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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 14, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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it is the first today past the deadline for police officers and other first responders to get vaccinated under one of the strictest city mandates in the country. >> the concern would be if we don't have the visibility or the staffing on the streets, it could impact the crime level. >> reporter: sf poa wanted a testing option instead of using vaccines. religious and medical exemptions weren't handled in a timely manner they said. >> it has really left my members in a fog, and you know, they are feeling a sense of betrayal, almost. >> reporter: the police chief addressed the dozens of officers, now 76 as of late this afternoon, who are still unvaccinated, and now placed on administrative leave while waiting, and are not allowed to interact with the public on the streets. >> those employees will be sent to the police commissioner for a nondisciplinary hearing for
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release from employment. >> reporter: if an officer without a medical or religious exemption is eventually terminated for not getting vaccinated, one lawyer we spoke to said any future legal batty against the city appears unfavorable for those refusing to get a shot. >> i would not push this influence with the employer. >> reporter: a labor attorney at duane morris. >> dealing with the general goodwill of public and public health for an individual to step back and say my personal beliefs should trump the public need to be safe in public areas. i think that is a very difficult battle. >> reporter: nearly 200 officers applied for medical or religious exemptions, but it is unclear how many have been approved by the city. >> is the police chief saying anything about how it could impact the shortage the police department is already facing with officers? >> reporter: the department was facing a shortage in the hundreds even before the city mandate to get vaccinated. as far as the impact is concerned, dozens of police officers, a few of those on the streets, it
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could impact that shortage, but the police chief is saying they have already initiated redeployment plans within the department, and that essentially the public safety is insured. they have the resources to ensure the public safety, despite the dozens who could face termination. >> thank you. art just voted to require its 4000 employees ticket vaccinated by december 13. the transit agency estimates that 20 to 25% of workers remain unvaccinated. >> i need them to know, and also the women and men and children who are connected to our employee circle, they know that we are doing everything possible to prevent preventable death and hospitalization. a.r.t.this point, there is no i shot d , added
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later in negotiations with b.a.r.t. unions. now to a developing story out of the city of richmond. the police chief is now on leave. allen martin has more on the situation unfolding. >> reporter: the city says that police chief french is on paid administrative leave because of a quote, unfolding family situation. according to court documents, a family member filed a domestic violence restraining order against chief french last week, accusing her of physical attacks and death threats. the bay area news group reports french and her husband claimed that family member is being related by a pimp. the report goes on to say the young woman admitted to an oakland police officer that a 34-year-old napa man named joe goldman is her pimp. trenches husband is an oakland police sergeant also placed on leave. in a statement to kpix, opd said it is conducting an
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internal investigation into criminal allegations involving an opd member. this is an open and active investigation , and no additional details will be released at this time. chief french is on indefinite leave. the assistant police chief taking over as acting police chief during her absence. now to hayward, where parents are making sure their voices are heard. they are now pushing back on plans to close several schools. kpix 5's juliette goodrich joins us live in hayward with more on the rally held just a few hours ago. >> reporter: you can actually see all of the signs behind me, save our school. here we are at faith ringgold school. it is one of the schools slated to be closed, but parents and teachers, even students, said they had no idea this was even in the works, and they don't want it shut down. >> save our schools. >> save our school. save our school. >> reporter: they say they will
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keep chanting and fighting to keep the district from shutting down their school. >> the school feels like a family. i know every single one of the teachers here. >> reporter: parents at faith ringgold and hayward say that taco school closures caught them all off guard. >> in absolute shock, out of the blue, absolutely blindsided. everybody feels stabbed in the back by the superintendent and the school board. >> reporter: the proposal calls for several hayward unified school district sites to close, more than half a dozen. that means students would have to relocate. >> i don't think any school knew that they were going to be on that list. my question for the district is, what data do they have to support shutting faith ringgold down. we were not included in this report, but we are on their list of closures. >> reporter: the district says it has had a steady decline in enrollment, even prior to the pandemic, and it says the
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schools on the closure list are outdated, needing repairs and upgrades. >> we are facing a $14 million deficit for the next school year , so that is a real challenge. >> reporter: but parents aren't buying it. >> it can't happen. it makes no sense. >> reporter: many of the students come from immigrant families. the school in particular caters to multicultural students it has smaller class sizes. >> it's heartbreaking to hear that if the school closes, students will have to go and find new people, and building relationships. >> reporter: this isn't a done deal yet. in fact, there will be virtual town halls am aware students and teachers and faculty and parents can get together and talk about what they want, and why they want be schools open. ultimately, it comes down to november 17, when the school board gets recommendations, and they vote. in hayward, juliette goodrich, kpix 5 point pg&e has canceled power shutoffs for the bay area today. it is crediting, whether for the change in that. at one time, nearly 29,000 customers were warned they could lose power.
