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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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this morning. facebook is slowly starting to go back online after being down more than 5 hours. facebook and instagram and what's up platforms were all impacted. this all started just after 9:30 this morning. keep in mind, millions of people used services as communication. you can imagine people were left wondering what the heck was going on. minutes ago, sources telling kpix 5 that the problem has been traced to a networking issue, between global data centers. from there, problems cascaded. at one point, facebook's chief technology officer had to go on twitter to explain the company was experiencing issues. facebook employees were also cut off from email and physical access to building sites, because of the outage. facebook released this statement a while ago saying,
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to everyone who was affected by the outages on our platforms today, we are sorry. we know that billions of people and businesses throughout the world depend on our products and services to stay connected. the outage comes after facebook whistleblower francis hogan appeared on 60 minutes, sunday, and claimed the company knew that its platforms were being used to spread hate, violence, and misinformation. then, tried to hide the evidence. facebook has pushed back against those allegations. >> you have your phone. you might see only 100 pieces of content if you sit and scroll for five minutes. but, facebook has thousands of options in terms of how facebook is picking up that content today. is it optimizing content that gets engagement, reaction. but its own research is showing that content that is hateful divisive and polarizing, it is easier to inspire people to anger than it is to other
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emotions. >> misinformation, angry content , is enticing to people. >> very enticing. >> it keeps them on the platform. >> yes. facebook has realized that, if they change the algorithm to be safer, people will spend less time on the site, they will click on less ads and make less money. >> the news sent facebook's stock down around 5% today. according to bloomberg, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg's personal wealth fell nearly $7 billion in a few hours. testifying in congress tomorrow, reuters is reporting that she will tell lawmakers the social media giants does not face oversight and will compare facebook to tobacco companies, claiming that they deny harm. >> thank you. for hours, people were cut off from facebook. juliette goodrich spoke to users in the east bay who were itching to get back on
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>>orter:, lot of people were refreshing their phones, wondering if that was them. it's not you. it was definitely on outage. but, some people had social withdrawal, others said it was a nice break. one person even said hey, welcome back to old-school. >> reporter: have you noticed that is acting funny? >> yeah. it kicked me out of this morning . >> reporter: it kicked you out? >> yeah. >> reporter: did you think it was you? >> yeah. >> i'm sure people are freaking out about that. >> social media is pretty much my entire job, so i wasn't scared something was going to happen. we realized that everything is down right now. >> i'm sure that is causing havoc. [ laughter ] >> reporter: are you talking more to your dad today because you can't be on social media? >> not really. >> reporter: do you keep checking your phone? >> it's a little weird. every time i open instagram, but maybe it is back online. >> reporter: do you notice your brothers talking to you more
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today? >> no. >> reporter: still not? >> reporter: how are you surviving? >> i'm doing better than usual. [ laughter ] >> reporter: note to self. >> yeah, i'm not on social media. the one person on this planet that does not have social media. >> reporter: wow, so you pick up the phone and call people? >> just like a normal human being. old-school. >> reporter: what is old-school anymore? >> old-school, speaking on the phone, texting, talking face-to- face with a person. not being attached to your phone. >> reporter: not only was there the social impact today, people having withdrawals, there was also the economic impacts. there is an organization that tracks internet connectivity. for that for our dark period , liz, what's up platforms facebook and instagram, there was an economic estimated loss globally of up to $645 million to the economy. now, we are hearing estimates of $1 billion. >> that's remarkable.
