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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  October 15, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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dell road near mount madonna county park. some reviewers are reporting seeing the smoke from miles away . at least seven cal fire tankers are responding to the fire right now. fire crews have called in more air support to try to get this thing calmed down a bit. we know there was a 20 acre prescribed burn in the estrada ranch area near hazel dell road earlier today, however cal fire has not confirmed if this fire is related, did it get out of control. we will try to find out. back to you. back to our coverage of the coronavirus. an fda advisory committee gives the green light for people who received the johnson & johnson vaccine to get a booster shot. the second dose is for people 18 and older. it's going to be given at least 2 months after the initial shot. joining us live, a doctor from stanford healthcare.
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today's decision comes in spite of this trial data that johnson & johnson experienced kind of a reduction in effectiveness over time, and the recipients are better off maybe getting a booster from pfizer or moderna. >> the cdc recommendation, and the fda authorization, is still for people to get the same vaccine, the same manufacturer for the whole series, but, you know, this is just because there is a lot more data on the vaccines given in the series from the same manufacturer. the vaccine data from johnson & johnson doesn't actually show a decrease in the effectiveness, but it is a little bit less effective than either of the two mrna vaccines. so, yes, they did authorize the booster. there is a mixing and matching study through the nih with results just made public, looking at the antibody levels with mixing and matching, and fortunately, with each
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combination, antibodies boosted quite well. somewhat higher antibody levels when windows was in mrna vaccine versus two johnson & johnson vaccines. this is only antibodies. there's more than one way to look, but antibodies are the easiest way. fire data has shown that johnson & johnson antibody levels are remarkably stable over time, whereas antibody levels after mrna vaccines, while they are hired to begin with, declined somewhat. unfortunately, there were no safety concerns in that smaller study. >> the wall street journal is reporting the fda is delaying and that decision on authorizing moderna's vaccine for children. the risk of a rare heart inflammatory addition, can you explain more about that and how concerned parents should be? >> there has been a small number of cases of heart muscle inflammation after mrna vaccinations muckalt myocarditis. mostly it is in young adult males, and essentially it results in a few days. it usually doesn't have any,
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doesn't require hospitalization for the most part. there have only been a few for it, and generally it resolves within a few days. because of this, the fda is probably taking extra care in vetting the data around giving moderna vaccines emergency use authorizations for adolescents, to make sure that it's okay. we don't know yet whether there is a significantly increased risk. i'll be interested here with defined after going through all of the data , which they will post, and will be publicly available. >> thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. news at 5:30, it was an
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idea that your immediate pushback. this evening, and update on plans to charge parking fees at national park sites here in the bay area. the national park service got the message and is backing down on charging parking fees at least for now. the idea was to charge three dollars per hour up to $10 per day to park at some of the most popular beach spots including baker beach. it was to be used for basic maintenance like trash collection and janitorial services. they took public comment on the plan, and heard the same concerns we did when we spoke to beachgoers last month. >> some people aren't able to afford to even come out, and parking would put another criteria where they won't be able to come and enjoy it. >> beach is already pretty clean, so where is the money coming from to keep it clean right now? what is the money going to do to make it better? >> they are the only ones. the bay area news group says democratic lawmakers came out against the plan. it was officially shelved this week. the national park service saying, quote, we have heard the concerns from our community loud and clear. as a result, we are removing coastal parking lots from consideration of this fee proposal for now.
