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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 5, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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about to see a water source diversify miss seeing it coming from right here in sacramento. that means the taste might change a little bit, or it might not. what they are doing to try to keep the taste just about the same. we begin tonight with a woman taking on a tech giant. good evening. frances haugen scathing testimony in front of congress could be a game changer for social media. kpix 5's kenny choi start team coverage live in san francisco with what happens next. >> reporter: haugen testified in front of lawmakers today. some are calling her a patriot. others are seeing her as a disruptor. without a doubt , she has become a phase for those calling for change against big tech, social media, and mark zuckerberg. >> i am here today because i
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believe facebook's products farm children, stove division, and weaken our democracy. >> reporter: frances haugen's testimony has at this stage are arguably the biggest battle yet against facebook. >> she is going head-to-head with one of the most powerful people in the world. she is going face-to-face with mark zuckerberg, and that has to be terrifying. >> reporter: it is the 21st century david and goliath epic showdown over who controls social media messaging come a whether it is politically charged, or promoted videos and content that can harm children. >> today what happens is something is blocked, or not blocked, and it is not clear what the rules are. >> reporter: the palo alto -based first and 14th institute are urging lawmakers to set up an independent entity to regulate the industry. >> if they want at, and of big tech won't act, congress has to intervene. >> we have set for more than 2.5 years that we don't think we should be making these decisions on her own. we would welcome permit regulation.
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>> reporter: one of the roles haugen is calling out, section 230 of the communications decency act passed a quarter of a century ago, which in part broadly protects websites from lawsuits and gives censorship control. >> there really is no incentive for these platforms to do a good job of protecting us from harmful content while keeping our free speech, you know, protected. >> it's a tremendous sacrifice she has made. she's taken her career and placed it on the line, all in the service of bringing truth to the american people. >> reporter: the company has become more vocal in discrediting haugen, saying in part she had no direct reports with c level executives , don't agree with her characterization of the many issues she isinthat statement aftestified >> it will be interesting to see if we actually hear from
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mark zuckerberg himself about this. >> reporter: at some point, you would expect the facebook executive and the ceo and founder to say something, but for now, it is his communications team dealing with the media responding, trying to discredit their former employee. >> thank you. we first showed you today's testimony live on cbsn bay area, where you can stream news anytime on , or your favorite streaming devices. imax darrow outside of facebook headquarters in menlo park. a clinical psychologist told us today she wasn't surprised to hear the testimony on capitol hill today, as she has seen firsthand how social media platforms can be detrimental to teenagers mental health. she says getting off the platform rapidly is not the best solution. >> reporter: many folks in the bay area are concerned by the facebook whistleblower's testimony, who claims the social media giants executives are aware its algorithms can lead teenagers a common tent
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that can have detrimental effects on their mental health. >> just as a citizen, and human to human, of course it's a concern. >> it is so easy for them to click on something, whether they know what it is or not, and that is when the algorithm comes. >> we have done this for a really long time. >> reporter: dr. sarah at there is a clinical psychologist and professor at stanford university. >> it's an incredibly complex high-level systemic issue needs a ton of solutions, not just one bullet solutions. >> reporter: she said social media platforms are incredibly ingrained in our day-to-day lives. from a psychological standpoint, there are pros and cons at play. the platforms can both positively and negatively impact mental health. >> let's use our scientific minds and better understand for whom social media is potentially harmful. >> reporter: she hopes good can come out of the whistleblower testimony on to capitol hill. >> my hope is that facebook, and that organizations that are
