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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  October 20, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news. a green light on boosters for the moderna and johnson & johnson shots, and the decision just in on mixing the covid
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vaccines. we're all following this fire in oakland right now. to alarms and all of the sme bu weill keep yosted it has rain for most of us so far, but there is more on the way into early next week. i am tracking it in the forecast. we'll begin with the stormwatch. the bay area, getting a taste of rain, and it's the only beginning. it has looked like this for just about everybody they wide today. slick streets from around the peninsula north has made for a slippery midweek drive. corte madera is soggy as well. headlights on. at the some drivers are leaving a little bit of space. it's wet in much of the bay in north bay. morning commuters had to deal with the slick a golden gate ridge, wipers going, visibility
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not exactly great. the south bay did not officially tip the rain gauge at all. here in san jose, the nearby santa cruz mountains did pick up about a third of an inch, and we got team coverage on the wet week here just and enters that in the element in the north bay. paul heggen tracking in the rain , and we will begin with him. >> not much on the radar, but that could be deceptive because of the mountainous terrain of the bay area. 's showers, especially when they are light, drizzly showers we see this afternoon, they fly under the radar base. that's why san jose has not seen anything. you're in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains, but there are also light showers in the north bay and down in the peninsula, and patches of drizzle here and there that barely show up on the radar. we expect more organized, light rain activity to shape up as we head to the evening. there is a chance of getting some measurable rain and more chances farther down the line.
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for san francisco, the chances go up the next two hours, and we're going to see off-and-on showers in the evening and overnight. santa rosa, you have the best chance of rain overall. this will be a system that focuses on the north they the next several days, with the heaviest amounts there. we will add it up in the forecast. we all know we need the rain, but sometimes it brings problems with it. justin enters talked to north bay fire crews for their take. >> reporter: firefighters are hoping the rain we get the next couple of days will act as a suppressant to the wildfire season, and they say they hope it will put an end to that, but too much is not good either. with the streets being damp as they are and cars are wet, it was certainly a sight for many people that they have not seen in months. >> i hope it stays all week long. >> reporter: when you think about it, it is something the bay area has not seen much of in months. weeks gone from extremely dry to some downpours of rain. >> for us, we like the
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beneficial storms where they are wedding, promoting regrowth especially in the burn scars. >> reporter: bringing growth and hopefully a damper to the fires. laura brenner saw it before coming into work at old towne furniture. >> we heard it all night last night. it was very nice. we woke up, and the yard was nice and wet. very nice to have the rain back here >> reporter: but the rain r . > will be on our burn-scar. >> reporter: paula wyndalwood santa rosa fires that fire crews had to switch gears from fire mode to potentially flood mode, with rains wrapping up expected to move across the bay. >> a week and a half ago, we're still getting people to clear their rain gutters for potential wind driven embers for fire season. now, we want those same gutters cleared if they have not done so not only on roofs but down in yards. >> reporter: he said it's all about balance. >> we want enough to end fire season, but not too much where we start dealing with flooding and in some cases potential for
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mudslides fear >> reporter: in santa rosa, justin andrews, kpix 5. and you can check for tips on how to stay prepared for this week's stormy weather. u.s. regulators just cleared the way for moderna and johnson & johnson covid booster shots, and as natalie brand reports, mixing and matching vaccines might soon be an option. >> reporter: the fda has authorized booster doses of the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines and also the mix and match strategy for booster shots. in the coming weeks, the federal health agencies will also consider authorization of the covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. the white house is gearing up. >> we have secured vaccine supply to vaccinate every child ages five through 11. >> reporter: once the fda and
