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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 19, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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we don't feel safe in our neighborhood. >> especially at night. i don't walk with a purse. i will drive or i will take an uber. >> now at 11:00. a rash of crime. we are finding out how far
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residents are willing to go to protect themselves. pulled from a burning building. the search for a hero who saved a bay area man with seconds to spare. a clear night, maybe not for long. we are tracking a new storm. when the rain returns. >> i welcome this news, really, enthusiastically. >> new developments on covid-19 booster shots tonight and how they can impact you. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. o into thne break ins that have some san francisco residents saying enough. >> tonight, kpix5 betty yu discovered people in the marina are fed up of the crime they are hiring their own security services. betty. >> that is right. i just met a private security guard who works for a home across the palace of fine arts. he says he himself is intervened with nine car burglaries since the summer.
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if you take a look around here it is not hard to find broken glass and signs of damage everywhere. >> it only takes a few seconds and witnesses or drivers passing by do not seem to detour thieves. this car break in happened on hawthorne street last month. the owner said she had nothing inside her brand-new caand ill immune. on friday, this dash camera video caught reported thefts. >> we don't feel safe in our neighborhood. we have alarm, we have cameras on our property but we want the extra security of having someone have eyes on our place. >> reporter: this resident said that home and auto burglaries in her neighborhood have gotten so out of hand she now is paying for security services from patrol special officerral enbyert. >> people are scared. they read the paper, they see what is going on in the city. they want a safe place to raise
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their kids. in the last year i have had 10 of my clients move out of the city. >> reporter: he says his residential clients have more than doubled since the pandemic began from 70 to 115 in the marina alone. patrol special officers work as private patrol persons overseen by the police commission. he said it is not uncommon to find stolen property including empty luggage, dumped right outside of her home. >> especially at night. i don't walk with a purse. i will drive or i will take an uber and it is beginning to be a day time problem, too. >> reporter: in fact, on friday, a poplar australia singer was the victim of a brasin armed robbery. >> has it gotten worse? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. this place used to be like nothing would happen here. >> betty did the patrol special officer say what the biggest problem
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for the marina is right now. >> right now, hands down car break ins, he deals with quite a few homeless people sleeping on people's doorsteps. and petty theft and burglaries are a problem. by the way, he charge $65 perresidence a month. >> it is a clear night across the bay area after the scattered showers. moon is bright over the tower. >> another storm around the corner. i love this. we are getting rain and a day and then rain. >> kind of an early jump to the rainy season. we hopes it continues through the rainy season but we will take it while it is here. we will talk about the rain picked up yesterday and then today. so, adding up the numbers and the computer is stuck so that is fun. let me walk over here and see if i can kick it and we will see if it will advance forward.
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it is not going to. that is super. okay. there we go. okay. now, we have rain numbers on the map. this is how you know it is live tv or we would rerecord this. over 1/10th of an inch in santa rosa. tomorrow's rain chances are going to be substantial. a good chance tomorrow night and a good chance of rain for the rest of the week. more widespread rain on the way for friday and again for the second half of the weekend. we will look at tomorrow night's rain coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right, paul, thank you. looking live at chase center. the police are trying to determine exactly what happened thert. ng e firssea man fell to his death from the top rows less than an hour later another man in the upper section of 214 fell on to another concertgoer below him. both were taken to the hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. the police say there is no evidence of foul play. san francisco fire
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department looking for a hero tonight. a guy who saved another man who was trapped in his bedroom surrounded by a wall of flames. kpix5 shows us the daring rescue. >> it happened here at this apartment building. smoke, flames, pouring out of this second story window. then, a man backed up to this driveway to save another man's life. >> moments before firecrews arrived. a quick-thinking man with a white van jumped into action. >> i am glad he was there. there, he put it in. tried to save a life. what can you say? he was a hero, you know. >> he was a hero. he helped save my friend's life. >> the hero put a ladder on the roof and guided a resident to safety. the fire started after noon and 911 calls immediately flooded dispatch. the first engine arrived with 33 minute bus if it was not for the hero the victim may not be alive. >> just seconds after this man
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was rescued from this window and the fireball that you see coming out of that window essentially would of killed this person. most definitely would of caused severe injuries to this person. >> the san francisco fire department says that a lit cigarette started the blaze as the victim fell asleep. a smoke alarm woke the resident up so he can at least open his window and call out for help. the fire department is hoping to track the hero down to say thank you. friends say the victim is a bit shaken but well. >> it was scary, you know, it was really scary. it is like things do not matter, your life does. just glad that he was still alive. >> reporter: in san francisco, kpix5. on the covid-19 front, big news about booster shots tonight and what does it all mean for you? kpix5 is in san jose with answers from a ucsf infectious disease expert. >> in just a couple of days the
