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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 13, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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quits. the reason behind so many resignations and the new ways bay area businesses are trying to fill open positions. we start, though, with a live look at san francisco, where time is up for people who work for the city and in the city to provide proof of vaccination. >> the deadline to give that information to employers is today. >> max cares is live in the city with more on how well the mandate is going for businesses. max? . >> reporter: about two months ago, the city put in place their vaccine mandate for people who want to patron united states businesses for places like restaurants, gyms, bars, et cetera. now that will affect people who work at these kinds of businesses, while also a handful of people who work for the city. the signs that say vaccines required up at restaurants, bars, and many other indoor businesses in san francisco now apply to both customers and
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employees. >> if i'm going to go in and silt down with a bunch of people i sit down mask'sless to have a meal, makes me more comfortable knowing everyone everybody has been vaccinated. >> reporter: they gave employers about two months to be sure their employees were fully vaccined. >> it went over a lot easier than we anticipated. most of our staff complied, and provided proof of vaccination. we only had about three employees that resigned due to the fact they did want to get the vaccination. >> reporter: so in theory, everyone inside these kinds of indoor businesses, customers, and staff be are vaccinated. >> i think this is a huge game- changer. dr. monica is an infectious disease expert. >> really, that is as safe a space as you can get? >> fully vaccinated place for minimummization of covid-19 spread. >> reporter: also the deadline for city companies in high-risk settings such as firefighters
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and police officers to show proof they are vaccinated. some spoke out against the mandate. the chief revealed 41 active members of spf d are currently not in compliance with the city's vaccine policies. as for the police officers, there are 120 unvaccinated sworn officers, some of whom are seeking exemptions. >> our human resources department is continuing to work with people individually, but we are going to stand by what we committed to do, and right now it is not impacting city services. >> reporter: back on the pier, they hope that it will make people more comfortable with going out, the mandate. >> all people and staff inside the dining room are vaccinated. i think it's a safeplace to come. >> reporter: as for those 41 firefighters not in compliance, the chief said today they are not to come inside any of the fire stations until they are fully vaccinated. she also mentioned that the group of those not in
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compliance plan to meet with the department soon to figure out how best proceed. >> all right, max, thank you. within the past hour, late word that some san francisco police officers will get more time to become fully vaccinated. those in between their first and second shots will get until november 12th to fulfill the requirement. a live look at san francisco where city leaders are questioning walgreens decision to close more of its stores across the city. the pharmacy company says an increase in retail theft is the reason behind the closure of five more san francisco stores. this comes just a guy months after the retailer announced it was closing 17 stores across the city. kpix 5 reached out to walgreens to clarify the reasons for the closures. a spokesperson confirmed the company is closing those stores because of retail theft. however, today, mayor london breed shot back at walgreens
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saying crime is not th reason these stores are closing. >> listen, they are saying that's the primary reason, but i also think when a place is not generating revenue, and when they're saturated, san francisco has a lot of walgreens locations all over this city, so i do think that there are other factors that come into play, so, unfortunately, you know, i can't control what they do, or blast they say. i just know that ultimately we are here to work with walgreens. >> following the mayor's comments, kpix 5 reached out to walgreens again for clarification on this, and, again, a company spokesperson tells us those 22 store closures are a direct result of an increase in retail theft. take act look across the bay area right now. we just finished with one wind event. now another period of high fire danger. because of those high winds, we could see otr rounutfs. thd imp
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customers he north bay starting early tomorrow morning. pg&e said these shaded areas are areas that could see lights out as early as 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. they have scale naked state wade number from 29,000 to 19,000 people inbasket bid all of this. paul heggen joins us with the next round of weather that fire crews on high alert. >> that's right. it will incomps a the higher terrain of napa and sonoma county, as well. zooming in for a look at the details here. the strongest offshore wind gusts will be late tomorrow morning into early afternoon. potentially some gusts up to 35 miles an hour. combine that with relative humidity levels in the 10% to 20% range, and that significantly boosts the fire threat, but this will be a pretty narrow window of time. really it's from 10:00 a.m. until about 4:00 in the afternoon that we're going to see the highest fire threat.
