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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 2, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 5:00 on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area , a nailbiting finish by the giants, which didn't end well. they still have a chance of clenching the west. we will explain. it feels like summer out there. the temperatures are up in despair the air is in effect at least through tomorrow. a violent and deadly night across oakland. what police are saying about the city's 105th homicide investigation this year. i'm in san francisco. her reproductive rights march shuts down city streets, not
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just here, but other spots throughout the bay area. we share their message coming up. >> it up and women's rights, and support my daughter, so she has access to healthcare if she needs it. we begin with a live look at oracle park, and a loss for the giants. is not over just yet. we've got you covered with giants team coverage. let's get right to charlie walter with what happens now. charlie. >> reporter: today was supposed to be a clench, but i have one word of advice for the san francisco giants right now. it is by some more ice. the ice that the champagne is holding up right now is melted. we have to wait longer. 6:00, the dodgers take on the milwaukee brewers. corbin burnes is pitching in that one, so we will have to keep an eye on that. san francisco fans, they could
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very well be celebrating tonight. unfortunately my san francisco was not able to take control of their own destiny tonight. they had a chance in the sixth inning. austin slater hit the go-ahead homer. it was the 18th pinch-hit homer of the season among the most in history, and now we show you the deciding play. they double it in, the final plan, 3-2 san francisco, as they come around to score. that is the go-ahead run, and to number 107, the most in giants history come out will have to wait. fortunately, still a good shot that san francisco can get it done tonight. unfortunately, it is not in their own control right now. they are watching the l.a. dodgers and the milwaukee brewers. grab yourself a case of miller light and find jesus mama because we are voting for the milwaukee brewers tonight in the bay area. >> thank you, charlie. the giants will have to hold off on a celebration after
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losing to the padres this afternoon. fans are hoping for a friend outcome. da lin is a live at oracle park for fan reaction. how's it looking out there? >> reporter: not very festive. not very happy. the game ended about 10 minutes ago, and all of the fans are streaming out of the ballpark. as you can imagine, a lot of fans are looking very disappointed. not as happy as they would like to be. i want to show you some video taken inside of the ballpark earlier. a lot of folks were hoping for a different outcome, as you mentioned. the game was actually sold out, packed today. more than 40,000 fans packed the ballpark. everyone was hoping they would win and clinch the division. some fans even jumped ahead talking about the world series. take a listen. >> if they get this many winces here and don't win the world series, i will be an angry giants fan. >> reporter: yeah, so a lot of fans were saying that they
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intentionally came to tonight's game, that celebration. it didn't happen. it was such a close game, it was tied up 1-1, then 2-1, then tied up 2-2, it is kind of like that tortured feeling that they had. you can see some very excited fans, and kind of crazy as well, but they are going to try to bring that energy tomorrow. he will have another chance, of course, on sunday. i'm going to send it back to you guys. >> now is a good time to wrap up the live shot at oracle park. thank you. let's take a live look outside at dublin. it is a spare the air alert. it is harder to see the hills in the background. urologist darren peck joins us with more on the air quality. the bigger issue is the
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temperature. it got so hot we are starting to create some ground-level ozone. they extended the spare the air through tomorrow, though it looks hazy. if we look at the actual air- quality centers across the bay area, it is mostly moderate. there is some green in ukiah and the north bay, but it is pretty much yellow wherever you go, south bay, up the peninsula, the city. that one camera in dublin, it is good air-quality on the ground, but moderate in the north bay. that's the forecast for tomorrow much is like this. the temperatures are also not going to budge. we will talk about daytime highs, and i will show you how they take a dramatic turn coming up in the 7 day forecast with a big cooldown at the end of next week. jolt in the second time in as
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many days. a magnitude 3.5 earthquake struck about 2 miles north of san leandro near the oakland zoo a little after noon. around 7:00 last night, the same area experienced a light rumble 3.0 magnitude earthquake, with no damage caused by either quake. a live look at oakland where officers were kept busy overnight. shootings across the city led to oakland's 105th homicide of the year. devin fehely has that story. >> reporter: yellow crime scene tape cut this oakland neighborhood and half overnight. behind the yellow tape inside of the crime scene, detectives scrambled to collect evidence, and solve the city's 105th homicide. oakland police say there were two gunshot victims, a man who died inside the house, and a woman who has survived for now and was rushed to the hospital. on both sides, questions abound. what triggered the shooting? were the victims targeted? was it random? now, detectives either don't know, or aren't saying. regrettably, it was not the only double shooting that oakland pd had on their hands.