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that number is now down to 670 customers, and only in kern county. for a checkup conditions right now, let's send it over to meteorologist paul heggen. the wind has been dying down , which is good news. the strongest sustained wind right now is at sfo, but that was never under a red flag warning to begin with. santa fe, 12-miles-per-hour. solano county, still under that red flag warning. the humidity, while still low, is bouncing back a bit. we don't have any of the reporting stations in the bay area, including solano county currently reporting red flag conditions. there are some of those reports coming in from the sacramento valley. this will continue until 8:00. the conditions are improving, and tomorrow's wind would be a strong, and the humidity levels shouldn't be at critical levels. we will take a look at the details of the forecast in just
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a few minutes. police and the east bay issuing a warning after the deadly drug sentinel was found in a candy like substance. hayward police say they came across this substance during an encounter with several drug users. you can see from these police photos, this stuff looks a lot like bubblegum. investigators say and tested positive for fentanyl, and they believe the colors are not random. >> yellow is one of them. blue is another one of them. each of the colors symbolize a different level of potency. we just want the community to be safe and aware if they see these types of substances, and the public to stay away. >> hayward police say there is still a lot i don't know about the substance, and testing is ongoing. still ahead on kpix 5, and
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cbsn bay area -- new questions about ho ur information is being shared. the new concerns over police li
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z4jxmz zi0z y4jxmy yi0y ever wonde amployeow of recology.
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we built recycysomhe grod up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. there is plenty of debate
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about privacy as it relates to your data, but phones and computers are the only devices making that information. >> a lawsuit filed by the aclu against the marin county sheriff's office is asking what officers can do with the license plate data they collect. >> andria borba is live in marin county with the details of this lawsuit. >> reporter: the question of data usage is a hot button one, and the subject of a lawsuit. the marin county's sheriff's office is facing it about the data they share from the roads. how anonymous are you all driving around, and who has the right to know where you have been? that is at the heart of a lawsuit filed by the aclu against the marin county sheriff's office today. there are a dozen license plate readers attached to sheriff's cruisers around marin county. the suit accuses the sheriff's office sharing that data with
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federal agencies, like immigrations and customs enforcement, and customs and border control. >> when the sheriff shares this location about people driving through marin, it exposes people to privacy invasions, but it is particularly harmful to immigrant community members. people should not have to worry that i.c.e. will know when they drop their kids off at school, or when they go to a doctor's appointment. are back staff attorney with the aclu says the data sharing flies in the face of two california laws, one from 2016, and the california values act of 2018, that prohibits sharing this data with federal agencies. >> public safety means protecting the privacy of all people, including immigrants as they drive about in the community, going about their daily lives. mecca law-enforcement consultant and former oakland police chief howard jordan says the license plate readers can be invaluable in helping solve crimes, and identify witnesses. he also says how the data is shared with other agencies is a balancing act. >> we are always mindful of what you are sharing, and why you are sharing it, and who you
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are sharing it with. as a department, you don't want to infringe on people's privacy. you don't get a lot of support that way. at the same time, you have to balance your need to solve crime. >> reporter: in an email this afternoon, the marin county council told kpix 5 that they have not been formally served with this lawsuit yet, but have seen a copy of it. they said upon reviewing the allegations in responding. now to pleasanton, where a teachers union has voted overwhelmingly to allow a strike. the association of pleasanton teachers voted to strike by a margin of 99%. the union has been pushing for smaller class sizes, more support for special education students, and competitive pay. the union president says they are still negotiating with the district, and are hoping to avoid a strike. a homeless housing battle heating up in san jose. a homeless encampment at
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monterey road and brennan lane has long been a source of tension in that neighborhood. now the city wants to build an emergency interim housing site there, and residence are not happy. over 500 locals have signed a petition to move that project. the city is applying to use funding from project home key . it would have round-the- clock security, and access to supportive services. the hits keep on coming for bay area wineries. >> wildfires, drought conditions, and now why label shortages. it stems from a supply chain tonic. multiple label printers say their paper orders have been taking longer to arrive at the port of oakland. once they arrive, the paper is just sitting there. no paper needs it is tougher to print labels on time, and get the wine on the market. the shortage is even impacting the bottle supply. some wineries are getting creative. some even using large jugs, typically sold by breweries.
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however it gets to the table, you know? >> a growler full of fine wine. >> i like it. i think it's kind of a cool gift. >> all in one trip. >> i see you looking really cool on a table. let's take a look and make sure the weather won't cause any more problems for us, and it's not. we are seeing this area of high pressure we've been tracking, is ben's wheezing the atmosphere, producing the strong offshore wind. as it gets closer, the wind becomes much lighter. even warmer temperatures are in store for us tomorrow, and again on saturday. we will be talking about warm weather. we won't see any hot conditions. it's very pleasant right now, anywhere from 63 in san francisco to 77 in concord. most temperatures are in the upper 60s and low to mid 70s. nice weather across the board.
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sunshine overhead until the sun goes down in 25 minutes. get out for a dog walk now. we have louis prima, our dog of the evening, who does not look eager to abandon the remote spot on top of the couch. temperatures now will drop into the 60s and into the upper 50s by 10:00 this evening point later on tonight, temperatures will drop down to a mix up 40s and 50s. pretty close to what is normal. then we will warm up quickly as we go through the day on friday, with dry air in place. plenty of sunshine overhead. the atmosphere heats efficiently. 70 in san francisco and oakland already by noon. further inland, low to mid 70s. inland mostly in the 80s in the afternoon. sunday, 70s. just a couple of degrees warmer than this on saturday, then a twin 10 to 12 degree drop in temperatures on sunday, and is almost an with enough moisture that there is a chance of showers on sunday.