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we'll take a look at when things are going to change with the overall weather pattern coming up in the full forecast. former walgreens executive on the stand today in the elizabeth holmes fraud and conspiracy trial. the former cfo testified that the company poured nearly $150 million into the start-up. devin felix jones is with more on his testimony. >> reporter: walgreens and safeway were two of the biggest investors in theranosis's technology. they had the view of having the blood testing devices in hundreds of stores across the country. the former ceo of walgreens said his company ink add deal with theranosis worth $140 million. $100 million of that was an innovation fee that was supposed edev the cutting edge technology. the other was a potential
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ownership stake in the company. legal analysts say the testimony will be crucial in helping jurors decide in this was fraud or a case of developing technology that just ultimately failed. >> clearly now when they reverse engineer what happened during this case, they're pointing the finger back at theranosis, because they're deflect something of the blame off of what they did in their negligent investigating of this company. >> reporter: the start of the trial was actually delayed a little bit today. the judge brought jurors into his chambers to talk to them in private about the potential disclosure of some personal information from pretrial questionnaires that they filled out. the judge said that it's probably going to take five or six we'res to make a determination about whether that information will be disclosed, but legal observers say it raises the potential, the specter, of a mistrial. now at 6:00, the state of california now joining san
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francisco in a fight to keep illegal ghost guns off the streets. they are going after gun manufacturers they say are responsible for supplying criminals with deadly weapons. kenny choi is live in san francisco with the details. kenny? >> reporter: yeah, this is law enforcement's latest effort, trying to tackle this problem. a problem that has gotten exponentially worse in just a few years. now with the state are entering the picture, it will only strength an lawsuit filed by the san francisco district attorney's office against three major gun manufacturers. ghost guns without serial numbers, unregistered, and essentially untraceable, are being used in all types of crimes. from murderer to robbery and drive-bishootings. >> we have seen a dramatic increase in the use of ghost guns. >> reporter: kpix 5 has been
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investigating ghost guns for years. >> there are people that are buying these kits for the purpose of assembling them, finishing them, and then selling them to the highest bid person that's a big problem. >> reporter: building an unserialized firearm out of parts for personal use is legal under federal law, but selling it is not. today officials displayed ghost guns assembled in less than 30 minutes after receiving the kits in the mail. >> these were shipped to investigators, without any background check, without any verification that they were lawfully allowed to own a gun. >> reporter: california has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but in 2020, the state accounted for 65% of all ghost guns seized by the atf. mattie scott's son was shot and killed decades ago. >> ghost guns has magnified the problem. as we see in oakland, 102 mothers and fathers will be going to the cemetery, instead
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of going to a graduation. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleges the company's >> okay store, blackhawk, and mdx performance violated stay laws at the require them to apply for serial numbers and that they misled consumers into believing the weapons were legal. >> as fireman related deaths and injuries rise and become a public health and safety issue throughout the country, we have to use every tool. >> reporter: we reached out to the three companies named in this lawsuit, seeking comment today, but did not yet hear back. we're live in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5. well, comes down to this, giants and dodgers have both won 109 games this season, but it will all come down to one more game tomorrow night, to see who advances in the playoffs. >> vern glenn is just back from los angeles, and is here with a giants-dodgers preview. vern? >> do you know how i know this
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is a big deal? when my father-in-law, ed fogleman who would rather read the new yorker cover to cover than watch a game is asking me about in the giants and dodgers! we're not living in a bubble here! everyone is locked in to this one. staying loose and focused. kurt let us know from football seen, too. late night lamont wade jr., he got a hit last night, and don't let the yawn fool you. game five starter logan webb will be loaded with his first energy drink by tomorrow night. >> i honestly love red bull. i started drinking it in travel ball when i was real young. that was me and my brother's thing. right before i get to the field, right by start my stretch with the trainer, and then at the end of my warmup.
