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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 6, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: yeah, when is it going to be okay to stop wearing a mask in public and indoors? that is a question a lot of people have. public health officials in the bay area say soon, maybe not right away, but soon. here in santa cruz county, they lifted that mandate last week. if their experience is any indication, mandates might be removed before people feel comfortable removing >> reporter: in downtown santa cruz, mask use is as common as the signs and many storefronts, reminding people to wear them. even one week after the county dropped the requirement. >> i don't get excited about putting my mask on. >> reporter: despite her fatigue, melissa quinn is still wears her mask because of so many stores require it. >> this is symbolic of me wending my patients to whatever i am required or politely asked to do. >> reporter: deborah sarah cantey told the county board of supervisors tuesday that public health officials bay area wide arc crafting guidelines for when mask requirements can be
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lifted. >> our plan is to develop a set of metrics we all share. >> reporter: dr. county says the number of people infected with the coronavirus, vaccination rates and hospitalizations will all be factors in the county's decision to repeal its mask requirements. >> we are emerging from the danger zone. >> reporter: dr. peter chan hong says the emergence of the delta variant made officials rethink the necessity of masks, but acknowledges that requirements can't continue indefinitely. >> i think it is the right time to think about relaxing the mask mandates. the question for me is, not if they mask mandates are going to be relaxed, it is when. >> reporter: even if the mask mandate goes away it seems unlikely that mask use will end right away. >> case is with spike backup. >> i still wear them because the restaurants require it. i don't really like wearing it. >> the mask requirements you
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cite will be lifted soon. anyway to get more specific than that? >> reporter: that is the big question. what i am hearing behind the scenes is soon but not right away. what will happen tomorrow is that public health officials are going to lay out the criteria, basically explaining the roadmap to the public. it will then be up to each county to decide. one other thing we should note, businesses will still have the option of requiring a mask even if they are not required countywide. >> soon is better than not. we are all getting there, report thanks. chopper five is over the hyde street pier, some drama here when a fishing vessel began taking on water. it sank right where it was docked. andria nakano is live with how crews are trying to prevent an environmental disaster there. andria?
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>> reporter: liz, you can see the fishing boat that sank right over there. the top of the mast is sticking out but that is about it. it is surrounded by the floating yellow barriers to contain the fuel spill. the san francisco fire department says the fire department first got the sunken vessel report around 3:00 this morning. and oil bloom and absorbent pads have been placed around the boat. the boat is called island cove out of moss landing and can carry about 260 gallons of fuel. it is on fuel unclear how much fuel was on the boat when it started sinking. one person was on board when the boat started taking on water around 3:00, this morning. >> at some point in the middle of the night, the operator heard noise and goes to investigate, and saw that the vessel was taking on water and then gets off, notifies the authorities and we have been working with the team. within 12 hours, we were able to make the situation safe. we have the boom out there to contain the fuel leak and salvage operations will begin >> we ar ntainm
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surroug inperiodth at si warepo quickly, they were able to contain as much of the spill as possible. salvage efforts are expected to start in the next day or two. the challenge for crews will be to make sure that they can lift that boat up safely without creating environmental concerns. >> we see those images coming down from l.a., he certainly hope they can avoid anything like that. thank you. live look at the port of oakland, the coast guard is reportedly investigating whether a cargo ship anchored at the port played a part in the massive oil spill. chopper for the flu over this german container ship earlier today. the l.a. times reporting the ship was anchored near that oil pipeline, before the oil spill was discovered. a spokesperson from the company who owns that ship told the l. waanchored pre pipeli. ying figure out whether e ship's
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anchor punctured the pipeline off the coast and then spilled 144,000 gallons of crude oil. we are also learning a backup of cargo ships at california ports may have played a role in that spill. ships forced to drop anchor off the coast because of overcrowding at ports. the coast guard investigators say a mile-long section of pipeline appears to have been dragged about 100 feet. while it is unclear how that happened, investigators say it is possible an anchor may have been dropped in the wrong spot. looking live at sam san jose where sam accardo and state leaders are pushing residents to save more water. >> as we think about this serious drought, there is a significant risk that next year is going to be even worse. we have got to take measures, now. >> reporter: the mayor also says he wants residents to limit watering to twice a day.
