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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 10, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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11:00 at night and right on cue we are already seeing 35 mile an hour gusts but this is just the start. we will talk about the wind advisory for everybody. >> we want to make sure to be there, and ready. >> cal fire is ready to hit the ground rolling if a brush fire breaks out. the areas they are keeping a close eye on and what may have caused thousands to be stranded at airports across the country. >> my daughter in my son were there and they said they would be stuck at the airport. a live look at a quiet oracle park because the giants are on the road looking to regain the lead in game three. >> we will start with a live
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look across the bay area with a red flag warning going into the effect for much of the area. >> let's get right to darren peck whose tracking the high fire danger. >> let's talk about the difference between the red flag warning for the fire concerns and the wind advisory. the wind has just picked up over the last few hours so the red flag warning which starts at 11 does not expire till tuesday. this covers the northbay mountains and the santa cruz mountains. we will see gusts up to 60 miles per hour and very low humidity. that's the fire whether concern but in addition, this is going to be windy at your house. and pretty much bay area wide. everywhere on the map that is shaded tan are under a wind advisory. it's already started to get dusty in the northbay. the wind is already up around 25-30 miles per hour but that's going to spread over the entire
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bay area and that's what we will look at in detail in the complete forecast. >> kpix 5 reporter kenny troy is live in fairfax which is one of the areas of heightened concern and he has more. hey kenny. >> reporter: good evening, what makes this especially more significant is that, there are strong wind gusts covering a vast amount of territory. the strongest wind is expected overnight in the northbay mountains and hills as well as the east bay mountains and hills. >> extra crews are ready to roll as units are monitoring red flag conditions but a fire is more likely to ignite and spread rapidly. >> it creates a large area which clearly, the larger area of the red flag the more significant the chances of any type of event. >> under normal conditions brushfires like this one are more manageable. low humidity metals -- levels
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are driving this morning. adding in extreme drought conditions and in place for what could be devastating scenarios. >> if the wind catches any fire it's going to push it and potentially become something big so we want to be sure to be there ready to put it out. >> in wood aker, students and parents gathered for a school event and one exhibit showed the prolific expansion of fire and the relation to climate change. >> information that is given to residents, i get my warnings from the sheriff department, we are in a red flag warning now. >> with strong wind comes public safety power shut off. residents in vacaville have been alerted power will likely go off. >> we've had so many fires it scares us to death. we have to adapt.
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if turning the power off is going to help prevent fire than we have to deal with that. >> are they giving you any idea of how this wildfire season is stacking up against other ones recently? >> this year so far about 2.5 million acres have burned in the state of california. significantly less than the 4 million, the record 4 million acres the burned last year in 2020. but you have to remember there is still a significant portion of the wildfire season that is left. >> we have more ahead. because of the wind and red flag warnings, in less than five hours, pg&e will begin shutting off power to thousands across northern california. in its latest update the
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utility says that restoration for those who lose power could begin tuesday. mary lee will have the latest on the red flag warnings and the power shut offs tomorrow morning. taking a live look at sfo and opened airports where southwest airlines is experiencing all sorts of flight delays and cancellations. betty is live with what's causing all the chaos. >> reporter: southwest is blaming the weather and air traffic control issues for these delays and cancellations. no other major airline has reported similar problems on this scale this weekend. this was the scene in las vegas over the weekend, tyler from hayward share this photo showing the long lines to get assistance at the southwest counter. he said there was a six hour in person wait to get help. very few alternative flights available. tonight, paul hagans flight was
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also canceled. he received an error message on the app and faced a two hour wait time for customer service. >> my daughter and my son were nervous, airport. >> romeo rodriguez is hoping to make it home to las vegas from sfo. the flight was already delayed twice. >> we heard about it friday, and saturday, sunday we had no idea what was going to happen. >> the airline canceled more than 1000 flights or about a third of its schedule as of sunday evening. that's the highest rate by far of major u.s. airlines. southwest airlines said weather in florida and unexpected air traffic control issues in the same region triggered delays and cancellations at the beginning of the weekend but no other airline is as severely affected. >> just delayed in over an hour. not that bad.
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tomorrow is a holiday for me personally so there's no rush to get home. but it is, uneasy for some people. >> it's pilot union is denying its sick out or protest, they asked the court to block the airlines coven -- covid-19 vaccine mandate. >> southwest is encouraging passengers to rebook, though we know people of had trouble. paul hagan did get a flight back to the bay area but not until tuesday morning. >> that means darren is working his shift tomorrow. all right. thank you. let's look at oracle park where it's travel day for the giants. as the playoffs moved to los angeles for the next two games. >> welcome to chavez remain dodgers stadium.
