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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  September 30, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, waking up to a red flag warning for parts of the bay area. healthcare workers must show proof of vaccination to to what happens if you aren't inoculated? school is shut down and has nothing to do with the pandemic. infestation forcing them to close their doors. >> they're hopping all over them from their shoulders to their ankles. >> the vote hours away to keep the government from shutting down. good morning. it is thursday september 30. i am len kiese. >> i am gianna franco. thanks for joining us. live to the north bay where
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many are on high alert. a red flag warning is in effect and will be for most of the day. let's go to mary lee. this time of year we see the dryest vegetation. when you have offshore wind events it is something we watch super close. it's a big concern for us. red flag warning until 11:00 am today. most of the morning under the red flag warning for north bay mountains. we are seeing gusts 30 to 50 miles per hour. gusty offshore wind, low relative humidity values dropping as we go through our day today. it is very dry out there. through the afternoon with the dry conditions, temperatures will be heating up. warmer compared to yesterday, we will see plenty sunshine. mid 80s in san jose, low 90s concord and antioch, upper 80s for liver more, mid 70s for around the bay and low 80s for the peninsula. back to you. this morning a new approach in the fight to stop northern
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california's rolling black outs, in you power plants. threat of rolling black outs, flex alerts, emergencies to reduce electrical load promoted the governor to order construction of temporary power generation facilities that can be activated to avoid power outages. these can generate up to 120 mega watts energy, enough to power about 90,000 homes. >> these units are very efficient. the response is immediate. unlike some of the resources on the grid these are able to respond quickly. once the order comes through they can fire up and provide that electricity. >> plants use natural gas and are available 24 hours a day. they'll only be used during times of peak demand. sonoma just invested about $6.5 million to bring 13 generators to evacuation sites and public facilities. reliable electricity sources are needed with constant threats of rampant fires, power
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shut offs, flooding in the area. livermore is in a stage 2 water shortage emergency. to reduce city of water use by 50%, watering is limited to certain days and times. odd numbered as rescuers can water on monday, wednesday, friday. even numbered addresses get their turn on tuesday, thursday, saturday. you cannot use sprinklers between 9:00 and 6:00. as we look at the roadways, a couple things to look for. check out this map and look at the red. west bound 24 around highway 13, a crash involving three vehicles though two left lanes are blocked until further notice. traffic is really backed up. you have a slow ride as you work into oakland this morning. plan for that and try to stick with surface streets. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on and traffic is slow near the toll plaza into san francisco. if you are headed out of the
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south bay out of san jose, we are seeing a lot of green. morning commute through 101, 85, 280, 87, not really seeing major problems or issues but we will keep an eye on that. you might have felt it. we learned a 3.4 magnitude earthquake hit two miles southeast of santa rosa. >> 15 minutes ago near 150 people are reporting that they felt it. >> we'll keep you updated. today is the deadline for all california healthcare workers to be vaccinated. >> justin andrews is live in walnut creek outside kaiser. where do the numbers stand now? >> reporter: most major hospitals report about 90% or more of their workers are already vaccinated. that's according to cal matters. that percentage is meeting today's deadline. there is concern for some that there could be staff shortages because of the remaining
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percentage still unvaccinated in hospitals. many hospitals told cal matters they're confident no operations would be disrupted by this. mandate came down more than a month ago when governor newsom ordered healthcare workers to vaccinate making california the first state in the nation to do this. the order gave healthcare workers the option though of testing weekly. kaiser permanent said no, we are going further and not offering testing as an option saying only alternative for kaiser workers are religious or medical reasons. today's deadline applies to hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, many other healthcare settings. >> 90% seems like a high number so hopefully they won't have to deal with many shortages. thank you. cdc issued urgent advisory hoping to increase vaccinations among women pregnant or hoping
