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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 15, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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smseair onding to e re of crlling in multiple enginectib burn in ranch area near hazel dell road today, but cal fire has not confirmed if this fire is related to that one. meanwhile, chief meteorologist paul heggen has more on the conditions. i want to start with the live look from the top of mount madonna at that fire, which continues to burn and send up the smoke plume as it is actively underway. conditions will get better as we had through the evening, as the temperatures drop, but for right now, the temperature is
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at 77 degrees. the humidity is only 15%, and the vegetation around all of california iill cris d y.ov miles per hour, gusting close to 20 miles per hour. the wind will also relax as we had through the evening and overnight hours. lighter wind, higher humidity, the fi crews. you can see how seriously they are taking it by calling in the air tankers and engines and bulldozers as well. i will have an update on the weekend forecast and chances of rain coming up. we are following more breaking news now in oakland. new details on how an ac transit bus ended up lodged into a house. chp is now saying a stolen toyota they had been tracking for miles slammed into the bus at 10th and market. ac transit says the driver of that car ran a red light just before impact. no major injuries. a bus driver and two passengers were taken to a hospital to be checked out. four people inside of the toyota have been taken into custody. now to san jose, where they now have the toughest water conservation measures of any major city in the state. south bay residents who exceed pre-set limits will now be hit with a fine. >> kpix 5's kiet do is live in
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san francisco with more on the restrictions. >> reporter: is a water submitted the request through the california public utilities commission today. they are also sending out notice to their 1 million customers. if it is approved, get ready to cut back or pay up. it has been 4 months since san jose water asked their customers to cut back, but appealing to their consciences not working, so now san jose water is going after their wallets. >> people should be aware that there is great reason for concern. >> reporter: leanne with san jose water says the company back in june asked for a voluntary cutback of 15% represented by the green line. san jose water did see a steady decline, but customers missed the target. 1% in june, 6% in july, and a percent in august. >> i think it's very hard to get people to completely change their behavior, and i think we made progress. we wish it had been re, but we encrageopto cont
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conservation. >> reportere proposed residenti customers must get their use down to 15% below 2019 levels. any customers who exceed that target will be hit with a $7.13 service charge per unit. it's 100 cubic feet of water or 738 gallons. this is the second year of the drought. last winter san jose had its lowest amount of rainfall in recorded history, about a third of normal. >> it was hard to imagine that people don't understand the severity of the drought. please conserve. please follow the regulations we've set up. we are all in this together. we don't know what mother nature and nature will bring this winter. >> is pretty darn expensive already. >> reporter: james baker is not sure a penalty will be a deterrent. >> is that enough of a penalty? we will see whether that changes people's behavior. you know. i don't know. we will see. it may or may not. >> the request was filed today. if it's approved, when will
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that actually happen? >> reporter: it typicay takes out 30 days to respond to such requests, so that will put us in a mid-november timeframe for this surcharge to take effect. >> thank you. as covid rates and vaccination numbers continue to improve, some bay area communities are beginning to roll back their inter-mask mandates. kpix 5's andria borba live in san francisco with the reaction with those new policies. >> reporter: we are talking about san francisco and marin counties, and we are not talking about rolling back mask mandates anywhere. it is only in specific controlled environments. in marin and san francisco counties, your switch session no longer has to include a mask. it is among the sectors getting to loosen mask mandates starting today. at dhs pilates in mission, tracy sylvester is thrilled to see smiles again. >> it's
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we will hopefully meet the moment. >> reporter: this is not a full peeling off of mask mandates like we saw during the june 15 statewide reopening. an infectious disease specialist at ucsf says this is measured. >> it's not everybody go to ocean beacon have a bonfire, and let's throw all the masks in the air. this is a little more freedom than we had before as a society. >> reporter: under the new mandate, groups of fully vaccinated people are able to take off their masks and doors and stable settings, including offices, gyms, employee commuter vehicles, college classes, and religious gatherings of over 100 under 100 people. there are still signs about masking on the walls my butt around the table, the masks are off come into the office and see a colleague