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not a plane, not a drone, the look at the flying car that could revolutionize the way you travel. we will talk to john blackstone the first journalist to test it out. all new at 6:00, a burger and a shot in the arm. a new take on the traditional covid vaccine site. we are there on day one. san jose is on its way to becoming the largest city in california to charge a fine for using too much water. >> it's hard to imagine that people don't understand the severity of the drought. kpix 5 news at 6:00 with ken and elizabeth is coming up next. and coming up tonight on the "cbs evening news" -- on this friday night, more than 15 million americans consume be eligible for a johnson & johnson booster shot, and could mixing and matching vaccines offer more protection from covid? plus will have more tonight on the condition of former president bill clinton after his health scare. and steve hartman goes on the
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news at 5:30, remember when we thought flying cars just around the corner? >> john blackstone is here to tell us the future is now, almost. >> reporter: almost. they had the opportunity to do a story for cbs sunday morning to see how people who don't even have a pilots license may soon be able to take off in that elusive machine, a flying car. many people have imagined pulling a flying car out of their garage. marcus lange is actually doing it. and he wants others to do it as well. his company opener plans to start selling the air plant aircraft called black fly within the next few weeks. >> i believe vehicles like th are gointo revolue transportatigoing ard. beginning.
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>> reporter: the carbon fiber body hides sophisticated electronics. >> if you look in here, you will be able that there are three flight computers. >> reporter: but the real secret is in the small but powerful electric motor. you showed us how powerful this was in your lab. >> i believe you were blown away at a really. >> reporter: that was 3 years ago, when after a decade of keeping his project secret, he gave us a tour of his silicon valley factory. vac then, we couldn't actually see it fly. but this past week, he took us to his california test site. he prefers to call it a personal aerial vehicle. the faa classifies it as an ultralight aircraft, with limitations. >> it would like to fly a lot fa tmaspee operat miles per hour.
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>> reporter: it can't fly over populated areas in the range is only 25 miles, but they do come with a big advantage. you don't have to be a certified pilot. >> reporter: to prove anyone compliant, he was willing to put a reporter with no experience as a pilot in the singleseat. >> they are fun to fly. you will see. >> reporter: to prepare, and to practice on a virtual reality simulator which in the beginning had some challenges. >> you see those trees, you better be careful. >> reporter: but since black fly can pretty much fly itself, i was ready. fun but certainly out of my price range when it goes on sale later this month. while he won't yet reveal the cost, the first are likely to be those with at least a couple of hundred thousand dollars to spare.
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took me a minute to get the nerve, you know? i had to think about it for a bit. >> reporter:'s goal is to step up production. >> this is where the automobile was 120 years ago. >> reporter: and bring down the price, to finally make the flying car a practical reality. >> good to go again sometime? >> reporter: how about in 5 minutes? >> reporter: on that second flight i could relax just a little bit and enjoy the scenery, and it may be helpful that one day this kind of flight could be routine. >> is just amazing. you are telling me that the way this flying car is now, it is just scratching the surface? >> reporter: certainly this aircraft could go faster, further with his electric motors, electric batteries, then it is allowed to go and be considered an ultralight. that is the key to letting
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folks like me get in it, is that it can't fly over populated areas. the speed is limited. >> flight number one, was it scary, fun, what was the feeling? >> reporter: i thought i was jeff bezos going off into space. >> you looked very confident. what is it like to steer? what is it like landing? >> reporter: here is the reason i was allowed to go in it, willing to go in it? it flies itself. i had to push the button to take off. that's it. i had to go in the simulator, because in case in the very unlikely event that something goes wrong, i could bring it back. >> thankfully that didn't happen. >> reporter: triple redundancy on everything they assured me. >> fun stuff. >> you look like a pro doing it. george jetson. up next, new safety
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seem to get enough of tiktok. the video sharing site says it attracts 1 billion users every month, but now there is new concern that the content on the app is impacting kids. tiktok's terms and conditions require users be at least 13 years old. earlier this year, the wall street journal programmed
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dozens of bots registered as 13 to 15-year-olds to see what videos the apps algorithms which show them. the result? hundreds of videos about drug use, eating disorders, and pornography site recommendations. tiktok's head of public policy defended the apps content. >> is about diversity of content. we look to have a lot of different kinds of sources of information, so you're not just getting into one thing , but we have ways if you're not interested in something and you want to see less. >> he urged parents to actively watch tiktok content with their teenagers, and to promote moderation, something that has become a challenge for millions of users. family is so important when we face tough times, and we don't have family to lean on, friendships can keep us together. >> this week's students rising above scholar found both on her way to success.
