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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 20, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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seen the last nine mont . >> i'm here with meteorologist paul heggen who is tracking those showers for us. >> yeah, it's light stuff out there right now, but it's very welcome light rain. you can see plenty of green, and outline of that is hitting the ground. you see that hole in the map there, the little doughnut hole around san jose? yeah, the santa clara valley is in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains, so that rain squeezes out and there's nothing to fall in the valley. eventually you'll see measurable rain. it just might take a little bit longer. but the majority of the bay area, we're seeing light rain right now. we'll see the rain continuing. in fact, our rain chances will remain off and on with us throughout the day tomorrow.
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a heavier band will move in tomorrow night into friday. break in the action friday night, but then chances ratch back up as eight the heavy e rain is headed our way for sunday and sunday night. that will bring a couple of inches of rain to much of the bay area, just by itself. we'll have more on the rain coming up in the full forecast. the mandate for city workers to get vaccinated could impact commute times for anyone who relies on muni. kenny choi spoke to the mayor and the head of the sfmta to get some answers about this. kenny? >> reporter: the sfmta said there could be a noticeable impact on services because of the number of unvaccinated employees right now. it's not exactly clear what thal im diulfor those who use it
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every day. last week, more than 350,000 people hopped on to muni buses, trains, and capable cars, as the economy's gears shift into full speed again, it is vital. >> you need it to get to work basically. >> yes, it goes throughout the city, all of the different neighborhoods. >> reporter: of the more than 6,000 employees, 275 are unvaccinated, or haven't yet reported their status, with the november 1st deadline looming. >> you're talking about a small percentage of employees who are unvaccinated. >> that's right. for the agency as a whole, our unvaccinated numbers are small. >> reporter: sfmta said it's mostly transit and parking control operators. they are looking at changing shift redirecting operators, but add its difficult to plan at the moment with changing numbers. >> any loss of transit operators will impact our
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ability to deliver excellent service to the public. >> you don't know when the bus is coming. it's supposed to have come for the past 10 minutes. >> reporter: some realize their wides might be negatively impacted, but sign with the unvaccinated workest anyway. >> a person should not be put into a position where somebody is forcing you to to do something that has nothing to do with the job that you're performing. >> i'm always concerned about disruptions to service. already, since this pandemic, we've had to make adjustments. we've had to take away lines. >> reporter: the ones with other option aren't quite as concerned. >> i've got a car. >> reporter: so what happens to the workers who are referring to get their shots, kenny? >> reporter: so the termination process would begin after that november 1st
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deadline. the sfmta said each operator would get a hearing before any disciplinary action takes place. ken? >> thanks, kenny. i'm brian hackney. a mother accused of throwing drunken teen parties in the south bay will have to stay in jail for now. just hours ago, a santa clara judge said no bail for shannon oakland. police say that she hosted gatherings at her los gatos home where face she would give the kids alcohol and encourage them to perform sex acts while she watched. we take a look at the tension in the courtroom today. >> reporter: shannon o'connor was practice extra-do ited from idaho, and family members first got their up close look at the woman accused of putting their kids in harms way. they sat there some glade at o'connor from across the
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courtroom. o'connor sat there silently in handcuffs as the judge denied a motion to delay the proceedings, and then set no bail, saying she continued to be a danger to the victims. and some people refer to the defendant as a cool mom. there is nothing cool about getting teenage children drunk, to then commit sexual assaults on one another. >> the judge also granted protective custody for 15 alleged victims that bars o'connor from contacting them goring near them for the next three years. new at 6:00, at least five people are without a home this evening, after a fire ripped through an oakland apartment building. flames broke out around 2:15. oakland fire department streeting out these photos inside one apartment, showing just how bad the damage is. firefighters say it appears to be an accident that sparked in the kitchen, and quickly spread too four other units.
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no one was hurt. today marks 30 years since a huge firestorm broke out in the oakland hills community. andrea borba has more on the event. >> reporter: elizabeth, it is happening as we speak, behind me. we are waiting for a tree- lighting ceremony for the tree of hope. that is tree that was brought up here 30 years ago after the fire was out and lit up as a symbol of hope and to honor those whose lives had been lost in the firestorm. they will light it gain tonight. video of homes burning and flames reaching into the sky, and neighborhoods with nothing left but the asphalt is almost common place in 2021, but in october, 1991, in oakland hills, the firestorm was born in the ash of the fast-moving tunnel fire. >> and we thought it's never going to jump the freeway.
