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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 6, 2021 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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>> t's a lot can be donee abtohow ll en the criteria alth officials ll carreno's blood testing technology put to the test. new testimony on how a high index demonstration backfired on in front of top safeway executives. after more than half a century do we finally have an answer to the bay area's biggest mystery? who was the infamous zodiac killer. a live look tonight at oakland, where teachers are keeping pressure on the oakland unified school district. they want more covid-19 precautions as the weather begins to cool down and students come inside to stay warm and dry. good evening to all of you, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. kiet do is live at a special school board meetings where the community hopes to get answers tonight. it? >> reporter: quite a sizable crowd out here, very lively. they are ready to go inside.
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stred upd .0 people were hers tsay that when it , the ki bunched up inside the cafeteria at lunch time and so the teachers union is calling on the school district to spend some covid-19 relief funds because winter is coming. >> reporter: after weeks of lobbying a few dozen teachers and parents, the board seems to be listening. the school board is missing listening to hear their ideas. >> reporter: megan with the teachers union says they will be showing this presentation titled students deserve safe schools which call for negative negative regular covid-19 testing at all schools not just regional hubs like you see here. another issue is ventilation. here at the resident high school cafeteria, the staff use fans pointed at the ceiling to
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promote circulation. the union wants industrial high- capacity air scrubbers, like this one, which goes for $438 on amazon. they have calculated they will need three for each cafeteria times at 75 cafeterias, which comes out to around $112,000. >> is a small price to pay to make sure that students can eat unmasked in the cafeteria when it is cold outside or rainy or during the smoke season. >> reporter: the union is pushing for outdoor weather protection, like these tents and long tables so kids can sit outside if needed. to pay for it, district leaders can dip into northern -- covid- 19 relief funds. 100 million of the money is unspent. >> that money is supposed to cover the next two years. >> reporter: a spokesperson jonathan saki says the district welcomes all ideas and will consider everything. >> we are always trying to find economical solutions to conquer this pandemic so that we can all move on from it. ard mes like what they is i
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hear? what is next on the bargaining table? if they like the plan and the proposal seems workable then it will be up to the superintendent to direct their bargaining team to work with the units bargaining team and they will have some kind of agreement on the table and spend some of that money. >> negotiations begin. thank you. tonight, we are getting a better idea on how our bay area mask mandates will come to an end. as soon as tomorrow, in fact. bay area health officials expected to layout the criteria on when they will give the all clear to go mass close indoors. for example, decisions would be based on case numbers, vaccination rates and hospitalizations. santa cruz county has already lifted its mask mandates.
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>> i don't get excited about putting my mask on. >> the last couple times that opwearing it, cases spikes backup. >> i still wear it because restaurants require it. i don't really like ar >> reporter: it is unclear exactly when counties will follow suit, it is up to them to meet osidelines. this all comes as the states positivity rate continues to slowly drop. right now it is at 2.5%, according to the cdc, more than 84% of eligible californians have gotten at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. the former ceo of safeway testifying at the thoroughness trial that he was struck by the charisma of elizabeth holmes and the promise of the companies fascinating technology. but, a deal to put blood testing devices in stores never materialized. kpix 5 reporter len ramirez is covering the trial from san jose. >> reporter: the ceo of safeway testified that he made a
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business decision to make a thou abetlm demonstrthe technology. >> reporter: former safeway chief executive steve byrd said he was immediately interested when he heard elizabeth holmes pitch that her devices could run hundreds of blood test from one fingerstick of blood. he said the company formed plans to put them in stores and arranged a demonstration for his board of directors in which she drew blood from one of the board members and put it into her machine. it made noises, he said, but it never gave results. >> reporter: what this is doing is putting the focus back on elizabeth holmes. >> reporter: former prosecutor and political analyst steve mc large said the company went on to invest money in the company. >> when you hear about the devastation done in front of these people and that they invested anyway, thought it was important for the government to show, this is a highly persuasive and convincing
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individual who left a lot of carnage along the way. >> reporter: the day began with another setback for the jury. buddhist juror said she would be reluctant ntachelove forgiv the judge dismissed her analtert its al ti a juror has had to be dismissed. >> it is a big load to this jerry plot process because if they lose and that if your jurors, you could have a mistrial in this case. >> reporter: steve byrd will be back on the witness stand when the trial resumes next week. in northern california judge has set scott peterson's sentencing date to september 8th. he will be handed a sentence of life in prison. he has been on death row for 15 years after being found guilty of murdering his wife and unborn child. scott peterson is still fighting for in your trial claiming juror misconduct on his original trial.