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it is fun to joke about a nice little vacation, actually talking to people face-to-face, but, some people rely on these sites for their livelihood. >> they certainly do, thank you. now to an earthquake alert, in the past hour a magnitude 3.8 quake rattling parts of monterey and san benito counties. that quake struck just after 4:00 p.m. in the area of pinnacles national park south of salinas. it is a seismic active area with several fault lines running through the park. now to our weather with a live look outside. another warm day across the bay area but we are tracking a big cooldown. paul heggen is here with what we can expect. >> temperatures are definitely above average to start the first full week of october, buckling in though, because we are going on a temperature roller coaster. inland high temperatures, the warmest spots were livermore at 94 degrees on october 4th. it is not record-setting, but it is above average for this time of year. this is the high point. is we. going down the rest of
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by friday, the warmest spot in the east bay will be short 70 degrees. that change won't happen all at once, rrtranony. temperatures closer to average this time ofand 70s around the bay with the warmest spot in the low 80s. we take a closer look at tomorrow's high temperatures coming up in just a few minutes. thank you. a new uptick in crime is taking a crisis in oakland. the police department was discussing their game plan to tackle crime a few minutes ago. andria nakano is lies in oakland with more. andria? >> reporter: the oakland police department just held a press conference about an hour ago talking about another violent weekend in the city. chief armstrong says this is the highest number of homicides in oakland since 2013. in september, there were an additional 17 homicides, and the total now stands at 106. two murders happened just over the weekend. oakland police say one man was targeted in his home while the other female victim was gunned down trying
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to drive away from being robbed. as crime continues to increase, the department says it has lost 50 officers in the last six months. chief armstrong says it will take a collaborative effort to end the sergeant on violence. >> we are accountable, going out there every day and doing our best to address those who pick up firearms and use them in our community. we have arrested over 40 homicide suspect so far this year, but we still continue to see these crimes committed in our community. >> investigators say they are really going to need the communities help here. if you have seen anything or if you even think that you may have seen something, to come forward. the other key piece here is, if you have any surveillance video, they are hoping that you will share that with the police department. liz? >> they need all the help they can get, thank you. the family of a man shot by an fbi agent is demanding justice. jonathan cortez was shot and killed in east oakland on
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september 13th, about 3:30 in the afternoon. the fbi says cortez was armed at the time of the shooting. the agent involved was part of the u.s. marshals task force. now the family is searching for answers. >> i ask all to reach out and try to find out, anybody involved, anybody with footage, please come forward so that we can find out why my nephew was killed. >> the family of jonathan cortez recently held a funeral for him. we first covered this story live on our streaming service, cbsn bay area. you can watch on trend -- opening statements in the trial of former danville police officer andrew hall, charged in the death of latimer are belinda in a police chief in 2018. hall was originally cleared of any wrongdoing, but after a recent review, the district attorney announced manslaughter and assault charges. hall has pleaded not guilty. he was involved in a second deadly shooting of a homeless
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man earlier this year. that incident is still under investigation. let's take a live look at the white house. president biden is reversing a ban on abortion referrals by federally funded family planning clinics. the move lifts a trump era restriction, and comes as legal battles over abortion rights grow from texas to the u.s. supreme court. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area , a massive oil spill shuts down southern california beaches, threatening wildlife. what we are learning about a possible cause. a shortage of substitute teachers. one bay area school district is calling on counselors to fill the gaps. ♪ ♪ low maximum out-of-pocket costs. more saving. more spoiling. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022.
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let's keep making a differene together. cleanup efforts now in high gear along the southern california coast. this after a weekend oil spill just offshore. now, authorities are investigating whether a ship's anchor may have struck that
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underwater pipeline. michelle julie is live in huntington beach. what is the latest on the cleanup going on? >> reporter: we just had some thunder and lightning and a big downpour which sent some of the eaand fisheries along r or county coastline are closed definitely. that is a drop in the bucket compared to what has spilled. >> at this point it is a criminal litigation. >> reporter: a 13 mile long oil slick from an offshore rig pipeline off of the orange county coast is moving south with the current, according to the coast guard. miles and miles of pristine beaches have been closed as oil reached the shoreline, threatening fish, wildlife, and sensitive marine habitat. >> i would characterize the oil as isolated ribbons.
