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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 7, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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big announcement about tessa's future here in the bay area. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. and i'm ken bastida. we start with first steps towards shedding indoor masks mandates. >> health officers from eight bay area counties came together to map out what it would take for counties to lose their indoor masks mandates. it will be anytime soon. >> kiet do is live at the santa clara county health department to break it all down for us. >> reporter: these health officers have been working on this for quite some time. the goal was to make the data easy to track, so the public to monitor the progress themselves. dr. sarah cody was is upbeat and optimistic today as we have seen her in a while, talking about the new metrics for lifting the indoor mask mandate. >> together, i hope that we can get to the other side of this
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pandemic as quickly as possible. >> reporter: to lift the mask mandate, each county must be in the yellow tier for 3 weeks, and covid hospitalizations in the jurisdiction must be low and stable. this is new. 80% of the jurisdictions total population, and it just of those eligible, but total population must be fully vaccinated, or 8 weeks have passed since vaccine approval for 5 to 11-year-olds. this applies to the counties of alameda, contra costa, marin, napa, san francisco, san mateo, santa clara, sonoma, and the city of berkeley. >> the most important thing is that we have metrics that are relatively simple, and that the public and see, and that we can track them together. >> reporter: other county for disco are living there mask mandate early for some settings on october 15. offices, fitness centers, religious gatherings, and more, can go mask list, if the host or employer can ensure that everyone is vaccinated, and there are no kids under 12.
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seven cisco candy can do this because it's a vaccine mandate went into effect nearly 2 months ago. dr. susan philip, with this inference is the department of public health, say they are close to the 80% total vaccination rate. >> severance is right now is at 75%. we are close, but we need another approximately 43,000 people to get vaccinated, but we know that a big part of that is going to come when the 5 to 11-year-old become eligible. >> reporter: will we have to wear masks at holiday parties this year? >> last year we saw cases begin to take up in early november. whether we will see that this year, i don't know. >> reporter: here at the modular shopping san jose's japan town, jim tran actually likes wearing a mask, and hopes they stay around a bit longer. >> i don't get any flu. >> reporter: you haven't gotten sick and you like that? >> i do. >> so, to be clear, these new metrics will apply to each county individually? and who's also ask why? >> reporter: each county is
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vastly different from one to the next, so they know that it is up to each individual county that these metrics on their own, because we all have different vaccination rates, different demographics, so it is entirely possible for one county to lift the mask mandate before another. they know this. they just ask the public for a bit of understanding and patience. >> thanks. go ahead of the website, , for more details on the roles to shed masks mandates. a 15-year-old girl was killed in a road rage shooting in oakland. that is the 109th homicide in the city this year. oakland homicide total for this year has now matched that of the entire year of 2020. the most recent death along this street. the teenage girl was in the car with her uncle when he and another driver began arguing with each other. the other driver, or another
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person in the other vehicle, then began firing shots. now, 218 robbery spree across the east bay. police say multiple teens were involved in a carjacking and armed robbery and a police chase. we are live in walnut creek, just one of the cities involved in the string of crimes. >> reporter: the crime street spree stretch across three studies, oakland, berkeley, and walnut creek. police and money creek say a group of about five teenagers robbed a woman at gunpoint. a lot of people who live and work around here say this kind of thing doesn't happen here all too often. a bald crime and a usually quiet downtown walnut creek has some locals now on edge. police say a group of five kids robbed a woman at gunpoint on monday night on this block of north main street, and then took off a getaway car. >> is something you don't see every day. >> reporter: investigators determined the suspect vehicle was actually stolen after a
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carjacking earlier in the day in oakland. berkeley police officers located the stolen car the next day, try to stop it him about the suspect took off. a chase led to a crash, and they arrested the five suspects, all between 11 and 15 years old. >> where the parents at cracks >> it sad. >> reporter: joanna is opening up a new location of her business board and brush on the same block where the robbery took place in downtown walnut creek. >> there are different levels of concern, but there definitely was coming to case and from our business community about it. >> reporter: kathy hemingway, the executive director of walnut creek downtown hopes people aren't deterred by the crime. >> walnut creek is still an amazing place to dine, shop, and visit. we absolutely take safety of our business owners, and business community residents very seriously. >> reporter: they were concerned when they heard about the armed robbery, but believe it was likely a one-off situation.
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>> i'm not going to let one incident ruin walnut creek's vibe. it is not worth it. >> reporter: police tell us the woman who was robbed at gunpoint was not seriously injured as a result of the crime. reporting live in one week, max darrow, kpix 5. >> the suspect as young as 11 years old? that is a fifth grader. unbelievable. thank you. now to the epic showdown for the first time ever, the giants will play the dodgers in the playoffs. the stage is set for a clash of rivals. here's an overview of how this will play out. the giants hosting games one and two tomorrow and saturday. then the series shifts to los angeles on monday, and tuesday if needed. game five would be back here 1 week from today. we begin our coverage with kpix sports reporter charlie walter who is live at oracle. today was a practice day for both teams.