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now that 6:00 and apparent shooting triggered a high school lockdown in what d re no the street nearthe clai hi which forced the ol to lock cameras spotted a sedan that had crashed at the scene, blocked off with police tape. at least one person was injured in the shooting, but no students, teachers, or staff, were hurt. >> out of the spotlight or facebook this week there is new concern over what tech companies are doing with all the data they collect. kenny choi is in san francisco. kenny, you spoke with some experts, and privacy advocates on what they expect is next. >> reporter: can, for the average person it is extremely difficult to know to what extent your data elected online is being used by these various companies. the renewed focus on facebook is ringing more attention to what needs to happen next. >> reporter: companies like facebook say regulation is needed. bay area real estate mogul
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alastair mctaggart spearheaded legislation in 2020 which created the newly formed california privacy protection agency and established some of the strongest consumer privacy laws in the country. >> there is some really strong new rules. you have to now learn my location within 250 acres, so you cannot track me to the synagogue or the church or the mosque or the bar. you can only know that i am in oakland or san francisco. it is a huge difference that is going to happen, now because of this new law. >> reporter: data can be transferred to servers and can be then sold. >> it is hard to argue that the average person is fully cognizant of how their data, and how much data about them is being gathered or how it is being used. >> reporter: john bedell is a cyber security threat analyst. >> there is a huge amount of information that can be used against us in a lot of different ways. it comes down to monitoring
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ourselves most of the time. >> reporter: laws are in place to stop targeting teens. >> the question becomes, what are you okay with others having access to? because it is all obscure and in the abstract, most people don't think about it. >> reporter: privacy advocates are calling for more transparency, asking social media companies like facebook to release more of its internal research about how data is collected and used. it is just one small part of the battle between consumers and big tech. >> so interesting. thank you for that. decades after the zodiac killer terrorized the bay area we may finally know his true identity. coming up, what investigators are saying about the latest
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theory going viral. plus, the interesting way the city of san jose is asking residents to conserve even more water. the big change california just made to help teal wishto d er thno area. aturesrothe y as long as this weather pattern is locked in place through the end of the workweek, take a look at a few changes coming up in the forecast. streaming today on cbsn bay area at 8:00, governor newsom is talking about the $47 billion package he just signs to help students pay for college. then at 8:45, we will hear from the host of legends of the hidden temple, the reboot of the classic show that you can find on or on the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download
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whole time, who died just three years ago. reporter renee santos on who they now believe was responsible for the zodiac killings. >> reporter: this group also connects the killer to a 55- year-old murder out of riverside, california. we just got off the phone with riverside police who tell us there is no connection. the case breaker is a group whose website claims to be made up of retired law-enforcement and military members, claims to have cracked the code in letters the zodiac killer wrote identifying the killer is gary frances post, who lived and worked as a painter in oakland but died in 2018. group alleges the man is responsible for the murder of sherry joe bates. in 1957, police received a handwritten letter that led investigators to believe the murder was connected to the zodiac but in 2016, investigators received an anonymous letter from a person admitting what was written was a sick joke. today, riverside police are still investigating the murder
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but are not connecting it to the zodiac killer. police in the layouts and cbs13 this statement, telling us the case remains under investigation. they added they are unable to confirm what a lot deny the validity of the reports. jim jackson has spent his career on the task force working to identify the intramuscular. >> there has not been a lot of new information developed over the last several years. >> reporter: we made over a dozen calls to the family of the man this group has identified as that killer, but no one answered our calls. reporting and sacrament, rene santos, kpix 5. over the years, many people have come forward claiming to know who the zodiac killer was. most notably in 2007, a man pointed fingers at his stepfather jack torrance, who
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the fbi actually tried at one point to dna match with evidence left by the killer. then, there was a woman in 2008 claimed her father, guy wood hendrickson was the actual zodiac killer and said that she was with him for two of the murders. and then come in 2014, a man published a book where he claims his search for the biological father earl van bess jr. led him to believe that the best was the zodiac. this latest theory comes less than a year after one of the zodiac's mysterious ciphers was solved. last december's, a team of amateur codebreakers was able to crack the so-called 340 cipher, the code which was mailed to the san francisco chronicle back in 1969. it was finally revealed. it said, quote, i hope you're having lots of fun in trying to catch me. so, we reached out to the sentences go police detectives about today's news, we were told the department cannot comment, because, as far as
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they are concerned, the case is still ongoing. the san jose mayor and state leaders are pushing the city's residents to come up with creative methods to conserve more water. >> because it is fleet week, take a navy shower. take a shower of less than five minutes or a half bath. >> merl accardo was also pushing for residents to limit watering to twice per day according to the u.s. drought monitor, 100% of santa clara county is in extreme drought. new at 6:00, california is reducing the wait time for terminally ill patients who wish to end their lives. governor gavin newsom assigned a new bill which reduces the original 15 day waiting period to just 48 hours. this comes six years after the state first legalized assisted deaths for the terminally ill patients. the new law goes into effect on january 31st. walnut creek putting plans to allow recreational marijuana sales on hold, at least for now.
