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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 21, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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our recent rains making any dent in the drought yet? the positive signs we are already seeing in the north bay. anything. i'm ken bastida. and i'm elizabeth cook. we are following breaking news. a high profile former oakland police captain shotwell pumping gas. >> kenny choi is live at oakland highland hospital where the police chief just spoke at a few minutes ago. what's the latest? >> reporter: the chief would not confirm the identity of the victim in this shooting, but kpix 5 sources have confirmed that the person who suffered multiple gunshot wounds this afternoon shortly after 1:00 is opd former captain erise joyner. he was shot in an attempted robbery in west oakland this afternoon. kpix 5 has obtained surveillance images showing a man in a black hoodie, and
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multiple law enforcement sources confirming with our station that this is the suspect , and the man found dead at the scene. sources tell us that a total of three suspects, including a person in a red hoodie, approached this gas station on the 1700 block of castro street. heavy exchange of gunfire, and then two men fleeing the scene in a getaway car. police are not giving a detailed description of the vehicle they are looking for. take a look at some of these images taken from chopper 5. you can see bullet casings littered all across the scene, a white vehicle with a gas hose still stuck inside the car, and a body nearby, eventually covered with a black sheet. oakland police responded shortly after 1:00 p.m. the chief confirming that no arrests have been made yet. >> today is really something that is impacting our entire city and community. it's a tragic situation. another senseless crime that happened in our community, and unfortunately, two people are seriously injured, one fatally,
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and one fighting for his life. >> three is repairing our damage relationship and building relationships in the community. >> the message is very clear that we are not trying to eradicate gangs. >> reporter: the goal is to reduce the number of gun violence incidents in the city of oakland. opd chief armstrong addressed the media a short time ago, and says the victim in the hospital tonight is fighting for his life. that is the latest we have so far here at highland hospital. >> you mentioned earlier that we don't have a vehicle description. you know if they are interviewing witnesses at this point? were there other people in the area, and are they cooperating with police? >> reporter: the chief addressed the media a short
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time ago. he would not go into details of the investigation, only saying that there is one ongoing, of course, because of this shooting that happened at the gas station. no details yet about that investigation so far. >> we will stay on top of it for sure. thank you for that. noted the storm watch, taking a live look out at our bay area bridges. commute conditions are drier for drivers right now, but you may want to allow extra time tomorrow morning. we have team coverage tonight beginning with chief meteorologist paul heggen. the biggest rainmaker is still to come. it's about, what, a couple hundred miles off shore? >> 72 hours out from the atmospheric river that will soak a sunday and sunday night. what we have gotten so far has been substantial in spots. over 2 inches in the santa cruz mountains. 1 inch of rain in san francisco. 0.5 inches in the tri-valley, but barely more than a tray since it is a. you will get more later on tonight. not much right now in terms of
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shower activity. this guy does look ominous. the rain will move into the north bay just after midnight for santa rosa migrating into early tomorrow morning. slightly later for san francisco, and even later for san jose. the good news is it is a near 100% chance of rain for measurable rain in san jose. we will talk about all of the rain chances headed our way in weekend forecast coming up. >> all good news because it has been a dry year, leaving crucial reservoirs like lake mendocino cracked and parched. will this storm actually make a difference? we are already seeing positive signs. kpix 5's wilson walker is live at lake mendocino, where conditions appear to be improving. >> reporter: yes they are. this is exactly where governor newsom declared a drought emergency back in april. last night we talked about marin, and how because of their geography, they can recharge all of their reservoirs really and one good winter, actually with a couple of good atmospheric winters.
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what about sonoma, lake mendocino? it will take a little more work, but it is underway. >> well, e river , it will just start coming in, and just start spreading out big time. it don't take too long before it starts, you see big progress. >> reporter: the east fork of the russian river has sprung back to life, now crawling toward the lake bend that became a postcard for california's drought, and it is already delivering good short- term news for people downstream. >> for the next 2 weeks, the state board sees that the supply that is available to us is greater than the demand, so they've listed the curtailment. >> reporter: healdsburg which relies primarily on lake mendocino for its water had to cut its water use in half this year. they are hoping the rainfall translates into replenished storage. >> there is always how much water is seeping into the ground and runs off might actually remain stored. >> we really do need an
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average, and above average rainfall year to truly make a mark for this historic drought. >> reporter: the sonoma county water agency says it will take a good bit of rain just to get things started. >> we are pretty darn dry up here. here is where we are at. we need a good 7 to 10 inches of rainfall just to get the soil wet enough to create the runoff that we need to get that water into our reservoir. >> reporter: while the system is starting to move again, there is a long way to go, and no guarantees that the current course will hold. >> what we've got going on right now is fantastic. we welcome it, but we are still very cautious, because we have had similar years where the fall is extremely wet, but then it dries out the rest of the winter. >> reporter: we are underway, plenty of mileage to cover before anyone can start drawing any kind of real sigh of