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smile again and read emotions differently that way. >> reporter: if you still feel comfortable masked up, sylvester says no worries. >> if you want us to mask, just ask. we are welcoming masks. no one is saying you can't wear a mask. i will forever wear a mask at walgreens. >> reporter: you will notice that this repealing of the mask mandate does not apply it to bars and restaurants. there is no timeline at the moment for that to happen. live in san francisco tonight, andria borba, kpix 5. now to a live look from berkeley , where vaccine proof is now a requirement. it applies to employees and patrons at adult care facilities, healthcare workers, remedies, and public and private childcare sites. here's a new concept when it comes to getting people vaccinated. burgers, shakes, and shots. take a look at this. the mcdonald's in el cerrito hosted a pop-up vaccine clinic, right inside the restaurant this afternoon. people were able to come in order lunch, and get a covid vaccine. when we were there, several
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people took advantage of the opportunity. we are learning the head of the states largest union has been arrested on theft and fraud charges. alma hernandez has steps down as the executive director for sei you california, i hope post that she has held since 2016. the attorney general just filed felony charges against hernandez , and her husband. they are accused of filing false tax returns, underreporting their income nearly $1.5 million over five if convicted, this couple could face prison time. the u.s. secretary for housing and urban development is in the bay area. she is pushing the presidents build back better plan, which would expand access to federal subsidies for new housing. secretary marcia fudge met with house speaker nancy pelosi, and san francisco mayor london breed. they toured a new affordable housing complex in the
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sunnyvale neighborhood. >> we are judged not only how we treat people, but especially how we treat people at the dawn of life, and those edits sunset. we cannot afford to not take care of our children, or our parents and grandparents. this is our time to build up. >> the complex she visited, and i hope sf, has 55 homes already occupied, and 167 about to be ready for rental. right now a new warning to alert san francisco residents of online financial scams. the san francisco district attorney has kick started a campaign. since the start of the pandemic they have seen an influx in social media scams that target community members on apps. the district attorney's office says most of the cases seen in san francisco involved the asian-american and pacific islander community. residents can report cases to the das fraud hotline. still ahead on kpix 5 , and cbsn bay area --
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new details in april range shooting in oakland that left a young girl dead. the new piece of evidence that police have just released.
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we are following breaking news. a 40 acre wildfire is prompting evacuation warnings in the watsonville area right now. those warnings are for the bar harbor area of watsonville. the wildfire, being called the estrada fire, is feeding on dry brush and timber between watsonville and morgan hill near mount madonna county park. viewers are reporting seeing smoke for miles. chopper 5 is headed to the scene right now, along with a kpix 5 crew. we will keep an eye on the breaking news for you. new developments in a deadly road rage shooting in oakland that left a teen girl dead. >> 15-year-old shamara young was in the car with her uncle when she was tragically gunned down. >> kpix 5's da lin spoke to the uncle who survived that attack, and is live at the
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scene of the shooting on bancroft avenue in oakland. >> reporter: that's right. shamara young died near this intersection, 51st avenue and bancroft avenue. righnow, community members are holding a peace rally. they are sick of the violence. they are demanding justice for the teen and her family. they are waiting for more people to show up so they can start that peace rally. let's show you some video, because investigators say the shooting motive was a case of road rage. oakland police say this is the suspect car, and early 2000 silver two door honda accord . investigators say someone from the car shot and killed shamara while riding in her uncle's car in east oakland last wednesday night, but the uncle believes that is the wrong car. he remembers the car as a silver four door acura , with a broken passenger tail light. oakland police say after reviewing surveillance videos, they are confident they have
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the right car. despite the disagreement, the family and the police agree on one thing. they need to catch the shooter. >> i wish i could have did better, just could have pulled over, you know. not even, just let that cargo. just go a different route. peopreallyto go out toause pain that stupid because you shot a 15-year-old girl. somebody so innocent. what has a proven, except for that you are in the life. >> reporter: her mother wants the shooter in jail before he hurts another family. she says shamara loved crime shows and wanted to be a forensic technician and solve murders. back here live now, a good amount of community members here on bancroft avenue. again, just raising awareness about this case that killed a 15-year-old teenager, and they want folks with information to come forward and speak up. live in east oakland, i am da lin , kpix 5.