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we are past time for the clubhouse speeches. no more dress rehearsal, no more work out. tomorrow night the curtain raises on an lds game three. let's show you what happened earlier in the evening as the giants on q, came out at 7:30 and it was business as usual. look at brandon crawford making it look easy at shortstop. in the hot corner, evan longoria, one of the few southern california kids. >> a lot of memories watching games as a kid. it's pretty special to be here. family is close by and people will be watching. >> given the magnitude of the game, are you hearing from, hey, we were in third grade together! >> i think i made it abundantly clear that it's going to be close family here only. obviously this place is probably sold out, ready quickly.
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we only get a lot of the certain amount of tickets and they go to close family. >> that's a taste of what you will get on game day at the bottom of the hour. from here, dodger stadium as we wrap up the giants and we go back to san francisco with charlie walter who will take the 49ers and the raiders from there. that'll do it from la. vern glenn. >> thank you vern, tomorrow's first pitch will be at 6:30 p.m. and now i live look at san francisco where later this week, both of these counties will be easing indoor masking mandates. starting friday you will be able to ditch the masks at indoor gyms and offices but san francisco is still requiring masks at indoor restaurants and bars if you aren't actively eating or drinking. in the state, 85.1% of eligible people ages 12 and up have received at least one vaccine
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dose. >> i had, a new california law could put the brakes on these illegal sideshows. we will explain in a minute. >> facebook does damage control in the wake of damning whistleblower testimony. and from the final beatles concert to the aftermath of the jfk assassination, how one legendary photograph working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. princess cruises was born right here in california. for over 55 years, we've been helping californians
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make the most of their precious vacation time. and right about now, we could all use a real vacation. so forget the road trips and rentals and sail with princess right from san francisco to the glaciers of alaska, the beautiful tropics of hawaii, the beaches of mexico or along the california coast. set sail with california's cruise line. book now at or call your travel advisor.
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looking at the state capitol in sacramento where tonight was the deadline for governor gavin newsom to sign a slew of new bills into law. he finished early. yesterday california became the first state to require large retail stores to provide gender- neutral toy sections. the new law takes effect in 2024 and allows retailers to continue selling toys in boys and girls sections. they just need to have an additional gender-neutral area. the governor also outlawed the sale of new gas powered leaf blowers, lawnmowers and chainsaws as early as 2024. all newly sold equipment must eventually be zero admission. other new laws taking aim at illegal sideshows. suspending a participants driver's license for up to six months. current laws only allow for a fine or jail time. the new law will not take
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effect until july 2025. in the aftermath of the testimony that it's platform harms children. facebook is doing damage control. facebook is unveiling new safety controls for kids. the optional controls will allow adults to monitor what their kids are doing online. facebook says the new controls will also encourage teens to look at more positive content and nudge them to take a break if they've spent too much time on the platform. >> we understand the concerns, we need to press pause and listen to the experts and consult with others and explain our intentions. >> this comes after facebook announced last month they were pausing work on its instagram for kids project. some critics say they are skeptical the new features will be effective and they say the plans like details. thousands celebrate the history of italy today at the annual italian heritage day parade in san francisco. [ music ]
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>> dozens of decorated floats, dignitaries and classic cars made their way from fisherman's wharf to north beach, also known as little italy. for many locals the event was a time to appreciate family, food and culture. >> you kind of think it faded away and now it's back stronger than ever. just to see family and friends, the whole bit. look at the smiles going on here. the city is alive right here. it's back stronger than ever. what better way to wrap up fleet week and san francisco than some final flyovers by the blue angels. everyone who looked up to to see them were amazed by the new f-18 hornet jets over the city. tomorrow a live look at the port of san francisco where for the first time in more than a year, a cruise ship will dock.
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the majestic princess will bring more than 2200 passengers into san francisco. the port says at least 21 cruises are scheduled between now and the end of the year. as we mentioned earlier, darren's mom is in town this weekend, and my mom when she saw me do the weather said, you need a new suit. >> thankfully i did not get any remarks that were anything other than, it was so nice to see you. >> she was smiling from ear to ear. >> let's get into this forecast, the wind tomorrow will be widespread and everyone's going to feel it. that's different than what most of these red flag warnings, when we talk about them, often you never feel the wind as it's in the mountains. tomorrow is different, it's tomorrow morning and tomorrow
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afternoon when we feel the strongest of this. why is this an offshore wind event tomorrow? and why do we have fire weather concerns? every other system so far for the past few weeks has been good giving us light rain and onshore wind. these will be offshore wind, we have a big block in the atmosphere. any storms that come into california have to go around. this one goes up and over, through the pacific northwest and then slides down to our east on the inside of the state. that's why we call these inside sliders. considering there is so much focus on baseball right now. it's a very important term. look what it does, as it moves by to the east it turns on those northerly offshore winds, and then they start squeezing over the mountains of the north bay and east bay. this is classic fire weather.