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they will be north of the golden gate after the sun goes down sunday evening, and we leave them lower than 50-50, but it is the first of several systems heading towards us with another chance of showers for more of the bay area on wednesday, and another system on friday, and that unsettled pattern will send at least a chance of precipitation towards us likely for the next couple of weeks. it's not a guarantee of rain, but a hopeful sign. temperature wise, there is a big drop that happens saturday to sunday. it puts us back below average for the second half of the weekend. not much change to the day-to- day temperatures through most of next week. if you live in san jose or the santa clara valley, you have no shower icons in the forecast on sunday or wednesday, but we are still a few days out from even the first chance of rain. we will keep you posted if there are any changes. we have some breaking news out of sacramento county. a small plane has gone down.
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we have some photographs of the wreckage. this happened in a rural area, the community of wilton. four people reportedly onboard, and there is a dramatic story about a witness who was there just after the plane came down. >> i encountered the female, the only female in the plane. i asked her how many people, she said four. there were three out there, and the guy was life inflated, i saw him crawling out of the flames because his leg was broken. i stopped him, and had him rollaway, and sprayed him with my fire extinguisher. >> at least one person was taken by helicopter to the hospital. we do not know the condition of the other three. it hasn't been confirmed yet. we will stay on top of the story. meanwhile, the "cbs evening
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news" is coming up. 00. if you are one of the nearl million americans who got the moderna vaccine , the breaking news tonight about booster shots. the "cbs evening news" is just minutes away. 166 games have been played the season, and it all comes down to one at oracle park. the giants and dodgers are underway. the breakdown is after the break. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area , we have a preview of the new episode of "ghosts." we talked to the stars about what to expect from tonight's episode at 8:20. and it: 40, we get a tour of the wildfire aftermath in sequoia and kings canyon national parks, and you can watch it all on , or on the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can
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at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker. it is a do or die game between the dodgers and giants here at oracle park. we are just underway. buster posey had a double in the first inning, but nothing aside from that. as for the offense provided in game number three, that along
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to evan longoria, and he is no stranger to these do or die games. he has been part of two winner take all games in his career. the first was back in 2008, when tampa bay be boston to advance to the world series. >> i was so young and dumb, i probably wasn't nervous at all. i woke up, you know, probably more nervous today, which i think is a good thing. i think if i didn't have some sort of nervous anticipation for the game today my maybe something is wrong. >> reporter: dodgers hall of fame announcer vin scully, who has seen these two teams play more than everybody tweeted tonight's game is the most important game in the history of this rivalry. >> your initial thoughts on that -- >> now i feel pressure. gosh darn it, no one knows this rivalry better than he does. it just gives you the gravity of this, what it means, and it is bigger than just one game. that is what is beautiful about this rivalry. >> reporter: the raiders are
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trying to turn the page from jon gruden's resignation and focus on sunday's game in denver. the second teams coach is now the man in charge, after 38 years as an assistant. he finally gets the chance to be a head coach. >> i asked the coach i work for a long time ago, i said when are you ready to be the head coach. he said when they give you that whistle and tell you you are the head coach. i have four kids and five grandkids, so i have an opportunity to be the head coach of the las vegas raiders. wow. that's really the only thing i'm going to get choked up about. holy bleep. i can't say that. can't say that. >> reporter: former san jose star james jones will be added to the stadium's ring of honor during friday night's homecoming game against san o state. he played nine seasons in the nfl, and won a super bowl with the packers in 2010.
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we have to get inside. we have a big baseball game to talk about tonight at 11:00. vern glenn will have that recap for you. with that being said, fawn fire was supposed to start for the dodgers . they haven't lost a game in which he started since i believe it was july my his last 12 starts. instead, later at corey knebel , but dave roberts looks like he knows what he is doing, because one, two, three, four, got out of the first. back to you. >> if the dodgers lose, a lot of people will be looking at saying was that the best thing to do or was it not. we will find out. >> thanks. still ahead on kpix 5 , and cbsn bay area , the time of their lives for some elephants. the favorite fall
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z4jxmz zi0z y4jxmy yi0y
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you have to check this out. pachyderms pulverizing pumpkins. the oregon zoo held his 23rd annual squishing of the squash. >> did not take much. >> it started back in 1999, when a local farmer dropped off a prize-winning 828 pound pumpkin for the elephant family. yeah, they just kind of do one step, and there you go.
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it's pulverized. i can't tell if they are eating it or not, but it looks like they are having fun. they get for watching tonight at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5 captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news, an faze panel resume moderna boosters for millions of americans. the first step towards if you're one of the nearly 70 million americans who got a moderna vaccine, the news about who experts think should get a booster, and the difference between this shot and your last one. plus couldics manying and matching your covid booster give you better protection? trump called to testify, why a judge says the former president needs to answer questions under oath over a violent confrontation ol' side trump tower. plus contempt of congress, could steve bannon face criminal charges for not cooperating in the capitol riot investigation.
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