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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  October 5, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> the cool spots along the coast will be topping out in the upper 50s. we will check out the 7-day forecast and look at tomorrow's high temperatures coming up in the full forecast. how about a live look at the bay as fleet week ramps up. this is the only city that has a full in-person event.>> i miss being around the people and welcoming the people from the navy, the coast guard, the marines, and also doing the incredible work that they do
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with san francisco on preparedness.>> it was canceled last year because of the pandemic. things kicked off yesterday continued to the weekend, highlighted by the blue angels. we have a complete list of the events on san francisco state university just dedicated their newest academic building in 25 years. four floors, 75,000 square feet. it is the broadcast and electronic mutations program. it is designed by the same people as the oakland museum. tonight the city of pleasanton is expected to declare a stage 2 water shortage. that would require customers to cut water usage by 15%. several cities imposing water restrictions right now, we have the updates as soon as we get them on
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now an update on the oil spill in southern california. the pipeline that leads up to 144,000 gallons of crude into the water was split open and dragged along the ocean floor. a boat anchor may have hooked the pipeline. some people are questioning whether amplify energy acted quickly enough. people noticed it and a heavy spell on friday night. the ceo the company maintains that crews did not discover a problem until the line inspection the next day. president biden hit the road today in michigan to sell his infrastructure plan to the public, does natalie brand reports, is stalled in congress as talks continue among members of his own party. >> reporter: president biden took a infrastructure push on the road to union training facility in michigan as the
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progressive and moderate wings of the party are stuck in gridlock.>> these bills are not about left versus right or moderate versus progressive. they are about opportunity versus decay.>> there is a three vote margin in the house. >> reporter: peter welch is one of the democrats that has spoken with the president to hash out a way forward on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill and a larger social spending measure.>> they will have to come down on the number, and we may have to come down on the duration and we may have to come down on the scale. >> reporter: the new range mentioned by the president is ron $2 trillion down from the original $3.5 trillion price tag and closer to what was proposed by joe manchin, 18 a key democratic vote.
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meanwhile, congress has less than two weeks to raise the debt ceiling or the u.s. could run out of money to pay their bills.>> it is not a dispute. it needs to be addressed. the only issue is who does it.>> we are willing to cast 50 all he has to do is get out of the way. >> reporter: chuck schumer will bring up the house passed measure to suspend it on wednesday. a couple of coronavirus headlines. johnson & johnson just filed a request with the fda for emergency use authorization for a booster shot for people who previously received the j&j single-dose vaccine. astrazeneca is asking for emergency use authorization for their antibiotic therapy. the drug reduced the risk of symptoms by 77%.
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more data is expected later this year. still ahead, giants playoff fever is getting started. we are at oracle park and this is the place to be. there is plenty of activity. an update is coming up. it is only october. and a reminder to check out the kpix
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we have been here before. the start of the giants playoff bid is around the corner and the team is working to stay in shape and getting ready for friday. we are live at oracle park. >> reporter: where out here outside of the giants dugout. the manager just spoke to members of the media on what to expect for the next few days in this voluntary work out today, tomorrow, and thursday. we all want to see who the giants will play. willoughby the chargers will it
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be the dodgers or the cardinals? they came out to stretch and they will take the field and have batting practice. it is cool as postseason has officially begun. it's funny, rules are rules, right? a member of the joint staff clearly instructed us not to tweet while gabe kaplan was speaking.>> i don't have anything they will want to tweet anyhow.>> we will be the judge of that.>> we are very much, you know, have transitioned -- we will talk about this -- from an enjoyable celebration to getting ready for friday. >> reporter: so here's what we know. they will be out here on the
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field till a little bit after 5:00 pm and then they will do their workouts inside. tomorrow they will have the same schedule and they will gather as a team at an undisclosed location and watch the cardinals and dodgers, and after that, we will start to get some insights as to what to expect with respect to the lineup, rosters, pitching, who will play in game one, came to, and all of that will be sorted out once the cardinals and the dodgers are complete. that will do it for now. more documents released in a global investigation and revealed how the u.s. is a banking haven for wealthy people around the world. the pandora papers shows how five states allow people in other countries to set up
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trusts and hide huge sums of money. and identifies more than 330 politicians and ultrarich people, including some accused of criminal activities that use offshore tax havens to shield money and assets. it is based on 12 million confidential documents detailing more than 29,000 offshore accounts. in an interview, greg miller of the washington post explains how this affects ordinary people.>> it takes away tax revenues that would help to pay for services in the countries where we live, including the united states. it actually enables many categories of crime from drug trafficking to political corruption. it makes it harder for us to hold politicians accountable when politicians skirt the law and engaging corruption and
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pocket payments they have ways to hide it that makes it difficult to find. that undermines our democracy and undermines good government. it affects all of us in many ways. >> it is part of an international team of journalists that worked on that project. amazon is trying to catch the early holiday shoppers, and a pivot by the u.s. postal service. >> reporter: the usps is testing out providing financial services. things like bill pay and expanded money order services. the pilot program was launched in mid-september. it could expand after the holidays. rent the runway is going public. they say the subscriber numbers were significantly down during the pandemic, they begun to rebound now that people are going back out more. last year they raised money to give a $750 million valuation.
