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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 9, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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right now on kpix 5, and
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streaming on cbsn bay area, a chance to beat l.a. has a ring of truth after the giants take game one against the dreaded dodgers. what the team is saying about win one and the huge home run. it's shaping up to be the busiest weekend in the bay area. why businesses say the timing can't be better. and another round of potential power shutoffs on the horizon for parts of the bay area. good morning, it's saturday, october 9th. and thank you for joining us. i'm devon feely. a first night of a busy weekendd in the city. before we get to what is on tap, let's check on the weather, what it will be looking like this weekend with meteorologist darren peck. >> going to be like friday. saturday is going to be warmer. and it's on the cool side. don't get me wrong. we're going to the mid-70s for daytime highs today and in the
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bay, we'll see temperatures around 70. it will be low to mid-60s at the beaches and to get more specific on, that you want to pick out your part of the bay? san jose, sent. redwood city, 73; santa rosa, 73. i will be back with a complete forecast in a few moments. >>. and i taking a live look at oracle park. game two giants-gougers will get underway later giants- dodgers will get underway later today and in the play-offs so far, it has not been close. the giant shutting out the dorms. that gives france an early advantage and the best of 5 series. giants and fans are newcomers to the season. andrea borba has never heard the home fans make as much noise as they did last. >> >> reporter: beyond the thundering chants and the [ inaudible ] behind home plate, there is a shrine of silence where the world series trophies
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of years past, 2010, 2012, 2049 live. we wonder why would they go unnoticed. >> nobody wants to jinx it. and i thank is what it is. when you're playing the dodgers. >> reporter: the first-ever post season meeting of the giants and dodgers in the modern era found fans grappling with two, motions. >> nerves. >> and it's 10 times more. amazing. >> and swagger. >> they would like to believe that they're winners. no one predicted them and look the us now. >> reporter: while you can't get fans to agree who their favorite player is, there is one point of complete commonality? >> is that me or does that trophy case look empty? >> i think we need another one right here don't you? >> i think we want more. it's an odd year, we need one more for sure. >> do we need another one? first we have to beat l.a. >> reporter: the most storied rivalry has bred rabid fans.
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tonight, respect. >> everyone respects each other here. we're hoping to, when we're being honest, that we'll be the ones coming out ahead. >> and charlie walter will have highlights of game 1 in sports and is the for want to at oracle park. this is shaping up to be one of the busiest weekends since the pandemic. post season baseball colliding with float week and many people heading into san francisco yesterday. andrea narcano reports that businesses hope to hit it out of the field with sales and big crowds in town. >> reporter: there is constant food traffic traffic and this is a big win for businesses struggling through the pandemic. >> we're best praying for business. we're new and it's important. >> reporter: she opened the club in february.
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there have been numerous ups and dues with you don't is an up. >> and as you see, the house is bydriving around san is francisco. there is a steady stream of cars and a good number of people walking around on this brisk night waiting to get into restaurants and bars in the marina. >> you have to have a seat to get in. there is so much people and capacity and energy, people were worried about overages. >> reporter: according to the san francisco visitors and convention bureau, this is expected to be the biggest weekend since the pandemic started. still, nowhere near prepandemic levels. >> what is going on? a lot is going on in this incredible city and i think we're feeling optimistic that we will get back and recover. we're starting the road. >> reporter: and the optimism is contagious. san francisco ans are seeing their city bounce back.
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>> it's great to see the city come back to life. it's been awhile and it's good to france back to where it was. other indicator is hotel occupancy. and san francisco ranks 25. get ready for a lot of orange and black in your social media feed this weekend and blue angels, to. and soon, you could be able to ditch your mask indoors across the bay area. in san francisco, don't expect the rules to disappear everywhere. the city begins to roll back the masked mandates for many settings, beginning on october 15th. >> i look forward to having future conversations and i hope that as soon as we are able, we can stop the masking.