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fda could allow the americans to get the booster from a different manufacturer than the first two did doses. making it easier for providers to get the shots into the arms of millions. >> well, i'm 87 and i really think the vaccination is important. >> reporter: peggy just got her covid-19 booster today. not just because her age but because she was once pregnant with the measles. >> my son was born with, he was deaf. >> reporter: she received the pfizer vaccine. the only one so far signed off by the fda to allow for booster shots. that could all change this week including allowing the mix and match of vaccines. >> i welcome the news, really, enthusiastically. >> reporter: ucsf of medicine says studies out of the u.k. showed mix and match of vaccines were safe and effective. and, an fda study showed the
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j&j vaccine in particular had a 76% rise in antibodies after a moderna booster. >> is it a window into the future we will need boosters maybe every few months or once a year like the flu shot? >> that is a great question. if you look back in the history of how vaccines are given, even the common ones we have today, they usually come in 3s. >> if you are old enough or your grandparents are old enough to remember polio we did not argue about having the shots. >> reporter: peggy says it is history she has lived through. >> we went and got them. and that is why nobody even knows about polio any more. >> reporter: back to you. >> still ahead at 11:00. >> that is not why the ada was enacted. it is access to cash is what they want. >> we discovered how a couple of local businesses are trying to turn the tables on one man who has filed hundreds of
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lawsuits against them. >> first, a first look at the new help on the way for a community facing significant health disparities in san jose. and it is really coming down in the sierra and this
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we put more of our brains into helping your heart. we give you more wellness solutions backed by rigorous science than we ever have before. nature's bounty gives you more, so you can live bountifully. we have been digging into the story since this summer. dozens of bay area businesses were slapped for lawsuits for violating the
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americans with disabilities act. >> all filed by one disabled plan. most merchants settled to avoid a trial. two of them decided to fight back. two of them decided to fight back. >> kevin morlan has been in a wheelchair since a bike accident 25 years ago. that has not stopped him from getting around where he lives the sandwich board is one of his favorite lunch spots. under the americans with disabilities act. >> it is no blockage. you go right in there and get a sandwich and pay, you know. >> reporter: he had also sued more than 60 other businesses around the same time. >> first time i was shocked. >> reporter: michael lee is the sandwich board owner. >> we never saw the plaintiff come into our business. >> reporter: he wants the
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lawsuit dismissed and wants garcia to be declared a thcourt >> it is not fair. this law is not fair. we have been in business for almost 40 years and never had a complaint. we will not settle. >> reporter: mark rogers, owner of the chicken shack down the street is also fighting back. >> at first everybody's advice is just, pay it off and be done with it. and that is the cheapest way to do it. but, at some point if somebody does not stand up and say enough is enough, this just keeps going on and on and on. >> that is not why the ada was enacted or the california act. >> catherine represents both merchants. >> the people who are suing are not intending to ever return. they are simply suing for the green backs. access to cash is what they want. >> reporter: she says just reof cases. plaintfs garcia filed more than 700
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lawsuits in federal court since 2014. most of them since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. the law firm in all of the cases, potter handy, out of san diego. >> i think they are a mill. they have all of these repeat plaintiffs going out and suing, extorting for early cash settlements and off they do. >> without these regular plaintiffs who are forcing these businesses to be compliant we simply would not have compliance with the ada. >> the attorney dennis price says his client is an active ad attester. as such he is not abusing the system. >> tester litigation has been around for decades, the way the civil rights are litigated. >> typically you will find the cases being brought against companies that are small. >> reporter: hastings professor says labeling someone is a hard legal bar to meet. in these cases the defendants
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would have to show that garcia target small businesses that do not have deep pockets for minor violations and settles for small sums. >> then you might able to start unmasking evidence that would suggest that there is a pattern to this and it is not being done for legitimate purposes. >> reporter: one way to slow the flood of lawsuits. >> the opportunity to cure would be one. you would have to give 60 days, 90 days notice something like that before bringing the lawsuit. >> reporter: the federal ada does not allow for that. so, it will be up to sacramento lawmakers to modify a california civil rights law that also gives plaintiffs damages of $4,000 per visit. >> you would have to some legislatures to push it is a there is a problem here. >> reporter: back in alameda he hopes in this case a judge will side with his neighborhood sandwich shop. >> he is trying to make a
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business and survive and make it like everybody else. i am glad he is fighting it and i hope the outcome is good. >> reporter: california has the most filings in country. over 6,000 in 2020. it is likely in part because california allows the plaintiffs to collect those civil rights damages. by the way, both businesses did have minor ada violations which they have since fixed. alan martin, kpix5. >> for more on our investigations into serial ada lawsuits here in the bay area you can head to new at 11:00. tonight we are getting a first look inside of a one of a kind health center for santa clara county's vietnamese american community. the service center will open for tours on saturday afternoon in san jose's little saigon. it is for mental and dental services with free childcare. it was designed to accommodate