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so the three. >> you drink three red bulls? >> i do, yes. i'm not add bad as beau, though. >> how many does he drink? >> i don't know. the other day he was driving preworkout in the seventh inning, and i'm, like, what are you doing? and he's, like, like the caffeine. >> i don't want to follow that up. [ laughter ] i can't stop talking about this closeout game. it's a good thing that i have a sports segment later on in this show. wow. >> it's going to be good. we can't wait, vern. see you later. >> as bay area employers struggle to fill open positions, even more people are quitting. the incentives to get more people working again. >> plus the massive backlog at bay area ports. how they i making sure your deliveries don't get delayed. >> and they're still
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new at 6:00, a live look at san jose, where the pandemic has created huge changes in the workplace. the latest labor statistics shows 3.4 million employees have quit their jobs since august. >> john ramos explains why, and how it is affecting the way business is being done now. >> reporter: who could have imagined that after 18 months of massive unemployment, it's not only hard to find employees, but to keep the ones
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you already have. yesterday, the labor department released data showing that 4.3 million americans quit their jobs during the month of august. that's nearly 3% of the entire workforce, and is the single highest quitting rate on record. >> there's a lot of fear about -- of just vaccinations, people not wanting to get vaccinated. >> reporter: that's true for a lot of people, but gene, founder of a job placement firm, said it's about a lot more than just fear. he said with so many does desperate to find workers, the employees now hold all the cards. >> it's frustrating for us to hear something say done it know if i want that job. might wait for something better. >> reporter: he said they are now commanding more money, different work schedules, the ability to work from home. >> so they are figuring it out, and employers are adapting to this ever changing marketplace, and that's really what's happening. it's an evolution taking place that may forever change the way
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we look at the employer- employee relationship. ever but lower paid workers are also quitting. many find that the total of government benefits from unemployment payments to food stamps to housing subsidies is worth more than what an employer is capable of paying. >> we have people whose grandparents started the business, and they're now wondering can we keep this alive. >> reporter: the california employers' association represents business owners and is warning their members that we aren't going back to normal anytime soon. >> for every person that they want to hire, there's a different reason why they may or may not want to work. so i think to quantify it simply is going to be impossible, until we have true 20-20 hindsight, which may never happen. it used to be that people's sense of self worth was tied to the work, but now the pandemic has given the american workary chance to reassess the
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workplace, and whether they want to be there at all. >> well, some analysts believe that when a lot of workers quit, it usually is a good sign for the overall job market, the economy. why? because people tend to leave their jobs when they're p■retty sure they can find another one. let's take a live look at the port of oakland, where cargo is moving, but there are other chain supply delays that could threaten our economy and the holiday season. here is what it looked like today, the port. today president biden announced a deal to unclog the port of los angeles and long beach. freight movers at the port say they will begin operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but some bay area business owners are still worried their goods won't arrive in time for the holidays. we have a special tour today to see how california's giant is a
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companyias fared in that wildfire. the sequoias are still recovering after that complex fire. this is one of the park's most famous trees. the one called the general grant. it made it through okay. but the other groves, there's been damage to the canopies of the forest, and that can damage or weaken the trees. >> what we'll do is let me up these limbs is cut up some of the brush and make piles, and we may burn those piles when we to get our first snowfall. >> the knp fire started in early september. it is currently 40% contained. we'll check in right now with paul. you know, these giant trees, need redwoods, are meant to take a fire. you see scars on a lot of the trees in woods that are thousands of years old. those trees are still very much alive and healthy.