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>> reporter: part of the cleanup effort has been to deploy 5000 feet of boom in places like talbert marsh, to try and trap and soak up the crude oil. beaches friends! drive and huntington beach, stretching south to dana point are off limits. laguna beach put up netting to keep people off of the sand. >> reporter: this seabird is one of the spill victims. rescuers from the uc davis oil and wildlife care network have mobilized in orange county and collected the bird. federal state and local law enforcement have launched a criminal investigation. it is not clear yet when roughly 127,000 gallons of oil began leaking into the ocean off of huntington beach. a report was made to the coast guard, saturday morning, but some officials suggest the leak was discovered by the pipeline operator amplify energy hours earlier. ceo martin wilshire disputes this, and told reporters that the cause of the leak could be blamed on a ship that dropped
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its anchor on the pipeline. >> that is one of the possibilities, yes. >> reporter: health officials are warning people not to fish, swim, or surf in these waters, because they are potentially toxic. we are live in huntington beach. allen, back to you. >> what a catastrophe. michelle, thanks so much. healthcare workers at sutter health say they are sick and tired of working conditions at the antioch hospital. >> reporter: workers began a strike earlier this morning, walking off the job, saying they want better working conditions. they say staffing levels are a big issue. >> we have over 40 jobs that have not been posted, because they feel that we don't need these jobs. they are eroding the staff and people are tired. they are exhausted. >> reporter: a sutter spokesperson say they remain ready to negotiate but they have offered a 13% raise over
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four years. in a statement, sutter says, quote, we are disappointed union leaders have chosen to distract from patient care by taking this action, especially at a time when we should be focusing our attention on caring for our community. it goes on to say, the union has proved its disregard for our patients, and communities. hollywood production workers have authorized a strike. members of the international alliance of theatrical stage employees voted 98% in favor of going on strike. the union wants higher pay, better health and pension plans and more rest periods. they have been negotiating since may for a new contract. the group says it is committed to reaching an agreement. on the fire watch, crews in marin county voted to put out a small vegetation fire before it could get going. this fire broke out along sir francis drake between fairfax and the community of whitaker. crews limited this one to about two acres.
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the blue angels made their grand return to the bay area, for fleet week. chopper five caught their arrival. the airshow runs friday through sunday. the ships are all starting to arrive for fleet week, this is the uss rushmore headed towards peers 30 and 32 this afternoon. you can find more information about fleet week on, including a link to airshow tickets and a full schedule. they are bringing a cooldown with them. did you find out how that will get started? >> temperatures will drop tomorrow and the drop just continues. wednesday and thursday, looks like friday will be the coolest day of the upcoming week. talk tonight, a shallow layer of fog inside the bay and along the coast. already, some of that is making its way through the golden gate. the cooling trend does begin tomorrow and then it picks up steam by wednesday and thursday. more clouds overhead from time to time. waves of cloud cover without much of a chance of rain. 20% by friday night.
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breezy conditions during daylight hours, stronger improve our air quality, which was moderate across the board for most of the bay area, today. that smoke will get pushed off further to the east as onshore breeze strengthens. still some of it out for inland parts of the east bay and santa clara valley but moderate air quality worse for those locations tomorrow with good air quality elsewhere. better quality for everybody beginning wednesday and continuing through the end of the work week. looking outside right now, here is that look at the fog making its way through the golden gate as we speak. a shallow layer of fog, we know the tower is still poking out through that layer. 59 degrees downtown right now at the disco, 70 degrees in oakland. temperatures further inland warm and hot. 92 degrees right now in concord, but this is the last day of that inland heat. temperatures will back off significantly starting tomorrow. we will see the fog spreading out inside the bay and along the coast.
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visibility is reduced and the northbay valleys will see some fog to start the day tomorrow. once that dissipates we will see passing clouds overhead. visibility should be unobstructed by 9:00 or 10:00 at the latest. temperatures tonight dropng down above-average, lowe's for early october, mostly in the middle portions of the 50s, that's not bad. open window weather for sure. temperatures in the low 40s and 50s for the valley as cool spots to high temperatures tomorrow, we go from several degrees above average, today, to a few degrees below normal. temperatures in the 60s around the bay with 70s further inland. let's take a closer look. on the coast it will be a chilly side with upper 50s and low 60s. low to mid 70s by the south end of the day. temperatures warmer further inland in the santa clara valley. upper 70s for san jose reaching up to around 80 degrees for campbell, los gatos, and morgan hill. gilmore reaching the low 80s. temperatures for the tri- valley, mid to upper 70s with the warmest spots inland just barely above 80 degrees compared to the mid-90s that we had today. mid-60s presented cisco, mid to upper 60s for oakland and the
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east bay. cooler with a thicker cloud cover for the northbay and then low to mid 70s for tuesday afternoons highs. slightly warmer further north, but the warm spots for inland, mendocino county and lake county only reaching up to around 80 degrees. this is just the beginning of the cooling trend, it is going to be down into a cooler than normal weather pattern through the rest of the work week. even into the weekend though our temperatures will rebound somewhat especially for the second half of the weekend? we will see more clouds by the end of the work week. that may obstruct visibility for the airshow on friday but more sunshine in store both saturday and sunday along with warmer temperatures for the second half of the weekend. it's a brief warm-up, 80 degrees for the warmest locations inland and the east bay on sunday that is not that one compared to what we have been through. temperatures back off again as we head into early next week. so, downward on the temperature roller coaster this week before we do a small climb over the weekend. hour by hour temperatures coming up at 5:30. >> i like roller coasters. looking forward to it. >> exactly.