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authorities have discovered the body of a san francisco man who was reported missing. dylan flanigan was found dead after he went kayaking in lake county. he was reportedly staying with some friends in clearlake to celebrate his birthday, and a recent job promotion. search crews found his body thursday along the lake shore. an autopsy is scheduled for next week. the san jose syig three fires were reported in the city early this morning. firefighters responded to a fire at the apple cornerstone academy. the fire was under control within 1 hour, because interior and exterior damage. police think it was intentionally set. a person of interest has been detained. an unrelated fire happened earlier this morning at a two story home on park johnson place. responding firefighters say the fire spread to a neighboring home. last night, fire crews
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responded to a three alarm fire at her home on east i drive. that homeless severely damage and displaced five residents. the fire watch in solano county this afternoon, a grass fire broke out after 1:00 in suisun city, and reached about three alarms, but firefighters managed to keep it to just about 1 acre. you are responsible for a lot of work at my house this weekend, but he, because i have to clear cutters. i've got to get the bush hog out, cut grass. it's going to rain. >> hopefully. >> very late in the day on sunday, and not much where you live, which i won't give away specifically. you don't have any excuse not to get out at least weather- wise. first we want to keep you updated on the estrada fire. it looks like a couple different hotspots making up that fire.
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the weather conditions continue to incrementally improve, but the humidity is the same at 15%. the temperature is a single degree lower than at the top of the hour, and the wind has died down a little bit. the humidity goes down after sunset, and that will help out the fire crews. let's talk about the chance of rain. it's on the way late on the day on sunday. we will see cloud cover to start the day. i try first half of the day at least on sunday, if not into the afternoon for most of us, but we will see showers making their way into the north bay by about mid afternoon on sunday. futurecast is overdoing the intensity of the rain. a lot of it will evaporate on the way down, but likely you will pick up measurable rainfall north of the golden gate. there is a coin flip chance in san francisco, and even down the peninsula, of picking up at least a few hundredths of an inch of rain, but further in that it falls apart. maybe if you passing sprinkles, inland of the east bay and santa clara valley. but there are more chance of rain further down the line in the 7 day forecast.
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concord is still holding onto 80 degrees. these are above average temperatures after he topped out in the upper 70s and low to mid 80s. it is still warm right now in livermore. that is where we found our pup for the evening, piper and pearly joe. they have beat the heat by hanging out in a shady spot in the grass. temperatures drop off quickly as the sun goes down. tomorrow will be another unseasonably warm day, but then cooler temperatures along with a chance of a shower on sunday. tonight, mostly low 50s, and a few spots dropping down to the 40s. i temperatures tomorrow, still a good 7 to 9 degrees above average. upper 70s for san francisco and oakland. 80s for east bay. inland closer to 90 degrees, but just short. it is for most in the parts of the bay area. 70s near the water, even along the coast. temperatures will drop off by that 15 degree margin from saturday to sunday, and then the cool weather sticks around with an additional shower chance heading its way on
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wednesday, and then another on friday. we will be off diminished optimistic and put in the forecast for friday. we will keep you updated to the timing on those as i get closer. it is an active weather pattern with several chances of rain. >> thank you. one skater went to great lengths to raise awareness for cancer research. >> christine skated across the principal this morning to support local firefighters. she started her turning at ocean beach around 8:30, then roller pleaded across the city through geary, presidio, lombard, and columbus avenue's. she at the embarcadero just over finishing at the sf fire department headquarters. >> we need to stand up together and make a difference, and the way we can do that is by funding the research that is necessary to support cancer prevention for the fire department. >> today is also the 25th anniversary of the day christine skated 5000 miles across canada to support her
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mother. >> that's a long way. "cbs evening news" is coming up. >> here is major garrett with the preview. on this friday night, steve hartman goes on the road. meet a former fbi official whose new calling is behind the wheel of a bus. that's coming up on "cbs evening news" tonight. is just about the time to put baseball in the rearview. hopefully after today, when we talk about the giants, it is because they are landing big pieces and free agency, but for one more day, it is baseball up top. hold your head high san francisco. what is is and it was. the answer to why the giants should be very excited about the future, coming up next. today on cbsn bay area, we welcome our new warning anchor, amanda starrantino, with a cable car ride at 8:20. then at 8:45, when oscar the grass is trending. you can find us on , or on
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charlie is here now with sports. we're going to go back to this breaking news point this is the fire burning near watsonville right now. fire crews are struggling with this rough and dry terrain. this is in the area called estrada park. as you can see, the flames are really raging right now.