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to become pregnant. it shows vaccines do not increase risk of miscarriage, birth defects, have negative impact on fertility. long covid is a bigger problem than first thought. a study finds one in three covid survivors suffered symptoms three to six months after getting infected. they include breathing problems, abdominal pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression. today west contra costa unified is holding a meeting to vote on a vaccine mandate. it will require students 12 and up and school staff to be fully vaccinated against covid-19. if approved the district would join several others. sf examiner reports cronic absences rose drastically during the school year spent at home. among black students, 45% were considered chronically an sent. pacific islanders saw jump from 34 to 47%. students experiencing
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homelessness hit 33% in low attendance. a chart on first day enrollment shows public schools in marin dropped another 5% this school year. results show a lucky influence of the pandemic on the current enrollment like the one in last year's report. two east oakland elementary schools have been forced to close temporarily. the reason, fleas. deep cleaning is planned today and tomorrow. infestation may be covid related. without teachers and students on campus last year, animals have taken over the school. a 5th grade teacher noticed the problem after a gardening project. she says students returned covered in fleas. >> they're hopping, they're all over them from their shoulders to their ankles. >> raccoons we have been seeing on campus that have come from the areas may be bringing the fleas with them. >> cleaning is underway and students are offered short term independent study and have work
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assigned. teachers are being encouraged to work with classes virtually. the city's chamber of commerce will provide update on getting security cameras in place. the goal is to improve safety in the china town area. attacks against elders and businesses heightened need to address safety issues for the aapi community. san jose has become the largest city in the country to apologize for past racial discrimination against the chinese community. >> why did they ever an apology? what brought this on? i am just hoping that this is just the start of education for our young people. >> city council unanimously approved resolution tuesday. five pages long it's a full accounting of every act of racism, hate, violence against chinese community by city of san jose. live to capitol hill, house and senate are slated to vote on resolution that would fund
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federal agencies through december 3. votes will be held just hours ahead of a midnight deadline that would have triggered government shutdown. the measure is not expected to increase the nation's debt ceiling. 6:09. still ahead. >> getting back to work. the agreement being finalized today that will create a safer environment for oracle park employees. >> commercial flights to space one step closer to lift off. big hurdle virgin galactic just cleared. this was supposed to be a big hiring fair. where are the workers? what experts say is leading to a shortage. >> we are proud to launch new 3:00 p.m. newscast with allen martin every weekday before the evening news with norah o'donnell at 3:30. tune into people's court weekdays at 5:00 p.m. >> so excited about our new 3:00 p.m. newscast. did you feel it? we had a magnitude 3.4
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earthquake at 5:45. we'll talk more about that coming up as well as those warm temperatures. we have a high fire danger as well and plenty sunshine. a lot to get to.
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live to oracle park, today concession workers plan to ratify their new contract. 97% of workers were planning a strike against the ballpark for what they called unsafe working conditions and wages. they called off the strike yesterday after securing a new contract. the agreement will run through march 2024 including affordable family healthcare, wage increases, covid hazard play, increased pension benefits. san francisco giants flying high before the playoffs. alaska airlines unveiled this giants themed airplane. take a look who showed up, all
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time home run leaders barry bonds and giants mascot lucille. they're opening a giantsthemed lounge at sfo. >> we are also inviting special guests. we have barry bonds who will be signing the plane and actually making it official that we are also in the post season. this is a buzz, a celebration that alaska and giants are coming together. you will see the plane in our network through 2022. >> looks pretty cool. the airline presented a $100,000 check to willie mays scholarship fund which supports college aspirations for san francisco's black youth. some lucky kids getting the chance to play on an upgraded baseball field. >> the giant outfielder and united healthcare partnered with boys and girls club to renovate. the kids got a cool video message from yaz himself. >> this is a great project put
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on by united healthcare. thank you to them. i hope you guys enjoy your field. have fun, run the bases, meet new friends and enjoy it. go giants. >> the director says access to the field will hopefully help kids lead healthier lives while having some fun with friends. 6:15. within the past 30 minutes a small quake struck in santa rosa. if you live in the north bay you might have felt that shaking this morning with the earthquake. it's a magnitude 3.4. it happened at 5:45 am two miles south southeast of santa rosa. we are getting reports of people feeling it from not just santa rosa but windsor. let's give you a closer look. a magnitude 3.4 earthquake this morning might have woken you up as we start our day.