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for now, we kind of get it. >> and it's testing the waters and this is a road map. a starting place. it doesn't mean that this plan is written in stone forever. >> the city's plan is to relax making rules and settings where groups gather. and that starts october 15th. the masks won't be required if an employer or host can verify everyone is vaccinated. >>. and i tahoe got the first snow of the season. melissa perlman has more on yesterday's dusting. >> i am tired of summer. >> reporter: a fleeting fall feeling snow briefly blanketing the area. the winter weather is mostly melted by mid-afternoon. and seeing, vantage point for a brief moment, the roads coated in white was a welcome site for
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locals. >> it's much needed and we're happy. i can't wait, you know, until we get good snow. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago, the caldor fire forced her business to shut down. the charred forest northbound is a seen of how the flames tore through the region. the foot is still ongoing and containment is at 96%. >> what kind of difference will the wet weather make? >> things are quite dry in that area. just in general for the sierra, people should be aware and there is some precipitation. it's not enough to get the good wetting into the ground. >> reporter: with extreme drought conditions, the moisture will slow the spread of the fire and doolittle to put it out. and mean, a new concern warning of a northeast wind event to the west side of the valley. >> and our big concern is with new fire starts and it can happen at any time. >> reporter: more wed weather needed as fire season stretches
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into fall. >> there there is sadness. >> and you kind of hold your breath. >> meantime, cuff rent conditions here. pg&e is warning that could shut off power because of gulfy winds and dry conditions. we'll keep you posted. the time is 6:09. still ahead, and streaming on cbsn bay area, part of the bay area under a different kind of quarantine and why it has nothing to do with covid. what residents can't do. and a new theory on what might have caused the big oil spill in california, and
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. welcome back. the time now is 6:12. almost 100 miles square of san jose or agricultural quarantine because of fruit flies. this is a look at the area stretching from the allen rock neighborhood on the north end to santa theresa county park on the south. kpix 5s len ramirez tells us what it means for people living there. >> reporter: the fruit fly quarantine is going to, picture a lot of backyard fruit growers in san jose, fruit ripening on the trees that they would sell or share has to stay on the property and/or be destroyed. >> it's about 50 fruit trees we have here. >> reporter: jacqueline garcia's family works their backyard orchard all year long
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for the bounty that comes every fall. >> my kids set up a farmer's stand and we will sell the fruit to the neighbors, sometimes we will barter or trade with neighbors. we sold to restaurants in the east bay. >> reporter: this year, much of the fruit will go to waste. the state ag officials imposed a quarantine on fruits, stretching across a nearly 100 square mile area of the santa clara valley to battle the invasive oriental fruit fly after the pests were captured during routine monitoring. >> today we found seven. that means we have a population going on of the. >> reporter: the ag commissioner said an infestation could endanger the county's $21 million fruit industry. the first line of defense could be the backyard grower. >> for those with backyard fruits, they should consume them on site. don't share them or ship them out of the area. >> reporter: the county is working with state ag officials to set traps to attract male fruit flies and kill them see they can't reproduce. >> we don't want the fruit
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flies to spread. that would be bad. if we can nip it in the d ikstin effect for eight months or until there is no sign of the insect after what would be three life cycles. lip ramirez, kpix 5. -- len ramirez, kpix 5. and i am going to pick up the forecast. day time highs today. sunday, about four or five degrees warmer than this. of the two weekend days, this is the cooler of the two. sunday is one of the warmer days of the next to ur days, in fact, and wind. it will feel better and both days are warmer and sunday, an interesting thing happens on sunday. we're going to get mist by a storm to the north. watch the timeframe there. that is sunday in the afternoon. watch the system slide into th and that me into the nort sl down the inside and that