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>> yeah, that's how they get that big in the face of so many fires in california. of course we're looking at another fire threat tomorrow a little closer to home. in the short term, decreasing cloud overname. a fair amount of cloud cover moves through today. we will see warmer conditions beginning tomorrow. that warmup will continue into the first half of the weekend, and then a big temperature drop for the second half of the weekend, and there is that higher fire threat for tomorrow, especially around mid- day. let's take a look at our fire danger index. we want to be as close to zero as possible, and that's where we're going to be this evening, but as that red flag warning goes into effect for solano county at 10:00 tomorrow, it looks like the highest danger is going to be late morning into army afternoon. you see the numbers in the communities less than halfway up the scale. but these yellow shaded areas indicate some trouble spots in the higher terrain. this is something we'll have to watch throughout the day
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tomorrow. looking outside, nice view of downtown san francisco, the temperature is on the cool side. only mid-50s with low-to-mid 60s to be everyone else. everyone's temperatures a good 10 degrees below average today. 60 degrees in oakland at the moment. we have marble duke, who is just possessing there in the park. perfect dog for a dog work. dropping down into the 50s as we head through this evening. if you want to get out for a walk early in the day tomorrow, should be nice, a little bit on the chilly side, even. inland attempts dropping down into the upper 40s with low 50s around the bay. tomorrow still slightly below average. upper 60s for san francisco, around 70 for oakland. low 70s for san francisco. upper 70s to around 80 degrees in the north bay. and temperatures are going to continue warming up for friday and saturday, absolutely above average by the first half of the weekend, and then there's that big temperature drop for
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the second half of the weekend, with the cool temperature sticking around into the first half of next week, and your eyes do not deceive you. we're looking a at rain chance by the middle of next week. that's something we'll take ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see thloom me a ♪ ♪ red(music)too ♪
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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league championship series. the giants won the 2010 world
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series, logan webb was in eighth grade outside sacramento. a winner take all game? this tomorrow could be the game of his life. >> if you have a pulse or you're a sports fan, you better be watching dodgers-giants. it's going to ash great one. >> game five starter logan webb has already had a couple of great ones in october. he was the winning pitcher on the final day of the regular season, when the giants clinched the division. and you have to rank greatest days of your life professionally, this has to be at the top. >> yeah, this is number one. number bun. so far. >> reporter: so far lasted all of five days. >> here comes webb, and a swing and a miss! he struck him out! >> reporter: webb had a new top moment after shutting down the dodgers in his post-season debut. >> i think we've been seeing
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that for months. it was nice for everybody else to be able to see it, i think, but webby is nasty. >> reporter: and tomorrow night, the stakes will get even bigger for the 24-year-old. >> i love these moments. the crowd, and the pressure, and i'm excited to throw tomorrow. >> all right. to try and light then mood, boy, this is going to be a tough task. what a loss. former a's catcher and long- time broadcaster rays toy passed away earlier today after a 16-year battle with cancer. he was the cleveland baseball franchise's first ever draft pick in 1965. develop two world series with the a's. he was 74 years olds. and the mood doesn't get any lighter here. the raiders are trying to turn the page in the wake of the jon gruden story. quarterback derek carter said this is easy err said than
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done. >> upset, mad, empathy, all of those things. you hate the action. you're not supposed to like it. but you love the person. and i love the person. i've grown to love him so much, you know. we spent so much time together. >> big challenge here, trying to get some kind of focus, a 3- 2 football team, getting ready to play the ♪ ♪ you can jump. $0 gym membership and free fitbit®. for occasional heavy lifting.
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the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5 news app. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> and we'll be back here on the kpix ored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ . captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, big news for consumers. the president is promising to solve the country's supply chain issues, part of and threatening the holiday season and u.s. economy. as we come on the air, a quarter of a million shipping containers remain stuck at sea. what president biden says he's doing to try to clear the bottleneck. >> today's announcement has the potential to be a game-changer. >> o'donnell: plus, the big news if you get social security benefits-- a dramatic increase, just as you're seeing food and gas prices skyrocket. boldly going forward: william shatner goes into the record books after a life-changing trip to the edge of space. >> what you have given me is


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