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and then we went home and started throwing stuff in the car. >> reporter: in the kind of gale force winds that now trigger fred flag warnings, the tunnel four burned 3300 homes to the ground, and claimed 25 lives pain month the homes that burned, the childhood home of oakland mayor libby schaaf. >> we found metal that my dad told me was some silver that he had been looking forward to give to me as a wedding present one day. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: out of the horror and rubble, a commitment to change and do better, with fuel reduction, better communication between agencies, and standardized firefighting equipment. >> we must all embrace expounder stand that the response to the fire 30 years ago continues to this day. . >> reporter: now people here in this neighborhood along with
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city officials like mayor schaaf, the mayor of berkeley, are hear share energy memories of that day. we'll bring you that school emmoment of tree lighting tonight on kpix 5 at 7:00. liz, ken? still ahead on kpix 5, and cbsn bay area. >> damage control at the elizabeth holmes "the now" fraud case. plus, why the judge threatened to throw some people out of court today. go to super duper. that's my response to in-n-out. and the sharp words from san francisco's mayor about in- n-out's refusal to follow the city's vaccine mandates. and she was lost in the snowy fresno county mountains for days. how one palo alto woma the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier.
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back out live to in the soggy commute there. live pictures of highway 24, in lafayette right now, looks pretty good. and we'll check in on doppler in just a moment, but looks like traffic is moving pretty smoothly. stay safe out there, especially on these wet roads. let's take a live look at san jose, where the defense it was on damage control in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial.
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holmes' lawyers tried to show the jury that there is more than one explanation for some of theranos questionable methods during product demonstrations. kpix 5's len ramirez has more. >> reporter: a former theranos manager was grilled today on use examination. daniel edlund earlier testified that blood tests would be run in a lab, not on the machines themes. prosecutors called that i do septemberive. today he said those demos were sometimes run just to show the device's graphicle user interface. >> this witness scored some points for the defense by saying that the demonstrations that he conducted were not only to sample the blood test, but to also show how the hardware worked, and he said he wasn't trying to deceive anybody. haven't also today the judge threatened to throw some people out of the courtroom because they were making too much noise. he called out a man whose
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cellphone went off more than once, and media report errs whose typing on the key board is so loud jurors complain had i have a hard time hearing the testimony. the judge assigned a u.s. marshal to keep watch over the gal and i have things did quiet down. the trial will be back on friday. next witness is expected to be a scientist from the pharmaceutical giant pfizer. pfizer did not endorse the theranos technology. new at 6:00, a bay area are grand jury has indicted a man they say carjacked a doordash driver and took off with the victim's children if the car. the alleged abduction happened back in february. police say the children's father was dropping off a doordash order when the suspect and another man jumped in his minivan and sped off. officers later recovered the fan with the one and four-year- old children unhurt inside. moizon is facing more than a dozen charges including felony
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child endangerment and felony kidnapping. the san francisco mayor is trying to make it clear the city has no beef with in-n-out burger. the health department had briefly shut down one restaurant in the city. in-n-out is refusing to ask customers about vaccine status. they say it shouldn't be their job. >> is this going to be an ongoing battle? >> it's no a battle. they're doing what they are doing and we touring. what we need to do as a city. >> is the city making an example out of in-n-out? are there other restaurants that are not in compliance, as well? >> yeah, and the thing is the department of public health, and i can attest to this, from personal experience when i'm out at richardsons, they ask me for more vacaration card, my i.d. i have them on a picture together on my phone. i do what i need to do. they do that with most people. go to super duper. that's my response to in-n-out.
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go to super duper. there are other great places to go get a burger. well, the in-n-out at fisherman's wharf is back open, but for carryout service owner. no one can eat inside. the company has also been fined for not checking vaccine status at a location in pleasant hill. a pal lowal tee woman spent two days out in the snow in fresno county before she was rescued. she was separated from her group at a ring on sunday. they sent in drones, horses, choppers, and rescue crews from as far away as marin county. the 49-year-old woman was finally spotted yesterday about five miles from where she was last seen, and thankfully was not hurt. governor newsom is shot issuing any water conservation mandates at this time, but the state lay low regulate inventories ban waistful water
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use, such as spraying down sidewalk. >> pg&e crews are inin the first round of this weather. as many as 7,000 customers were out earlier. that number is now down to 1,800 customers. -- >> know when we have storms like this, the power does go out , and that is not much fun for people, especially trying to keep their lights on. >> there's rain falling right now, which on the whole, power outages, will be one thing. we'll keep an eye on the burn scars as well, but 99% of this is good news for the bay area. widespread light to moderate rain. where it's not ravening right now, the doughnut hole is getting smaller around san jose. event yale i think the showers
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will overcome that rain shadow and climb over the santa cruz mountains and give you a little bit of moisture there. the showers north are flying under the radar. we know it's falling in santa rosa, it's just not quite showing up on radar, because the radar beam few thousand feet off the ground by the time it's goats that far to the north. this is the direction everything is going to heads through the rest of tonight and most of the day tomorrow. off and on shower activity. it's not going to rain everywhere all the time, but this evening is pretty damp. tomorrow it will be intermittent showers. a little area of heavier rain looks like it will be rolling in as we head into about mid- day. the east bay, the south bay, the santa clara valley, even in san francisco, a break in the action tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. this will take shape to our west and roll across the bay area very late thursday night into friday morning. this is actually a weak