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in cbsn bay area, we are streaming 24 hours per day on our websites looking live at capitol hill in washington, d.c., we see signs of progress this evening in the debt ceiling standoff. ken bastida joins us now with a temporary deal in the works. >> yeah, allen. >> reporter: the senate is closer to averting that federal debt default. republican senator mitch mcconnell has floated a plan to buy more time period that idea would extend the federal debt ceiling into december. >> reporter: a plan to senate procedural vote on a measure to suspend the federal debt ceiling is delayed. >> the majority has known for three months that showboating like this would go nowhere. >> reporter: the leaders say they are willing to support a limited debt ceiling increase into december with a fixed dollar amount in order to give the democrats time to pass a longer-term measure using the reconciliation process. >> the preference would be
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getting this done today. why kick the can down the road a couple more weeks? >> reporter: the biting of ministration has warned inaction could cause the treasury to run out of money to pay its bills after october 18th. >> this would be a catastrophic outcome. >> reporter: at the white house, president biden and treasury secretary janet yellen discussed the debt ceiling with business leaders. >> we are looking at this meteor headed to crash into our economy. we should all want to stop it. >> reporter: president biden has said it is a real possibility that democrats could use the so-called nuclear option to raise the debt limit which would suspend the 60 vote threshold to pass a measure with only democrats support. about, moderate senate democrats joe manchin has signaled he does not support doing away with the filibuster. >> the only thing i can say at this time to leader schumer and majority leader mcconnell is, please,
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>>eporte congional s also re sp a mar soci spending billbiden dropped his target price range down to $2 trillion. >> reporter: joe manchin reiterated his top price tag on the bill is $1.5 trillion, but that is today. we will see as the can gets kicked down the road. >> it is an evolving process. thank you. new questions about the data big tech companies collect and how it is stored. we are asking security experts what is coming next. a shakeup in court in the criminal fraud trial of elizabeth holmes. why one juror has been sent home . an exclusive opportunity for people in the bay area, how you can put dissipate in a number of fleet week experiences. as we look ahead to fleet weekend with the ayrshire, looks like his abilities will be better. have cool weather to go
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between now and this weekend. we will talk about it coming up in the forecast.
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facebook is renewing concerns about what giant tech companies are really doing with all of that data they collect. kenny choi spoke to cybersecurity experts and privacy advocates on what happens next. kenny? >> reporter: liz, no one quite knows if or what kinds of regulation federal authorities and lawmakers will come up with. it is a pitiful pivotal moment. people believe many of focusing on what is happening with their data and what will be done. >> reporter: each search and
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click for your computer or phone can transfer personal data to servers which can then be stored and sometimes sold. >> for anyone to argue that an average person is fully cognizant of how their data and how much data about them is being gathered little and how it is being used. >> there is a huge amount of information that can be used against us in a lot of different ways. outcome it comes down to, we generate it ourselves, th site security analyst. >> the question of st is, what information are you okay with others having access to. because it is all obscure and in the abstract, most people don't think about it. >> reporter: companies like facebook site regulation is not needed. others are trying to stop targeting years with ads. >> we went sites do not turn a blind eye to children and teens and the services as resolvers. was doing.