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is what we call. watch the future cast here on sunday. screen lights up, stream lines intense few and we have an offshore wind event. now, we have to talk about the fire weather watch. starts sunday, the second half through tuesday, and it's focused in the usual places, north bay mountains and east bay hills and we'll have 40 miles per hour-gusts to go with this. low humidities, all of the usual concerns we get when we get the wind event like this. interestingly enough, as the system is missing us to the east, it's close enough that it drops a dusting of snow in the sierra. sunday into monday and less than what we got on friday. friday was pretty. like an watch is ls thanand i shouldn't impact the driver in a significant way. and sunday is the warmest of
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the next few. by the time we get to next week, we're warming back up again and that is near 80 in san jose and looking across the microclimates, the same story. warmer for thursday and friday. north bay valleys, same numbers. low 80s by the end of next week. >> this morning, there is a new theory on what may have caused the big oil spill in southern california. the coast guard said the damage could have happened a year earlier. the oil spill senttons of thousands of gallons of crude into the obligation. investigators believe that an anchor could have hit the pipeline months ago, displacing a portion of the line and weak ending the pipe and that other ships anchors my have struck the pipe later. the pipeline was dragged along the ocean floor and ultimately ruptured. meantime, businesses in orange county that depend on activilike fishing hing are hav
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local economy. >> reporter: it's the first boat to enter the dana point harbor in a week. for the boat's owner, it's more than smooth sailing. >> it means that we can open and there is no oil here. >> reporter: friday afternoon, the dana point harbor and new point harbor reopened after the oc oil spill and that means whole watching and fishing tours are back on. >> we're happy to be back on the water. we want everyone to know that it's great. come on out here. we're open. i know that we're still having cancellations every day. people think that they can't come out. >> reporter: just up the coast in newport beach, they are back in business. after a complete shutdown since monday. >> we are open. we're operating through the weekend. our first one tomorrow leaves at 9:45 a.m. on the water and looking for wild whales and dolphins. the fishing trips are starting up, too. thiale s area from
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sunset beach to san onofre, where no fishing or lobster trapping is permitted and stretches miles from shore. >> there is no fishing allowed at all. the commercials trapped, any sort of commercial fishing within six miles. >> reporter: the harbors might be open but for lobster fishermen, the fishing restrictions are devastating. he's not allowed to catch anything in the area his family fished for decades. southern lost tens of thousands of dollars preparing for the season that just started. if the restrictions are not lifted soon, he will have no way to support his family. >> i don't know what to do. >> reporter: for now, lobster traps like these, if it was not for the oil spill, will remain here on ore til th restrinsft. what if to u arted that one of the bat in the first inning
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would be all it would take against the los angeles dodgers. well, that was the case. logan webb was absolutely filthy. he joins elite company with his performance for the ages. we relive the good times in
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. the first play-off between the dodgers and san francisco giants. it was the sacramento area native that had the big performance in this one. logan webb making the first- ever post season start and the giants had what they needed. buster posey, opposite feel, two-run homer, 2-0, san francisco and same score, top of four.
