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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 19, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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a live look at the south bay. paul heggen, when we will be seeing the next round of rain, but will it be enough to help fill some of the dried-up wells in the area? >> people in the community have lost their wells. they aren't pumping. whatever rain we get goes into the rain barrel. a live look at the port of oakland. wymore ships are choosing to wait for days to unload in southern california rather than come to the bay. we start with $100,000 to stop car break-ins. >> san francisco city leaders are hoping cold hard cash can help put a stop to the growing crime. kpix 5's kenny choi has details on what this new approach is all about. >> reporter: a lot of people are hoping this new initiative will work. we are getting ready for a live
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shot. we spotted this car smashed, and the owners just returned and told us that the briefcase and luggage case right on top was taken. just after city leaders announced that initiative, we also spotted another car across the street, also getting broken into just a short time ago. >> we came back, and the window was broken, and all our stuff was gone. >> reporter: a ransacked car is what they came back to, leaving them helpless before heading to the airport. >> it was important stuff like our passports and ids and cards. >> especially broad daylight. >> reporter: just one of the latest auto burglary victims. >> it is really embarrassing for our city. it is frustrating, and it gives people the impression that it is not safe to come here. >> reporter: the latest swing,
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cash for informants to turn in criminals at the upper levels to tackle the onslaught of what seems to be a perpetual cycle of smash and grabs, hour after hour, day after day. >> we are thinking of new ways to deal with the situation and trying to get accountability for people committing the crimes. >> reporter: there has been a 37% drop in car burglaries from july 4 to mid-october because of increased patrols in targeted areas. >> we've had some success breaking up these operations. >> reporter: but data shows a consistent increase in burglaries over the years in the northern districts, including popular spots like fisherman's wharf, since 2017, catapulting in 2020, and this year, double the number in 2017. >> we need to find these people, and just do justice ourselves. >> reporter: richburg or has been a security guard patrolling curator release square, and says things have not gotten better this year. >> almost every day, broad daylight, what time is it now? they don't care.
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they have no fear of breaking into cars and getting away with it. >> i'm wondering, what is the das office saying about arresting these people and osecutg th >> reporter: according to the district attorney's office, only 2% of auto burglaries and up with results in an arrest by police. so far this year, they have filed 77% of those cases presented to them, they have filed charges. we just spoke to these people as they saw what happened. your reaction. >> i noticed initially that only my suitcase was gone, so a bit of a bummer, but what are you going to do? we are here on vacation. we make the best out of the scenario we can. >> it won't ruin our trip. we are going to celebrate. we are from the east coast. it is what it is. life happens. we will continue on.
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her back your husband is on the phone trying to file a police report. again, this is happening every day across the city. it seems hour by hour. we certainly hope this new initiative announced by city leaders will make a difference in the city of san francisco. >> i love their attitude. they won't let it ruin their vacation, but 2%, that is all that is getting caught. the city of san francisco has to do better. there's no question about it. >> reporter: you are right about that. again, when we talked to the das office, they are charging, filing charges and 70 sender and percent of the cases it up and presented them so far this year. but when you talk to these people in these victims, you feel for them because they are the true victims in all of these burglaries. >> kenny choi reporting live,