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righw. rter: the giants got avyeto see chris taylor, after he had that walk off against st. louis. and if that is the appetizer to the entrce of this postseason, then we are in for a treat. this one has championship like vibes in a divisional round series. you don't hear me say that often. we talked with evan longoria a little bit ago. he said it is kind of unfair that the two best teams in baseball are playing in the series right now. maybe the mlb should rethink that moving forward. we will get to that when that day comes. for now, let us soak it in, and how massive this series is. >> it is what baseball wants. you know, giants-dodgers, one of the greatest rivalries in sports, and it is happening. >> ♪ ♪ >> reporter: book franchises moved west in 1958, and it only took 64 years for a playoff matchup. >> this series will be a
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madhouse in both places from what i understand, it is the first time that the giants and the dodgers have ever met in the postseason somehow. are back if you want to go way back into history before evan longoria was born, the oakland bridegroom's played the new york giants in the 1889 world series. since then, the moments that have fueled the rivalry have all come in the regular season. the good -- the bad -- and quite frankly, the ugly. today, it is a different kind of rivalry, but no less intense. 213 wins combined this season, leaving just three more to decide who advances.
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>> i think it's going to be very intense. >> i've been a part of the series that we have had here and in l.a., and even those are pretty crazy and wild. >> we knew that we were going to have to go through that, and they are going to have to go through us to get to the world series. you know, better get it out of the way early. >> reporter: this is a matchup that we have seen quite a bit of over the years. in the 50s and 60s, there were some play in matchups, however those were considered regular- season games. you have to go all the way back to 1889, the bridegroom's. how about that? >> i actually remember that game. >> were you there? >> you know. >> reporter: your great grandpa may have remembered it. >> thanks, charlie. 1889, 1989, you know. another live look at the
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ballpark. let's turn our attention to the gametime forecast. darren peck has it for us. are back if they are going to play baseball in october, if you go one of two ways. this is going to be fall. it is great today. it feels cool today. that's the view over the city. that is how it will feel tomorrow. this game tomorrow starts as we get towards 6:30, 7:00 p.m., upper 50s, cloudiness in the sky, and some dizziness. if you are lucky enough to be going, dress warm. not only for friday's game, but saturday's game as well. saturday will be a bit warmer. sunday will be the warmest day in the whole 7 day forecast. gavin newsom tweeting as california governor, he is excited to see the historic serious between the two best teams in baseball, but as a native san franciscan, he might have a different opinion. then he added the hashtag bla. everyone is weighing in. we want to see your giants pride
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. post a picture of your giants ar in fact the whole family, and tag kpix. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area -- >> we will take it as far as possible. there is a limit to how big you can scale in the bay area. >> elon musk shutting down parts of tesla operations here in the bay area, but what about his plans for the fremont plant? the level of need is probably the most drastic. >> this is a project that provides hope for tomorrow. turning the valve on drought relief for the north bay. new details on the cargo ship being investigated in connection with a massive oil spill. what the ship was just allowed to do at the port of oakland.
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developing now, elon musk announcing he is moving tesla corporate headquarters out of the bay area. currently, tesla has corporate offices on deer creek road in palo alto, but musk is taking his staff to austin, texas. that is where the company is building a new manufacturing plant. musk citing the cost of living here in the bay area. >> it is tough for people to afford houses, and a lot of people have to come in from far away.
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we are taking it as far as possibleere isa limit to how big you can scale it in the bay area. >> musk stressed that this is instead, he says the company plans to expand the actual plant, the production facility at the fremont factory, but a business group says that tesla up moving to texas is a clear warning to the bay area. we will have more on that tonight at 11:00. ranchers and dairy farmers in sonoma county are struggling in the drought parched bay area. >> allen martin here now with how sonoma water is turning the valve to provide some relief. 4 springs have been drying up in the historic drought, and many people have been running out of water, especially west of petaluma. that has forced north bay farmers to sell off cattle and sheep, and rely on water that
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gets hauled in. no countwill provide some relief. according to sonoma water, that well will provide water for farmer hauling programs, and drinking waters for areas that normally rely on the russian river. however, it goes a step further. according to sonoma water, two other wells will be able to capture rainwater and winter water flows from the russian river. that water was going to the ground, acting as a reservoir for periods of drought. >> the level of need is probably the most drastic that it is ever been as far as hauling water goes. >> this project was actually designed to take water in the winter when it's more readily available, use a recharge facility like this to put it back into the groundwater, to sort of bank that water for most years, and be able to pull it out like we are doing today in drought conditions. that is the future of water for sonoma county. >> is all part of the santa rosa plain drought resiliency project, to actually give the aquifers back.
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and update now on a cargo vessel being investigated in connection with the massive oil spill in southern california. operators of the ship rotterdam express got the green light to leave the port of oakland today for mexico, after cooperating with authorities. u.s. coast guard boarded the ship yesterday to investigate whether the vessel played any role in the large oil spill off of newport beach. investigators are trying to figure out if an anchor dragged over the pipeline and created a 13 inch split. the owners say the ship did not pass over the pipeline. the coast guard is analyzing electrical charting systems to see what ships were anchored or moving over the spill area. we take a look at the conditions in the lake tahoe basin this evening. some clouds hanging over the lake. the high sierra could see its first fall dusting of snow. meteorologist aaron peck and for paul tonight. how early the storm come in?