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that jolt this morning. let's go to a live look with our san francisco cam. we are going to see plenty sunshine as we head through today. we are in the 40s and 50s this morning. grab that jacket if you are heading out for possibly work or school or about to warrick the dog. concord 53, 58 oakland, san francisco 56 as well as for san jose and down to 43 in santa rosa. a clear start to our day, i am tracking gusty winds up in the hills so the north bay mountains seeing gusts 30 to 50 miles per hour. that is very dry air, the offshore winds. it's a moderate offshore wind event. the good news is it's a quick event for us. we have that red flag warning for northern plains bay mountains until 11:00 am. winds will ease through our afternoon. all of us are catching that sunshine with warmer temperatures. let's go to our micro climate forecast. along the coast, plenty sunshine. it will be a mild day in the miu
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thy, midrm withshininland mid 80s to 90s with that sunshine inland later today. offshore winds, i am tracking drier conditions and that's why temperatures will be on the rise, actually above average for this time of year. as we look to our weekend with the ridge of high pressure building in, we will continue to warm up friday and into our weekend. strongest winds with the offshore wind event this morning and thankfully winds will be easing as we head through our day today but still looking at very dry air. relative humidity values will plummet as we go through our afternoon down to the teens for inland locations. daytime highs for the peninsula, upper 70s to low 80s, san mateo, red wood city. santa clara, san jose, mid 80s. inland east bay, some of the hottest temperatures to about
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90 in concord, pleasant hill, 94 brentwood. 77 oakland. north bay, daytime highs in mid to upper 80s, 90 in ukiah. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, around the bay, 70s into the weekend. south bay, mid 80s for our weekend. inland east bay, 90s, 93 for saturday and sunday. north bay, upper 80s by our weekend and mid 60s at the coast. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. if you are making that trek out of orinda, ready to take 24, heads up, you have a lot of brake lights. this is a crash blocking two left lanes as you approach the highway 13 connector. look at all the red on our censors, speeds dipping down to 7 miles per hour. traffic is backed up. bart might be a good option if you want to use that to commute this morning until things clear out of lanes.
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it's hard to find surface streets around there. it just depends where your commute would take you. heads up, give yourself extra time. if you are traveling into oakland, it will affect traffic heading towards the bay bridge. before stephenson boulevard, we have a crash here with possible injuries. you see traffic is backing up to about 84. fremont, newark getting busier because of the crash. if you are headed towards bay bridge, metering lights are on and traffic is backed up. it's slow through here, sluggish across upper deck, crowded as you head into san francisco. if you are taking golden gate bridge into the city, things are okay here. we are not seeing major brake lights or issues, just getting crowded for the south 101 commute out of marin into san francisco. still a 20 minute ride from 37 over down into the city. new, the investigation into
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richard branson's short voyage to space is over. the probe was sparked after faa determined virgin galactic spacecraft flew outside its designated air space for nearly two minutes. virgin had to make certain changes for how it communicates. the first flight has been cleared for mid october. 6:20. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a heart felt reunion after break. stolen pulleys that are a lot more than just family pets, now back home to do some good. talk about a close call. how a ring saved a woman's life and helped lead police to an arrest. evidence growing that hardening your home against wildfires can save it. this one survived caldor fire. if you are looking for a break from your insurance company, good luck. >> to have an insurance company come in and say you need to do these hardenings and then they
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still get dropped. >> push
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a retired firefighter is reunited with his dogs after they were stolen from his home. >> the four legged canines are more than family pets. one was days from being certified as emotional support dog to help the former first responder deal with effects of trauma suffered on the job. he says his quiet ranch was a bit too quiet when his two best friends weren't around making a peep. >> i whatter a car speed off down the road. we went all through town, to all the adjacent towns. >> a plea on social media asking for help to find his best friends quickly got the
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attention of neighbors. someone who spotted the thieves helped track down the dogs. thank goodness. >> yeah. 6:24. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> for first time since delta wave, a local county says you can ditch the mask. is it too soon. holmes' legal team may be dreading a return to court. the surprise testimony from a bay area scientist. capitol hill cooling off after a rough week. a live look outside before we head to break at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. we are
