look now and minutes ago we learned the storm has been downgraded to a category 3 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. the storm's center 30 miles southwest of new orleans. >> this is what it looked like inside the eye of the storm and some hurricane hunters flying through it before ida made landfall and we have new video of the storm at the marina and ida is hitting on the anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> the storm has hardly weakened since making landfall hours earlier with 145 mile per hour wind. >> reporter: the extremely dangerous hurricane made landfall in louisiana as one of the strongest storms in the states history as ida picks up strength. the impact is being felt and feared throughout the gulf. >> conditions are changing rapidly, and obviously we have
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a very dangerous situation on her hands with hurricane ida. >> reporter: the mis of the coast of louisiana, mississippi, alabama and florida are in the life- threatening storm surge area and president biden visited fema headquarters in washington as the agency prepared emergency services including food, water, power getoa chand >> this will be a devastating hurricane. a life-threatening storm. >> reporter: the mayor warned residents to stay put in a safe place. >> heat are warnings and make sure you shelter in place and hunker down. >> reporter: we are in the famous french quarter 50 miles from where ida made landfall with 150 mile-per-hour wind and where we are the wind is getting more and more intense by the hour and we already he reports of downed trees and roofs being ripped off. this tourist stay nearby at a hotel is worried about those
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less fortunate. >> we have plenty of snacks and water and i am more concerned with the homeless population here in new orleans. >> reporter: residents were warned to evacuate or beware that emergency services may not be available during the height of the storm and in its aftermath utility companies say power outages could last for weeks. michael george, cbs news, new orleans. >> first responders in the bay area are heading out for relief efforts and we just got this video about two hours ago in the oakland fire departments california task force preparing to deploy to louisiana and we are told they will support fema's response to the storm and the department said this won't have an impact on the whole services. it was a battle on the field and bay area fans have been waiting a decade to see, the 49ers and raiders squaring off at levi stadium this afternoon for a preseason game and the 49ers 1 34-10 but as john ramos reports the rilrmo in stands thethe field.
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>> reporter: the battle of the bay has been described as a family affair, but one fan said it's not really like two brothers but two cousins who don't really get along very well. on august 20, 2011 the niners played the raiders in a preseason game at candlestick and there were so many fights in the stand that night that the league actually band the two teams for meeting in the preseason and for the fans that ended today. the tailgate party was rocking this morning and a lot is changed for both teams. candlestick is gone, and the raiders have moved to nevada, the nation is still here. >> is the closest thing we will have two tailgating for the raiders. >> it is a home game but it seems like we are visitors here and a lot of raider fans. >> reporter: it is been a strange rivalry since the two teams don't play each other very often, but the fan bases have bumped heads a bit and
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sometimes even in the same household. >> we do know at the end of the day we both love each other. >> reporter: andrew ramirez must mean it because he asked his girlfriend sabrina to marry him during the interview. inside the stadium as the teams tuned up for the regular season on the field, the fans needled each other in the stands. >> feels like a home game. this is a home game for us. >> reporter: things stayed cool and maybe the threat of another 10 year ban made fans think twice about ruining the party. >> it seems like everybody is doing a good job and behaving in let's keep it fun and i still have love for the raiders. >> everybody has learned their lesson and let's come together and unite. >> this game is about throwing jabs back and forth but in the right way knowing when is enough. >> reporter: football is a game
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of passion, and that applies to the fans as well, but like brothers, these two teams grew up together, and the connection between them will be strong. >> we need this and it is good for the soul, and it was fun having all the camaraderie and it is a great time and a lot of fun. a lot of fun. >> the light rail service back up and running for the first time today and it was just in time for 49er fans who boarded trains to levi's and service was halted more than three months ago following the mass shooting that left nine vta workers dead. >> we brought people back in small group so they could do trauma recovery counseling and training as well, so it has been a fairly long road back but the priority was to make sure that our employees were ready to be back for work. >> services only partially restored and the vta is working to make a full return happen. looking live at dublin in san francisco. it looks clearer than yesterday but all of the haze and smoke is still lingering, and an air- quality advisory has just been issued for tomorrow. >> darr is
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th e ldor itnd come a much bigger story and threatening not only sierra and tahoe but the town of myers which sits on the outskirts. you can't miss it when you look at the satellite imagery and there is a huge plume of smoke being put into the atmosphere. we will talk more about the fire implications of that later but for now i want to show you what this means for the air- quality here at home which is the primary concern for those of us within the bay area and deep shades of purple shows smoke off the caldor fire and watch this tug-of-war over the next 12 hours and it wants to start drifting back our way that it stops here through the foothills and a very strong onshore flow picks up tomorrow and fights it all the way back in the bottom line the air- quality will stay okay. right now it is moderate and unhealthy for sensitive groups
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and it was a lot worse than this on friday and saturday. we are doing okay with air- showmo the caldor kes it d we l fi and what it looks like on the ground. this will be in the complete forecast which will be a bigger story and we will talk about the end of the heat wave. hundreds of firefighters are trying to prevent the monstrous caldor fire from inching closer to the tahoe basin so right now the fires eastern edges a few miles away from south lake tahoe but fire crews have managed to hold off the flames with backfiring and they are also successfully defending the community of strawberry and the wildfire has torched more than 156,000 acres so far. fire crews are worrying that hot and windy conditions might have the fire escape containment lines. >> unfortunately it will be a critical day and a hot dry day since this fire started and basically if a number or fire lands and 90% chance it will spark with the new fire. >> even though conditions are
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not entirely favorable, firefighters are hopeful there close to getting a handle on the blaze. developing news out of afghanistan and we learn a usa or drone strike blew a vehicle carrying multiple suicide bombers and afghan officials say multiple civilians were killed in the attack including children. the airstrike happened about 5:00 p.m. local time and was caught on camera and afghan officials say several family members were reportedly killed in that attack and the strike hit this vehicle military says in the car was carrying multiple suicide bombers from the extremist group isis-k. the military thinks the bombers were going to target the kabul airport and in a statement, the us military said significant secondary explosions from the vehicle indicated it was loaded with explosives.