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thk we are getting our storm watch coverage plan in place, taking a look at the week ahead . there is a decent chance of rain each of the next several days, and even into next week. i'm here at the weather desk, doppler will get a workout. >> we don't mind being busy in this regard. we desperately need the rain, and we have several chances headed towards us, some of which moving into the north bay. the loop over the last hour shows the rain making its way into sonoma county. a few showers are making its way into marin county as well. the band of heavy rain will be moving into the north bay in the next few hours. rain chances will increase dramatically in santa rosa over the next couple of hours. while they decrease after midnight, scattered showers will be with us into early tomorrow morning. san francisco, the chances peak around midnight. san jose, lower rain chance, but some measurable rainfall a bit later. we also have a wind advisory from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. sustained wind 20 miles per hour, gusts up to 50 miles per
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hour. wet roads and windy conditions could cause problems into early tomorrow morning. we will look at futurecast in a few minutes. the rain will no doubt bring a sigh of relief to a lot of people, especially in the santa cruz mountains. max darrow has that part of the story. >> reporter: a lot of people who live appear near the honda are obviously excited for the rain, because it will dampen the extreme fire danger. you can see just how dry this area is, but there is actually a second factor is play with their excitement as well. when the rain comes down across the bay area this week, some folks in the more urban areas may see it as a nuisance, but up here in communities off of skyline boulevard, along with the rain, comes a sigh of relief. >> fire season should be done after this week where we live. >> reporter: jamie care is a co-
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owner of a restaurant and longtime local appear. he hopes several days of steady rain will put an end to the worst stretch of fire season. >> born and raised here, i have never seen anything like this. >> we are looking forward to it for sure. >> reporter: james and his wife live in the honda where it is bone dry. last year they had to evacuate due to the complex fire, and there has not been much rain since then. >> it may be a desert here in 20 years. >> this like is normally up 4 to 5 feet. >> reporter: terry mahoney has lived in the honda 45 years. >> i cleaned all the leaves out of the gutters, so whatever rain we get will get out of the barrels. >> reporter: he says rain will do more to his community then lesson fire danger. >> people have lost their wells. they aren't pumping. we depend on three reservoirs, and we are at 10% of our capacity.
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>> every drop that falls this week will matter. >> it's really important. really important for us. >> we will see what we can get from mother nature. >> reporter: i asked some of these residents about their concerns, if there is concern over monthly potential, and at least the folks in the honda said they are in the outskirts of the burn scar. secondly, all the rain won't come down at once. they're hoping the ground will be able to soak up enough moisture to prevent serious risk for mudslides, at least in the la honda area. kpix 5 is helping you get rain ready. we have some tips for getting your home prepared for winter, and storm safety reminders for when the rain does start coming down hard. of course, our storm watch forecast, all on , and continuing coverage on cbsn bay area. the san francisco medical examiner has identified the man killed after a fall at chase
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center. he is 47-year-old ryan prosser of athens, new york. he was one of the two falls during sunday's phish concert. we spoke to a man who was hurt when another concertgoer all right into his lap. evan reeves is lucky to be alive. he suffered a broken leg when that man from the third level of the arena where he was sitting. >> just the pressure of him falling on me snapped my fibula bone, the smaller, thinner of the two lower leg bones. at first, i thought it was just may be a bone bruise, because it didn't really hurt that much. >> reporter: he's now on crutches, it will take 6 weeks for his bone to heal, but he's counting his blessings that he's alive today. he says he is relieved that he was able to help break that man's fall. meanwhile, police are investigating both falls. to the coronavirus and a warning from muni. they say their services could be paagcy its r mo than20workers
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to provide proof of vaccination. muni says there is an increase in vaccination among staff, however, they fear there will be a significant impact to services beginning on november 1 , the vaccine deadline. meanwhile, booster shots are slowly rolling out in the bay area. john ramos has more on why booster shots are important. >> reporter: the rollout of the booster shots in santa clara county and across the bay area has been sluggish. it's been slow. the turnout has not been great, and the concern of public health officials is that, minus the booster, you may not be nearly as protected as you think. people trickled into the county's mass vaccination sites at the fairgrounds looking for a booster shot this afternoon.
