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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 15, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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on the way. we will keep an eye on the breaking story. paul heggen joins us now with more of the conditions fire crews are facing right now. it is warm outside today compared to earlier this week. this is in the higher elevation where the wind is a bit stronger. this is a different view of the same fire, looking from fremont peak to the northwest. we are getting a perspective on where exactly the fire is, and it is fairly inaccessible the road network, which is why they are sending in aews to try to get contain on specific conditions, the fire is about a third of the way from watsonville to hollister, right along the county line. temperatures are in the low to mid 80s. humidity levels are in the 10 to 20% range, and wind is about 15 miles per hour, borderline red flag conditions with gusts up to 20 miles per hour. the wind will die down as we had through the evening that's
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a good news. the bad news again is the inaccessibility of the location. we have to keep the aircrews fighting this for as long as thca we'll have update on the rest of the forecast in just a few minutes. back to the live tower cam images, crews are heading to the scene right now, and we will keep you posted on the progress of the crews battling this new fire. now to new developments in a deadly road rage shooting. 15-year-old alisal fire was in the car with her uncle when she was gunned down. kpix 5's da lin spoke with the uncle who survived the attack . >> reporter: the uncle believes the police are looking for the wrong vehicle car. we will get to that in just a second, but in about 1 hour at 6:00, community members will come to this intersection, 51st avenue and bancroft avenue, to hold a peace rally for the borough girl. one died at this intersection here. they want to
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seek justice for the 15-year- old teenager. oakland police say this is the suspect car, and early 2000 silver two door honda accord. this is someone from the car shot and killed shamara young while riding in her uncles car in east oakland last wednesday night. >> i don't think that's the actual car. >> reporter: the uncle says it looks like it, but he remembers the car was a silver four door acura that had a broken passenger tail light, but oakland police tell me after reviewing surveillance videos, they are confident this is the car . despite the disagreement, the family and police agree on one thing they want to catch the shooter. >> he sped up around me, slowed down, sped up. i tried to get back in front of him. >> reporter: joshua and investigators say the motive was road rage. >> i wish i could've done better, just could've pulled over, you know. does not even, just let the
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cargo, just go a different route. >> reporter: shamara's mom wants the shooter in jail before he hurts another family. >> i feel upset. it enrages me. people go out there just to cause pain, and that stupid because you shot a 15-year-old girl, somebody so innocent, and what hasn't proven, except for that you're a lowlife. >> reporter: the family says walter are angry, there is room for forgiveness. >> i want them to for sure serve justice, but what is anger going to do? anger is going to get me driving down the street mad. >> reporter: friends and teachers held a vigil for the well-liked student yesterday at fremont high school. >> my name is shamara and this is what you should know about me -- >> reporter: she loved crime shows and wanted to be a forensic technician. >> i want to become a frantic science technician because i want to help solve unsolved murders. >> reporter: the family is hoping someone will speak up. >> given that there are different vehicle descriptions, what can the public do with this?
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back yes. trauma can often affect people's memories, but the uncle is convinced he's right. the smart thing to do is look out for the vehicle that the police released, but allo uncle talked about, enssenil the ttom li you g, say somethin >> always good advice. thank you. we have breaking news out of oakland. chopper 5 is over the scene of a crash. is apparently sent an ac transit bus careening into that house. there you can see the bus wedged into the corner of the home. this is $0.10 market. we are attempting to get word of any injuries. we will keep you posted. looking livid oracle park, giants fans still trying to get over last night's heartbreaking loss. >> particularly a controversial call than ended the game and the season.
