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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  October 12, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. we have breaking news at
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3:00 kpix 5 and streaming cbsn bay area. eight three alarm fire in vallejo. chopper 5 over the apartment complex on panorama drive. it is down the drive from a bit a big food max. no word on any injuries. police in san jose working to find a killer. we will hear from the victim's family looking for answers. another breezy day around the area. a couple of hours to go in our red flag warning. later this week the windy conditions will return. >> i am vern glenn at dodger stadium. is today or night the time for giants baseball? the report is coming up. good afternoon to you. no 3:00 these family of a san jose man gunned down in a seemingly random shooting splitting what the public to help them find his killer. the victim was a of 4.
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>> investigators couldn't really explain exactly what triggered. she didn't have a history of conflict they did release photographs of the suspect. they cited 27-year-old has connections to friends and family on the peninsula. >> >> this is a picture of the victim marco santos and his
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wife sandra. they have four children between 15-6 years old. they say marco was beloved by his family. his family turned out to support him today. they say they want justice and they want to see his killer, the suspected shooter behind bars. we brought you the update from police live on cbsn bay area. stay up-to-date 24mac streaming on it or through the news app. an update on a hostage standoff. we now learned a suspect is in custody. chopper 5 above the scene as you see it unfolding on east hills drive. deputies were on scene for hours but the sheriff's office is stay is saying the standoff is now over. no reports of any injuries. fire danger top of mind across the bay area in brentwood. house fire fueled by the strong winds. it spread to other homes in the
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neighborhood but it appears everyone did make it out safe. meantime, a 26-year-old man is under arrest in connection with this fire in napa county. it is 60% contained but it broke out last night near a high school and a neighborhood in american canyon. ground crews had to handle this one because it was too windy for the aircraft to. chief meteorologist paul heggen joining us. it is pretty weather spots. >> it is. to have the red flag warning in effect until 5:00. about two more hours to go. this is for the northbay mountains and santa cruz mountains. those gusty winds in the primary concern. current wind speeds below 20 miles an hour. gusts are little higher than that. it looks like thursday is going to be a windy day and solano county is under a red flag
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warning from 10:00 to 8:00 thursday. we haven't seen that issued for other counties just to get. the national weather service is in the process of putting those to see if any other bay area communities are on that list. >> with the wins, pg and e is warning the could be another round of the power shut off on thursday. about 29,000 customers may be affected statewide. sermon parts of contra costa, napa, solano and sonoma counties. pg&e said everyone affected last night should have their power back on by late tonight. is if last night wasn't enough high drama expected in los angeles tonight as the dodgers and the giants going at it. the giant lead 2 games to. vern glenn is live in l.a. giants fans called it torture last night but in the end it all worked out. >> it certainly did. it worked so well last night
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why don't we go ahead and try it again and bring another california weather down into dodger stadium. in fact it didn't matter whether you are talking to the mailman this morning, the coffee shop all the los angeles city citizens were talking about the weather conditions in the wind from yesterday and night. in fact avenue and i talked yesterday at three :00. i was in short sleeves when i got to the ballpark. and i was later i needed a beanie and hoodie when i finished my five shots. the wind worked in the giants favor last night. gavin lucks thought he had the game tied with this homerun off the top of the crack but it got knocked down and stephen doug dugger made the catch for the last out. the dodgers first home loss since the end of august in the giants can close out the series tonight. >> how long does it take to come down from an epic game like that? >> it takes a little bit but i think everyone is used to it this year just having big moments of big games where we
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keep winning games and there is a reason we have the most wins in the big leagues. >> hopefully as a group we come out and tried to get on top and silence this crowd a little bit >> walker buehler who started and again as we go back to you in the studio the giants win but for the dodgers it is over. it is going to be a long night. >> now to our coronavirus coverage. officials in contra costa county they are waging a war.
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>> in an effort to protect our community we want to call out the false information that is out there. we are also using trusted messengers. we are not just using physicians. >> contra costa county is one of the few counties nationwide. later this week good fda advisory panel will consider booster shots as well as the johnson & johnson covid vaccines. among the questions the experts are expected to address, how much vaccine should be in the moderna booster. the drugmakers says 50 micrograms, half of what was in the original two doses should be enough.
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can you start with j&j and finish with moderna or pfizer? the mix-and-match issues are also on the table. >> the fda is also considering whether to authorize emergency use for the covid-19 treatment becomes an uphill. still ahead a, streaming for you on cbsn bay area, a south bay woman accused of throwing drunken parties for teenagers. that is just the beginning. >> i see you guys got a little cute. that was q. oh, that was cute? i thought it looked pretty good. >> it is on between our morning altifino pinot ec geles rnteam. filipino-american cultur
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i woman is facing dozens of charges related to drunken parties, teenagers and sex. the das office says shannon o'connor through parties for young teens and encouraged sex acts sometimes nonconsensual. they say she brought alcohol, provided condoms and discourage
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the teens from telling their parents about any of it. authorities say most of the teenagers 14 and 15 years old. o'connor now lives in idaho. more and 5:00 name. >> lawmakers are taking up a measure to increase the federal debt limit by $480 billion. >> the dow dropping almost 118 points. nasdaq down within 20. s and p down 10 1/2. have our money watch report. alan chevron has set a target to cut operational missions to net zero by 2050. the pledge from the east bay company does not include
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greenhouse gases. amazon says it now plans to let many tech and corporate workers continue work remotely indefinitely. they must be able to go to the office when needed. must've amazon than 1 million employees around the world working order fulfillment and cannot work remotely. those who do, it will be up to each director to decide. >> the major shippers are out with their holiday deadlines. ship by december 17 for first class mail and first-class packages. you have until december 18th for priority mail. fedex says ship by december 9th the ground economy. you have until december 22nd for two day shipping. ups says if you want your gift to get their entire ship decemb21st for send day air. october is filipino american history month.