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relief. we mentioned yesterday that they are going to need about 140% of normal rainfall to get 100% of your runoff. the ground will soak all of the water up. they are thinking about 7 inches just to get their ground ready to convey water into reservoirs like this one. there is also lake sonoma, which is at 40% of capacity right now. there's a lot of work to do there as well, liz. everyone is ready to see more rain, but biggest months as far as rain for is really january and february. this is just the warm up with a lot of work to do. >> hopefully we make that up. thank you. for details on storm conditions and how to protect your home from the next round of heavy rainfall, you can head to our website, niwot 6:00, we are learning that police have made an arrest
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in connection to a threat against a pencil a high school. administrators called san bruno police yesterday about a student who apparently said he planned to use a gun to harm people on campus. this morning, police arrested a suspect away from campus my no firearms recovered. police say there is no ongoing threat to the school. the death of a northern california family and their dog baffled investigators, but now deputies have solved the mystery. the family died of hyperthermia, and probable dehydration, while hiking in mariposa county. they hiked through a steep exposed trail in dangerous conditions. >> the section of the trail is south southeast, exposing the trail to constant sunlight. there is very little shade along this section of trail. the temperatures along this section of the trail were between 107 and 109 degrees. than grish, their llen chung,
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daughter miju, and their dog were found along the trail in mariposa county in mid-august. police say there have been a record number of illegal guns confiscated off of the streets of san jose. >> many untraceable ghost guns with kpix 5 has investigated for a number of years. police say this bike is due to a couple of factors. >> reporter: that's right. police say there are more gun seizures here in san jose because there are simply more guns out there, including those so called ghost guns, but also because police are actively looking for them. when san jose police go out on patrol, this is often what they find in the hands
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seures e up for this year, and are on track to be a record high. >> reporter: the officer said the department took 844 guns off the streets in 2020. this year, just through august, they've already seized 862 illegal firearms point >> regular patrol officers with special operations, detectives and the detective bureau, and are an average or pulling in one to three times per week. >> reporter: this bike is partly because of the polar affiliation of ghost guns, which are untraceable firearms that can be bought online as kits and assembled at home, but the biggest factor may be the department's proactive policing strategy, where officers try to get ahead of crimes by identifying hotspots, and then working with the community. police say it often results in arresting armed felons and parolees who can't legally possess firearms. >> most of the seizures that come are because these prohibited persons are arrestable by on cue charges, by parole, by probation, or outstanding warrants, and on
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the secondary search, firearms are discovered. >> reporter: they are finding practically every kind of gun out there, revolvers, semi automatics, and long guns, often loaded and filled with extra ammunition. >> one gun off the street is one less robbery or homicide or shooting that we have to experience in the community. >> reporter: once the guns are seized, they go into evidence lockers until needed in court cases, or to help solve other crimes by cross-referencing them with other information that the department may have. once all of that is finished, the guns are then physically destroyed. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5 , and cbsn bay area -- the new unemployment numbers are in, but california is a bit of an anomaly when compared to the rest of the nation. after the break, why some experts are puzzled by the i saw you toss the kites on high... improved vision coverage. so you can focus on every little detail. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022.
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so many of these businesses need people to come back to work, and while that is happening all across the country, it isn't happening as quickly here in california and one expert says it's a bit puzzling. the baristas are busy at spikes coffee and tea in the castro. manager austin miller is ready to hire one or two more. >> we are definitely hiring. >> reporter: these days it is easier said than done. >> we would like to hire somebody. >> reporter: this coffee shop businesses that continues to struggle filling open positions, and now one commentary about the root of the problem doesn't appear to ring true. michael bernick is the former state edd director. >> my thought is most people, workers would come back after september 4, when the federal benefits ended. that has not occurred in any large number. >> reporter: the number of
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national unemployment claims dropped to the lowest number since the onset of the pandemic, but in california, the number of new claims actually increased. across the country, job postings are 19% above where they were in january of 2020, but in california they are 2% above where they were then. >> if it had been because of unemployment, we would have a flood of applicants out the door last week because the unemployment is cut off now. so what's happening? >> so far, there are a number of theories on why california workers are slow to return. we still don't have strong data. people may have been saving during the pandemic, as strange as that seems. some speculation is people reconsidering their careers, what they are doing, the shock of the pandemic. >> reporter: mid and higher- paying jobs aren't having difficulty hiring in bay area. it is lower wage jobs. miller said he dealt with this issue before covered, and thinks the pandemic made it even tougher. >> it is really hard to find people who can live and work in that area. i think a lot of those people are choosing to do something else. >> reporter: he says this
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recovery has a much different dynamic than previous recoveries that he oversaw when he was here in the state of california. he says that he thinks there is a chance we could see a turnaround when personal savings start to disappear, the health situation continues to improve, the childcare situation and school situations all improve as well. reporting live in san francisco, max darrow, kpix 5. the fire watch to date, maybe soon we can get rid of that phrase. the wildfire that threatened lake tahoe, it is now fully contained. this week's storms finally gave fire crews the boost to contain the cal fire, the caldor fire. snow dumped on the fire's western side, and rain fell on the fire's eastern side. the caldor fire burned 346 square miles after sparking 2