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>> giants better wilmer flores, facing max scherzer. the first base umpire called flores out on a check swing strike three, even though to many it did not appear that he squared up with the plate. >> i'm completely heartbroken. that is not how a series like that should end, on a blown call. nonreviewable, for some reason. i'm deflated. it was very deflating. i somehow knew something like that would happen, but it was still deflating. >> but the controversial call by umpire gabe morales isn't the reason why the giants lost the series. charlie walter is here with more. >> reporter: fans will focus on the check swing, but the giants scored 10 runs in the entire five-game series. they were 2 for 21 with runners in scoring position in those three losses, and it was an abrupt end to a record-setting 107 win season. the longtime broadcaster summed up the feeling perfectly today. >> i woke up today, and i
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couldn't believe the sun came up. >> yeah. >> i mean i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: yes, wilmer flores did not deserve to be called out on this play, but he also didn't have a hit in 17 career at-bats against the dodgers pitcher max scherzer. could that have changed with a runner on base? sure, but he was down there mac-2 at the time. everyone on the giants side took the high road, including the manager. >> i'm way past the frustration i felt in that moment. and i really do think our players and staff are as well. i don't know how much sense it makes for us on our side to pick that apart. i don't know how helpful it is going to be. i'm not saying we are turning the page to next year. that's not true, but what i will say is we are excited about building on this foundation. >> reporter: there will need to be a lot of work in the winter to keep the foundation in place. these are the giants key free
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agents. buster posey is a 22 million dollar club option. the expectation is that he will return, but brandon belt, and wilmer flores could all walk this off-season. now we sit here with the 91 win atlanta braves and ready to take on the dodgers in seven games, while the 109 win san francisco giants are one and done. i have a feeling playoff structure may need to be looked at after this, but we will see. it is baseball. they are sometimes outdated on these things. >> they had a great season. nothing to be ashamed of. >> they had a great season. the giants are still trending online. fans have been showing their support all day for the orange and black, thinking the team for a great season. now to the latest in the fight against covid-19. today fda advisers voted unanimously to recommend booster shots for the johnson & johnson vaccine. the committee voted to approve
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the booster doses for people 18 and older at least 2 months after the initial shock. fda officials also said eventually they could allow johnson & johnson recipients to receive a booster shot from the moderna or the pfizer vaccines. >> in the real world, all these kinds of combinations or extra boosters are already happening. i think it is a matter of some urgency. >> full authorizations for booster shots for both johnson & johnson and moderna vaccines could come as early as next week. relaxed mask mandates are starting to affect in the bay area, with some communities now able to ditch the masks indoors as long as everyone is vaccinated. kpix 5 reporter andria borba is live in san francisco with how people are reacting to the new rules. >> reporter: infectious disease specialists call this a baby step to getting back to normal, and not the flying leap into covid-19 transmission we have
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seen with earlier repealing of mandates. in what could feel like a moment of divine intervention for some, masking rules have officially softened in san francisco and marin counties. an infectious disease specialist at ucsf says this will asking of mask rules is much different than the june 15 statewide reopening, which was too much too soon, according to doctors. >> it came back to bite us. every other time, if you look at the pandemic, california has always been very slow, and certainly the bay area. i think we have definitely learned from that lesson, and hence this sort of staged approach. >> reporter: under the new amended, groups of fully vaccinated people are able to take off their masks indoors in stable settings. this includes offices, gyms, employee commuter vehicles, college classes, and religious gatherings under 100 people.
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employees were already taking advantage, gathering around a common table, and not assume, for a meeting. >> there are still signs on the wall. we didn't get a chance to take them off you. >> reporter: to move back to a person was welcome. >> is ice to come into an office and see a colleague smile again, and be able to read emotions differently that way. back at dhs pilates, the owner could not stop smiling. >> it's the first time in the studio since the last mandate. we had a brief window of 2 weeks at june 15 when the city was reopening, and then got pulled back. >> reporter: her studio has an internal system to make sure clients ready to work their core and stretcher fully vaccinated. >> it's obvious he's been fully vetted and vaccinated and verified. sin is an internal system that makes it very clear right away for anybody walking through the front door, that is knows who you are. the trainer knows. >> reporter: now there are people who should consider
