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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 12, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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kind of pitching in. scenes like this forcing walgreens to close even more stores across san francisco. we start with a live picture of san jose, where a heartbroken family is asking for your help tracking down the man police say killed a beloved father of four. the victim, marco santos, was gunned down inside his apartment complex in san jose. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm allen martin. this evening , police are reporting that the subject is armed and dangerous. kpix 5's devin fehely is live in san jose with the story. >> reporter: police say the search for the suspect has stalled out. they don't know where this guy is, but they want to find him, not only because of the irreparable damage he has caused the family, but for the very real and ongoing danger they believe he poses to the
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public. this is 33-year-old marco santos and his wife sondra. they've been married for 16 years, and had built a wife and family together, including four children. >> on june 4th, my husband's life was taken by this suspect. he left behind not only me, but our children as well. >> reporter: san jose police say that marco was gunned down at the woods apartment complex by this man, and investigators say they don't know what triggered the shooting. there is no evidence the two men knew each other or had a history of conflict. >> this is a senseless killing. this killing occurred in front of the victim's wife and daughter. they are understandably shaken. >> reporter: police say the suspect has friends and family on the peninsula in the east bay , and hawaii, and could be hiding out in any of those places. the family says marco was a beloved husband and family man. his own mother traveling all the way from mexico and a call for justice for her son. >> she misses her son.
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he left behind, as you can see, his wife, his children. >> reporter: san jose police say there investigation has left a dead end. they have had no luck tracking down the suspect and think it will take a tip from the public to give them the break they need. >> this family deserves to at least have the closure of knowing that we have been able to take this man into custody. >> any clue where police think paasi might be or may be headed? >> reporter: police mentioned a number of locations where they think that he could be, including the peninsula, east bay, down in southern california , san diego specifically. one of the most interesting is the furthest away, hawaii. if he made it that far, you almost have to believe there would be evidence of that, a plane ticket or something of that nature. police are scratching their head at this point. >> devin fehely reporting live from san jose. thank you. schools across california
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are dealing with a massive substitute teacher shortage, with teachers, parents, and students adjusting back to in person settings. the shortage puts an additional strain on school systems. kenny choi is live in south seven cisco, where even the superintendent had to recently fill in. >> reporter: the situation has gotten that tire that the superintendent had to recently fill in as a substitute. one administrator is saying that it has never really been this bad. it is an all hands on deck situation here in this district. >> by assistant principals have been in classes. counselors are on deck in terms of helping when there is need. we are all pitching in. >> reporter: the shortage of substitute teachers is widespread across the state, not just at south san francisco high school. >> reporter: have you seen something like this before in all your years of teaching? >> not as bad as it has been this year. >> reporter: mary sandy is with the california district of
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teacher credentialing. >> the substitute teacher pool is a harder population to predict. >> reporter: and the 2018-19 school year, the agency issued about 64,000 substitute teaching permits. in 2020 and 2021, it dropped way down to about 47,000, partly due to distance learning during the pandemic. >> the state hasn't necessarily stimulated directly substitute teacher hiring today, but local school districts have. >> reporter: increasing pay is one-way, but budgets can limit a response. there are multiple listings from school districts trying to recruit more substitute teachers by increasing pay and using social media. >> we haven't seen a lot of applicants, unfortunately. >> there is a fair amount of anxiety, that families feel and that educators feel, as we meet this moment. >> you mentioned that in some
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instances they were offering to increase pay. what is the pay like for a substitute teacher these days? >> reporter: pre-pandemic, school officials told me that a substitute teacher would normally get paid between $100- $150 depending on which school district you work for, of course, but now it has increased to about $200-$250. in some districts we are hearing they can get paid north of $300 per day. >> thank you. now a live look at dublin, where a red flag warning has just expired. fire crews say the danger is not over just yet. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen joins us right now th th fireweather even >>already laceof hoing so a ok at flag warng th goto effect on thursday at 10:00 in the morning, through 8:00