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responsible for information that is put out into the world, really to continue to do good science and research on how what they are doing is impacting their user and consumer. >> reporter: we also spoke with the ceo of commonsense media, a media advocacy organization for children. he said that while he seems this is a day of reckoning for the social media giant, he also hopes this means parents consider having conversations with their kids about what they see on social media. >> thank you for that. this is a story we will continue to follow him a both on-air and online at , and on cbsn bay area. some tense grilling on the stand for a former theranos lab director. he testified again in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. the defense attorney questioned dr. adam rosendorff. he recently stated in a deposition that theranos did not have a higher number of faulty test results than other
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labs he worked that. the defense says that is contrary to what he said earlier in the trial, putting his credibility on the line. >> they are trying to point the finger at dr. rosendorff by saying he's the actual fraud. this witness cuts both ways for both the prosecution and defense, but keep in mind, he is not the only witness. we've already had prior witnesses come forward who all testified the tests were not accurate. >> rosendorff is the prosecution's key witness. on redirect, he testified that elizabeth holmes to to quickly expand the use of the tran20 one analyzers, even though she knew they were inaccurate and broke down a lot. into a live look across the bay area, where it is beginning to feel much cooler than this time yesterday for sure. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen joins us with a look at which areas saw the biggest drop in temperatures. is a huge drop, 20 degrees low everywhere 24 hours ago. it does feel like october right now. let's take a look at the
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change from 24 hours ago. it is 20 degrees cooler in santa rosa. other spots are running in that 10 to 20 degrees range off of yesterday's temperatures at 6:00. the exception, half moon bay, which is 2 degrees warmer. the cooler weather will stick around for the rest of this week. we warm up slightly this weekend, but this pattern looks to stick around for a while. the 6 to 10 day outlook shows a significant chance of below average temperatures for most of the u.s. west of the rocky mountains, and that extends into the 2 week outlook as well. the fall wardrobe will get a workout over the next couple of weeks. we will put specific numbers on this as we get closer to the weekend of the full forecast. now at six:00, a san francisco jury walloped tesla with a $137 million verdict in a racial discrimination lawsuit. this lawsuit claims african- american employees were subjected to racial slurs and
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other threatening behavior. kpix 5's devin fehely spoke to the whistleblower about what he experienced at the fremont plant. >> reporter: the former worker and whistleblower says he was confronted with taunts and threats, the n-word, and racist graffiti on the factory floor each day. he says this lawsuit and the verdict is about holding tesla accountable. >> i was told i was going to be killed in the factory. i'm going to shoot you. i was told my you know what, go back to africa. >> reporter: owe in ds says racial thursday slurs and threats of violence were everyday occurrences at the tesla factory, and he says the juries $137 million verdict is in vindication. >> i'm happy we are finally able to get on tesla and their practices. i want this to be less about me
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i'm a and more about what is going on inside of tesla. >> reporter: he was a contract employee at tesla in 2015 and 2016. he said he repeatedly reported racist and threatening behavior by coworkers at the factory, but claims management often turned a blind eye to the behavior. tesla disputes those claims, arguing that they fired two employees, and suspended a third. the vice president wrote in an open letter to employees in response to the verdict, while we strongly believe that the facts don't justify the verdict reached by the jury in san francisco, we do recognize that in 2015 and 2016 we were not perfect. we are still not perfect, but we have come a long way from 5 years ago. we continue to grow and improve and how we address employee concerns. a civil rights attorney says the jury's verdict is about accountability. >> the message is that racism in the workplace in the form of the n-word and swastikas and drawings is unacceptable. >> reporter: he says he hopes the verdict will force has tesla to reform workplace culture, so that others are spared the abuse he suffered. >> i knew that racism was going
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on in your factory, and you could have stopped and retrained everybody, but that eychose to do. >> reporter: tesla has not announced whether or not it will appeal this decision, although that seems likely. if it does, it will be up to a judge to decide whether or not to uphold the original verdict, or perhaps reduce the amount of monetary damages. in fremont, devin fehely , kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5 news at 6:00 tamaha more fallout from the severe drought could lead to a change in how your tap water tastes. two phone calls, two threats against a pair of south bay high schools. how authorities linked the calls. turning trash into treasure. how will women is