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thousands that were not getting county health services. now, to the high sierra and boy, look at all of that snow coming down tonight. it is still october it is looking a lot more like winter in the truckie area. >> yes. more rain on the way. both rain around here and snow in the high sierra. all sorts of good news. we are dry right now. chilly for the rest of tonight with clear skies over head. the temperatures will drop down into the 40s across most of the bay area. the rain returns already tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. that is just the next in a series of systems with the unsettled pattern continuing through the workweek and early next week. let's focus on the next chance of rain that will arrive late tomorrow. for most of the day you will see a mix of clouds and sunshine. gradually more and more cloud cover as the system approaches us. the showers do not move into the north bay until sunset with the bulk of the heavier rain moving in a couple hours after the sun goes down
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tomorrow evening. that batch of heavy rain will stay north of the golden gate until midnight and then the rain spreading across the bay area. just not going to be as heavy. light to moderate rain for the rest of the bay area heading through tuesday night and into the presunrise areas of wednesday. once the sun comes up. the rain will be more scattered. not going to go away. hit or misshowers throughout the day on wednesday. just keep the umbrella handy. the rain jacket handy for the ref of the week. more of the same in the forecast on thursday for another chance of widespread rain on the end of the workweek on friday. adding up tomorrow's half an inch from the golden gate. a quarter of an inch with lower amounts in the shadow. san jose lucky to pick up a couple hundreds inch of rain. better than nothing. talking about feet of snow in the high sierra adding up through the weekend and next week. does not mean there will be three feet of snow on the ground but three feet worth of snow is going to fall. a lot of it will melt because
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the ground is warm and take the moisture in whatever form it wants to take. patchy fog on the horizon. the temperatures down to the 40s for liver more and santa rosa. everyone else in the 50s. ending up in the 40s across the bay by tomorrow morning. but for the north valleys. it is chilly. high temperatures tomorrow, a good 4-7 degrees above average. most of us in the 60s. the very warmest spots topping out around barely above 70 degrees. tomorrow night, wednesday, out of the way. scattered activity around he, another, best chance sunday and monday next week. we will add up the rain that we can over the next several days, again, keep the umbrella and the rain jacket handy once the rain moves in tomorrow evening. coming up next in sports,
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the ice keeps getting thinner. instant classic to show you, bills and titans down to the final
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we open sports with cane over my shoulder. the occasional fan knows it has nothing to do with playing hockey. throwing games he was played in. the same day he was cleared another investigation opened up. the result of that investigation, a 21 game suspension. nearly a quarter of the season. it comes after he violated the covid-19 protocol. no specifics of what the violation was but kane was reportedly under investigation for submitting a fake covid-19 vaccination card. he released a statement. i made a mistake. one that i regret and take responsibility for. during my suspension i will participate in counseling to make better decisions in the future. warriors will take the spot
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in the show tomorrow. for now, one giant curtain call with rapid fire takeaways with the press conference. if buster wants to be back he probably will. he will have tons of suiters, we will see there. and then, of course, a rotation to figure out first and foremost only logan webb is locked in. the end of the year presser came after the giants were eliminated from the playoffs. plotting a comeback season where the giants won the most games in franchise history. >> there was such a feeling of rebirth this season. just in terms of the rms of the organization and terms of having fans back. you know, last month of the season playoffs was really, really special. and, so, you know, it is just sad it came to an end. i think we do have a lot of great memories. >> astros and red sox game 3alcs from
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fenway park. bottom 2. kyle received the monster grand slams. oh my goodness. red sox become the first team in playoff history to hit not one, not 2, but three grand slams in a lone series. red sox 12, astros 3. boston holds a 2-1 lead in the series. >> 44 other teams passed on titans running back henry in the 2016 draft. how? titans and bills tonight. three minutes left. henry, his third rushing touchdown on the night. second time this season he had 3 or three touchdowns in the game. 20 seconds left. bills have to go for it. they are stuffed there. joshal endoes not get a push. titans win. both teams are 4-2. the warriors open up the season tomorrow, they have the lakers, vern glen will have the coverage of all of that all day as nba season is here. >> it is here and we love it. >> thank you, charlie. coming up, the birthday
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bust that turned out after all. ho
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well party pinch threatened a teen's special day. >> that is until a group of strangers r-epheinvited his
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classmates to his birthday party after the weekend. after 1 1/2 hours no one showed up. his moment wrote about it on nextdoor. >> 200 comments flooded the post wishing him a happy birthday. 10 of those people stopped by the party. some with gifts, a balloon company played an arrangements in his honor. >> that is awesome. good for them. >> they had a party. >> nice to see the community step in to help. >> we'll be right back.
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can you imagine slipping containers block your street? supply explain bottlenecks means there are few places for empty shipping containers to go. some are placed on residential streets in the los angeles area. residents say trucks are blocking their driveways, unloading shipping containers right in front of their houses. >> wow. >> got to get those gifts on store shelves before christmas. [ laughter ] >> i mean, yes. [ laughter ] >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. have a good night (male announcer) the following is a paid presentation for meaningful beauty supreme by cindy crawford. (female announcer) with new special guest, actress kristin davis! hi, i'm kristin davis, and right now i'm super excited because i have got something fabulous to share. if i had a secret that gives my skin a radiant red-carpet glow


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