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thursday evening. it is just solano county included in this for now. it is possible it will be expanded into the north bay mountains, specifically napa county. it is the same combination of gusty offshore wind and low humidity that will elevate the fire threat. the warning in effect today expired just over 1 hour ago, but it is still breezy, 15 to 20 mile-per-hour sustained wind, with the strongest gusts right along the coast. tomorrow is not going to be as breezy. at least we get a day in between these red flag warnings. we will look at how low the humidity will go on thursday coming up in the full forecast. i'm allen martin, and pg&e is still looking to restore power after yesterday's public safety shutoffs. they are now warning another round of blackouts could come early thursday. take a look at the map from pg&e , showing potential power
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shutoffs in the east bay, mostly in the mt. diablo area. these are some of the same areas that allows power just yesterday. with the shutoffs, the east bay ngwatewillbe available for communities and emergency responders. they have station 40 portable generators and pumps at facilities in alameda and contra costa counties just to keep the water flowing. >> we use power to run our treatment plans, and to get water up into the hills. when the power is out, we need our customers to conserve, so that we can keep that water ready for what it is necessary for. >> the emergency equipment will remain in place for the fire season to maintain water service. meanwhile, the district recommends that all bay area residents store some backup water in case of emergencies. walgreens says that it is closing more of its san francisco stores due to widespread retail theft. the company says at least five stores across the city will close permanently in november.
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chopper 5 flying over two of the impacted stores just hours ago, when located near mission and oc ocean avenue at luna borough sarah boulevard. here is some video, you probably all seen from back in july. it shows just one of many shoplifting cases that we have seen at walgreens stores across the bay area. the company says retail theft in san francisco alone is five times more than the chain average. walgreens says it will transfer people's prescriptions to nearby stores. the company will also relocate the workers. a los gatos woman is facing charges after allegedly hosting teen sex parties, and providing alcohol to minors. police say shannon o'connor is being charged with multiple counts of child abuse, sexual battery , annoying or molesting a child, and providing alcohol to minors. prosecutors say she used snapchatted to coordinate the alcohol fueled parties, encouraging them to engage in sexual acts, and sometimes she
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watched. >> it's a sad commentary on the way society is going. >> there is a fine line between prying obsessively, and being vigilant. i'm willing to toe that line for my children's safety. just like we would protect our children in a physical space, parents need to evolve and understand we have to know protect our children in the digital space. >> prosecutors say o'connor would threaten the kids with jail time or rumor spreading if they told their parents or anyone else. now to the coronavirus. officials in contra costa county taking a stand against covid misinformation. this afternoon by the board of supervisors unanimously declared covid-19 misinformation and urgent public health crisis. the resolution directs you to have staff to correct vaccine myths and other falsehoods. >> in an effort to protect our community, we want to call out the false information that is out there, and we are also using
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trusted messengers. we are just using physicians. >> the county is now one of the few counties nationwide to address misinformation directly. still ahead on kpix 5 , and to cbsn bay area -- i'm john ramos where saltwater is showing up in some of the public wells. we show you how they are delivering freshwater to people coming up. a live look at san francisco, where the city could soon be getting a lot more housing at the cost of already hard to find parking. it may be the very last thing you ever want to find. where this pile of rattlesnakes was discovered in one bay area home. streaming today on cbsn bay area , october is national disability employment awareness month. so, at 8:10, we are speaking with a nonprofit about their new free job helpline where people with disabilities, and at 8:50, robin gibbons talks to
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us about starting in the third season of "that woman." you can find us on , or the kpix app. we are also on the
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in short supply everywhere, but in point reyes station in west marin county, the water they do have is becoming increasingly salty. >> some residents are having to tote their water home by hand. kpix 5's john ramos has the story. >> reporter: is not unusual for there to be some salt in the water, considering how close this area is to the ocean, but it's at the point of the district officials have put out a warning. about 1800 residents living in or near point reyes station are being warned not to drink or cook with tap water, because of elevated levels of salt. it does not come as a surprise to those who have been living with it for 1 year now. >> last year i started drinking the water not doing it was salty here the more i drank, the first year i've got. >> if you tasted the same in content last year, you would know that you can't just drink that water. >> reporter: ella is on a solid restrictive diet for health reasons, so she came to a freshwater filling station set up by the north marin water district.