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♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. new at six:00, it is a new plan to manage the drought here in the bay area. >> it could mean a noticeable change to the tapwater used by thousands of east bay residents. they are looking to the sacramento river to solve a
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water supply shortage. kpix 5's wilson walker is live with that story. >> reporter: over the course of the drought, we have seen a lot of water district reach for the emergency levers. east bay mud is about to do that for the second time, and it might or might not affect what comes out of your tap. >> as soon as this week, customers are going to start getting water from the sacramento river. they may notice a change. it is a different watershed and soars. >> reporter: from now until february, he will be tapping into the backup water source, and that is the freeport regional water facility in sacramento. it is an additional 11 billion gallons of water, but it is different water. >> because it is a different source, they may notice a different taste, or a different characteristic in the water. >> reporter: freeport was used once before during the last drought, and many residents did notice a difference. >> it's almost, for me, it was
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a sulphur type of taste in the background of the water. kind of more of an aftertaste. even almost a little odor as well. >> reporter: in between droughts, the district has been working on this problem, adding additional treatments to at the two facilities that will be processing the newly diversified water. >> we've invested more than $46 million in improvements to the treatment plants that are going to be treating the sacramento river water read we have enhanced ozone systems to address some of those taste or smell issues that might've been an issue in previous droughts. >> how soon could that new water start flowing to east bay taps? >> reporter: it will take a little bit. they have to suck it out of the river and sacramento. and it runs through here, and then it does go into the normal reservoirs that are used by the system. then it goes to the treatment plans, like the ones behind me, and out to houses. give it a couple of days. they think it will be may be the end of the week or so when
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it starts to land in your home, and whether or not we received those efforts to medicate the change in taste and smell and if they worked. right now, the city of pleasanton is gearing up to declare a stage two water shortage, and less than 1 hour. the city council will be meeting to vote on a measure that could require customers to cut their water usage by at least 15%. several bay area cities are imposing water restrictions right now. we are posting the updates as we get them on a 3-year-old boy recovering after being shot while riding in the backseat of a car driving along 580 in oakland. the east bay times said it happened just after 10:30 last night near the fontaine avenue overpass. the paper says someone in another car shot the victim's car. that is when the toddler was hit in the foot. the boy is expected to be okay. his father who was driving was not injured.
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a disruption this afternoon at two bay area high schools. both received bomb threats, and police say the cases are linked. first, students were sent home from st. francis high school in mountain view. someone phoned in a thread about lunch time. police arrived on campus to investigate, and students and staff were sent home for the day as a precaution. then a few hours later, a similar situation happened at presentation high school in san jose. san jose authorities say both calls have been traced back to the same phone number. we are told it was the same male voice making those threats. they say one man's trash is another man's treasure. a stockton woman has made it her mission to turn recycled plastic into a product the entire community can enjoy. >> we go out, we pick up and emptied those bins. we have to make sure the plastic is dry and clean. if it's not clean, we have to wash it and try it.
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>> this is just the beginning for the group, which calls itself bags to benches. they are hoping to collect at least 500 pounds of plastic bags by february of 2022 for a third bench they currently have 300. >> i love that idea. >> it's brilliant. absolutely. >> make some countertops. pretty soon -- >> brilliant idea. >> it's amazing what you can remake things into now. >> and they are beautiful. >> waterproof. weatherproof. and the weather will be perfect for going out and sitting outside. just being outside. it is mostly cloudy skies overnight. we have noticeable wind gusts through the overnight hours, and throughout the day tomorrow. it will be even cooler tomorrow. a small cooldown by the bay, but a more noticeable cool down further inland. it won't be overcast.