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joining us live is the executive director for cultivate labs. desi, thank you for being a. >> thank you for having me. >> you have programs that go year round but a special one coming up. tell us about it. this is the special coming out of the pandemic is instead of one space we are actually going to have more it is sped spread
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across 10 from spaces across mission street. >> i was going to ask you the difference between this year and years in the past. obviously, it didn't have to look like that. >> not at all. we are being very per cautious about covid. >> you expecting a big crowd? >> we are not quite sure how big. they are doing temperature checks and are very cautious. >> good dear. thank you and good luck with everything. >> the undiscovered cultural call happen saturday noon to 6:00. various locations throughout san francisco. you can check out local
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artisans, food vendors and the dance. back to the giants and dodgers. now the big game hours away. our morning team is just having a little fun with our l.a. counterparts. the fans of the losing team have to wear their rivals teams gear on tv and things are getting heated. >> how are you feeling? >> i know i am in shambles. distraught. >> where filling amazing. we are champions. >> you guys sent your bad weather down south to us. you sent us the santa ana winds in the gloomy weather but we are getting rid of it tonight. it went away with the wind. gone with the wind but not fabulous though. >> both sides bring in the sheet. starting tomorrow at 4:30. >> blaming the weather?
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the giants got through that one. let's take a look at what the weather will bring us. the coolest day of the weakest tomorrow but the weather patterns will shift around as we had through the rest of the week. a little cold front manson passing clouds. i will show you that a future cast a warm up is going to kick in for the rest of the week. gradually warmer thursday and friday. looks like saturday will be the warmest day in the forecast. right now our fire danger index which ranks all of the different factors which i can combined into one statistic it is 0-10. we are about halfway up the skill. it is indicated and allegheny rated fire thread. as we had through the evening that is going to go down
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significantly. the winds are going to calm down. tomorrow's fire danger is going to be significantly lower. the big trouble spots outlined. we are going to be watching for some locations to potentially be problematic on thursday as the winds pick up. it continues through 8:00. a fairly short red flag warning but something we will keep an eye on. there is no fog around that coast. anywhere from 64 downtown to 73 in santa rosa. temptress tonight are going to drive down to a mix of 4750s. the wind is not going to be a strong. as we had through the day tomorrow temperatures going to struggle to warm up.
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the one response getting up to around 70 degrees. we had through the day and the night. any substantial moisture will stay further to the north. we are going to see some passing clouds. that is it. temperatures are going to warm up after tomorrow. temperatures in san jose approaching 80 degrees. more likely in the and parts of the east bay in the north bay will actually get into the lower half of the 80s friday and saturday. we will be closer to normal temperatures really next week. >> thanks. timeout for lookahead at the cbs evening news. i am meg oliver. the icu is opat175% pacityonrag k?at coming tonight on the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell. still
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ahead at 3:00, heads up, quick fans. a different kind a relationship with a man of steel. streaming today on cbs and bay area is national disability employment awareness month. we will talk about the free services available to help people with disabilities find a job. that is coming up at 4:25. you can find us on are on the
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ed change for the latest ministerial. superman set to come out as bisexual in an upcoming series. follow john kant who is the child of clark kent and lois lane as he becomes earth's newest superman. in the, he entered into a relationship with a male reporter. the series writer says the evolution of this man is keeping up with the values the character has always represented and reflects the experiences of many comics fans. >> we are going to get some backlash for this but the key for me is for the people welcomed in by this that's a today it is more powerful than a locomotive. i have seen more messages -- so many messages in different languages people are saying they saw this news and burst into tears. people saying they never thought they would be able to see themselves and there was older people -- people who said
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they wished they have this growing up and they are so happy younger people or people who hadn't come out yet had this to there. >> the fifth issue of superman son of -- is said to be released.
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a chance of a spring o'mara
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just mentioned isn't going to amount to much. this could be expanded to the bay area. we have a look at the weekend forecast coming up. a quick update. minutes ago cal fire said it is 95% contain. they have held it to 132 acres but they remain on scene putting up hotspots. cbs evening news norah o'donnell coming up next but that is followed by back-to- back episodes of judge judy at 4:00 and then the apartment was at 5:00. 5:00 neighbors calling out women. they say tests for the cars are debating their streets. is looking to game number four between the giants and the dodgers tonight have to have a
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hometown guy doing big things for san francisco and a lot of people still buzzing about this play. take a look. >> caught by crawford. a leaping cat at shortstop. wow! what a play brandon crawford. >> brandon crawford proving his worth it over the years. he grew up in pleasanton. going on to in a couple of world series rings with the team. in fact a dream come true. we want to see your throwback too. they will sell you new gear too all day and all night long. >> i heard a lot of people
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saying it is going to game 5. >> it has been a good series. that is it the news that 3:00. cbs evening news back at 5:00. a great afternoon. see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the shocking news from the coroner-- gabby petito's cause of death, strangulation as we learn her body was in the wilderness for weeks. the new details in the mystery of what happened to gabby petito, with the coroner answering questions about whether she was pregnant or a victim of domestic violence, and what the family of her missing fiawnessa is saying tonight. battle over mandate: the white house prepares for a sho down with the texas governor after he bans vaccine requirements. what it means for companies like
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southwest and at&t. n.f.l. email scandal: the league reacts after r


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