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cdc sign off, the white house covid response team set it's distribution plan will target kid friendly spaces, including more than 25,000 pediatric and primary care provider sites, as well as hospitals, pharmacies and schools. supplies will also include smaller needles, and the administration says it will launch a campaign to educate parents. >> we will make sure we're reaching parents in their language and through the people they trust your >> reporter: the administration's health officials say more than two out of the eligible americans are now fully vaccinated, as more employers step up their vaccine requirements. new york city announced it is requiring police officers, firefighters and emts to get their first dose by october 29th or be put on unpaid leave. >> we are here to keep you safe so you can keep everyone else safe here >> reporter: but some first responders such as this firefighter from washington state are choosing to resign instead of comply with vaccine mandates. >> i'm wrapping up my last shift after 20 years. >> reporter: the cdc says unvaccinated people are more
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than 18 times more likely to end up in the hospital and 11% more likely to die. natalie brand, cbs news, the white house. >> as for the next steps regarding the booster shots for moderna and johnson & johnson , the cdc still has to weigh in to the agency's advisory committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow and take a vote. she is said to have supplied alcohol and pressured under aged kids into sex. during parties at her los gatos home. now, shannon o'connor, the so- called "party mom" is in court charged with 39 crimes , and she was just denied bail. he was recently extradited from idaho, where she and her two teenage sons moved at the end of the year. prosecutors say her legal parties, run half a dozen in all, began in 2020 and lasted through may this year. the parties involved mostly 14 and 15 years old, and o'connor supplied booze and condoms. today, the defense asked to delay her arraignment, but that was denied. the district attorney's office
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will take the lead on that case. >> some people referred to the defendant as a "cool mom." there is nothing cool about letting children drive drunk. there is nothing coolabout children getting so drunk that they vomit on alcohol that you provided in your own home. >> kpix 5 kiet do is following the story and will have more for us at 5:00. the theranos fraud trial continues today. the judge is pointing out something that he says jeopardizes elizabeth holmes' right to her fair trial, cell phones. len ramirez is at the courthouse and says phone noises are a continuing problem at the trial. he also said the judge is threatening to kick people out of the main courtroom because jurors are complaining the noise is distracting. we'll get the latest from len on today's testimony, coming up at 6:00. covid has slowed down a lot
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of things, and it may be putting the brakes on muni. 300 muni employees have not complied with san francisco's vaccine mandate . a lot of riders, now wondering how they are going to get around. reporter on why things are already slowing down. >> reporter: some riders are worried about the potential impact felt october 1st when employees don't comply with that vaccine the mandate. >> we take muni to go to school. it's a great way for him to get a little bit of exercise, and as well as get to school and not put another car on the road. >> reporter: any for treatise rush to make her train this morning. like annie, other san francisco residents perform rely on this to get to work and school, but they could soon expect more
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disruptions, although an improvement from about a month ago, at the san francisco municipal transportation agency says nearly 300 employees car other unvaccinated or have not reported vaccination status . >> unfortunately, the largest job classifications impacted are our most important decision for delivering service to the public, and that includes kranz it off the dairy there's an officer's. >> reporter: the agent says if the employees are not complied by november 1st, they expect unexpected gaps could increase. some are now worried about what this could mean for their commutes to their day-to-day stops. >> those of us that live here, this is super important because it's pretty much my only way of getting downtown, to the embarcadero. >> reporter: at the same time, riders are making safety there a priority. >> i understand that there is a balance. we understand there is a balance there, but at the same point in time, you know, safety is first. >> reporter: the agency want losing parking control officers could lead to partially
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suspending enforcement of embedded vehicles reporting in san francisco, i'm jocelyn moran, kpix 5. to florida, where the confessed parkland shooter pleaded guilty for murder in the deadliest high school shooting in u.s. history. >> counts 29, attempted murder in the 1st degree of benjamin. how do you wish to plead? >> guilty. i have to live with this every day, and it brings me nightmares, and i can live with myself sometimes. >> family members of the victims packed the courtroom. a jury will decide what the sentence will be. in florida, suspected human remains have been found at the site of the brian laundrie manhunt. he is the fiancc petito, and he's been missing over a mud . his parents told the fbi and the police that they would be at the park this morning to search , and after a brief search, they found some articles that belonged to him. petito's remains were found in wyoming back in september 19th here the corner ruled her cause of death as strangulation.