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once ago. today the sierra is seeing soggy conditions. this is how and looked at sierra tahoe resort this afternoon. it served as a staging area for fire crews a few weeks ago. now with the storm expected to wrap up this weekend, fire crews are concerned about the burn scar from the caldor fire, creating the potential for mudslides in the tahoe basin and surrounding areas. meteorologist paul heggen joins us now. what can we expect tonight, and more importantly, the commute tomorrow morning. >> it will be wet for the morning commute. a little break in the showers right now, but rain will be moving in reichle after midnight. the next storm system is getting ramped up. it's approaching the coast right now, but for the moment we are in the break in the action. we are in the warm sector. the rain has been pushed a little further to the north. it's also muggy but noticeably humid outside. anything above 55 is noticeable for us because we are not used to the humidity. above 60 degrees it feels
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sticky outside, and that is the fuel for the next wave of rain that comes in. scattered showers this evening north of the golden gate. a better chance of widespread rain moving into the north bay after midnight, spreading out to san francisco at 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. and the rest of the bay area in pre-sunrise hours. it's likely to rain even in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains, but lingering showers by around 8:00. we will dry out by tomorrow afternoon. adding up the strand of rainfall, it's likely to be around 0.5 inches for the north bay. elsewhere, 0.1 inches up to maybe 0.25 inches. and we are not done with the rain chances. this is a weak atmospheric river, and it is just the first part of the day that we have a chance of rain. a much better chance will last longer moving in saturday night , with the heaviest rain sunday and sunday night. that is the atmospheric river that will drop 2 to 4 inches of
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rain across the entire bay area, more than that possible in the north bay in higher elevations. we will talk more about that coming up at 7:00. temperatures right now are in the 60s. it's a bit sticky, but dry. if you need to get out for a dog walk, trixie? like she is ready to go with mild temperatures this evening. temperatures are in the low 60s , and will slowly back down, but only to the mid to upper 50s by early tomorrow morning, with the cloud cover and rain keeping everyone on an even playing field. high temperatures tomorrow into the mid to upper 60s, because we will be on the cool side of the system. the humidity is going to be bulldozed out of here as we head into midday tomorrow. we replenish the moisture, and plenty of it, especially on sunday, when the heaviest rain will fall. widespread amounts of 2 to 4 inches expected at this point. even if we got half of that, that's a substantial amount of rain. the next dry days arrive by wednesday and thursday of next week.
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courtside at chase center, the other team from los angeles in ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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> e home opener from chase center
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tonight, the golden state warriors hosting the l.a. clippers and what should be the first full crowd that we've seen since before the pandemic. it has been so long. some festivities tonight, with it being the 75th anniversary of the nba. earlier tonight, steph curry was one of 11 current players named to the nba 75th anniversary team. and the chase center has a lot to celebrate the 75th year. the new arena is finally starting to feel like home. >> that first year, we didn't even know where we were going, to find her way around. it is good to have our bearings, but now know we have a good team my fans coming in. it does feel like a fresh start, and this feels like how it should've open in the first place. >> reporter: to the 49ers, a game that feels like a must win sunday night football at levi's stadium there is some good news, you will potentially have to play with the third e.mmrop
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healing well, and will they have trent williams protecting his blindside cracks the pro bowl left tackle has not practiced the last 2 days because of a sprained ankle. he's listed as day-to-day. the raiders were winners last sunday. las vegas to hosts philly this weekend, and josh jacobs was asked to describe how things are different without jon gruden. >> the sideline was just so, it wasn't no anxiety, it was weird. it was like everybody was calm, you don't have somebody cussing at you are going crazy at the referees, none of that. it was just like, okay, i'm not going to harp, next play. next play. >> reporter: alabama's nick
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sabin is no stranger to a sideline outburst or two or 50. he's just as intense when he meets with the media, but one reporter had a little help to get him to loosen up at today's press conference. >> how is that for henry coming in at a first-year player at alabama, and how has he progressed in that role? >> i have a question for you first of all. i mean, did i finally get to meet the boss? >> i apologize, my wife is not home yet, so i'm having to pull dad duty. >> this is the best behavior i've seen you on since i've been here. >> i apologize. >> you don't have to apologize. if this is the way it's going to be, i would like him to be there all the time. >> we have all been there. >> reporter: from one legend to another. how about steph curry. he said he played like trash in all ey did was have hi
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fall fun isn't just for humans. the animals at the oakland zoo got creative with some apple treats today. >> some bears swam with the fruit, while a chimp played catch on national apple today. some bison also nibbled apple slices on the ground. the music is great. it makes me happy. >> who doesn't love a good apple? >> a little snack. thank you for watching
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tonight ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: breaking news: strengthening your immunity. the decision and new guidance tonight on boosters that could protect your health. the breaking news from the c.d.c. plus, vaccine mandate fallout: could some firehouses in new york city close because of the big apple's new rules? queen goes to the hospital: the breaking news out of buckingham palace. breaking news: the human remains found in a nature preserve are confirmed to be that of brian laundrie. we have the latest details. contempt of congress: will former trump advisor steve bannon face criminal charges, after the house votes to hold him in contempt? the attorney general weighs in. hostages in haiti: a threat to kill kidnapped


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