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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  October 14, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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shots. what groups will get them first. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. i'm allen martin. today fda advisers granted emergency use authorization for moderna's covid booster vaccine. they recommended a lower dose of that shot for seniors and other high-risk groups who got their first doses at least 6 months ago. advisers say the booster could go into arms as soon as next week t guidelines. >> it's critical that we prevent infection as much as we can. >> please get vaccinated. that is how we put this pandemic behind us. >> millions who got their pfizer shot 6 months ago are already getting a booster of that brand. the fda will discuss boosters of johnson & johnson's vaccine tomorrow. joining us live now is the chief executive from ucsf health. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. good evening. >> we've been talking about the pfizer booster shots for a while, and i moderna is one step closer to getting booster shots into arms.
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can you tell us why older folks may need the third shot of moderna, though a lesser dose? >> sure. very similar to the pfizer, the data shows that elderly, so those usually defined as 65 or older, may show lower immunity, and need that extra boost. the data from israel and other studies have shown that. moderna is the same mechanism of action as the pfizer vaccine . the dosing is different. the pfizer dose is 30 micrograms. moderna is 100. for the boost, it will be half of the dose that people received for their first and second moderna. it will be 50 instead of 100. but again, it is 6 months after your second dose that you would be qualified. very exciting news today. we love to hear more from the emergency use authorization from the fda soon.. >> johnson & johnson, you
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expect that will be approved in the coming days as well? >> tomorrow the same panel meets . the advisory council for immunization practice, and it's an fda panel, and they will be talking about boosters for johnson & johnson, whether it, and it will likely be the johnson & johnson vaccine as a booster, but there is quite a bit of data, and again, some of the data is a little bit flawed , like study size, for example, where you could receive an mrna vaccine, a pfizer or moderna brand, after johnson & johnson as a booster. that will also be discussed tomorrow, but highly likely that johnson & johnson will also receive, through that same brand, a booster recommendation. in within the next week or so,
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it'll be approved by the fda, then started, we have already started the planning process weeks ago when we heard about pfizer to get ready for moderna and johnson & johnson. >> i was going to ask you. is the bay area ready? a lot of us look back to what it was when we initially were getting vaccines. they were in short supply. it was hard to get an appointment. do you anticipate those problems with these boosters? >> not at all. we've been so fortunate since about the middle of may to receive adequate and consistent vaccine supplies, of all three brands. very much a different scenario than what we saw december, january, february, through probably the middle of may of this year. we have been extremely fortunate all over the country, the bay area specifically, to have adequate supply, to have a consistent supply. whether that is in your local pharmacies, or at ucsf, or your
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other healthcare providers. >> you mentioned earlier about mixing and matching vaccines, specifically the johnson & johnson vaccine, you could be eligible to get the moderna or pfizer as your booster if you initially received the johnson & johnson vaccine. what about the other vaccines. is it safe and effective to do so? the been doing it a little bit in europe, but is it recommended here? >> here, none of the mix-and- match is recommended. the fda and cdc have not endorsed that. we are very homogeneous here in the united states here with the covid-19 vaccine, where it is much more heterogeneous in canada and europe, and mix-and- match. there aren't studies to tell you the truth on the mix-and- match. not recommended at this time. we will see what is said tomorrow regarding johnson & johnson, and if we will see mix- and-match be approved, or highly unlikely. if i were giving las vegas
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odds, i would say we are just going to see johnson & johnson being given and approved as a booster. again, no data, no safety data. that's very important, because they haven't really been looked at her tested. >> i haven't been around that long. inc. you so much for joining us this evening. >> sure thing. thank you for having me. starting tomorrow, marin and san francisco counties are easing mask mandates. the rules include gyms, office settings, communal vehicles, religious gatherings, and college classes, only if everyone is fully vaccinated against covid. no more than 100 people can be present. contra costa county is not quite there just yet. it is easing mandates starting in november. eccentric new york real estate air robert durst has been sentenced in the murder of a woman who was once a kpix 5