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the problem lies in these two wells at the former coast guard station that has been increasingly affected by title flows from the sea. the water quality supervisor says decreased flows of fresh water from streams and the underground water table, and increased pressure from sea level rise is causing brackish water to back up to the two public wells. >> in the last five back years, it has been 50 to 60% of the year before, worse than the year before, for several consecutive years. >> reporter: the sodium content is now 20 times what it was just 5 years ago, but there is a solution, or at least there could be. the district has another well higher up at the gallagher ranch site, and would like to drill a second one that could be used in salinity increases further down the hill, but the president of the point reyes village association says one resident keeps filing appeals to stop the process. >> the appeal has been denied three times already, and the
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person who is appealing is going for a fourth try. i thought it was three strikes that you are out, but i guess he doesn't think so. >> reporter: he says he hopes the coastal commission will give the go-ahead in the next meeting to finally drill the new well, so his neighbors won't have to carry their water home one gallon at a time. >> they had a remedy all prepared, then because of one citizen, one citizen, for the rest of us, 1000 of us, we have to come out and told our water. >> reporter: in point reyes station, john ramos, kpix 5. >> water district leaders say they are ready to drill the new well as soon as they get the approval to do so. they say it could be in operation at the beginning of the dry season next july. looking livid san francisco now wears on parking lots could soon transform into more housing. mayor london breed announced the cars to kosice ordinance today, that will identify under unified utilized parking lots
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that will then be turned into affordable housing. the ordinance will be officially introduced before the city council next tuesday. take a closer look at this next story. a homeowner in sonoma county with a nightmare discovery. wildlife experts were called in and discovered dozens of little rattlesnakes under the house. sonoma county reptile rescue facebook page said it first went to the home in october 2 after nearly 4 hours of searching, 59 babies and 22 adult snakes were found. the group says that after two more trips to the home, 88 snakes in total have been removed. >> that is the stuff nightmares are made of. >> what you do with the rattlesnake that you find under your house? >> well you call somebody to say please take them to a much safer place. >> times 88.
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bring a bigger box. >> bring a bigger box and i will be somewhere else for a very long time, and please go check again to make sure no stragglers are left behind. paul and i can't even look at those pictures. my default reaction is shut the door, turn it down. >> i am moving, for sale him a goodbye. >> with what's happening weatherwise, the coolest day of the week will be tomorrow, as another storm system will slip through the pacific northwest and drag a cold front to the bay area, unfortunately without any substantial moisture. we will get the gusty offshore wind on thursday, but temperatures will warm up as the wind dies down. by friday and saturday especially, the warmest day to be lined up with the first half of the weekend. the red flag warning for solano county goes into effect 10:00 thursday morning, and at that point the relative humidity levels for the north bay and solano county will be in the 20 to 25% range, but they will drop further as we head into thursday afternoon.