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>> real estate mogul alastair mctaggart spearheaded legislation in 2020 which created the newly formed california privacy protection agency and established some of the strongest consumer privacy laws in the country. >> there are some really strong new rules. you have to now learn my location within 250 acres. you can track into the synagogue or mosque or the church or the gabe or bar, you can only know that i am in oakland or san francisco that is a huge difference because of this law. >> kenny, some of the more recent privacy laws changed atypical persons experience using their computers or phones? >> if you are on a computer or website you might notice there are more prompts and questions asking you what it can track, that is one example. another example of a fairly new feature on the iphone which blocks apps from tracking you, that option is clearly there, now come on your iphone and as
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you are going through those apps, those are just a couple of examples of how these privacy laws have come into effect and how it is affecting daily experiences of using your phone and computer. >> kenny, thank you. a shakeup at the elizabeth holmes there and as trial. a judge dismissed a juror, today. should did not do anything wrong. instead, she said the trial presented a conflict with her buddhist beliefs. the dismissed a juror said she was worried about the possibility of sending homes to prison. len ramirez will have the story in a top safeway executive who took the stand today, that is ahead at 6:00 p.m. a live look at the san francisco waterfront, where ship tours are open for fleet week. for navy ships are in town this weekend at the port of san francisco. visitors can get a taste of what it is like to work on the high tech warships. they can also climb aboard on amphibious carriers and cruisers. san francisco's fleet week is the only won the navy is participating in this year. >> very exciting for the crews of our ships, for visiting sailors and marines, because
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this is actually one of the first fun things that they have been able to do since the pandemic. >> masks are required on board the ships for a full fleet week schedule does had to our website, kpix 5. the bay area air quality management district is relaunching the clean cars for all program. it will give those who qualify $9500 to retire their old cars, and replace them with more eco- friendly options which do include hybrid or all electric cars. the transit car or an e bike. there is also $2000 available for charging equipment. taking a live look at bay area roadways as part of clean air day. there are some programs underway to encourage you to get out of your car. sf bay ferry, tri-delta, west cad and santa cruz metro are all offering free rides today. >> one thing helping our air, not a lot of smoke for us. >> yes. >> that is a part of this
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impr the air aty.the fourmpetur day air qualitforest in just a secoyo sed the mperatures over cole ys. the cool weather has settled in today and will stay in place tomorrow and friday. it is a combination of factors. the storm system over the pacific northwest, there is less atmosphere on top of us as the air expands and cools off. more cloud cover and a strong onshore wind. things are going to shift around a bit as we head into the weekend, but it will be a modest warming trend which returns this weekend. the warming trend only brings the return to near average temperatures and what will not return to the forecast is that smoke. this is the first time in a wild that we have had all green dots in the air quality forecast. good air quality across the board today and more of the same in-store all the way through the weekend, likely into north next week as well. let's take a look at what is happening outside right now, layers of clouds overhead, submit clouds and then high clouds on top of that layer cake effect. temperatures are only in the 60
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w at righw and don't julow 70 degrees right now in concord, santa rosa, those are the one spots. these temperatures are well below average and there is more of the same in-store for us tomorrow. the skies will look very similar. we will see the cloud cover stick around tonight. clouds will take a break every once in a while but still enough of a blanket to keep temperatures from dropping too far. we will end up near normal temperatures early tomorrow morning. unfortunately, these clouds are not substantial enough to drop anything in terms of precipitation. we get that gray sky overhead was unfiltered sunshine and every once in a while the sun will break through. it will not be completely overcast, but, no substantial chance of rain in the forecast as we had through the rest of this week and closer to the weekend. temperatures tonight dropped into the mid and upper 40s in the north valley, the cool spots with low to mid 50s elsewhere, that is normal for october. high temperatures tomorrow are going to be a good 10 degrees below average for everybody. 60s around the bay. the lower half of the 60s with
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temperatures only topping out around 70 degrees for san jose and concord. let's zoom in for a closer look. on the coast only upper 50s. mid and upper 60s down the peninsulanarn josejust above for los gatos, gilmore reaching up to 71 or 72. mid and upper 60s for most of the tri-valley with warm response inland in the east bay only hitting the low 70s. 48 hours ago we were talking about temperatures in the 90s. tomorrow we will barely hit the 70s. high temperatures around the bay, low 60s in san francisco, low and mid 60s in the east bay, mid and upper 60s for the north bay as well. cloud cover just a bit thicker over the north bay, but not enough to produce anything more than an occasional sprinkle. temperatures further north, same story. and mix of upper 60s and low 70s. temperatures stay similar on friday and modest warming trend kicks in as we had through the weekend. near normal temperatures, the
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warmest we could find on sunday then temperatures drop off again by monday and tuesday in next week. we will see more sunshine by saturday and sunday which is good news for all those fleet week weekend festivities. temperatures warmer into the low 70s for the north bay while the east bay hits 80 degrees for one day on sunday then back down into the 70s monday, tuesday, and wednesday. we will check out tomorrow's hour by hour temperatures coming up in a few minutes. >> i am liking these cooler temperatures. this is fantastic >> sweaters already. >> love it took my boots are out. there made for walking. not today, tomorrow, they are out? thanks tomorrow, the bunting is up and the field at oracle park is spruced up, how the giants are getting ready for game one of the and lds and who we just learned will be taking the mound. i'm john ramis in phoenicia, water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink. that is not true. a company is offering a machine that can pull water directly from the air. we will explain how it works, coming up.