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justin turner up the middle. tommyla stella the flip and crawford, the double-inning double play. slick and into the seventh. webb fired up, the ballpark was rocking. six innings later. the giants get insurance and bottom 7. solo shop. buehler can't believe it, 3-0, san francisco. webb was lifted after 7 and two- third shutout innings. had ten strikeouts, didn't walk a batter and another native. brandon crawford into the bullpen and -- . >> like ap, you know, the start of the day or night and i am so
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impressed with him. >> i was nervous and had confident the whole time. and we're seeing that for months. i am not surprised. >> the last post season, play- off or tournament game you were involved in. >> 2. >> 2015 short season in salem. >> were there emotions you drew on or seemed
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. straight ahead, restaurants and bars in the area are on the road to recovery. a series of bills signed by the governor are lifting a lot of spirits. and experts warn we could be seeing a twin demic this winter. the park pandemic precautions have to play. he's a
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. welcome back. the time now is 6:29. thank you check of the weather and meteorologist darren peck. >> if you liked friday and have been enjoying the fall weather, saturday is going to be similar and there is not a lot of change here and we're in the mid-70s for inland valleys and that is almost ten degrees below average. and i will see you with the rest of the forecast and the fire weather watch in a few moments. developing news in downtown los angeles. police killed a gunman who took a woman hostage. they say, friday afternoon, the gunman committed an armed robbery on south broadway and opened fire as he tried to run away. one of the shots injured a
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teenage bystander. >> the suspect pointed the gun at the group. the group ducked and the suspect fired at them. one of the rounds grazed the 14- year-old on the side of the head. he has been taken to a local hospital where he is expected to survive. >> as police chased him on foot, the suspect entered a woman's apartment and held her at gunpoint. the s.w.a.t. team used stun grenades and officers shot and killed the suspect and freed the hostage. plenty of people are out on the peninsula last night. those to go cocktails that you may have enjoyed during the pandemic are here to stay. and for a long time, the governor extend thed the options to keep businesses afloat. kpix 5 betty yu has more. >> reporter: tonight was a bustling night for velvet 48, a wine bar here in downtown burlinggame. the better part of the last 18 months, this parklet was the only place it could do
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business. >> the parklet has been a lifeline for us. throughout the pandemic, it's been very difficult to piece it altogether. the parklet is the -- is really the only way we have been able to serve people consistently outside. >> reporter: it's largely why the governor signed three bills into law, extending outdoor dining permits and alcohol sales at parklets for a year after the state of emergency ends. the governor made the announcement at an oakland restaurant. >> the opportunity to come here is not about extraordinary food, if it's about food, week order in and make food every night. it's about experiences. >> reporter: restaurants and bars can continue to sell to go cocktails with food for another five years. >> we did that a lot. especially in the winter and when we didn't want to go inside. i think we would love to keep that up, if it sticks around.
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>> reporter: flights restaurant on burlingame avenue said overall, it's doing more business outdoors than indoors during the pandemic. >> for all of us, the ability to continue serving our guest the best way possible, regardless if there is alcohol to go or serving people outside. and that is a good way to keep the business going. >> i have a seven-month-old baby. we're not dining indoors at the moment. post pandemic, i love the idea of extending to the outdoors. >> reporter: in burlingame, betty yu kpix 5. this morning, california's making it easier to take care of aging parents. the first state in the country to allow adult children to add their parents to their health plan. the governor signed the parent healthcare act this week. it won't take effect until 2023, and applies to people who buy their insurance on the individual market. parents must rely on their children for 50% of the total support. and on the fire watch,
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we're looking at a dozen of giant sequoias burned in the windy national forest. a vegetation and forest management specialist has been outsurveying the damage. to date, 74 of the majestic trees have been destroyed. and taking a live look at the white house, president biden has made a decision concerning the predecessor. he said, that he will not block congress from obtaining documents related to the january 6th capital attack. skyler henry has developments from washington as the house committee's investigation continues. >> reporter: president biden will allow congress to obtain records from the trump res dancy -- presidency, as the house committee investigates the january 6th insurrection. former president trump had asserted executive privilege over nearly 50 documents. >> the president determined that an assertion of executive privilege is not warranted for the first set of documents from the trump white house that have been provided to us by the national archives. >> reporter: the committee
6:34 am
