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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  October 15, 2021 3:00pm-3:29pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> johnson & johnson on track for a green light on its covid- 19 booster . what about mixing
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cc. it is too soon but i know the rest of the country is going the same way. >> two counties scaled-back mask rules. are we ready for that? and the season is over for the giants. good afternoon. i am allen martin. our top story at 3:00 on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , the johnson & johnson vaccine booster gets the go ahead from one fda committee. skyler henry looks at the reporter: and mikeng shots down indendencommdose for people 18 and older with the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> what we see is that this is a group with lower efficacy then we have seen with the mrna
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vaccine, so there is some urgency here. >> reporter: this is despite the trial data . >> there could be as many as 5 million people who are at risk and hospitalization based on the cdc's study. this is still a public >> reporter: the agency might consider taking action to allow recipients of the johnson & johnson vaccine to receive a booster shot from the moderna vaccine or pfizer vaccine. >> in the real world all of this is ready g, tter of urgency. >> reporter: a study found people with the johnson & johnson vaccine were better off getting a booster from moderna vaccine or pfizer vaccine. >> we do not know whlong- term effects will be. we just do not have the data.
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looking live at san francisco international airport, visitors from outside the united states have a new date to circle on their calendar but only if they are vaccinated. >> reporter: they will lift covid-19 travel restrictions november 8 if they are fully vaccinated . the international terminal here at san francisco international airport is quiet and millions of visitors were not allowed into the united states over the course of the pandemic . foreign travelers will have to show proof of vaccination before they board the plane. this allows for all authorized vaccines or vaccines the world health organization has approved for emergency use. they will also have to show a
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negative covid-19 test withiner . the white house is required not lifting restrictions at this time for unvaccinated travelers. a spokesperson said it is guided by public health. from san francisco international airport, max darrow, kpix 5 . in marin county you can ditch the mask in some indoor response. kpix 5's justin andrews breaks it down for . >> reporter: offices and churches are some of the places you can go without a mask. people we interview today are nervous. >> i feel a little nervous that they are lifting it in a lot of places and now. >> reporter: the easing of the
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mask rules top of mind for her and others. as you go about your day, you might not need your mask to enter some places. last week mayor london breed announced the use of mask requirement >> this means if you are fully vaccinated, you are not required to wear a mask and some settings like fitness studios, officers, churches, or indoor gatherings. the celtic you will keep your mask on? >> i think for now. i am just worried it is too soon but i know the rest of the country is going the same way. >> reporter: leader same lifting the mask rules at restaurants will take longer.
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contra costa county will join san francisco november 1 and the lifting of requirements. >> you take on what your community takes on. if you see one person wearing a mask, it is likely that there is others who need you to wear a mask also, whether you want to or not. >> reporter: you are still required to wear a mask inside schools and hospitals. justin andrews, kpix 5 . onto baseball. giants fans are heartbroken today after the loss to the dodgers last night . one big question today, charlie. >> reporter: the season of the giants ended after the dodgers eliminated them at oracle park. the longtime broadcasters
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summed it up perfectly this morning. >> i woke up today and couldn't believe the sun came up. i couldn't believe that. >> reporter: it was a tight game . wilmer flores called out by the umpire and it was just a tough ending to this one. >> i am past the frustration. i just do not know how much sense it makes for us on our side to pick that apart. i am not saying turning the page to next year, but i will say that we are excited about building on this foundation. >> reporter: there will need to be worked on in the winter to keep these foundations in place.
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the expectation is that buster posey will return brandon belt and wilmer flores could all walk . it is tough knowing atlanta will get seven against the dodgers when they did not really earn it for you have to imagine looking forward there could be some serious talks. >> we will just pounds. appreciated. let's go to the weather now. the weekend is looking like a mixed bag. chief meteorologist paul heggen is joining us now with the details . >> it looks like it is going to be warm temperatures continuing on saturday and then cooler on sunday. right now it is mostly 80s and tomorrow the temperatures will be even warmer
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. and is upper 70s around the bay, but a big drop in temperatures from saturday to sunday. we will track it with the futurecast coming up. >> thank you so much, paul. police are hoping for the help of the public to solve the road rage killing of a 15-year- old girl in oakland. she was in the car with her uncle when someone opened fire and killing her, shamara young . detectives say it appears to be an early 2000 silver honda accord and the shooting happened near 51st street and bancroft avenue. police arrested a man in the deadly stabbing of a uk lawmaker . sir david amess was meeting with voters when a 25- year-old man entered the church and stabbed him
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alterable times. so far there is not information on a motive. in florida the former student charge and the parkland high school shooting rampage prepared to plead guilty but the judge said she would not accept this plea until another hearing next wednesday. the attorneys of nikolas cruz said he intends to accept responsibility for the counts of first-degree murder, hoping he can avoid the death penalty. prosecutors say cruz deserves the death sentence but they have not made a plea deal . president bill clinton is in a california hospital. tuesday evening he was attending private events in the area and began to feel lightheaded. he was taken to uc irvine hospitalve inctin his oos e. colimend and
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responding well to antibiotics. still to come on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, tiktok is popular for its challenges and recipes, but is it appropriate for kids? i am sorry from southwest. what they are offering customers who got caught up in the travel mass. trending online today
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new creatures shows half of american adults under age 30 used tiktok . it is also attracting kids. has kpix 5's morning anchor dat many believe they are two key young for the content. >> reporter: people cannot get enough of tiktok. it attracts 1 billion users every month, including a lot ta
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. >> reporter: tiktok terms and conditions require users be at least 13 years old. the company has removed millions of suspected under age accounts. the result was hundreds of videos about drug use, eating disorders, and pornography site recommendations. the tiktok had a public policy defended its content . >> it is about a diversity of content. you are not just getting into one thing but also ways if you're not interested in something and want to see lance. >> reporter: they urge you to watch tiktok content with your teenagers and promote moderation. amanda starrantino, kpix 5 . a look at how wall street and that the weekend was green across the board with the nasdaq up almost 74.