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working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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if you are just waking up with us, here are morning headlines. 3.4 magnitude quake struck about 45 minutes ago. there is no word on any damage. nearly 500 people are reporting they felt it. a red flag warning for parts of the bay area due to hot temperatures and gusty offshore winds. warning mostly for the north bay mountains expected to last four and a half hours. chp investigating a crash involving multiple cars in san jose. this is north bound 880 near warren. the crash forced three lanes to
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close. there is no word on how it unfolded or if there were injuries. good morning. good morning. from earthquakes to high fire danger it's a pretty busy morning. let's go to meteorologist mary lee. a lot of people in the north bay are saying they felt the shaking with the earthquake, magnitude 3.4 that struck around 5:45 two miles south southeast of santa rosa. people not just in santa rosa but windsor, etc., saying they felt that shaking. it woke them up, felt that rumble this morning. thankfully it was a minor earthquake and something we are watching. there is also a red flag warning in effect. a lot to talk about. red flag warning for north bay mountains, gusty winds 30 to 50 miles per hour on the north bay
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mountains with low relative humidity. we'll talk about low temperatursu, dr comingin a few minutes. as we look at the roads, it is a symorning on88 nimitz freeway south near stephenson boulevard. chp is working on a crash blocking the left lane. that's that fast lane. driving into fremont and newark getting busy, a heads up there. we are tracking brake lights west at 24. the good news is the crash at highway 13 is cleared out of lanes. bad news is the damage is done. look at the red as you commute 24 through orinda. it is really backed up. 30 minutes from 680 in the walnut creek area from 24 towards oakland. 6:31. going live to the big board, markets opening up moments ago. right now dow is up about 109 points. an hour ago, we learned more americans signed up for
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unemployment benefits last week as labor market continues to move in fits and starts. jobless claims rose by 11,000 to 362,000. that was more than expected. economists were predicting a decline. kaiser in walnut creek, today is the deadline for california healthcare workers to be fully vaccinated. only exceptions are religious or medical reasons. it's been working with labor unions to have all the workforce fully vaccinated. if you get covid you will not be able to take supplemental sick time. the requirement that employers provide the extra 80 hours of paid leave has expired. despite steady statewide unemployment rate, retailers are feeling effects of a worker shortage. yesterday stores had had tables set up for a hiring fair but hardly anyone showed up. economic experts say workers
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face added challenges like transportation, health concerns, and also childcare. >> this is a very different situation again than we have seen in previous recessions and recoveries. i think we will see a greater return to work over the next couple months. >> some stores are offering hiring bonuses like extra money and major employee discounts to attract new workers. santa cruz is no longer requiring masking up while indoors. the county was able to ditch the mandate because it is under cdc yellow level of covid-19 transmission. the test positivity rate is under 1.5% and 77% of eligible population is fully vaccine aid. santa cruz has to follow mask rules so face coverings will be required on public transit, in schools, at shelters, healthcare facilities, healthcare settings. individual businesses outside of the categories will set
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their own rules. >> we are going to keep asking people to mask, our staff and customers. >> we need to be ready to implement and deimplement certain measures based on levels of transmission, level he wills of vaccination. >> we are seeing a new milestone, california's positivity rate is down to 2.5%. one month ago the positivity rate was over 4%. live to capitol hill, looks like the shut down show down is over. senators are meeting right now, democrats reached agreement with republicans. they will vote this morning. legislation would keep the government open through december 3. a shut down could derail president biden's trillion dollars infrastructure plan and even bigger social spending bill. >> we are ready to move forward. we have an agreement on the continuing resolution to prevent a government shutdown. >> the resolution apparently does not address the nation's
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debt ceiling. republicans refused to sign off on legislation that would increase it. >> not raising debt limit has potentially catastrophic economic implications. they know they have the power to do it. they want us to do it instead. >> it should reach the president's desk before the deadline. >> a bay area scientist told jurors her company wanted to use theranos' blood testing device to see how the new drug to treat anemia was working. but it was said it gave erratic results. prosecutors show e-mails sent to homes detailing the problems. >> so they're going to too i and draw even by small examples when were things known and when