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producer ritalin la judge sent 78-year-old durst to life in prison without the possibility of parole. durst did not address the court, while summed down in a wheelchair and a brown jailhouse jumpsuit. he was convicted of murdering his close friend, susan berman, in an execution style killing back in 2000. the life story inspired the infamous hbo documentary "the jinx." berman was once a producer for kpix 5's evening magazine when the show first launched in the 1970s. she was killed before investigators were set to question her about the unsolved the disappearance of durst's first wife. a peninsula man arrested for allegedly running neighborhood brothels. prosecutors say he's also behind a number of illegal marijuana operations in millbrae into daly city. the san mateo county sheriff's office identified the suspect as 51-year-old kevin chow of millbrae. after a series of search warrants were conducted, they uncovered numerous a firearms, thousands of dollars, and about 100 pounds of packaged marijuana
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, which had a street value of more than $250,000. coming up, families forced to evacuate from the caldor fire never got to go home. why some people who lost everything are deciding not to go back. why i can't share is taking legal action against the widow of her ex-husband. all new at 6:00, police license plate readers gathering data all the time, but is that information being shared illegally? dozens of san francisco police officers no unpaid leave after not getting vaccinated in time. what is next for those who refuse a shot, and what the police union is saying on how it will impact response times. kpix 5 news at six clock with ken and elizabeth is coming up next point coming up tonight on "cbs evening news" -- we have a lot of news to cover tonight. if you are one of the nearly 70 million americans who got a moderna vaccine, a key panel is
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house speaker nancy pelosi was in san francisco pushing for president biden's infrastructure bill. the speaker highlighted provisions in that bill addressing climate changed. she was joined by senator alex padilla. the bills would create renewable energy projects, and invest money into communities disproportionately impacted by climate change. >> if we zero out carbon emissions, we can slow the pace of climate change, and even bring down temperatures by the middle of this century. but our path to avert a climate catastrophe is narrowing each and every day. >> as the politicians address the climate crisis here in the bay, prince william is speaking out as well ahead of the climate summit next month in
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scotland. the prince says he is concerned politicians are all talk and no action about the issue. the british royal also slammed the current billionaire space race, taking aim at richard branson and elon musk. >> we need some of the world's greatest brains and minds fixed on repairing this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live. >> as the prince levels criticism, activists are calling on his family to do more. a group of young protesters met
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some people who were forced to evacuate because of the caldor fire near tahoe have decided not to go back. >> rachel wolf with what prompted them to pack up and leave entirely. >> reporter: are you planning to rebuild? >> no. everything is gone. >> reporter: carol hill and her husband have been living at this fulsome hotel says their house in grizzly flats burned to the ground. >> i haven't been up, it, i don't want to go back. >> reporter: in late august, we
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met them at an evacuation center. they were temporarily staying in an rv someone load them until they could get back on their feet. >> so far no luck. >> reporter: the path to a new home has been winding. the insurance company that an apartment for them, but it was too small. >> i have a big dog, and little dog, and i have a son that lives with us. 4 insurance proceeds will help pay for a new home. >> but with the market as it is right now -- what they want to stay close to their children in this area, but that is not the place for the family who moved to texas. >> if you can leave and have the desire to leave them out leave. we fighter life is much better here. >> reporter: we caught up with joe and his wife as they were fleeing with everything they owned, two boys, five dogs, two buckets of fish, and a bearded dragon. they decided to cut their losses after surviving the thomas fire in southern california, only to move up to somerset and have the caldor fire take everything they own. >> that fire while it took every possession from us. but it gave back is incredibly valuable. >> reporter: video from the washington post show the damage.