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southwest airlines trying to make amends with customers after travel disruption last weekend. they sent customers vouchers on top of refunds or flight credits. they are required to tho when they cancel points . dozens of restaurants in san francisco hope to draw you in and it is the kickoff to fall san francisco restaurant we can join me now is lori thomas . >> thank you for having me. >> restaurant week usually happens once a year. why add another one? >> we want to drive business to the restaurants because they are still not out of the woods yet. we decided that there was
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an appetite for it, and it has been a huge response from our membership so far. >> it seems to be a huge list of restaurants. >> it is the most participated restaurant week ever. they are all across san francisco and we are super harvey happy. we have all the neighborhoods and we are super excited about the offerings. there is quite a price point range. >> everybody has different comfort levels because of the pandemic. what if somebody is not countable dining in?
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>> we are so fortunate to have the shared spaces program enabling people to do sidewalk seating. that is still ongoing. if you are not comfortable or have a guest uncomfortable or not vaccinated come you can see if they have outdoor dining . >> andrew the good weather while we have it. thank you so much and have a great weekend. >> yes. come on out and dine . the san francisco restaurant week runs from today through october 24. there is different price points. looking at chase center were the warriors will have their final dress rehearsal tonight.
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it is the last preseason game at 7:00. we have chief meteorologist paul heggen here with yo forecast. >> temperatures are warm today. it will be warm , but the pattern will be shifting and we will see a storm system approaching the coast with even a chance of rain late in the day . we will see increasing clouds saturday night. we are trking showers approaching the coast of the lot of this is going to evaporate on the way down into the coastal ranges we could get drizzle or showers as it makes its way
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into the east bay. and then . let's take a look at some of those numbers into sunday night . this is the forecast model data where we are at a snow event and it will take every bit of moisture that they can get. right now it is 81 degrees in livermore and 76 degrees downtown. nit to into the low 50s and then high temperatures tomorrow above normal with low 80s around the bay and down the peninsula. it
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is 85 degrees in san jose even approaching 90 degrees for brentwood. farther north temperatures will be in the 80s that we will see a drop from saturday to sunday in temperatures with a chance of rain showers that we will hold out hope for more rain on wednesday and again by the end of next week. if you do not get rain on sunday, there will be more chances down the line. >> thank you so much, paul. it is time for a look ahead eninne". >> reporter: he used to be in the fbi and now he is driving a school bus. >> i thought it was time to pay
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it forward. >> reporter: driving home what matters tonight on the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell . >> looking forward to that. still to come on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, where scientists are watching a lava tsunami. streaming today on cbsn bay area, we welcome our new morning anchor amanda starrantino with a cable car ride and also why oscar the grouch is trending. you can find us on
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new videoting spn and exper call this flow of lava a tsunami. the lava threatened another area on the island of la palma. the national park service had a little halloween inspired fun. there is a bear, a bat, a camper the woods, and even when showing what to do, having a close encounter with a bison. still to come on kpix 5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area, would you pay $650 for this? what is behind this new travel accessory and the skyhigh price.
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ttsog for everybody in the weekend forecast. it is warmer temperatures tomorrow and a rain chance on sunday. there is more rain chances down the line and again
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by the end of next week i think the system looks to be more organized but does that arrive friday or hold off? we can narrow it down when we get the first system passed us on sunday. >> thank you so much, paul. it is a look at the new afternoon lineup here on kpix 5. the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell is next followed by back-to-back episodes of "judge judy" at 4:00 and then "kpix 5 news at 5:00 p.m." only for you at "kpix 5 news at 5:00 p.m.", silicon valley company plans to start selling a flying car in the next few weeks. wanting in on the travel boom a $650 travel pillow has been added to this line and it comes with a hood to ensure celebrities style privacy.
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>> that is expensive. captioning sponsored by cbs >> garrett: tonight, the johnson & johnson booster becomes the latest covid vaccine unanimously endorsed by a key f.d.a. panel. when you could get your next dose. the discussion over mixing and matching vaccines intensifies as the c.d.c. widens eligibility for boosters. >> guilty. >> garrett: pleading guilty: the suspect charged witmassac7 f at a florida high school plans to plead guilty to all charges. will that move spare him the death penalty? chicago's police union tells officers to defy the city's covid vaccine mandate, potentially taking half the force off the street. bill clinton hospitalized: what we've learned about the 42nd president's condition as he recovers from an inf


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