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those dry conditions, as you can see, they are attacking it from the air and the ground. we can see there are evacuations come up but at least in this picture, there is not a lot of homes around. but we are seeing obviously all that smoke. >> you can see this fire which started up abe seen up to 20 miles away. it is an area that is accessible, although it is kind of rugged to get into it. you have a lot of brush, not a lot of tall timber. that's good. not an extreme amount of wind either at this hour. paul heggen has been checking things out, watching which way the wind is blowing. what do you see? >> the wind is from the southwest. it's pushing this along. you can see one of the choppers
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going by right now. that is still gusting up to around 20 miles per hour. it is not as strong as it was earlier. they are attacking this with multiple air assets. the temperature is in the 70s, ature drop will allow ein the humidity levels to creep up. and the wind will die down once the sun goes down. that will help as well. they only have another maybe 20 to 30 minutes of daylight to be able to do those visual flight rules, air drops on this, but they also have plenty of ground crews to make progress on it as well, trying to keep everyone safe and the structures save as well. >> to recap the statistics, a 40 acre wildfire running between watsonville and morgan hill. his prompting evacuation warnings in the watsonville area, but the massive plume of smoke can be seen for several miles, especially in the south bay area. the flames are torching dry brush and timber near mount madonna county park. the fire crews are dropping
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fire retardant and water on the flames with planes and helicopter my how they can best access the fire. >> cal fire has already begun to try to set up some lines with bulldozers, to sort of limit the spread if they can, as night settles in. the fire will cool down a bit, and they hope to be able to get some lines in later this afternoon and evening to help the effort. of course they don't fly at night, normally, because of the visual problems, not being able to see the ground after the sun goes down. >> any type of fire that we have seen so far this season, fire crews really just attack it with everything that they can to try to get it under control, to ma
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just to reiterate, we are following breaking news. chopper 5 live over the scene. this is a 40 acre wildfire burning between watsonville and morgan hill. we lost the picture for a moment. it will come back. it did. just a section of southern santa cruz county that got going. you can see what looks like a fire tornado spinning around. a lot of wind vortexes. rain the smoke can be seen from
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miles away. the fire is propping evacuation warnings right now in the watsonville area. a massive plume of smoke rising up from what is a heavily wooded area. >> the flames are torching dry brush and timber near mount madonna county park. minutes ago ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> garrett: tonight, the johnson & johnson booster becomes the latest covid vaccine unanimously endorsed by a key f.d.a. panel. when you could get your next dose. the discussion over mixing and matching vaccines intensifies as the c.d.c. widens eligibility for boosters. >> guilty. >> garrett: pleading guilty: the suspect charged with massacring 17 students and staff at a florida high school in 2018 plans to plead guilty to all charges. will that move spare him the death penalty? vaccine showdown: chicago's police union tells officers to defy the city's covid vaccine
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mandate, potentially taking half the force off the street. bill clinton hospitalized: what we've learned about the 42nd president's condition as he


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