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>> reporter: tomorrow morning. it will go through the afternoon. maybe 1 to 2 inches up on echo pass and summit. where the caldor fire was. and over to donner pass. it would not go down to lake level, but the hills and mountains that surround the basin, it would. meanwhile, back here at home, it is fall in the tri-valley right now. the daytime highs struggled to hit 70 today. tomorrow is going to be pretty much just like this, and that system that is bringing light snow to tahoe is responsible for the way it feels here. it will try to give us a little rain tomorrow morning, and again saturday morning. here is the leading edge of it. if we come in for a closer look, and watch the way this will play out, starting tonight at 6:00, we let it play forward. here comes the sierra mother is your light snow that gets us
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into early tomorrow morning, but look at home. maybe a drop of rain tomorrow morning before you wake up, and by the time i get into most of tomorrow, you get blue skies. it will still feel like fall, but you will see more blue sky, and the class will come in for the second half of the day, and we will do it all over again for friday night into saturday morning. a few more light showers, and they don't have much luck. by the time we get into the heart of the day on saturday, plenty of sunshine. it won't look like this for saturday, whatever your plans are, or for that second game at oracle. it will still be cool and breezy, though. some of the models are getting overzealous by saying we make it 0.01 inches of rain. that wouldn't be much of anything. in this era, a couple of inches. that is enough that can mess with the drive, heart of the day on friday. anyone going to the sierra, that is not a blockbuster snow maker, but it is the first dusting. it will make the mountains look
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ready for a time, and it will get a headache for anyone driving up there and doesn't know it is coming. once it leaves, we get to the next story. on monday, there will be a fall offshore wind event. it doesn't look too extreme, but there is a fire weather watch. how is this for weather whiplash. it starts monday morning and goes through tuesday. we just have not gotten enough rain at home to put an end to fire season. morning lows tomorrow start off in the mid-50s. daytime highs stay where they were today. sunday is the warmest day in the whole 7 day forecast. san jose, mid-70s by sunday, then you cool down a bit from there. as we look across the microclimate, same story. near 80 on sunday, and then you cool back down into the mid-70s by next week. how to you, charlie.
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♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. it is the calm before the chaos at oracle park. the action starts tomorrow at 6:37. the giants are loaded with guys are playoff experience, but their manager is a rookie when it comes to the playoffs. today, he had his first big press conference. >> this is so formal. i want to go to the dugout.
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whatever, it's fine. >> reporter: gabe is in his second season with the giants. if you think he's nervous, think again. he participated in a poker tournament with the team last night while they were watching the dodgers beat the cardinals. he said he got distracted as the game got closer to extras. >> my chip stack was going down a little bit, so that is how invested i was. >> reporter: if there is anyone who knows kepler, it is dodgers manager dave roberts. they worked together in l.a. , and were teammates in boston. they went through the rivalry with the yankees, which apparently doesn't compare to this one. >> it was different. that rivalry in the postseason, you are talking about families, worried about their health and safety, and it was scary at times, yeah. >> reporter: they get the ball in game one against the dodgers , walker buehler.
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teammates have all of the confidence in the 24-year-old from rockland. >> what would you say to a guy like logan, making his first playoff debut? >> honestly, you kind of look at the last game in the regular season, and what he did, and that was pretty much a playoff game. >> he's a big goofball who shows up with a big goofy smile on his face every day, in a good mood. no moment alters that. meanwhile, another playoff game in the books. former giants manager dusty baker and his astros are getting a crack at the world series this season. >> if you don't knock on the t vea chance. the way i look at it, you know, thomas edison, he tried 1000 times, you know what i mean, before he discovered the lightbulb and electricity. >> reporter: dusty giving it another go. he's with white sox manager tony larissa shaking hands before the game in houston. michael brantley broke it open
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with a two macron single in the fourth. the astros win 6-1, and they take a 1-0 series lead. this should be absolutely electric at oracle park tomorrow. 6:37 first pitch. get your popcorn ready, as wayne griffin would say. >> stay away from that area because it's going to be crazy.
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rather than reach for the center console, can you imagine changing the settings on your car with your phone? >> millions of drivers use apple's carle place system to make calls and get directions, but reports say apple wants to take things a step further and according to bloomberg, apple is working on iphone-based technology called iron heart. the system could access a range of controls and settings on your car, that include temperature dials, defroster's, speakers, seats, armrests, and even the speedometer. >> i like that idea. we reached out to apple for comment, but we have not heard back. >> it's cool, but a little creepy. i would worry someone would maybe get a hold of my phone,
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and turn up the heat on it or something. thank you for tching at captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the news that vaccines for kids could be just weeks away, as pfizer officially asks the f.d.a. for authorization. the important information for parents of the 28 million children who could soon be eligible-- when the shot may be available, and could the dose be smaller? plus, as airlines impose vaccine mandates on employees, how it could impact your travel plans. abortions resume in texas, after a federal judge blocks the strict law. why some providers are still fearful, as the legal battle continues. bombshell revelations: new details about then-president trump attempting to force the justice department to overturn the election. tonight, why the plan was called


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