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experts, combing the wreckage of the plane that crashed on take up rarely describe that, what they see as a miracle, but this is the aftermath of a miracle near houston because of what it looked like yesterday. everybody made it out of the crash tuesday morning, both alive and entirely unscathed. 21 were aboard the md- 87 when it ran off the runway at takeoff and crashed into a nearby field. the worst injury, one passenger said they had a back ache. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, talk about being ready for the big one from early warnings to getting your gear in order, how to really get done? we've all heard about the series of storms dumping snow and rain, but one woman got caught in it.
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san jose down there. they did not get much rain, but mountains got some snow. new at 3:00, palo alto woman spent two days out on the snow in fresno county before rescue crews found her peers she got e onsu, so send in ow hikers
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the drums, the horses, the choppers, from the rescue crews county. far away as jolly bose was spotted 5 miles from where she was last seen. temperatures got down to the teens during the two nights she was missing. 5 inches of snow had fallen, but she turned out to be fine here she did not have injuries, but we can get she probably was happy when she crossed paths with some of the three dozen deputies and volunteers who had been looking for her. the monumental story, 32 years ago, right now was the aftermath of the loma prieta quake could the magnitude 6.9 took down part of the bay bridge , in 3700, killed 63, and it caused 12 billion in damage in present-day dollars. all of this by the way was from a quake that was not in san francisco. it was 40 miles away, down in the santa cruz mountains. one other thing that quake did reminded us we live on top of the most dangerous fault system have back1989 are all of hat wei
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the apps that we have today, the early warning apps among others, so can you tell us something about your favorite app, being with the office of emergency services? >> yes, glad to! so, on the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake, california sponsored and uc berkeley seismology lab developed an earthquake early warning apps called my shake. this is the only state- sponsored app. it's only one of three that actually delivers earthquake warnings, so the rest of the apps you see out there are not real time, so just be careful about that. >> okay, so that presumably is the same kind of thing we have heard. it detects the beginning of what might be a big quake and warns people to get ready to duck, cover and hold.
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is that right? >> that's right. you can get moments to minutes of advanced warning, depending how far you are from the epicenter, if you are sitting on top of the epicenter, the shaking may occur before you get the warning, but if you are miles away, then you may get seconds up to a minute of warning. >> of course, by the time you get an alert, accurate or not, it's not going to do you a lot of good if you are not ready for it, if you don't know what to do when things start to shake, so what are the key things people need to know when the shaking starts? >> well, that is something that we're going to be practicing at the california shakeout this thursday at 10:21 a.m. , and that is drop, cover and hold on. it's really important that you not be, when you feel shaking or get an alert, that you not be running around, near windows, that you get under protective covering, and you hold on, and you cover your
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head and wait it out. if you're in a mobility assistant device, lock the device once you start to feel that shaking or once you get the alert on your mobile device, and then again, cover your head and hold on through the shaking. >> i tell you, the way to get killed in an earthquake, just run outside of the building while the earth is shaking. that is what happened to the people who were killed in puzzle robles, and not a good idea. in the relatively seismically safe sacramento, lori nezhura with cal oes, thank you very much. head to not sure if paul felt his first quake in the bay area, but i know who's watching the rain fall. >> i have not felt my first quake here. i have felt them elsewhere, and it's always a jarring experience. when you think you're ready for it, you are not. often on showers tonight and thursday,
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especially the first half of thursday. that activity is going to ship north of the golden gate heavier rain is going to move thursday night into friday, and a dry break through funny afternoon and saturday p the strongest wind, that arise with the atmospheric river in the forecast to impact the bay area by sunday and monday. let's take a look at the radar right now. the bulk of the rain showing up in radar is in the santa cruz mountains and in the debate diablo range as well. if you are not showing with any green overhead, it does not mean you're necessarily dry. there are showers flying under the radar especially in the marin headlands and in the upper terrain of sonoma county p there are patches of drizzle and light showers here and there. futurecast indicates this activity spreading out, becoming more intense as we head to the evening hours. is is forecast model data we use for guidance here they are not necessarily gospel it will be pouring downtown and san cisc, but it's a chance of additional shower activity that will continually to grad up. this will be hit or miss