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[ laughter ] >> thanks. coming up, the latest on jimmy garoppolo's injury, and who will be the 49ers starting qucbec next sunday. a reminder, the kpix 5 news app gives you 24 seven access to cbsn bay area and kpix newscasts.
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there is no place like home doesn't apply to the 49ers right now as they dropped their second straight game at eli stadium. >> now there is uncertainty over who will start at quarterback next week. vern glenn joins us for the latest. >> all right there, liz, we get back down to business with the 49ers on the road facing the arizona cardinals. the unbeaten arizona cardinals this sunday. it could be quarterback trey
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lances first nfl start, if shanahan told members of the media today that this calf injury for garrotte below is not as bad as we thought. they will wait to see if he can practice later this week, before making a decision. the news is not as good for kicker robbie gold. he injured his groin in warm- ups and is expected to miss 3 to 5 weeks let's pivot to the giants if we could pick they got a well-deserved day off after ending the regular season on a high note yesterday to set a franchise record with 107 wins , one more than the dodgers to claim their first n.l. west title since 2012. >> obviously, to knock off the dodgers that one nine divisions in a row, to keep them from winning attempt is pretty cool in my mind. to be a part of that is really special.
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>> giants will begin the division series friday night at oracle park against either the dodgers or the cardinals. first pitch at 6:37, game two is saturday at 6:07. before we head back to san francisco, i have a pretty cool assignment today. i am on the terrace of the olympic club for the san francisco chinese hospital golf fundraiser and man, i had the greatest part of my life. it's so good, we will show you next hour in sports. i am so proud of it as we try to drum up money here for the chinese hospital. their goal is a 655,000 and i think they will smash that later on tonight. >> i can't wait to see that part. >> better the pot because i don't think we will see the drive in the fog. >> you will never forget it.
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the greatest pot in my life. >> keep replaying every year. > yeah. let's go. >> bubba wallace made history today, the second black driver to win a nascar cup race. wallace, driving for michael jordan's team managed to drive through five laps before everyone had to be stopped because of the rain. the rain showed no sign of stopping so they called the race right there. the first black driver to win was wendle scott in 1963. still ahead at 5:30, a substitute teacher shortage in the south bay, the district calling on school counselors to step up. new fines for people caught watching sideshows in one bay area city. this san jose home was hit by thieves a couple of days ag
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30, including big pharmacy chains facing their first federal trial over the opioid epidemic. a look at what is at stake. a new penalty for those caught watching sideshows. the city handing down hefty fines, and even jail time.
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>> first, top story at 5:30, school systems across the bay area are struggling with staffing shortages. what one south bay school district is doing that is causing uproar. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. devon fehely has more on a plan to use counselors in the classroom getting some pushback. devon? >> reporter: that is absolutely right. parents said the pandemic affected both children's education and their emotional well-being. they say the plan to take counselors out of their current role to fill holes in the classroom will ultimately be two students detriment. >> reporter: san jose unified set of staffing shortages have been widespread and pervasive during the pandemic, hitting substitute teachers especially hard for making this an all hands on deck moment. >> our parents count on the school system, they want to make sure they have teachers. all of our subs are credentialed and authorized to be in the classroom and every class needs a teacher every day. >> reporter: counselors and instructional coaches are
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routinely being called into the classroom as parents say they are desperately needed in their current job. >> they need more counseling. our kids are having more problems, they are having more anxiety problems, more suicidal thoughts, more truancy. >> reporter: mental health does not follow a schedule. students don't only have needs when on campus. >> reporter: dana fain is a guidance counselor at cooper middle school in san jose. she believes the school system can come up with a better way to cover classroom vacancies without impacting counselors. >> we are coming back from a global pandemic. students are facing a mental health crisis. a lot of my day is taken up with suicide assessments, safety plans, talking kids through anxiety attacks. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the district says pulling counselors and others into the classroom is a choice of last resort. >> normally they serve when there is an unexpected absence. this new change allows them to have a predictable schedule. one day per week they are
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available for substituting, they are doing their regular jobs.


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