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city says it want e discussion sales, but it wnto covid-19 rec first. mayor kevin wilk is calling on the city council to gather more information about colorado -- marijuana storefronts in the next six months. good news about our weather? >> yeah, you can continue to enjoy cooler temperatures. you haven't enjoyed them it will warm up a bit this weekend so there is something for everybody, except for rain. we had clouds overhead today that the satellite perspective because of low level fog. that's dissipated, we still have waves of clouds rolling in off the pacific throughout the day, occasionally blocking sunshine and often filtering it out. once in a while the sun would break through. could be a similar pattern tomorrow. let's take a look at future cast showing plenty of cloud cover tonight and starting the day on thursday. breaks every once in a while but what you don't see on
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future cast is green showing up. ours and we will only see a foy night and even that is less than a 20% chance. at least we get cooler temperatures to knockdown fire threat. the wind is gusty, 15 to 20 mile-per-hour gusts for the most part right now this will calm down after midnight tonight but the wind will still be noticeable to start the day and through lunchtime on thursday. the wind picks up again during the afternoon. 15 to 25 mile-per-hour gusts inland, 25 to 30 mile-per-hour gusts along the coast and another day if you drive a higher profile vehicle keep both hands on the wheel. right now, a pretty sunset is in progress as we looked downtown from treasure island. temperatures in the 60s down to 58 degrees already in san francisco, comfortably cool weather including for a dog walk if that is on your agenda. we have our dog content on the couch. more comfortable air in store friday evening. you will have chances to enjoy the cool temperatures tomorrow and again on friday.
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we drop down mostly into an itomorrow morning,northbay by noon up into the 60fo the most part. below 60 degrees in san francisco and along the coast. temperatures will top out in the 60s in most locations thursday afternoon. warm spots inland in the east bay only reaching low 70s, 10 degrees below average. similar temperatures on friday, just a bit of a warm-up over the weekend. the warmest we get, near average temperatures on sunday will be the case for everybody before temperatures cool off again back down to 5 to 7 degrees below normal on monday and tuesday of next week. >> looks good, thank you. the cbs evening news is coming up. >> norah o'donnell has the preview. >> hi. good to see you. it is a busy news day. tonight after kpix 5 news at 6:00 we are talking about the holidays. are they in jeopardy? we talked to a toy store owner who says her stock of hot wheels and barbies will sell out before christmas as shipments are stuck out at sea.
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new information about what is causing the backlog and the solution being proposed by the white house coming up on the cbs evening news. ahead in sports, to former bay area big-league managers are about to get into it. why giants fans don't mind getting caught in this web. as oracle park gets ready for an extreme makeover. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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baseball up top. if it was not enough of a local story, how about a sacrament or area native, logan webb starting his first postseason game, n.l. division series game one on friday. kevin guzman gets the pitch game two on saturday. this was web today. right by my camera. he has been the giants best pitcher the second half of the season. a record of 7-0 since august 1st. drafted out of rockland high school back in 2014, the 23- year-old struggled his first two years but look here. putting it all together in 2021 and found out yesterday, he would get the ball on friday and played it cool. >> it wasn't a crazy special thing or moment, but i think that is just because we know there is more ahead. >> it has to be more than just a by the way. >> it kind of was to be honest.
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yeah. it was kind of like that but it was cool because i got to my parents and grandparents and my fiancc they were super excited. >> let's turn back the clock 28 years when dusty baker and tony larissa were managing in the bay area. fast-forward to 2021, both guys are still in baseball and will face each other tomorrow the white sox both men are in their 70s, both are still fiercely competitive. >> i enjoy. how come he didn't put it that way? >> because i'm older than he is in the locker room and stay down there i have to walk further to this press room and i don't think that is fair. i will talk to dusty about changing it. >> speaking of managers, jase was let go by the padres today as manager after just two seasons. the team fell out of wildcard
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playoff contention with a record of 7-21 in september and october. this fans the flames of speculation about bruce taking that job. nfl and the 49ers, jimmy garoppolo did not play today he is slowed last sunday. there is still hope he plays sunday at arizona. anybody expect cliff kingsbury's cardinals to be the lone unbeaten team after week four? kingsbury, got hired away from the college ranks despite a losing record. he channels the character of ted lasser from a comedy show by the same name. lasso, and unqualified college football coach who takes a job leading up professional english soccer team. >> there are some parallels between ted lazo and myself. yo it was a special essentially the same one he had like, was this some kind of a jerk? and then he is weirdly positive all the time.
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so i will take it. i like the show. >> ted lasser, zany mad cat. >> i can see it. >> art imitating life. thanks. one of alcatraz prison's most famous temporary residents. coming up, the pe
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taking a live look now at
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alcatraz, a gorgeous shot of the bay tonight. possessions from one of the prisons most infamous former inmates going on sale this week. surviving members of the family members of the gangster, al capone, are auctioning off everything from weapons to jewelry and furniture. the auction will take place this friday captioning sponsored by captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, terror in a texas high school as a student opens fire, leading to a manhunt and a city on edge. the latest on the condition of the victims, including a 25- year-old english teacher and the bullet that narrowly missed his heart. tonight, what led to the shooting, and what we're learning about the 18-year-old suspect and the .45-caliber gun. new vaccine mandate. los angeles becoming the largest city to require you get fully vaccinated before entering bars, gyms, or restaurants. plus, our new reporting for parents: when will young children be able to get the covid shot?
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inching towards a deal? the news tonight that congress may be closer to avoiding a debt crisis.


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