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there will be sunshine filtering and breaking through. then we were back up as we headed the weekend. the warmest temperatures we will see are only going to be back up to about normal by the second half of the weekend by sunday. the air quality is getting better as well. the only spot that had moderate air-quality today in the santa clara valley, but that smoke is being pushed away not just at ground level, but farther in the atmosphere as well. good air-quality through the end of the work week and the first half of the weekend. nice sunset with the mid-and high-level clouds reflecting the last rays of sunlight. it is only 57 downtown. low to mid 60s for oakland, san jose, and santa rosa. comfortable temperatures for everybody, and our talk for this evening looks very enthusiastic. this is smudge. thank you for sharing that picture with us. temperatures in the for more in the low 70s right now, but those will back down into the 60s, and eventually the 50s with mark cloud cover beginning to spread. it will be a layer cake affect, with fog spreading out into the
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inland valleys. over that, the clouds are continuing to thicken up. we will see those passing throughout the day tomorrow, and futurecast exit look really gray. there will be sunshine breaking through every once in a while, and temperatures will warm up from the mid to upper 50s up to only 5 to 10 degrees below average for highs tomorrow afternoon. low to mid 60s around the bay. 50s on the coast. low 70s around san jose and the santa clara valley. temperatures back off a little bit more thursday and friday, but then there is that baby warm-up for saturday and sunday, before temperatures back down again early next week. the warmest day on sunday only brings us back up to near average temperatures for the middle of october, then it is back to the below average pattern that continues for most of next week. "cbs evening news" is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview.
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we have a packed broadcast tonight after kpix 5 news at 6:00. the stunning number as more police officers are now dying from covid-19 then in the line of duty. why are so many officers rejecting covid shots? we have that and more news tonight as the kpix 5 , "cbs evening news" is now just minutes away. straightahead in sports my welcome to the side of the national league division series, oracle park, where the field is going to get a makeover, and the team was
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welcome to the house of the national league west division champs, where the giants could not just sit around after winning the west on sunday and do nothing. they had to get out, stretch out, get limber. they had a workout today, and it all went down about 3:00 this afternoon. the pictures took a workout today wearing the brandon belt's number nine t-shirts on their backs. a nod to the captain who took ground balls at first base earlier today with that wrap around his broken thumb. it was only afterwards that he said he felt great. they didn't have any juicy nuggets for the media to tweet out during the daily briefing. >> i don't have anything that they are going to want to tweet out. >> we will be the judge of that. >> i will say this.
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we are very much, you know, have transitioned from, and i am sure we will enjoyable and fruitful celebration, you know, to getting ready for friday. >> reporter: in the meanti e do of theirs, have to get ready for a wild card game against the st. louis cardinals. >> you have to win your division. we didn't win the division. there is no crying in baseball. we are in second place and in the wildcard game. >> absolutely. i think everyone saw him say not to touch him as a dodger, so we learned fast over here. >> reporter: now, steve took a little heat on twitter last year when he said we are not chasing winds. well, this time, you have a brand-new roster, and a whole new outlook. >> we are chasing winds this
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year. >> reporter: they came out firing the preseason opener last night in portland, putting up 69 three-pointers. jordan poole led the team with 30 points in only 22 minutes. andrew wiggins scored 13 points. after the game, he explained his reluctant decision to receive the covid vaccine. >> the only option was to get vaccinated, or not play in the nba. i guess you don't on your body. you know, that is what it comes down to. you want to work in society today, then i guess they make the rules on what goes in your body and what you do. hopefully it works out in the long run, and in 10 years i am still healthy.
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well, a sneaky fox lost his mojo after breaking into a carmel valley home. >> on sunday night, this fox >> reporter: into the home through the doggie door. he wandered into the bathroom and was too scared to leave. it looks like he was trying to pretend to be a statue, hoping the family would not notice him on top of the rack. >> the fox then tried to hide above the shower, but two deputies managed to wrangle him
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, and led him outside safely. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the facebook whistleblower urges congress to act, comparing the social media giant to big rivetting tobacco, warning the health of the nation is at risk. riveting testimony from a former employee, calling facebook an urgent threat to america's children and blaming founder mark zuckerberg, who she says knows the social network is hurting people. >> the buck stops with mark. there is no one currently holding mark accountable but himself. >> o'donnell: state of emergency: the race tonight to protect california's coast from the massive oil spill, as a criminal investigation is launched into what happened. booster shots: important news for the millions who have had the johnson & johnson shot. leading cause of death: the stunning number tonight: covid
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has killed more than 700 police


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