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>> back in the u.s. president biden paid his respects to the 13 military members killed in last week suicide attack in the president and first lady were at the air force base today when the caskets arrived from the military ritual known as the dignified transfer and four of those servicemembers were from california. this information just in. police are looking for a suspect in connection with the fatal shooting that happened this morning. police say around 3:30 a.m. on el camino real they found a 19-year-old man with a gunshot wound was taken to a local hospital but later died of his injuries. anyone with any information is asked to call police. and now to the coronavirus. another bay area city may soon require everyone to mask up while inside public buildings. they will consider the plan at a special meeting on tuesday and last week the nation city council passed a similar mandate. up next ace dunning seen on the fire line. the blaze creating this
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dangerous phenomenon. remembering the actor who shot to stardom on the legendary cbs sitcom.
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save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 60 months. ends monday. and onto the fire watch. video of a fire world in southern california and these are the extreme conditions crews are facing while battling this a fire in riverside in san diego counties and it looks almost apocalyptic. spinning around violently while flames consumed the hillside. >> that kind of phenomenon created from really hot fires and large ones can have the intensity of a small tornado and that particular fire has burned a 1400 acres with 10%
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containment. some sad hollywood news. the death of a hollywood legend. tributes are pouring in for ed asner. he was 91 and known for his role on the mary tyler moore show. is the most decorated male performer in any history. >> you know what, you've got spunk. >> well. >> i hate spunk. give me that list of words that baxter mispronounced on last nights show. >> chicago. >> you got his big break plane lou grant on the mary tyler moore show. when that show ended, mary tyler moore wanted to do other things but it ended doing strong in the ratings and he went on to his own cbs tv drama, lou grant. he is the only actor to win the award, the emmy, for both the sitcom and drama in the same role. you probably remember that he performed into his 80s and he
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reached new heights voicing the cranky whatever in the pixar hit up and he tore the u.s. for a few years plane president roosevelt in the play fdr. a live look now at san jose were hundreds of people streamed into downtown for the trumpet return of the silicon valley pride celebration. the parade complete with plenty of people and colorful outfits made its way down market street today and ended at the festival grounds in cesar chavez park. there was live music, art exhibits and dancing to celebrate the lgbtq+ community. here is new video from the san francisco zoo. the cities hottest day of the year yesterday so the meerkats had some fun with a nice bath. this may be the only way we will cool down but i am not sure and i think you said someg end of e ve? it starts tomorrow.
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it was 84 in the city yesterday so the meerkats needed that ice and the cool down really sets in on tuesday, but we will start the process tomorrow, so i have good news. i showed you the air-quality at the top of the newscast and it gets better tomorrow, and there is a cool down and let's start off by taking a look outside of san jose. it looks hazy and the air- quality is moderate and at times unhealthy for sensitive groups and if you have asthma or any difficulty breathing, the place for you but for most of us we are doing okay and the temperature is 83 in san jose and 96 in concord and it still made it up to 100. we will come down about five or 6 but i will show you the seven-day in a second. tomorrow morning, the marine layer fills back in the entire bay and this is how you do cool down s it got into the bay today but tomorrow it goes even farther and gets a little bit more determined. the morning lows dip back down into the upper 50s in places
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and that is good and a lot of places didn't get out of the 60s in this morning. 94 for concord today is warm but 85 for san jose is better than you were. 80 and santa rosa and 68 in san francisco. there is the cool down for monday and tuesday and wednesday are better and it is a significant cool down. we talked about how the air will work in our favor and the onshore flow will keep the smoke from the caldor fire moving this way and that is once an aspect and where will the smoke go? what will happen with that fire? can you see all the cumulus clouds today those big white puppy cloud tops? tells it is burning hot and intensely and we will give you a little bit more perspective on this fire because in case you are not clear on where exactly the fire is burning, you can see from the satellite that the outline from the fire is there but the red boxes show
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you the latest detection from the satellite and they are able to read the heat coming off of the flames and able to see where the fire is burning most recently. i want to int out e item and vg in the mounins that is where you have onto but this fire is now knocking on the door, but bigger than that you go down highway 50 and you come to the community of myers. myers sits below echo pass and echo summit and this is the way we all go and myers technically you relied on the outskirts of southlake tahoe and you see where the town is on there. you can see the satellite imprint of the fire and this is echo summit and a gap in the mountains. we are about to see the wind pick up, and they will be blowing flames from up there through the past down into this valley. right now, the situation and myers looks dire. if we look at the red flag warning, this goes into effect monday and tuesday.