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>> it's a deeply personal decision. >> reporter: they say it was time to make the move. their oldest will start and finish high school, and joe does begin a new job as a high school science teacher. >> the most difficult and easiest move in my life, all at once. it is super freeing in a very odd way. >> reporter: the move serving a higher purpose and a point to pause. >> is always very easy in your life to take a look at what is going wrong, and the dark side, but you can't do that. you know, just look, try to find the good in something. >> now the hills say insurance also paid off what was left of their mortgage, and is paying for the cleanup of their homesite, which is an estimated $17,000. a legal battle is heating up between pop singer share and the widow of her ex-husband, sonny bono. it is to the tune of $1 million. the iconic singer is issued suing mary bono, claiming she is a legally withholding royalties from songs that sonny
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and cher recorded together. they include "i got you babe" and "the beat goes on." she said that they agreed to split songs they recorded together at that time. they divorced in 1974. he died in a ski accident in 1988. let's get back to our story. we are less than 30 minutes away from the first pitch of tonight's do or die game five between the giants and the dodgers. >> kpix 5's max darrow is joining us again this at oracle park. answer pouring in for the biggest game the giants have seen in some time. what's it feeling like now? >> reporter: the whole season, right at this moment, what an awesome night to be here. a lot of people have already gone inside, but the energy outside is electric. you have some dodgers fans right here, of course, but there are plenty of giants fans who are stoked to be here. the energy is electric. one guy i spoke with earlier today, about 10:30 in the morning, he was here at the ballpark. he said there is magic in the
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air. this is really an amazing energy that is here in separate san francisco . that's what a lot of people say. listen. >> i am thinking it is going to be a low scoring game. however, i would be happy with it 8-1 victory. >> i feel confident. we have logan webb pitching. the bats will be hot again. >> we believe in you. >> of it goes by have the series has gone, we are probably going to win, because we keep, it is back and forth. >> they are an awesome team and they will win today. >> reporter: a lot of people have the energy of that young girl, here for her first giants game. we have about 20 minutes until logan webb takes amount, and the giants hit the field. a lot of people told me they are really excited for him to get on the mound one more time against the dodgers. they were thrilled with his performance earlier in the series and they're hoping he can do another amazing show tonight. live in san francisco, max
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darrow, kpix 5. >> san francisco, tie-dye and bubbles. it is a home game. >> i love the bubbles. maybe the bubbles bring good luck. can you imagine your first giants game with this kind of energy? let's take a look at the forecast throughout the giants game. if you're going to the game, or are there and in route, temperatures are at the low 60s in the moment. they will drop off through the game, but the wind will died off as well. could be a factor in early innings, but my not as much of a factor as earlier in the afternoon. the trend will continue. let's go over and talk about the rest of the forecast, with what you can expect over the next few days. we have a clear and cool night tonight. not as chilly as the last few nights. temperatures closer to normal. the warming trend will continue through the first half of the weekend, but then a big shift
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in temperatures on sunday, and even the possibility of the first chance of showers headed our way late sunday. the first of several chances next week. more on that in a second. outside at oracle park, everything is jumping. the butchers topped out warmer than yesterday, almost 70 degrees in san francisco. mid-60s in pacifica. 70 in fremont. mid-70s in san jose almost exactly normal. close to 80 degrees in concord, and 81 in santa rosa. current temperatures dropping back down mostly to the 70s, 60s around the bay. along the coast, temperatures are still in the 60s, influence of the offshore breeze that is still dying down. the red flag warning does continue until 8:00 p.m. for solano county. temperatures falling down to 50 degrees tonight. most of us will end up on either side of 50 by early tomorrow morning, except in the north bay valleys, were temperatures drop down to the mid to upper 40s. temperatures will be warm again i might even warmer in san francisco. the wind won't be as strong. high temperatures reaching up into the mid-70s, with plenty
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of sunshine overhead. santa rosa, a few degrees warmer in the low 80s by tomorrow afternoon. concord, also likely to reach up into the low 80s, but plenty of sunshine. the warmer temperatures, and even a degree or two warmer than this on saturday, and then things start to cool off. san jose makes it into the low 80s tomorrow. 70s around the bay, mostly 80s further inland, and even upper 60s along the coast, with mid- 80s as the warm spots further inland and the east bay. talking about those rain chances, we can add it up using a few different forecast models. let's look at the first one approaching us as we head into sunday. we will see a gradual increasing cloud cover late saturday and into saturday night. the rain will be hanging out to the west of us by 11:00 on sunday morning. that is when this runs out of