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were they communicated to ms. holmes and how did she respond? remember we will come back to not what she may have said to investors, patients, doctors, but whether she had intent it defraud at the time she said it. >> a former lab director conceded it was his responsibility to be sure the devices were working properly. a new statewide drought monitor map dropped an hour ago. it doesn't appear there has baseball much of a change. peninsula and south bay are in extreme category. north bay and much of the east bay classified as being in exceptional drought. today state lieders will hold virtual meeting to discuss drought conditions in california as well as a more than $5 billion water and drought resilience package in the final 2021-2022 budget later this morning around 11:00 am. today, the public is invited to
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weigh in oh proposed updates to the car free route update on jfk drive. it includes improving access to mobility like bake share scooters, taxis. next public comment is sunday october 3 from 10:00 until noon. gayle king joins us from new york. good morning. in new york, live and in color, good to see you. ahead, an r. kelly accuser speaks with us. this is first since the verdict came down. this is after previously defending him quite vigorously. a former employee at blue origin talks about her experience at the space company. why she and others are raising concerns about safety in
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workplace culture. >> basketball legend kareem abdul jabbar, he spokes about the strict protocols and why he says the league must take more action. he has a lot to say about this. we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot, 14 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes. so bad in math. 23 minutes. thank you brian. >> thank you. >> i understand. >> yes, we are not the best with the numbers. we work with words. >> yes, we do. 6:38. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, biggest marijuana bust a local area has ever seen. >> plus this. >> i am so proud of her for her courage, her strength and her poignancy. >> what's next for britney spears now that her father is no longer in control of her
6:39 am
conservatorship. let's take another quick check on the big board. dow is up about 30 points. diane king hall breaks down the numbers right after the break.
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another leading vaccine maker heads towards booster shot approval. diane king hall is joining us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. good morning. let me give you a quick check of the trading action on wall street with trading in are way for a little more than ten minutes. investorring nibbling on the last day of the month. dow better by 14 points. in the tech sector, nasdaq up 84. half a boost for moderna. we are not talking about the
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shof e covid-19vacc eet wod cle to widen booster shot campaign in america. officials gave go ahead to pfizer for its booster shot. the third shot has a smaller dose. time lapse video out of hawaii showing the volcano erupting. you see volcanic gas rising into the air. explosions began yesterday for the first time since may. island officials say there is no present danger to nearby people. volcanic activity if spain. this is showing lava and smoke, 11th day of eruptions which have forced down lock in villages amidst fears of toxic explosions as lava hits the
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sea. sheriffs detectives say they've made one of the largest grow house busts in the state. 100,000 plants and as much as 10 million in cash. will ast night sheriffs officials tweeted they took down a massive illegal grow operation at more than a dozen locations in east bay including this one. the department believes all the money may have been part of a laundering operation. britney spears making steps to her freedom. >> britney spears has been faced with a decade long nightmare orchestrated by her father and others. i am so proud of her for her courage, her strength, and her poignancy. >> britney's father jamie spears has been suspended from overseeing the singer's affairs. a judge ruled the conservatorship be temporarily
6:45 am
passed down to britney's accountant. dozens of britney supporters rallied outside the court house yesterday following her father's suspension. next hearing is set r november progin the sacramento area helping students learn about finances before they head into the world. >> the program looks to improve their financial literacy. a teacher at a local high school teamed up with safe credit union to develop the program. it's an on campus branch manned by students and for students and some took a two week summer internship so they can work there themselves will ever it is better to start now than when you are off to college and don't know what to do. >> this brings new reality. the light grows onto it. >> when interns come on board they follow the same program offered to branch professionals helping to even set up a potential career path. did you feel it?