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it's already started in the north bay but overnight it picks up and by tomorrow, late after morning or afternoon, this is when we are noticing the wind for the valley and east bay and pretty much bay area wide. when i say it will be windy in your area this is what it will look like. gusting at 35 miles per hour which can send the brief line. you could get some localized power outages. if you get a broken tree branch on a power line you could lose power. that's something to keep in mind beyond the actual fire weather threat in the mountains. the other thing is, it's going to be noticeably cooler tomorrow because of this. morning lows in the mid 50s, watch the daytime highs, about 10 degrees cooler than today. you could not have gotten a better weather day than what we had today with everything going on. tomorrow we get back in the kind of unsettled fall with the wind noticeably cooler. once the wind passes for tuesday we are staying cool for
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a few days. by next weekend we wore right back up again. next weekend will probably about as nice as today, sunny and low 80s. we take a look at the east bay where we get back to the 80s. in the same thing with the valleys of the north bay. batten down the hatches for tomorrow morning and afternoon. now to one of the biggest victims of climate change. iceland is melting fast. scientists say the amount of ice lost in iceland fueled by global warming totals more than 1.2 trillion tons per year. there are roughly 400 glaciers on iceland, experts say a majority of them are melting at rates never seen before. glacier melts are the main cause of rising sea level that threatened to flood coastal communities around the world. scientists say all that water could be changing the oceans circulation which could fuel more extreme weather like hurricanes and heat waves.
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one expert says we can keep the planet from overheating. >> that means we have to act now. i want people to think about the future with ice. >> jackson says if nothing is done to reduce global warming there's a possibility iceland could lose nearly all of its ice in the next century. coming up, how rock 'n roll paid the way for one bay area photographer to be remembered long after his death. and why the reality of flying cars could be... here now. and tomorrow, half the counterfeit pill was all it took. her father found her dead in her bed. he's speaking out to warn other parents. >> i told him this is real. don't take the pill, it can kill you. >> a father's plea tomorrow night on the
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this week new screenings of a documentary shedding light on a legendary bay area photographer who had an eye for history. >> can shows us how the next generation of photo lists. >> this photographer documented the beatles final concert. >> in the moment they went on
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stage and the magic was there. >> marshall died over a decade ago but his legend lives on. >> who is jim marshall? where do you start. >> jim was the man. >> the award-winning film is called show me the picture. >> i've always liked cars, guns and cameras. cars and guns have gotten me in trouble but cameras haven't. >> marshall was famous for his iconic rock 'n roll photographs but he captured more than that. >> he always said he was a reporter with a camera. >> amelia davis was his longtime assistant and is an executive producer of the film. she is still digging through his archives. >> going through his massive archive of millions of images, i'm always amazed. >> his archives are packed with breathtaking moments of american history including, crowds gathering in new york after president kennedy's assassination.
11:25 pm
the peace movement, or, the crushing poverty in america. >> in 1964 he went to hazzard kentucky and photographed a coal mining family. >> screenings are set up in los angeles and san francisco. proceeds go to fund the jim marshall fellowship. >> photographs that jim made our historical documents. >> professor ken light teaches photojournalism at the university and says his students are inspired by marshall's work and his role in recording that moment in time. >> the past is important but the future will at some point in the past. that is really our role, record the moment but realize that moment will be history and people will want to look back. >> the san francisco screenings are at the roxy theater on
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october 11 and 13th. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents...
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remember when flying cars were just around the corner next >> how long have we been waiting? >> we've been waiting a while. >> the future is now, almost. >> i believe that vehicles like this and others are going to revolutionize transportation going forward.
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this is just the very beginning. >> many people have imagined pulling a flying car out of the garage, this man is actually doing it. his company called opener plans to sell the aircraft called black fly. >> this aircraft can fly faster than the maximum speed we are allowed which is 62 miles per hour. >> it cannot go over heavily populated areas but ultralights do come with one big advantage. you don't have to be a certified pilot. great. however you need a lot of cash, the black fly aircraft are expected to cost, hundreds of thousands of dollars. the ceo says he hopes to boost production and drop the price to the cost of an average luxury vehicle. >>
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thanks for watching, game day
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this is game day on kpix5. dodgers stadium. wow, we are the same age. built in 1962. it is the third oldest baseball stadium in
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all of major league baseball. for the first time tomorrow it will host its first ever dodgers and giants game. we are on location where this giants/dodgers series is tied up to a game a piece to now the best of three series with the next two right here. >> we can get back to being ourselves. they think the dodgers have their swagger back after the offense erupted off of the giant's bullpen. that can't happen here in l.a. >> nothing will phase us. we will go in, play baseball and we will see what happens in nine inningsiment game three starter, wood, can help take


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