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>> it's been enough disruption in the world that people should do what they can. >> reporter: thomas peters is an orthodontist and wanted to get his third shot for professional and personal reasons. >> am over 65. i'm in kind of a high risk group. i wanted to make sure that i had the best protection i could have. >> reporter: he is more the exception the rule. in santa clara county, just over 1.5 million people are fully vaccinated, but fewer than 67,000 have gotten a booster. >> the messaging has been confusing to people in terms of who is eligible for a booster shot. 4 people who received the pfizer vaccine at least 6 months ago, dr. jennifer tong says anyone 65 and up is automatically eligible for the booster, as is anyone with at least one underlying medical condition, or anyone with a significant risk of exposure to the virus. >> it's fair to say we aren't turning people away, because the definitions of risk of exposure are so broad. the definitions of underlying medical conditions are so broad. mac basically if you want a booster shot, you can get a booster shot. the challenge may be convincing people that they want or need
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one. >> they are starting to find the vaccine wears off sooner than what they originally thought. i think it is important to stay up on these vaccines. >> reporter: the cdc is expected to give approval of the moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots later this week. as hennessy, devin fehely, kpix 5. shipping traffic on san francisco bay, not as busy as it usually is. what we are learning has shipping companies avoiding the port of oakland. why caltrans is moving part of highway 1
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new information on that supply-chain crisis that has ships stacking up off of the coast of southern california. he learned business at the port of oakland is at its lowest in 6 years. john ramos has the explanation. >> reporter: the port of oakland has learned a tough lesson in the last few months about the american supply chain. if you can't keep up, you will be left behind. the ports in los angeles and long beach are scrambling to try to deal with all the cargo ships, but at the port of oakland, many of the births sit empty. last month, only 54 vessels made call here, the lowest number since 2015. shipping companies are avoiding coming to oakland. >> it all started in the summer when we did have a shortage of longshore workers. that is when the vessels skip started. >> reporter: the spokesperson
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said the worker shortage has been solved, and ships cannot be turned around in 1 to 2 days, the but the companies are still standing there ships to wade in southern california, sometimes for weeks. >> it's a habit. once one ocean carrier skips, then another will skip. >> reporter: it's a habit with real-world consequences. john lee is president of sw logistics, a shipping company based in oakland. >> i just had all of my shipments in november canceled. because there is so much backup in l.a. >> reporter: he says the southern california ports are too important to skip, so after a long wait, the asian ships don't have time to come to oakland to transfer cargo and pick up empty containers. >> if they just drop everything in l.a., and pick up empties and bring it right back to asia, that will be a faster turnaround, they can squeeze in one or two more turnarounds in
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that container per year, and they will make that much more money. >> reporter: things are looking up in oakland. two companies have agreed to send ships directly here without making any other stops. bernardo says once they show confidence in oakland, others will follow, because in the american supply chain, there is only one objective. >> velocity is the key word. it is making sure you get the goods to the store shelves in time. or back of the port of oakland can show that it is faster, it will have all the business it can handle. in oakland, john ramos , kpix 5. >> the shipping company president says the backlog will have an effect on christmas inventory , especially in its variety. instead of 4 to 5 items to choose from, you may see 1 to 2. work has now begun on a new caltrans project that would move part of highway 1 further inland, and away from the eroding coastline. the area of concern is up north of bodega bay, near gleason beach. caltrans is spending $33
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million to move a porter mile stretch of the roadway further eastward. well, rain finally has come to the bay area. >> you make it sound more ominous. >> rain is a coming. batten down the hatches. >> people i know out in the valley are just dying on the vine. >> we will get plenty of rain over the next several days. we have showers moving in right now, and will look at those and hide of doppler in a moment. one storm system is giving us the rain tonight and wednesday, with lingering showers thursday, and then yet another storm system will move towards us on friday. rain to end the work week, and the strongest will hold off until sunday and monday. a full-fledged atmospheric river will soak us sunday and monday across the entire bay area. right now the heaviest rain is falling over sonoma county.