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a little after 2:00 a.m., they were called to a lounge for another shooting. the extent of injuries is not known, but there were lingering signs of a gunbattle. a pilot hole in the side of the car was visible at the nearby kia dealership. devin fehely, kpix 5 . millions of americans are taking to the street today, rallying in support of women's reproductive rights. huge crowds could be spotted in most major u.s. cities, including cities in texas, where the supreme court has refused to block the states 6 week abortion ban. kpix 5 reporter max darrow without today's rally in san francisco and has more on the message being sent. >> reporter: thousands of people marched down busy san francisco streets on saturday, chanting, waiting signs, and hoping their pro-abortion rights message is heard loud and clear. >> i came out today to protect
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the women's rights to safe and legal abortions. >> to defend women's rights and support my daughter, so she has access to healthcare if she needs it. >> reporter: the march for reproductive rights took place as the supreme court gets ready to reconvene. a few months ago, the highest court declined a request to block the texas abortion law, which pro-abortion advocates see as the most restrictive antiabortion bill, from going into effect. advance abortion once embryonic cardiac activity is detected, which usually takes place around 6 weeks into a pregnancy. the law makes no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from sexual assault or incest. while it doesn't impact californians, many activists feel other states will follow texas. >> we need to unite and come against the hate people are bringing us. this is our body, and we deserve the choice to do what we want to do. >> reporter: it was not a san francisco specific event. it was one of hundreds of marches happening across the
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country at the same time. it included marches in the east bay and south bay as well. well we did not see any clashes among many antiabortion advocates expressed their respon the leader of a major antiabortion rights group called the theme macabre. >> stop your violence. women and girls won't be assignments. >> reporter: many participants told us they were inspired by the turnout. >> it's amazing. >> a lot of people turned out. good energy. >> i felt community today. >> i was like, oh my gosh, shocked. >> it's emotional and heartwarming knowing that so many people care. i see men of all ages as well. back in san francisco, max darrow, kpix 5. there are more events planned for sunday throughout the bay area as well. the supreme court reconvenes on monday. still ahead, yet another south bay sideshow is broken up just hours after legal action was taken against those promoting the evidence. a rare sight at the nation's capital today. at the rear move the senate took while working on a saturday. efforts being taken by
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former president donald trump to get back on twitter. also, cbs news is about to unmask a facebook whistleblower. she left the social network with thousands of pages of research recently filed federal comp
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a live look at san jose, where officers broke up yet another sideshow. this time police caught some of the culprits. san jose police say three cars
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near sideshow activities were towed. here are photos of one of the vehicles. this happened near capital expressway and tully road late last night. at least 30 people were cited, including several spectators. the sideshow happened hours after the city filed a lawsuit against two people for promoting sideshows on social media. prosecutors say elijah moore and louis garcia have been posting information about when and where sideshows will be held. kpix 5 cut up to more outside of the court yesterday, and he says investigators will not be able to prove he's the one making the posts. it is like now at the white house and capitol hill, whereabouts on president joe biden's infrastructure package, and bigger spending bill hang in the balance. the senate extended the surface transportation act for another month by unanimous consent in a rare saturday session that lasted less than 4 minutes. >> without objection, so ordered. >> and so it goes. certain
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highway and transit programs to flow again, and 3700 department of transportation will able to work, but the debate over the $1 trillion infrastructure bill , and a bigger spending plan, continues with the democrats unable to get a deal. >> there is no reason why both these bills couldn't pass independently, except that they don't have the votes to do it that way. it is a simple proposition. so i think it makes sense, i support both of them, and i think we can get them both down. >> senate republican leader mitch mcconnell issued a statement saying democratic leaders are, quote, letting the radical left on capitol hill. he's upset the house has twice delayed a vote on the infrastructure bill after the senate passed the measure back in august. former president donald trump is trying to return to twitter. new court filings from jim's attorney ask for a federal
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judge to override twitters ban on drums account mustang democrats in congress, and the biden administration are pressuring the social media company to keep trump off of the platform. we reached out to twitter today, and was told the company has no comment at this time. thousands of people are being told to stay indoors because of worsening air on an island near spain. this is a volcano continues to erupt there. about 6000 people have been forced from their homes since the volcano began its irruption. hundreds of buildings have been destroyed. hundreds of hot air balloons taking to the skies of albuquerque today, as the annual balloon fiesta returns in prison this weekend after being canceled last year due to the pandemic. thousands of people are expected to gather for the 9 day event, which brings in participants from all over the globe to show off their unique balloons. speaking of up in the air,
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darren peck is here to tell us if it's going to cool up, warm- up, clear up. it has already warmed up. it is going to clear up and cool down by the time we get to wednesday. between now and then, it is hot temperatures, and poor air quality. that is the view right now in the tri-valley. it looks hazy over there. it is actually not all that bad, but it is moderate for just about every other location, and there is a spare the air through tomorrow. keep that in mind as you are going to be outside. it is not the best air quality. just to get an idea where it's coming from, big picture, here we are, plenty of marine layer across the coast, and still a lot of smoke coming off of the knp complex fire. and all of that smoke, that is the one just outside of sequoia national park, is drifting