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the gusty is twinned and lowest humidity levels will be during the afternoon. you can see the air is moving as the humidity drops down to around 10% this afternoon. then should bounce back as we had to thursday evening, so already that red flag warning will be allowed to expire at 8:00 on thursday evening. right now, still a noticeable breeze. editors mostly are in the 60s, just below 70 degrees in santa rosa. already down into the upper 50s in san francisco. a cool evening, but a pleasantly cool evening for rosalie from albany. mid-60s over there right now. once the sun goes down this evening, temperatures will drop quickly, but not as breezy, so good walking weather today, and another cool day on the way tomorrow. 40s and 50s on a map early wednesday morning. they will struggle to warm up as the cold front drags clouds to the area. unfortunately nothing in terms of measurable moisture in store for us tomorrow. just clouds passing through overhead. temperatures mostly in the 60s
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by noon. high temperatures, the warmest ones laptop at around 70 degrees with only low to mid 60s around the bay. a lot of inland spots will stay below 70 for highs tomorrow. we'll warm up by friday and saturday. your 70 in san francisco with mid-70s for oakland in the east bay. mid to upper 70s for san jose. the warm spots will be the north bay, inland, and east bay. then we are back down closer to normal temperatures by early next week. "cbs evening news" is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. good evening. we have a packed broadcast tonight after john ramos is at 6:00. an aspirin away doesn't keep the doctor away. the new guidance about how often
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working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco
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the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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good evening from dodgers a stadium plaza, where the giants planned to get ahead, stay ahead, and should they have a lead late in the game, they feel pretty good about their brand-new closer. i'm talking about the rookie. he stepped into the ninth inning at the end of the season as the closer, was asked to pitch the
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final two innings last night, retired all six batters he faced. the 24-year-old seems unfazed by the big stage. >> what was your reaction when they told you you are going out for a second inning? >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> foreign-language mac >> the translation needed for that one, right? mekelle about the brace. they will turn out the lights on the brewers, tying it for the eighth. freddie freeman went hard, go ahead homer of all-star player, beating milwaukee 5-4. if the giants win the series, they will play the braves in the and ocs. in the meantime, the white sox reliever ryan to para accused the astros is stealing signs during games in houston, and said things were different. if the games were played in chicago, but if you come after
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dusty baker, like the old saying goes, you best not miss. >> he can say what he wants to say. i never even, you know, heard his name before. you know, even though we played the white sox. i was listening to eric clapton this morning, andy had a song, you know, before you accuse me, you need to take a look at yourself. >> reporter: i bet this guy was ready if things escalated in game four. tony larissa let the umpires have it one final time this season. top line out of the former a, liam hendriks on the mound. he gave up a blast. that is how the astros won, 10- 1, to end that series. they are headed back to the alcs for the fifth straight year and will face the red sox beginning friday. >> thank you for your time, dusty. >> it is okay if i sit here for a minute? i am wet and cold.
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it is pretty warm in here. >> reporter: the fallout continues for jon gruden. one day after stepping down as the raiders head coach, the tampa bay buccaneers announced they are removing jon gruden from the ring of honor. he led tampa bay to his first super bowl title back in 2002, so the story goes. nothing to cheer about for jon gruden, as that story just does not seem to want to go away at all. the knockout blow, that is the play for the giants. they've got to make a little ground up on the dodgers if they are going to take a little business and end this divisional series round. moving pictures coming up
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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finally here at 6:00, another big event returns to in person in the east bay. nevermore's pride festival will be back this weekend. it kicks off this friday at carnegie park with an adult only burlesque show. livermore pride fest is also offering covid-19 vaccines and boosters to attendees. >> haven't seen a peace sign in a while. >> it looks like it will be a great event. there is a bobblehead. there we go. if you keep hitting it, is it bad luck or good luck i wonder? >> let's find out.
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he will let you know in eight innings. thank you for watching tonight at captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ petito's cause of >> o'donnell: tonight, the shocking news from the coroner-- gabby petito's cause of death: strangulation, as we learn her body was in the wilderness for weeks before her remains were found. the new details in the mystery of what happened to gabby petito, with the coroner answering questions about whether she was pregnant or a victim of domestic violence, and what the family of her missing fiancee is saying tonight. battle over mandates: the white house prepares for a showdown with the texas governor after he bans vaccine requirements. what it means for companies like southwest and at&t. n.f.l. email scandal: the league reacts after raiders coach jon gruden resigns over a string of


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