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a small earthquake struck santa rosa about an hour ago. >> every 15 minutes since the number of people who felt it continues to grow, people from rdsgover tweetingthey i st che mopeople felt the shaking. >> mary lee has been monitoring this. thankfully this was a minor earthquake. i want to show you this map from the usgs site. it shows locations where people reported feeling weak to light shaking. i want to show you the latest. preliminary, magnitude 3.4 at 5:45 about two miles south southeast of santa rosa. let's show you a live look outside. we will see plenty sunshine. we are starting with clear skies this morning as we look to mount diablo with the beautiful golden colors in the sky. we will warm up as we head through the afternoon. right now we are looking at
6:47 am
40s, 50s, 60s. what to expect, clear skies, gusty conditions in our heels as we are looking at gusts 30 to 50 miles per hour across the north bay mountains. red flag warning in effect due to the high fire danger with offshore winds and we are looking at sunshine and warm temperatures through our afternoon. mid 60s along the coast, mid 70s around the bay, mid 80s to 90s inland with sunshine. offshore winds and dry conditions for today. as we look to the end of the week, strong ridge of high pressure builds in and we will warm things as we look to friday and into our weekend. we are talking upper 70s to low 80s for peninsula. south bay, san jose, santa clara. inland east bay, you will see some of the hottest temperatures with 90 in concord
6:48 am
and pleasant hill, brentwood 94, tri valley mid to upper 80s this afternoon. 73 in san francisco, 68 daly city, 74 alameda, oakland 77. north bay, highs in mid to upper 80s, 88 sonoma and across. kiah at 90. san francisco, oakland as well as for san jose, around the bay, you see temperatures in the 70s through the weekend and early next week. south bay san jose, mid to upper 80s by the end of our weekend and into next monday, inland east bay. it gets even hotter, talking 93 for saturday and sunday, low 90s next week and north bay, highs into upper 80s for your weekend, mid 60s at the coast. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. if you are taking 94, heads up.
6:49 am
we have reports of a new crash. this is adding to an already busy ride. everything is over to the shoulder but spectator slowing always is a factor in this area especially when traffic is already busy. west bound four into pittsburg, bay point, give yourself a few extra minutes. traffic along nimitz freeway, 880 near stephenson boulevard, we have that crash stuck in the left lane, taking time to clear this one so traffic is backed up as you work out of newark, fremont. you are seeing stop and go conditions. travel times are looking better west bound 24 walnut creek to oakland, now 15 minutes. we had the earlier crash along highway 13 so things have improved in that area. headed from castro valley to the maze, 17 minutes. south 880 from the maze to san leandro, a 13 minute commute. 16 minutes from the maze into
6:50 am
san francisco. golden gate bridge, more cars on the road way. 20 minutes from highway 37 south of there out of novato all the way into the city. today the iconic game show the price is right celebrates its 50th anniversary. >> in a special two hour primetime episode it will air to commemorate the historic milestone. come on down! you're the next contestant on the price is right! >> the episode will feature a look at the show's biggest winners, never before seen out takes, salute to the former legendary host bob barker. i spoke with drew carrie about why he thinks the show has lasted all these years. >> i have been telling people i think the secret sauce is r ame itjust people that show up.