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diana your hair is so long -- >> reporter: old friends catching up on zoom, and experience we all shared during the pandemic, but for diana custodio and jessica wenzel, this call is special. jessica is a college advisor at students rising above, and diana, one of two dozen students she served, their first in person meeting happened many years ago. >> i remember when we met at the starbucks near her house. you could see she was very quiet and reserved. that was her personality, but you could see that beneath that , there was so much. >> reporter: sitting across from jessica that day, a shy high school juniors still reeling from the shock of being selected and sra scholar, and achievement diana would keep secret at first from everyone, including her family. >> i didn't tell anyone, because i didn't think i was going to get in. it was very scared, how do i tell this to my mom. >> reporter: the first- generation college hopeful struggling with parental and cultural expectations, that expected work, not higher education. >> i didn't grow up with anyone
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, seeing anyone else go to college, so it's like, everyone in my family works very hard. i was like, i'm just going to work hard. nobody gave me the conversation of college. >> reporter: no one so committed to that college conversation, anyway. >> i didn't know what i wanted to do it all. >> reporter: until jessica, whose encouragement and guidance help to diana blossom into a confident uc riverside college graduate, letting her first real job, and apartment in los angeles. now, meeting jessica's 7-month- old daughter for the first time , both saying hello to the young woman jessica considers to be family. >> she's just been added to the family, bright? she's just joined the family. his great to bring those two worlds together. >> reporter: dana agrees. >> she was there when i was at my lowest. there was many times i told her i don't think i can make it this far, i don't think i meant
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to be here, and she would always reassure me, it doesn't matter what you're going to do. >> say goodbye, diana. see you soon. say goodbye. diana says she will head home to the bay area soon so she can meet jessica's daughter in person. the two see the relationship lasting a lifetime. pretty amazing. to learn more about students rising above and its scholars, just go to /sra. it is peak season on apple hill east of sacramento. every october, visitors from all over flock to the farms to get treats like cider, and fritters. this week it is going to be a bit tougher to get there inks to construction on highway 50. the construction, along with big crowds, expected to lead to long driving times for visitors. >> at the key thing for the county and the apple hill folks, to make sure that weekend traffic was open. >> i got them for my son-in-law because he loves them. he just wants some.
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>> apple fritters. luckily for the farmers, longer drives don't seem to be slowing down the foot traffic. >> those apple freighters look so good. i'm hungry. unless we are talking about this, which you definitely don't want to smell. we are keeping an eye on the wildfire to the northeast of watsonville. this is the wildfire of the camera from on top of mount mcdonnell looking towards that wildfire that continues to burn right now, but they have been calling in plenty of resources to get a handle on it. the best estimate, you can see the flame icon that is automatically generated has popped up right now. it's very close to where we have put the flame icon. we have a good handle on the location of this, some higher elevations right there. the latest update is committing 78 degrees, humidity still low at 15%. the wind has died down to 11 miles per hour, gust to 60
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miles per hour. temperatures will cool down this evening, which means humidity will go up, and the wind will die down. more favorable conditions for the crews to get a handle on this. the latest unconfirmed update was that it was around 80 acres. we are in for a big pattern change as we head into the weekend. we have been under the influence yesterday, today, and again tomorrow of this high- pressure keeping temperatures above average, but there is a storm system to the west that will move towards the pacific coast with our first chance of rain by late sunday. yes, multiple chance of rain are in the forecast. it's going to be north of the golden gate late in the day. we will be dry monday and tuesday, but then another chance heather rae on wednesday, at another chance after that by the end of next week. the chs e lower percengewise, because the farth the less competent we are in the specifics. an active weather pattern will shape up and hopefully give the bay area much needed rainfall. how much? list estimate with forecast models. this takes us through the next 7 days. this is the european forecast