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continuing to mask, like those over 65, without a booster shot, and the immunocompromised. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area , new details on a small plane crash in sacramento county. what may have played a role in the accident. a british lawmaker stabbed to death. what we are learning about that violent attack. the bay area company getting ready to start selling a fl ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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let's get another check on that breaking story this evening. a new wildfire burning between watsonville and morgan hill, smoke from this one camera can be seen for miles. there was a prescribed burn today in the estrada ranch area . at this point cal fire says this new fire is not related to that. we will keep an eye on this for you. former president bill clinton is on the mend in a southern california hospital after a non-covid related infection. a spokesperson says he was admitted to the university of
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california irvine medical center tuesday. he was attending some private events in that area. >> at the first event he started his feel lightheaded, nausea, vomiting. he was brought to a hospital, and he was found to have an infection in his blood. they did a c.a.t. scan and looked all over his body and brain, and the infectious source was found to be the urine. >> he is in good spirits and is incredibly thankful to the doctors, nurses, and staff providing him with excellent care. he added he is responding well to the antibiotics. clinton has faced other health issues since he was president, including quadruple bypass surgery, and a procedure to insert two stints. four people including a pregnant woman are alive but severely injured after a small plane they were on crashed in sacramento county. yesterday, we are learning it may have been an experimental aircraft. >> reporter: da lin above this aviation community shows the runway where the plane took off
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and the path to where crash landed. we are told the plane was in the air for less than 1 minute before it hiev to be the a and two aircraft up and flames, all four people inside, including the pilot, two young boys, and a pregnant woman survived. >> i had to come back here to see it. >> reporter: steve sharp, being called a hero, is visiting the site one day later. he was one of the people to see the crash, stop his truck, get out a fire extinguisher, and how those on board to safety. >> the plane hit the ground and i hit the side of the road to grab my fire extend wisher out of the truck and did what i did. becky calls it a miracle everyone hated out alive. >> it is crazy to see a mangled airplane and no that five bodies survived this. >> reporter: cruise on scene
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look into what went wrong. the plane a crumpled mess. for steve, he says he was in the right place at the right time, but also credits the pilot skill in tense moments. >> it is fate that i was here, but it was also fate that he put the plane down where he put the plane down. the neighborhood is near a small airport, and considers itself in aviation community. committee members say there hasn't been a crash landing like this for decades. a san francisco man who went missing while kayaking has been found dead. dylan flanagan went missing on sunday night. he was reportedly staying with friends in clear lake to celebrate his birthday and a recent job promotion. search crews found his body yesterday along the lake shoreline. an autopsy is scheduled for next week. this and is a fire department was quite busy overnight. three fires were reported in the city early this morning. firefighters responded to a fire in the alpha cornerstone academy on the croatia avenue. the fire was under control within an hour, but caused interior and exterior damage red police inc. it was intentionally set.
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a person of interest has been detained. an unrelated fire happened earlier this morning at a two story home on park johnson place. responding firefighters say that fire spread to a neighboring home. late last night, fire crews responded to a three alarm fire on east side drive. the home was severely damaged and it displaced five people. developing news overseas. a british lawmaker was stabbed to death while meeting with constituents at a church. authorities are just now saying it was a terrorist incident. conservative lawmakers sarah david amess was killed just east of london. police say they arrested a man following the attack. eyewitnesses say the 25-year- old man entered the church and stabbed amess multiple times. no word on a motive. highway 101 is reopened after firefighters made progress against the alisal fire . authorities say the
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flames are still threatening remote properties. of the coastal mounin , or inte santa barbara and its famous ranch narrowly escaped that fire. flames came as close as 0.25 miles to that property. and we have our own fire going that we have to deal with. we start with an update on the estrada fire in santa cruz county. this camera is located near morgan hill. it is looking in the direction of watsonville to the southwest. you can see the smoke still rising off of the fire. we actually have one of the fire weather sensors in the immediate vicinityofthat fire.