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activity. it's not going to rain everywhere tonight into tomorrow, but keep the umbrella handy, rain jacket handy and be ready for the roads to be challenging during commutes. heavier rain right around noon tomorrow, indicated by the forecast models. that lives to the north, and here's our break in the action here tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours, south of the golden gate. then there's a heavier band of rain lining up and moving in the early hours of friday morning. this is going to be more intense. it has a better chance of hitting the ground, surviving the trip to the santa cruz mountains and falling in the santa clara valley. that was off to the east, and we get our dry break, even a little bit of sunshine breaking there, but the next rain already lining up, that's going to be diving down towards us for sunday and monday. lots of rain chances in the forecast. anything outdoors you need to get done friday afternoon and into the daylight hours saturday, that is your best opportunbeuse saturday night, ayd monday, the rain is back in the forecast. how much rain total? this is a branch from the noaa,
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no eye p they are talking about higher amounts north of the golden gate in the 4 to 8 plus range it is at the ball the way to monday, so this is several days' worth. we will have to take a look at the burn scars. temperatures right now, a few spots in the upper 60s. tonight, we will drop down only into the mid to upper 50s. not too much cooler than we are right now at high temperatures tomorrow, little warmer, but the break of the action in the afternoon, so a mix of mid to upper 60s and low 70s during the afternoon hours. we will see temperatures dropping back friday as the next round of rain moves through. there is the heaviest rain sunday and monday, lingering showers on tuesday, and the next day and willing to say looks dry is wednesday of next week. it is still seven days away, so this is an unusually wet weather pattern for the middle of october. coming up, they looked just like words scribbled down, but why these handwritten pages could be worth some serious
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cash? that is next.
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well, there's oakland, which managed about 15/100 of an inch of rain overnight, but paul says it's only the beginning. welcome back. maybe money can't buy you love, but if you've got enough of it, money i mean, it can buy
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you the lyrics to some popular songs. julian's is auctioning off handwritten lyrics for "can't take my eyes off of you," and lady gaga and bradley cooper's "i will never love again," from the movie "a star is born." proceeds benefit music health alliance, and last
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you got a glimpse of it before the break, but i want to show you the rainfall estimate on the european forecast model. we're looking at one version of one forecast model, but it gives us a good sense of what to expect overall. even on the low end, this forecast model is anticipating close to 2 inches of rain for livermore in san jose through early next week. the bulk of this is going to fall sunday and monday, as the atmospheric river makes its way toward the bay area and highest amounts are going to be north of the golden gate. >> a lot to look forward to there. a drop in the bucket or a real boost for our water supply? we will take a look at how much this rain is helping the bay area reservoirs. we got a new afternoon lineup here on kpix 5. "cbs news " live on the east coast with norah o'donnell is coming up next, then liz cook is back
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with us on the news at 5:00. for now, that is it for kpix 5 at 3:00. remember , we're streaming on cbsn bay area 24/7. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, there is breaking news on a number of stories we're following. and as we come on the air, the f.b.i. says it found human remains that could be linked to the murder of gabby petito. the gruesome discovery in a florida nature reserve, the f.b.i. identifying personal belongings of brian laundrie, the sole person of interest in the case of gabby petito. his parents' involvement in the search tonight. breaking news: the f.d.a. gives the green light to moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots. plus, the white house's plan to vaccine children ages 5-11. why shots could be available at schools. >> guilty. >> o'donnell: 17 counts of murder. nikolas cruz pleads guilty and apologizes for the deadliest high school shooting in u.s


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