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model which indicates that much inland, the east bay, or the santa clara valley. higher amounts north of the golden gate. this is the best case scenario. the worst case scenario, the american forecast model, showing the potential for lesson that, as we wind the clock forward to next weekend through friday night. 0.3 inches for santa rosa, with trace amounts south and east of the golden gate. we will hope for the best case scenario, because we need the rain. temperatures today were into the 80s for santa rosa, san jose , and concord. even upper 70s in pacifica. inland temperatures are still in the 80s. 80s in oakland. mid-70s at sfo, the same as downtown. half moon bay, 63 degrees. temperatures tonightmid 50s. that's normal territory for october. tomorrow's high temperatures
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will be 7 to 9 degrees above average. low 70s along the coast, but then 80s. even around the south end of the bay, 80s. further inland, 90 degrees for fairfield, antioch, and brentwood. temperatures for san francisco, oakland, in the east bay, mid to upper 70s, and then low to mid 80s for most of the north bay. you can subtract about 15 degrees off of those numbers for sundays high temperatures as that storm system affects our weather with not just the cooler air, but that chance of showers. and another chance on wednesday, and another chance on friday. the one on friday could wait until saturday and sunday, but it looks to be the most organized of any of these rain chances. we have a lot to keep her eyes on over the next few days. coming up next at 6:00 am i targeting members of the community. the scams rising during the pandemic. paying up for using too much water. the new restrictions moving closer in san jose. residents looking to get a fast food fix could soon be
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asked if they would like a vaccine o,
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united states ll soon lcome as fang as ey e vainatsfo with how the policy will really
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work, and the impact it will have on our local economy. >> reporter: the international terminal here at sfo has been quiet over the last 18 months or so with travel restrictions in place for foreign nationals, but in a few weeks it will start to change. the united states plan to lift covid-19 related travel restrictions for fully vaccinated foreign visitors on november 8. >> this is good news for all airports, but especially sfo. >> reporter: that is because sfo has some of the most international travel traffic in the country, according to the airport spokesperson. >> pre-pandemic, 25% of all of our passengers were international. >> reporter: the global pandemic and u.s. imposed travel restrictions on foreigners hit the bay area exceptionally hard. in august of this year, sfo saw just under 400,000 international travelers. august of 2019, about 1.6 million international travelers.
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san jose international airport, nearly 35,000 international travelers this august compared to about 78,000 in august of 2019. >> in 2019, as an example, 63% of all tourism spending in san francisco is by international visitors, and that has been shut down since the beginning of the pandemic. >> reporter: he is the president and ceo of sf and travel. >> we will be activating a lot of our marketing and sales programs in europe and other parts of the world that are opening, saying san francisco is ready for you. >> reporter: at pier 39, business owners have anxiously waited for this step forward. >> once we can get the international travel back, that is going to be a game changer. >> reporter: fully vaccinated foreign travelers will still have to show a negative covid test taken within 3 days of their trip, but they to quara arrival.
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the policy also applies to ixcoe es ola fr >>breaking news right onsny ea, ordered. paying more for water. the fees that could be coming for san jose residence that used too much. getting rid of that phase covering. the restrictions now loosened in san francisco and marin counties. good evening. i'm ken bastida. it i'm elizabeth cook. we start with the breaking news as crews try to contain a wildfire parties of watsonville. allen martin has the very latest. >> reporter: here is what we know. a 40 acre wildfire burning between watsonville and morgan hill right now. minutes ago , he learned that people in watsonville are under evacuation warnings. that wildfire torching some dry trees and brush. the fire sparked above hazel dellark. some viewers report seeithat smseair onding to e re
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of crlling in multiple enginectib burn in ranch area near hazel dell road today, but cal fire has not confirmed if this fire is related to that one. meanwhile, chief meteorologist paul heggen has more on the conditions. i want to start with the live look from the top of mount madonna at that fire, which continues to burn and send up the smoke plume as it is actively underway. conditions will get better as we had through the evening, as the temperatures drop, but for right now, the temperature is at 77 degrees. the humidity is only 15%, and the vegetation around all of


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