subpoenaed high-ranking trump administration officials. his legal team instructs them not to produce documents or testimony. citing execute of and other privileges. lawmakers say former white house chief of staff mark meadows 7 gaming with the committee, but lawyers for former white house adviser steve bannon say he will not comply with the subpoena. the white house said that president biden will consider future assertions of executive privilege on a case-by-case basis as the committee moves forward with the investigation. >> he believes it's the utmost purpose for congress and the american people to have a complete understanding of the events of that day to prevent them from happening again. >> reporter: former president trump released a statement saying, democrats are drunk on power. he is expected to head to court to further fight the investigation. the committee subpoenas had set interviews for next week. skyler henry, cbs news, washington. one of the capitol rioters will spend three months in jail. robert reader told the fbi he believed he had permission to enter the building and claimed he was not violent on january
6:35 am
6th, despite video evidence to the contrary. a judge in d.c. who handed down the sentence, said defends must take responsibility and acknowledge the severity of storming the capitol. the president is pushing private companies with more than 100 employees to mandate vaccines or testing the fines. the labor department is working to prepare an emergency rule. >> and i this morning, a college president in pennsylvania's offering incentives for students to get vaccinated. he said, if 65% of students upload the vaccine cards, slippery rock university will raffle off five premier parking spaces. if that figure reaches 70%, one free scholarship is up for grabs. it's 75%, the president is promising to get a tattoo on his arm with a slippery rock theme. >> i wish our society would be the spot where more people are getting vaccinated on their own. and that is not where we are
6:36 am
and my hope is to get under the circumstance to where we need to be. once we're at 75%, i will breath easier. >> and the deadline to respond to those incentives is december 3rd. and meantime, experts have been warning that we could see a twindemic of flow and shows that it stops the spread of the flu and other common respiratory viruses last year. reporter michael george has more. >> reporter: the family gets flu shots and take what precautions they can each winter. 3-year-old alexander was born premature. >> the doctors were very clear. he needed to be protected. if he caught rsv or the flu, it was a high likelihood he could end up hospitalized. >> reporter: the covid-19 pandemic brought new worries. >> we follow all of the public health advice. we wear our masks everywhere we go. >> reporter: millions of
6:37 am
children get sick with the flu every year and tens of thousands are hospitalized with respiratory virus or rsv. wearing masks and social distancing stop the common respiratory viruses from spreading last season. >> taken together, they're effective in preventing illness. >> reporter: the study was conducted in an ohio children's when pandemic finishes were in place. researchers found two cases of flu and no cases of rvv. viral infects returned dr. william shafner is a disease specialist at vanderbilt medical center. >> we didn't expect to see spreading of winter respiratory viruses in the summer. shows you that those you have res, which are contagious, will take advantage of us as we open
6:38 am
up, gather together, take off our masks. >> we wash our hands when we get home and we sleep well and slope. >> this were nothing, the governor is putting a positive spin to move the silicon headquarters out of california to texas. >> i appreciate the v.s he made and pushing out boundaries. he invested untold amounts of money in this state to create thousands and thousands of -- and -- . >> the governor said california is a great place for entrepreneurs and innovators and is home to 60 electric vehicle companies and there are no hard feelings about that decision. and coming up on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area,
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they disappeared during the pandemic. now cruise ships are returning to san francisco. the boost that is giving to businesses. and each week, we bring you someone with a jefferson award. we have
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deadly gilroy police shooting. it happened last month. and started when a suspect who wanted to turn himself in here's more on what happened next. >> reporter: it happened in the post office in downtown gilroy. the man's name is david lopez. police wanted him for attempted murder. one month ago, he called the gilroy price apparently trying to turn himself in. >> 911 emergency [ inaudible ] >> reporter: it was 2:31 in the morning when david lopez called 911, admitted he was drunk and high and under the influence of other substances. he wanted to meet a police officer at the post office. the dispatcher asked him twice if he was armed. >> are you armed? >> no. >> reporter: lopez is here wearing a white t-shirt and standing under the overhang. by now, officers know lopez is wanted for a violent felony. the plan, make him lay on the ground. >> as we arrive from the area,
6:43 am
if you ask him to lay in the prone position, please. >> reporter: the first arriving officer rolled thes up slowly and tries to talk to him on the pa. lopez starts shooting. >> shots fired. >> reporter: one of the bullets struck the patrol car. at this point, his gun malfunctioned and he pulled a second gun. the officer returned fire. 's second officer arrives on scene and lopez points his gun in that direction. the first officer repositions and fires another two shots. >> let me get around. >> reporter: one of the bullets hits lopez. he dies a short time later. and this is the same moment captured on the officer's body worn camera. no officers were injured or bystanders hurt. a total round was -- . >> no family wato go