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north. that is why we have the spare the air, it in addition to the fact that temperatures went up so high that we are creating ground-level ozone. as long as the smoke is coming our way, and the temperatures stay high, the air quality won't be the best. now that goes through sunday. there are big changes coming our way by the time we get to monday and tuesday, but more noticeably the second half of next week, that will push the smoke away, and bring a small possibility of, keep your fingers crossed, light rain. don't count on it. that is the system. look what happens on the futurecast. we get into monday, and there is a promising looking line of rain right off the coast that looks like it is coming to us, but it's not. it will fall apart before it gets here. the best way to do this is to put the map up and start coloring it in, for where it is going to rain where you can actually measure it. we don't even start this until tuesday. from now until then, nothing happens. by tuesday afternoon, we start coloring in the far northwest coast. that went all the way to friday morning, from tuesday morning
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until friday at 6:00 a.m. the first wave comes and drops a little bit of rain. we would like more than this, but this is still good. we a st landscape that desperately needs it as we head into this last very dangerous part of fire season. this will help with the offshore wind that will come later as we get through the rest of october, and probably even november. here comes the next one. from friday and into the weekend, do you see what happened? it rains in the sierra. the next system comes in. that one misses the bay area, but we get about 0.01 inches for ukiah. you will see there are a lot of clouds by the end of the forecast, and the temperatures will go way down. right now we just can't put rain in the forecast on it, but we will get rain on the landscape and some of the places that need it most. morning lows tomorrow stay on the warm side in the low 60s. it still feels like summer in
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the mornings. daytime highs tomorrow, mid-90s once again. back in the bay, upper 70s, san francisco, low to mid 80s for much of the interior of the bay. we go from upper 70s today in the city, to low 60s i the time we get to the weekend. san jose, you will feel this as well, 87 today back down to the upper 60s in san jose. look at all of the clouds increasing. 72 by friday, and the north bay valleys, see a few more clouds. if we get those drops of rain, the north bay would be the most likely place to get it, and the most likely time would be thursday. more on all that later. vern, you have a lot to talk about. straightahead in sports, come on. win or lose, it has to be the giants, right? despite what happened at third and king street, fans could still be popping the
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(background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. baseball up top, and let's
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that it is anything but the giants movingponeedle. how much popcorn were on these ships? the giants on the break of an n.l. west title. kris bryant rolled it up the middle. brandon crawford came into score to get the giants on the board. kevin was stealing and rocking until the sixth. a two out single to left, to tie the game up at 1. bottom of the inning, pinch hitter austin slater let off the inning with a solo shot right over the 399 foot sign. the giants 18th pinch-hit home run this season, a major league record. machado went out to left, and it was -- what was that? runner came into tie the game up at 2. top 10, jake kronenberg
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, and go-ahead run. how about it, skip. okay. to that gum. is popped it up to win the game 3- 2, san diego, and the giants, that is the end of their seven- game win streak. now let's take you to oracle park. charlie walter, in the middle of the place to be, and i know that ballpark was ready to pop like a pinata. >■> reporter: t ad all the makings of just the storybook finish to the national league west title. win number 107 in their grasp, but they could not get it done. it is a catch-22 right now, because he would love to see the giants win this thing at home, but at the same time might you don't want to come
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back tomorrow with the dodgers ready to pounce. >> we are expecting to play a meaningful game tomorrow. that's it. i mean, obviously, we will pay attention to the milwaukee-los angeles game, but we are expecting that tomorrow's game will be the one we need to win. >> the group was disappointed after the game today, feeling like we had some opportunities to win the game, but ultimately the doctors are a good team, and we have 106 wins, and we are going to go into game 162 to try to decide the division. >> reporter: because of the 49ers, we weren't fans of the state of wisconsin last weekend. this weekend, however, we are all milwaukee brewers tonight. it is corbin burnes along the hill, in a game that is must watch television around the bay. >> thanks so much. good report. brewers win, show is over for the dodgers, and hello n.l. west title for the giants as they watch the game at home. so we segue from that to the
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49ers quarterback trey vance after walk-through practice on the stanford sideline to watch the cardinals in the 1970 throwback uniforms, who take on third-ranked oregon. look at this. a first quarter touchdown strike, tanner mckee to bryson jermaine. they led 10-0, and then in the third quarter, sanders crashed in. opening the playbook, stanford had a lead, but it disappeared to an oregon lead. five mexicans left in the game and this happened. oregon called a defensive holding penalty on this play. stanford got another shot, and this time elijah higgins hauled in the past to tie the game, and it went into overtime. that is when tanner mckee with step up and hit john humphreys for the possible win. look at this. the third touchdown of the game, did it send it? well, they had to sweep through this one, as anthony brown, the
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quarterback for the oregon ducks, they were inside the 25, and he tried to make it happen, but no, no, no, you win for stanford. knocking on number three oregon , with a final of 31-24. cal doing business with washington state right now. san jose state under the lights tonigh
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that is it for us at 5:00. we will e you captioning sponsored by cbs ov toll tops 700,000. ( beeping ) the virus now the deadliest pandemic in u.s. history, despite the availability of vaccines. californians react to the governor's order for student shots. >> i don't trust the vaccine and i'm not going to give it to my child. >> yuccas: also tonight, women march and rally nationwide to defend reproductive rights. >> >> reporter: i'm nikole killion in washington, where demonstrators here and around the country are sounding the alarm to defend "roe v. wade." >> yuccas: plus, president biden speaks out as divided democrats stall his agenda. >> everybody's frustrated. it's part of being in government, being frustrated. >> yuccas: royal wedding i


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