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the fire took off today on its own but tomorrow the wind will pick up monday and tuesday and this will likely become a very big story over the course of the next few days. we will be tracking it and on top of it to make sure you are well informed. i know that is a very special place for a lot of us and maybe you have friends and family who lived there. we show you the cool down here 70s by the middle of the week for san jose and here is the cool down for the inland valleys of the east bay and we get you back down into the low 80s for concord, livermore, santa rosa and 76 by wednesday. straight from the broadcast booth we are at levi stadium and what we have? the giants, they say some heat. and the 49ers, oh boy, they use the quarterback switcheroo in the preseason
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back here at levi stadium after a pregnant pause and we will kick this off with a little nfl. the first time in a decade that the 49ers and the raiders played a preseason game and in fact, back en, jim harbaugh and hugh jackson were the opposing coaches. where i am sitting from the broadcast booth, it was the great america parking lot. we will roll it up here. he suited up including the tight and george kittle and the
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running back and john left half the team back in las vegas. kyle shanahan went with the quarterback rotation in the first half and trey lance under center for the niners first big play and a 17 year to pick up for raheem most are in his fast. in fact jimmy g came in for the next play and handed off who zips to the other side of the field and picked up 16 yards and the offense march the the reds and got to the goal line but on third down jimmy g had nobody open and i am running it in. he put his body in the line the score touchdown but he was okay because the next rise hit for a 10 yard game and then on the next play it went over the middle who had room to run for a gain of 24 yards. jimmy garoppolo checked out with 64 yards passing and trey lance finished off the drive with a designed run and 14-0
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49ers and lance six rushing attempts in the game and the niners won the game 34-10 and finished the preseason 2-1 and they prepare for the opening season in two weeks against detroit and which quarterback is starting? >> will jimmy start the first week? >> i guess will have to see. i don't like playing this game but every buddy keeps ask me that question and i am not giving the answer to satisfy the question. i think we have a pretty good idea like i said all along i think our team does, and we are pretty good with that as long as we can keep surviving press conferences. >> we pivot to a baseball game. the a's in business with the yankees right now and moving pictures on the late show in the giants rolled into atlanta c games and what haed today? let's find out. the heat and humidity is never a good combination for the giants and probably should've had an early leave but the line drive deflected off anderson
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and turned out to be a routine out in the giants got five hits and the first start of the injured list and ran into trouble in the fourth reckoning and a bomb into the second deck and i snagged by the fan by the way and 1-0 atlanta le they were not done. riley with a two-run shot made it 3-0 braves who pounded three homeruns and he left early with the nagging ankle injury and all braves and this one and 7-0 atlanta and 8th and he bounced onto the backstop and he tried to get it and awkwardly slid in and they got the game 9-0 and the giants lost their first series in over a month and they remain 2 1/2 games up on the dodgers in the nl west. we will pivot.
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>> he made this part to force the playoff and we went to extra holes and can't fully and the sham bo played six extra holes and bake at 18 he clutched again with the potter as he drained the birdie putt so he needed this nine footer to send it but he got it, his third win for the year and took over the lead in the fedex cup point standings if you're scoring at home. and heading into next week's tour championship. so that catches you up with what is going on at this moment at 5:00. we have a lot of moving parts today here at levi stadium where the 49ers
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a successful spacex launch from florida to resupply the national space station. >> ignition and lift off. >> and away goes the space x dragon capsule packed with research experiments including new robotic arms that will be tested inside the space station's airlock and researchers also sending up a drug delivery pump for testing stem cells and plants but that is not all. fresh fruits like lemonsngwad
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to go for lemons and avocados but i hope they enjoy them. that is it for us at 5:00 and we will see you here at the clock for more news. >> the weekend news captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight ida shows no mercy. the hurricane smashes into louisiana as a powerful category 4 stormt. the results, catastrophic. the wind and rain relentless. new orleans is paralyzed, with. >> i'm omar villafranca in new orleans and hurricane ida is here and the city is bracing for impact. >> duncan: also tonight dig fliified transfer, president biden in dover, delaware paid respects to the latest u.s. troops killed in america's longest war. as it comes to a chaotic end.inn


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