6:44 am
ugh the. it's h >> reporter: anita lopez and sandra arellano are sandra's sisters and they want all of the raw video released. >> the footage doesn't show everything. it's like paused in the beginning. who knows if he shot first or not. that is what it looks like in the video. >> co you trust the system to hold the officers accountable? >> no, there has to be more than one body cam of the videos that are being shown or released. >> reporter: the santa clara county d.a.s office released a statement, quote, it's the d.a.s role to determine if the shooting was lawful. we will release a public report detailing our decision. if it's not legal, according to our review, we will charge. in downtown gilroy. this morning, two wealthy parents were convicted. the first cases in the college admission scanned told to go to try. a former casino execute i was was found guilty of paying $300,000 to get his daughter into usc. the other, a former staples exec was convicted of paying over $1 million to get his kids
6:45 am
into usc, stanford and harvard. they're to be sentenced next year. will notice today is warmer and subtle. a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday and while we're experiencing a warm-up, we're going to be getting missed by a storm and that is to the north and the inside of the continent, making it one of the inside sliders. inside sliders give us offshore winds and watch what happens. we start out sunday and there is no color. the screen lights up. the brighter the color, the stronger the wind. they're northernly winds going from the northeast as they work across the north bay mountains and hills and that is how you drive things out. the north winds are drier. they go downslope over the
6:46 am
hills and warms them up. and that is not good and so from sunday evening to tuesday evening, the fire weather watch is in place. not only for the north bay mountains but in the east bay hills and all of the while, it will bring light though to the sierra and this is light. you remember a dusting. and if you remember pictures, that was one to two inches and this is not that. less than that and dusting the hills and is gone and we're warming up on sunday, cooling down on wednesday and recall warming up again. near 80 in san jose bay the end of next week and temperatures into the low 80s for the inland valleys of the east bay and the north bay valleys. as we approach the end of next
6:47 am
week. a nice warm-up for sunday. a year and a half after the covid crisis in the bay unfolded on the grand princess cruise ship, passenger vessels are making a comeback and cruise ships are returning to the bay of san francisco. the first ship arrives next week. >> reporter: the majestic princess will carry more than 2200 customers and dock here at pier 27 on monday morning. the passengers are expected to empty the ship to shop and dine in san francisco. and that is great news for this man owning a cafe next to the cruise dock. because of fleet week, it's hard to tell. his restaurant is struggling. unlike today, he said most weekdays are pretty quiet. >> and doing half of the business we used to do. >> reporter: with thousands of passengers arriving next week, it's a good sign for his
6:48 am
business. >> hopefully, a big boost. yeah, some kind of boost. >> a symbol of business and visitors returning. it's more than a symbol but folks saving businesses. >> reporter: for some bay area residents, the last cruise ship to enter the bay last march symbolized the beginning of covid. the grand princess had more than 100 covid positive passengers. at least seven people died. >> it's more safe for someone to come into san francisco on a cruise ship. we know they have been tested and vaccinated and we know that they have all of the protocols. if someone drives across the bridge. >> reporter: the port of san francisco said 21 cruises are scheduled to come in this year. in, year, it will be a record, 127 slips. >> it's good news for everyone in san francisco. chinatown will be having a lot of tourists coming in. >> reporter: the san francisco travel association said that things won't be back to normal at least until 2025, because there is very little
6:49 am
international and business travel. in 2019, 63% of the visitor spending was by international travelers. in san francisco, i am da lin, kpix 5. >>ef week, we bring you a story of a quiet hero. we have exciting news this week, there is not one but two and they're getting national attention. here's mored. >> as soon as you get access to -- >> reporter: mario and martin have connected nearly 2 million people to broadband. the pair is opening doors to opportunity like virtual school and online appointments. they're multiflying good, the nonprofit behind the jefferson awards. >> it's my honor to let you
6:50 am
know that you and martin are the final fifth winners this year. >> whoa! that is amazing. >> i they won a jacqueline kennedy onassis award for outstanding service benefiting local communities. >> it was a shock to the system and it caused me to reflect. on reflection, yeah, i am superexcited about the work we're doing and i am reenergized and refocused and it's a big deal. >> reporter: what the cofounder martin and ceo mario are doing is a big deal -- they're helping tribal nations build their own reliable broadband networks for 1/10 the cost of a traditional build. >> almost all of our builds use existing infrastructure. see i don't have to build a tower. i have to get something high enough. i am talking about rooftops, existing towers. >> reporter: she climbs the towers to install the hardware.