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ificionshappening in vicinity o the humidity st below 15%. that's the factor helping to drive this, along with wind from the southwest around 12 miles per hour, with gusts up to around 20 miles per hour. cal fire says the wind isn't a major concern, but it will be a problem trying to get engines towards this. they've been doing air drops and will try to keep it to its current size around 20 acres. the good news is we are looking at a big pattern change as we head into the weekend. it will still be warm tomorrow, but the area of high pressure responsible for the warm weather is moving off to the east, and a storm system is going to approach the pacific coast. that will lead to much cooler temperatures on sunday, and even a chance of showers late in the day, especially north of the golden gate. let's check futurecast and take a look at the rain chance as it gets closer to us. we start the day dry on sunday. we see increasing clouds saturday night. the rain starts to move into coastal areas by midafternoon on sunday. futurecast is likely overplaying how intense the rain is. i don't think the radar will look like this. a lot of it will evaporate on the way down.wo
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its wae ea, anme rain even dropping down toward san francisco. watch how this falls apart as it tries to make its way across the bay. we look at trace amounts of moisture for inland parts of the east bay and santa clara valley. it won't be a good soaking rain for everybody, but it's not the only rain chance in the forecast. there are more further down the line heading our way as we had through the rest of next week. if you don't get rain out of this one, hopefully we will have somewhere on the way as we had through the latter half of next week. this will be a snow maker for the high sierra. not enough to go skiing just yet, but they will take any amount of moisture, whether it falls as rain or several inches of snow. right now, blue skies overhead. it is nice outside this evening. it is 82 degrees in livermore. 84 in santa rosa. exactly 80 in san jose, oakland, and in concord. even downtown san francisco is in the mid-70s. we will see some smoke blowing up from southern california, but the air quality will be moderate at worst. no air-quality alerts through the next few days. temperatures tonight upper 40s
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in the 50s. some spots just a bit cooler in the north bay, and then we start warming up. tomorrow's temperatures are even a couple of degrees warmer than today. by lunch time, temperatures will be 70 degrees, upper 60s along the coast. further inland, mid to upper 70s. most inland spots will reach up into the 80s, just a matter of how far into the 80s, approaching 90 degrees for fairfield, antioch, and brentwood. mid to upper 70s around the bay. temperatures drop off by almost 15 degrees by saturday to sunday with a chance for showers from golden gate northward. the cooler weather sticks around monday and tuesday, and then another chance of showers on wednesday, with another chance of showers after that on friday. our confidence in these rain chances decreases the farther into the future we look, but it does look like there may be a more significant rainmaker headed for all of the bay area by next weekend. fingers crossed that we can get
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some moisture, and we will keep an eye on the fire burning in southern santa cruz county. >> rain would be great. >> it would be fantastic, even the weekend, whenever. >> we will be other going thank you thank you. coming up, you may have to pay more for the holiday gifts. why some business owners say biden's new plan to ease congestion at the ports comes too late. >> this christmas, the damages done. we just have to hope and pray that products are getting through. it could be the future of travel. a look at the flying car and tested right here in the bay area, and the first reporter who got to take it up for a joy ride. >> we are going to be putting you in this aircraft. streaming today on cbsn bay area , we welcome our new morning anchor amanda starrantino with a cable car ride, at 8:20. then at 8:45, my oscar the grouch is trending. you can find us on , or on the kpix app.
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thousands of employees across the u.s. are on strike this evening, pushing for better wages and working conditions. more than 10,000 uaw members at john deere plants walked off of the job. they joined some 1400 kellogg's workers, while some 24,000 healthcare workers with kaiser permanente authorized a strike earlier this week. on monday, hollywood production could shut down on a broad swath of film and tv sets, as the union representing 60,000 crewmembers prepares
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potential work stoppage. some california businesses are not convinced new action from the white house will help solve the supply chain crisis. this toy distributor in los angeles says damage is already done in terms of getting goods for christmas. a backup at southern california ports as part of that problem. this week the administration struck a deal with labor unions to keep the ports running 24 seven. >> every day i am crossing my fingers hoping that containers get here. >> moving goods from the factory to the customer, some numbers suggest it has gone up on average by said 56%. >> some stores that ordered inventory months ago don't expect to get their shipments until january. still ahead at 5:30, we have more on our
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news at 5:30. cal fire air tankers battling a grassland fire sending both smoke over the south bay skyline. authority ken bastida in the newsroom with the very latest on the fire. >> reporter: he what a s fire rning tsonlle and rg h this is the smoke rising up from that heavily wooded area. the fire sparked above hazel
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dell road near mount madonna county park. some reviewers are reporting seeing the smoke from miles away . at least seven cal fire tankers are responding to the fire right now. fire crews have called in more air support to try to get this thing calmed down a bit. we know there was a 20 acre prescribed burn in the estrada ranch area near hazel dell road earlier today, however cal fire has not confirmed if this fire is related, did it get out of control. we will try to find out. back to you. back to our coverage of the coronavirus. an fda advisory committee gives the green light for people who received the johnson & johnson vaccine to get a booster shot. the second dose is for people 18 and older. it's going to be given at least 2 months after the initial shot. joining us live, a doctor from


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