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a few showers in marin county, just starting to shower right now. the heavier brain will move farther to the east, making its way on shore right over highway 1. they heaviest rain is still off the coast. it will go up across the north bay over the next few hours. the best chance of rain will stay north of the golden gate until about 8:00 or 9:00 or so. it does look like that rain will push further east. the first batch of heavy rain will fall apart as it makes its way across the bay area. later parts across the east bay and santa clara valley, and more rain off and on throughout the rest of the night, and still plenty of rain as we start the day on wednesday. it looks like the morning commute will be challenging. have the option to take public transit, i would utilize that. the roads will be a mess. scattered chowders are likely to continue wednesday morning through wednesday afternoon as well. you will need the rain jacket over the next few days. often on showers tomorrow and thursday. widespread rain thursday night
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into friday. a little break from the rain chances on friday and saturday, and that atmospheric river arrives on sunday. still for the moment in san francisco. temperatures are in the low to mid 60s across the board. still dry right now for morgan hill for cooper. the dog walking forecast looks pretty good in the santa clara valley for the next several valley hours. the rain there won't arrive until after midnight. temperatures tonight only dropped into the low to mid 50s. we don't warm-up lunch tomorrow. temperatures topping out in the low to mid 50s, a good 5 to 10 degrees below average, and they don't change a whole lot through the next 7 days. the rain chances go up and down friday, and then sunday and monday, we have our eyes on that atmospheric river sunday and monday, especially for any potential impact on the burn scars around the bay area. "cbs evening news" is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview.
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we have a packed broadcast tonight after kpix 5 news at 6:00. there is some breaking news from the fda. the agency is now taking steps to making hearing aids more affordable. what it could mean for the 37 million americans with hearing problems. the "cbs evening news" is just minutes away. sports settling in at 6:00, on the menu, doctors fighting for their playoff lives, and
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> baseball up top, and the n.l. championship series, is the dorset to slam on the reigning world champs? no. they loaded them up on the braves, down 5-2. this was clutch. an eighth inning hit that cleared the mall. this tied the game at 5, and the dodgers weren't done in the inning. mookie betts continued to swing the bat, gave l.a. the lead on this base hit. the dodgers rallied and won this game 6-5. the braves now lead this best-of-seven series 2-1. nba, the curtain raised on the 21-22 show tonight. a lot of love for the warriors. the league put them in prime time at the lakers. for what it's worth, steph curry and golden state, they
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put up a perfect 5-0 preseason record which will be put to the test tonight, and the home opener thursday with the clippers. they don't even have klay thompson, who could be back by the holiday season. here's the head coach. >> we want to win every year, but we have not had a single conversation in that context of , oh, my gosh, we have to do well. that doesn't come up. inevitably, adversity is going to strike. we won't stay healthy all year. you just have to stay the course the hallway through, and i am very confident that if we do that, we will have a really good season. >> reporter: lebron james is starting his 19th season in the league, looking for his fifth championship. he turned 37 soon, and wonders where did the time go. he couldn't even have a legal can of beer when he broke in. >> i didn't even drink wine. yeah. or tequila.
6:26 pm
it's weird. yeah, so like, that lets you know right then and there i am a totally different person. >> reporter: how about this, sharks in white at montreal, and having themselves the night. and it is the young guys making the most of their minute. the first nhl goal of his career, he gave the sharks a 2- 0 lead. they lead 5-0, about to go to 2- 0 on this season, but back to our lead story. the dodgers. we've seen this movie before. they were down 3-1 to the braves last year, and came back and won the championship series. we all know how that turned
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finally here at 6:00, the oakland zoo getting ready to celebrate a massive milestone. next year will mark 100 years since the zoo first opened. in celebration, the park is looking to hear your favorite stories. they say they will pick their favorite throwback story, and the winner will get an exclusive behind-the-scenes animal experience. i love the oakland zoo. a really special place. worth a visit for sure. thank you for watching tonight at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5 news app, and the "cbs evening
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news" is coming up next. we will be back here on the kpix 5 news at 7:00 p.m. wilt u caught on that wea er coming in captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, miracle on the runway-- the plane crash in texas, a twin-engine jet never makes it off the ground. what happened to the 21 people on board? look at these pictures: the plane incinerated. how anyone could have survived. what we're learning about the passengers, fans headed to tonight's play-off baseball game. mixing and matching vaccines-- should you get a different covid vaccine for your booster? what you need to know. turning in their badges: more police and first responders ready to lose their jobs instead of getting vaccinated. how it will impact public safety. $17 million ransom: haitian dn


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