6:51 am
if you show up, two hour specia tonight at 9:00 on kpix5 and streaming on paramount plus. it's one of those shows where you yell at the tv. >> i remember yelling at my big tv back in the die with the dial and rabbit ears. so many memories. >> times have changed. >> yes. the end of september means two deadlines when it comes to covid. what you need to know. if you are not a jewelry person, this might change your mind. how a woman's ring saved her from a bullet. >> streaming today on cbsn bay area, athletes and mental health. nate burleson sits with three top athletes who open up about their struggles. at 8:45, our full interview with drew carrie ahead of tonight's anniversary special.
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watch at or the kpix app. 6:52. let's give you a
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> eartat 5:o miles south southeast of santa rosa. hundreds of people said they felt that weak to light shaking but thankfully it was minor. let's get to the high fire danger, red flag warning for north bay mountains until 11:00 am due to gusty offshore winds. the winds will ease as we head through the afternoon. with all the sunshine, very dry air. temperatures will be on the rise above average for this time of year. mid 80s in the south bay san jose, heating to the mid to upper 80s for north bay, low 80s for the peninsula. let's go to justin who is live
6:56 am
with more. >> reporter: good morning. i am justin andrews live at kaiser in walnut creek. this is one of every hospital across the state required to make sure that every single worker inthe hospitals are vaccinated. today is the deadline. most of the major hospital systems in the state though report 90% or more of employees are already vaccinated. that's according to cal matters. there is a cloud of of concern over some, worrying there could be staff shortages because of remaining percentages who are unvaccinated. many hospitals told cal matters they're confident no operations will be disrupted by this. the mandate came down more than a month ago when governor newsom ordered all healthcare workers to vaccinate or test weekly. kaiser told workers it is not offering testing as an option. only alternative for kaiser workers are religious or medical reasons.
6:57 am
state health officials have been watching closely and expect full compliance today. 6:56. time for a look at other top stories. >> if you get covid you will not be guaranteed supplemental sick time. the requirement that employers provide extra 80 hours paid leave has expired. dow is up about 77 points. these numbers are after another 362,000 people filed for unemployment. that number is more than expected. capitol hill, it looks like the shut down show down is over. senators are meeting right now. chp investigating a crash involving multiple cars. this was around 11:30 last night north boun880 near warren avenue. it is still unclear if there were injuries. public is invited to weigh
6:58 am
in on proposed updates. next time for public comment will be sunday. as we look at the roadways it's been pretty busy especially along highway 4 west. we have usual stuff pittsburg to bay point but now this crash west 24 at railroad avenue causing brake lights an alread heading to 242 or connecting off 680, expect sluggish conditions. metering lights are on and it is busy out of the maze as you head into san francisco. here are travel times for some major freeways, west highway 4, an hour from antioch to the east shore. west bound 80, highway 4 to macarthur maze, 28 minutes. 6:58. this is wild. we are hearing from a woman whose ring saved her from a bullet. >> she was folding laundry in her home last winter. all of a sudden she looked down and the ring on her finger had
6:59 am
seemingly exploded. turns out a group of teens was firing shots out of a car window. one went through the wall of her house and grazed on the ring on her finger. >> there was a sudden pressure in my hand. it's crazy that the ring from a hawaii vendor kind of of saved my hand. >> the woman worked with deputies who were able to use the ring as evidence to arrest one of the teens. the sheriff says it is one of the most interesting pieces of evidence they've ever come across. >> just a ring she bought on vacation. >> in hawaii. >> that's incredible. >> i would have went right to church after that and said thank you. that is a testimony. news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs mornings is next. check out our new 3:00 p.m. newscast with allen martin every weekday before evening news with norah o'donnell at
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3:30. tune into the people's court weekdays. have a great one. ♪ welcome, welcome to "cbs mornings." hello to viewers in the west. >> we're all here. let's go to today's "eye opener." it's your world in 90 seconds. >> it's like an episode of a tv show. maybe "the west wing." if something happens. >> tonight is the deadline for congress to act to avoid a government shutdown. the president's own agenda is at risk? we can't delay these things. we are one heartbeat away from


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