6:51 am
in addition, ged the way fcc po ve ve freendwidth reserve for educ legal groundwork so now, hundreds of tribal lands are lining up to build their own high-speed interbenjamin netanyahuworks. >> now, the future is connecting the tribes. you will see -- internet networks. >> the future is connecting the tribes. you kill see that connecting things. >> reporter: for winning a national jefferson award for bridging the digital divide through muralnet, we celebrate martin and mauriel. anyone can nominate a bay area hero.
6:52 am
. tomorrow is world homeless day. a time when people are
6:53 am
encouraged to volunteer and make an impact against the per softent problem. as many as 150 million people around the world don't have a home. in london, a longer-term campaign invites people to step on board one of the city's famous red buses. inside, they can get access to a doctor, dent of the, showers and a haircut. free buses have been -- three buses are remodeled and equipped with laptops this help people find jobs and open bank accounts. >> you have to try and make the space as nice as you come and try to connect with people. >> people can send a text message to request a bus to stop by them. the buses will run six days a week the next two years. each one helping at least six homeless people every day. two journalists have won this year's noble peace prize. they're being recognized for the perseverance in thof thorit has more on the award-winners.
6:54 am
both an unexpected and exciting win. it says that facts in our age of spin are worth fighting for. and maria and dmitry battle to tell the truth in authortaryian companies that is a dangerous thing. ressa runs a hugely popular online news site in the philippines. it's reported on corruption and extra judicial killings authorized by the philippine president. ressa who graduated from princeton has been harassed, threatened and arrested for her war on fake news and toxic social media. dmitry is editor-in-chief of one of the most respected newspapers in russia, which has meticulously reported on corruption abuse of power. on hisl eskill on mber in the early no one 90s, when murata was
6:55 am
broke and the setting up the newspaper, mikhail gorbachev who won the noble himself, donated some of his prize money to start the paper. elizabeth palmer, cbs ne
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wow, no braces, everything's hands free. i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign. . it's 6:56 and time for a look at the morning's top stories. thgame to none against the dodgers. san francisco won game one last night, 4-0. game two happens at
6:57 am
oracle park tonight before the series shifts to l.a. and the play-offs combined with fleet week are drawing thousands of people into the city. the san francisco visitors and convention bureau expects this to be the biggest weekend since the pandemic started. pg&e said it may have to shut off power to three north bay counties. there could be fire risks due to gusty winds and dry vegetation. the outages may begin on monday. governor newsom signed legislation to allow restaurant parklets to stay in place for a long time. the new laws will create a grace period of a year after the state of emergency finally comes to an end. san francisco plans to roll back the indoor mask mandates next friday. this doesn't include restaurants and bars but it does include settings where regular groups of fully vaccinated people gather like offices, gyms and religious services. and before we go, a final look at fleet week festivities. chopper 5 following the parade
6:58 am
of ships earlier yesterday. they passed upped the golden gate bridge. you can take guided tours of four of the ships all weekend. and we have a full list of float week events on the website at kpix and thank you so much for watching kpix 5 news this were nothing. don't forget the news continues all day on the cbsn bay area. we're back here tomorrow morning at 6:00. enjoy your saturday.
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