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amazon has rolled out a black friday-like sale to entice holiday shoppers. that is to reduce supply chain problems. some of the products include airpods and beats headphones. discounts range from 50% to 40%. good news. the winning powerball ticket was sold in california. the bad news is, it's not the bay area. it was sold at a grocery store. it reached $699.8 million. it is the largest jackpot in u.s. history. time now for more on the cool down and the forecast.>> it feels like early october instead of late gust, which mo let's look at to kn.
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mostly cloudy skietonight and gusty winds tonight. it will be tomoow and er th passing through. we will go back and forth between clouds and sunshine. looking ahead to the weekend, a little bit warmer with more sunshine by the weekend. let's look at the air quality because that is looking fantastic. the one spot that had moderate air quality was the santa clara valley. we will be in the green. and to start the weekend it doesn't look like we will see any smoke coming our way. we look out toward the coast. the temperature downtown is only 58 degrees. still some 80s farther inland and into the mid-70s in san jose and low 80s for concord
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and livermore. the futurecast shows cloud cover tonight and it will be fog underneath the clouds. reduced visibilities to start and intermittent cloud cover. the sunshine will come to the cloud cover but it will keep temperatures below average. temperatures tonight because of the clouds, again, they keep us warm at night so the mid to upper 50s by tomorrow morning and that is above normal. high temperatures tomorrow 5 to 10 degrees below average. let's take a closer look. a bit on the chilly side near the coast. low 70s in the santa clara valley. 72 degrees in santa clara valley. temperatures in the low frsco,d oakland and e upr 60s and w r thnogefarther
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north where temperatures will get a little bit more into the 70s. the cool down continues thursday and friday but about 10 degrees below average by the end of the week and a warm-up for saturday and sunday before we cool back off again monday and tuesday. the warmest day will be sunday with temperatures reaching from the 70s to around 80 degrees. time now for look ahead to the cbs evening news. the push is on to approve more booster shots from johnson & johnson. we will show you what you need to know and who the experts say should get that coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. still ahead, they are about to make movie magic and space. why some
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updates on breaking news. mountain view police are continuing their search of st. francis high school after a bomb threat was called in. all of the evacuated students have been reunited with her parents. in san jose people are doing a sweep of presentation high school after a bomb threat there. that schools also evacuated. a russian rocket just carried an actor into orbit. this launch will make movie history if all goes well. the actor and director and a professional cosmonaut docked at the international space station. the mission is to shoot a movie
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about a surgeon who flies into orbit to save an astronauts life. one expert said the project is at least partly political. massive publicity comes just as the kremlin is struggling with a surge in covid-19 cases and sagging popularity of vladimir putin. russia has had some big wins. the first man, the first dog, and now the first teacher film in orbit. it might be a difficult choice for people about who gets to stay. your partner or
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a look now at our new afternoon line up. the cbs evening news is next. that is followed by back-to- back episodes of judge judy, then, the news at 5:00 pm. and all new, a marijuana mega campus is in the works. we will show you how it is set up. a study found that one out of four pet parents wanted to sleep with their pet rather than their partner. other reasons, tossing and turning, stealing sheets and
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sleep talking. you are a dog i.>> this is why you get a captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the facebook whistleblower urges congress to act, comparing the socialg media giant to big tobacco, warning the health of the nation is at risk. rivetting testimony from a former employee, calling facebook an urgent threat to america's children and blame founder mark zuckerberg, who she says knows the social network is hurting people. >> the buck stops with mark. no one currently holding mark accountable but himself. >> o'donnell: state of emergency: the race tonight to protect california's coast from the massive oil spill as a criminal investigation is launched into what happened. booster shots: important news for the millions who have had the johnson & johnson shot.


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