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atmospheric river. it will be followed up bay strong atmospheric river by sunday and monday. let's add up the rain for the next 48 hours. this is the czu burn scar. half inch to an inch on the rn a little more over the burn car itself. maybe an inch or two further to the north. a little more concerned about too much rain falling up around vanato. two and a half inches of rain above the two inches that have fallen, that brings in he risk of debris in those burn scars. our side by side long-range forecast models are a dream that we're going to be seeing the heaviest rain falling sunday afternoon and sunday evening for the northern bay area, and dropping further south as we head into sunday night and monday. this one by itself is capable
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of producing up to two three inches of rain across the bay area. so we'll keep you updated on that. right now, temperatures in the mid-60s. some upper 50s out there. it is still dry for the moment in campbell, but i think there will be rain filling in there, gain in that rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains. tonight temperatures drop down to the mid-to-upper 50s. oh only warm up to the mid-to- upper 60s and low 70s tomorrow. we cool off on friday with that widespread rain early in the day, and there's spawned monday, the wettest days in the seven-day forecast, with lingering showers possible tuesday. and looks like it will rain area wide on sunday and for the first half of the day on monday with that strong atmospheric river headed to the bay area. cbs evening news is is
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coming up. here is nora o'donnell with a preview. >> tonight after kpix 5 at 6:00, getting answers. we go to capitol hill to ask lawmakers what is being done for thousands of children and families with dangerous drinking water. will the infrastructure plan help fix the problem? cbs evening news is just minutes away. straight ahead in sports, they're back. 49ers football, on the practice field, after a week on hiatus. we'll hear from qb one.
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nfl up top, and the 49ers. this three-game skid, does it stop now? the defense was working on scoops. oh, look at the camera work. who shot that? colts in town. will they put the ball on the ground? this was game plan installation day. trey lance sidelined, so jim garoppolo took most of the snaps, confident a nagging calf injury is not slowing him or the team down. >> i think during the bye week we have made some big strides, so i'm looking forward to it.
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>> what did you do during the bye week? >> i was here getting this calf right. really not very much off time, but it's that time of year, time to grind. former 49ers defensive weapon forest buckner returns to levi's stadium. 49ers chose to trade him to the colts last year rather than sign him to a long-term deal. he was hurt by the move, but indy gave him $84 million reasons to handle it this way. >> kind to have shifted the mindset to i'm going to prove to the indianapolis colts why they paid me, you know, why -- you know, i'm going to do everything i can in my power, going to pour my heart and soul into this organization and show them why they made a decision, you know, to pick me. pivot to the nba. evening of the warriors opener. last night steph curry was self
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critical. >> we weathered the storm tomorrow. obviously i played like trash, shot the ball terribly. >> hold on! at the lakers, currenty did pull offer his first triple- double since the 2019 playoffs. i would say the w's survived trash night from curry. the bench combined for 55. people the lakers 121-114. >> we felt, and i've. telling the guys for a couple of weeks now, i really like this team. >> we have a lot of depth. when we've had teams wait lot of depth, we've done well. so that's a good thing for us. david ortiz, the reddick needed you in your prime tonight. game five in boston and houston. they did not have a problem. astros road alvarez's bat, a second inning blast opened the scoring. three rbi day for him. and valdez found his pitching chi. struck out five. allowed one run over eight
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innings. astro win got iting away 9-1, and with a 3-2 series lead, they head to houston with a chance to win the a.l. pennant. right now dodgers and the braves are doing business. moving pictures will be on that late show, and i can guarantee you that. >> can't wraith for that. >> sounds good. thank you, vern. the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got. next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt. i love doctors who work with athletes. does he know you tripped over a basketball? that's a sports injury. at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ s♪ red roses too ♪k ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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taking a final look tshere at 6:00. paul heggen has an update for as. >> light rain falling across much of the bay area right now. this is adding up to a few hundredths of an inch of rain per hour. this is not going to be a big soaker for us. that is on the way this weekend. we're talk about potential for several inches of rain, especially north of the gold were gate, once that atmospheric river rolls through sunday and monday. another update coming up at 7:00. >> thank you, paul. the news continue streaming on cbsn bay area, and you can find it on the kpix 5 news app. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> i think we need a countdown clock, till the big soak person you know, click it backwards. >> we're working on it. >> we'll have a level of water. >> still time to clean those gutters. real are back here on the kpix 5 news at 7:00 p.m. have a good night.
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the gruesome discovery in a florida nature reserve, the f.b.i. identifying personal belongings of brian laundrie, the sole person of interest in the case of gabby petito. his parents' involvement in the search tonight. breaking news: the f.d.a. gives the green light to moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots. plus, the white house's plan to vaccinate children ages 5 to 11. why shots could be available at schools. >> guilty. >> o'donnell: 17 counts of murder. nikolas cruz pleads guilty and apologizes for the deadliest high school shooting in u.s. history.


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