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streaming today on cbsn bay area, at 8:00, governor new some talking about the $47 billion package you just assigned to help students pay for college. then at 8:45 we will hear from the host of legends of the hidden temple, the reboot of a classic show. you can find us on kpix 5 or the
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live look at chase center right now. warrior fans are in the building for the first time in 575 days. the dubs tipoff against the denver nuggets for the preseason home opener 90 minutes from now. of course, there will be safety protocols in place to protect fans, players, and workers. fans will need to show proof of vaccinations at several vaccine checkpoints outside of oracle. younger fans between the ages of
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2 and 11, will need to see a negative covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of the event. meanwhile, just down the street, third street at oracle park, the playoffs bunting is up. crews preparing the field for game one of the division series on friday. >> october baseball, we don't know yet who the giants will play but we do know who will pitch. vern glenn was there for the announcement. >> i just paid my first and last months rent. now, to a true local story, how about sacramento area native logan webb. the 24-year-old will take the mound for game one. kevin gossman gets to pitch game two, saturday. this was webb today walking right by my camera. he has been the giants best pitcher in the season's second half, record of 7-0 since august 1st. drafted out of rockland high school in 2014, webb struggled in the first two years but look here, he put it together in 2021. found out yesterday he hit the ball on friday, tried to play it cool. >> it wasn't a crazy special
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thing, i think that is because we know it is a lot more ahead. >> it had to be more than by the way. >> it kind of was, to be honest. it was kind of like that. got to tell my parents and grandparents and fiancc we don't tell them, they were super excited. >> the story behind that in a moment. you've waited for this, is jimmy garoppolo starting sunday at the undefeated cardinals? well, droplet did not practice today as he nurses a calf strain. but, nobody ruled him out. jimmy's thoughts? >> we will take it day by day. it hurts but it is what it is at this point. >> esca ruffalo can't go, trey lance would make his first nfl star. the 49ers are 5 1/2 point underdog against the cardinals.
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on that shot, the interview with logan webb, that is what happens when i don't shoot on a stepstool, just saying. >> thanks. still ahead, kpix 5 streaming on cbsn bay area. >> reporter: the city once drivers vaccinated. there are hundreds of holdouts. will the standoff further hurt the city's already struggling transit system? chaos at a texas high school after a gunman opened fire on campus. what investigators are saying about a possible motive. out of thin air
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30. in bone dry california, this machine could be a game changer. how it creates water from the air around us. academy award winner with a new mission. how an actor is fighting vaccine misinformation and helping make covid-19 vaccines more accessible across the world. and approaching vaccine deadline could mean bigger problems for san francisco's struggling transit system. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen marsden. turns out a lot of muni drivers have not received their vaccines. wilson walker has more on what
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that could mean for people who rely on the transit system. wilson? >> reporter: yeah, allen. the city announced this vaccine mandate for employees back in june. there were immediate questions about how this would play out. here we are less than one month away from the deadline , and the muni director is sounding the alarm on what this could mean for service. >> as of last week, 15% of our operators remain either unvaccinated or have not reported their status and are presumed to be unvaccinated. these individuals will be terminated, beginning november 1st, unless they are fully vaccinated by that time. >> reporter: director jeffrey tomlin there are warning the sf da board that's terminating those employees would mean even more service cuts for the depleted system and not just in the short term. >> our agency could lose over 300 operators. roughly equivalent to the total number of operators we are expected to train and hire over
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the next week -- 18 months. this ad 18 months to our timeline for restoring 100% to muni to its pre-pandemic service levels. >> reporter: it is already in his search critical state at this moment. >> why would you want to chop off your own leg? >> reporter: the union that represents muni drivers has always been opposed to the mandate and they are still asking for an option of weekly testing. as for whether the city can terminate these employees for refusing the shot? >> muni has a collective bargaining agreement so there are certain processes it needs to go through which are different than many private- sector requirements with that collective bargaining agreement but yes, they can go through the process. >> reporter: what do you say to the people in the city whose think drivers should be vaccinated? >> that's a part of the job, keeping the public safe? >> one of the things i would say to the general public as if the transit operators are


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