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data. you can see the trajectory headed towards areas north of the golden gate. we can add it up with one forecast model, the american model is we head through next week. it's indicating some moisture especially further to the north, with limited amounts elsewhere, but at least a little bit. a different forecast model, the european model, much more optimistic about her rain chances overall, adding up a 10th of an inch to zero point 25 inches. we will take whatever mother nature wants to offer us, and we will keep you updated on the rain chances day by day. we put a shower icon into the forecast on sunday late in the day, but notice a big temperature drop, over 10 degrees for most of the bay area. the next chance of showers either way on wednesday. temperatures are going to wobble around a whole lot. we will stay slightly below average for most of next week, and it looks like there will be another rain chance headed our way on the 8th day of the forecast. we will take a look through that timeframe coming up at 6:00. the following breaking news now in sacramento, where authorities are on the scene of a small plane crash. we are seeing wreckage of the
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plane. first reports say four people on board were injured. we will bring you more information as it comes in. coming up tonight at 6:00, the deadline now past for many of san francisco's essential workers to get vaccinated. the police officers now on leave after refusing to get the shot. new concerns over how your information is being shared in marin county. parents making their voic the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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for many bay area businesses, a silver lining of the pandemic has been street closers. >> that allowed bars and restaurants to serve outdoors and keep bringing in revenue. kiet do is live in mountain view, with a big decision on what to do about popular castro street. >> reporter: the city council has decided to permanently close castro street. if you haven't been out here in a while, it has this energy, this vibe, this -- maybe it's the trees and sunshine. perhaps
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it's the abundance of restaurants, cafes, and mom and pop stores. it might be the young and diverse crowd. maybe it is all of the above. >> i enjoy eating outdoors, and feeling like we are in europe, but in america. >> reporter: for rose, the closure has become an escape. >> there are tables, and a unique look for every restaurant. it's an atmosphere of community. it's vibrant. >> reporter: mountain view has been talking about closing castro street for years, and the pandemic finally forced its hand. one .5 years and, a survey of residents and business owners found widespread support. the mayor says the people have spoken loud and clear. >> over 82% of the blocks that are closed, businesses were in favor of. this is something that is here to stay. >> there is a silver lining to the pandemic, and this is one of them. >> reporter: plane is an urban designer hired by the city, and says the small-scale retail shops, food and beverage options, and the relatively
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short length, 3 blocks, adds up. >> it's an experience economy, instead of a retail economy. for all those reasons, this project has all the ingredients to succeed. >> everybody loves this european feel. >> reporter: peter katz for the chamber of commerce says being outside offers safety and ambience. >> that we have this experiment, if you want to call it that, for almost a year and a half, and it has worked out externally well. >> reporter: so, this temporary set up that you see here will stay in place until january 2023. that will buy them time to collaborate with other parties and come up with a more permanent design. in mountain view, kiet do , kpix 5. now at 6:00, fewer officers on the streets of san francisco. their refusal to get the vaccine , and what it means for emergency calls. the call clock is now ticking for part employees to
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get shots into arms. the new deadline for workers, and why there could be exceptions. parents pushing back in hayward. the rally to save one of their schools. raking news, a small plane is down in sacramento county. we have a report from the scene . so my good evening. i'm ken bastida. and i'm elizabeth cook. we start with a smaller police presence on the streets of san francisco this evening. the deadline for 1st responders to show proof of vaccination has come and gone, but it appears the mandate has moved some officers off of the fence. >> kpix 5's kenny choi spoke to the police union met which is frustrated with how the city is handled the situation. >> reporter: despite the latest numbers, the head of the police union is saying that response times will be impacted. here is what we do know. a majority of officers are already vaccinated. those numbers continue to improve, including today. the question now is what happens to those who refuse to still get a shot.
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it is the first today past the deadline for police officers and other first responders to get vaccinated under one of the strictest city mandates in the country. >> the concern would be if we don't have the visibility or the staffing on the streets, it could impact the crime level. >> reporter: sf poa wanted a testing option instead of using vaccines. religious and medical exemptions weren't handled in a timely manner they said. >> it has really left my members in a fog, and you know, they are feeling a sense of betrayal, almost. >> reporter: the police chief addressed the dozens of officers, now 76 as of late this afternoon, who are still unvaccinated, and now placed on administrative leave while waiting, and are not allowed to interact with the public on the streets. >> those employees will be sent to the police commissioner for a nondisciplinary hearing


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