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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  October 21, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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trail. what investigators say happened to them, and how close they were to making it home. you may be fully vaccinated against covid-19 mama but are you ready for the next virus gathering steam? >> this coming year could even be worse than usual. good evening. >> we begin with the breaking news out of oakland, where a retired police captain is in the hospital following a deadly shootout. >> is happened around 1:00 this afternoon at a chevron station just off of i-80 near downtown. we are livid highland hospital tonight where the former captain is still in surgery with some brand-new surveillance video from the shooting scene itself. >> reporter: we just heard from the oakland police chief a little over an hour ago that that oakland police captain is actually fighting for his life here at highland hospital tonight after being shot
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multiple time this afternoon. if you take a look at the surveillance video, you can see the struggle between him and three suspects who appear to be trying to rob him as he was pumping gas this afternoon. erise joyner reaches for his gun and shoots one of the suspects who later died , and another returns fire, hitting joyner multiple times. the oakland police chief this afternoon would not confirm it was joyner who was shot, but we do confirm he was the one involved through multiple sources. the chief said it was a tough day for the department. >> today is something that is impacting our entire city, our community. it's a tragic situation, but then another senseless crime that happened in our community, and unfortunately, two people are seriously injured, one italy, and one fighting for their life. >> reporter: is not only joyner a retired captain from the oakland police department, but also the former head of the
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cease-fire programguviolence. after joyner retired in 2019, he did become involved in the cannabis industry . investigators are now trying to figure out if this was a targeted attack. we also asked the police chief about the suspects. he said so far no arrests have been made. >> thank you. we will see you back your at 11:00 for an update. now to our other top story tonight, it is the calm between the storms if you will, with the biggest rainmaker of all still out on the horizon. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen is tracking what is on her way next. we have more rain on top of the rain we have already received. we are in that dry break right now. let's look at some of the amounts we picked up. almost 4 inches of rain, and over 1 inch of rain for san francisco. 0.5 inches for the tri-valley. just 0.01 inches for san jose so far, but you will get some
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rain as well. is not happening now. the radar is mostly ground clutter, but by late tonight we will be tracking another round of rain first moving into the north bay after midnight. it is likely to rain for the rest of the night through early tomorrow morning, and then the chances diminished quickly. san francisco the rain moves in a bit later, between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. we will still be tracking it on kpix 5 news tomorrow morning. in san jose, you wait until around sunrise for the best chance of rain to move in. it will be more substantial than the past waves of rain, but the next one is the big dog. we will track that atmospheric river in the full forecast. expect to see more scenes like this in the coming days as the ground saturates and loses its grip. you just saw it. a surveillance camera in san francisco caught this moment, a huge ficus came crashing down on a car at sutter and webster.
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a public works crew was there first thing in the morning cutting up the tree, and then repairing the sidewalk. ile trit slowalinal flowing back into lake mendocino right now, the same place where governor newsom declared a drought emergency back in april. while it will take a lot more than this incoming rain to end our drought, we learned today that it could take a few more storms just to get started. >> there is always the uncertainty of how much water is seeping into the ground, and how much it runs off and remains stored in the reservoirs. >> we need a good 7 to 10 inches of rainfall just to get the soil wet enough to create the runoff that we need to get that water into our reservoir.
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>> it is sake and the sierra tonight, but there is plenty of snow on the way for their ski resorts. just down the hill, there are concerns about the burn scar from the caldor fire, and the potential for mudslides in and around the tahoe basin. back in the bay area, sand is out in places like pleasant hill, for people who want to prevent flooding. remember you have to bring your own shuffle. we posted more storm preparation tips on our website, stay with us for up-to-the- minute forecast details on air and online. a live look now at chase center, where the warriors are just tipping off their home opener. after this weekends mishaps, some false at the phish concert , are fans really safe in those seats? a city inspection done this morning concluded that yes they are. this is new video taken inside of the arena at last night's dan and shea show on sunday. two fans fell from the upper decks at the phish concert, unrelated incidents. one person died, and the complaint was submitted to the city the next day , citing unsafe guardrails and steep
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inclines. city inspectors went in today to check it out. they later told us the inspectors, quote, we found the area under investigation to be fully code compliant, and we consider this issue closed. tonight the mariposa county sheriff says the family who died in a remote hike in the sierra national forest succumbed to extreme heat exhaustion. john gerrish, ellen chung, and their 1-year-old daughter, , and their dog had moved to the area from san francisco. it was 76 degrees when they set up on a trail near the merced river on august 15. they walked uphill for several miles on a trail with very little shade. as temperatures climbed into the triple digits, their bodies were found 2 days later over 1 mile from their car. investigators say the family had a single 85 ounce water backpack with them, and it was
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empty. still to come, all the masking, handwashing, and a distancing we have been doing has impeded the spread of many viruses, including the flu. >> i've never seen an influenza season like last year alastyear's mild year a whole lot worse. where are the workers? california jobless claims hit a 6 month high as the u.s. hits the pandemic low. it could be our biggest problem after the big one. a new report out on earthquake threats to a key piece of bay area infrastructure that is invisible.
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en had a u ready for the next five virus on the horizon. amanda starrantino on taking your best shot against the flu. >> reporter: brace yourself, the flu season is here. with colder weather and indoor gatherings, experts expect case counts are about to rise. here is what you need to know. in san francisco's marina district, they are open for business, good company, and great food, but her folks equally open to getting another vaccine, this time for influenza? >> normally i don't get the flu shot. >> i usually get the flu shot. >> by doctors that was beneficial especially during covid to get one. >> reporter: covid has complicated this year's flu season, both viruses can cause disease or even death, and now they threaten over lapping infections. >> we expect both covid and flu season to coincide. >> this coming year could be
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even worse than usual. >> basically everybody should get flu shots. >> reporter: to answer a few questions, we turn to three experts, dr. john schwartzberg from cal, ucsf epidemiologist dr. george rutherford, and tri- valley pediatrics director, dr. sam. question one -- >> is there any chance you could make me sick? >> it's not possible to get flu from the vaccine. >> reporter: however, a flu shot may briefly rev up your immune system. >> is your immune system response, some of the system symptoms you may experience may be part of the symptoms that may resemble a mild cold, like conjunction, but whatever cause influenza. wreck anyone 65 and older would get a senior or high potency shot. >> because it's a more concentrated antigen in the high potency ones, you may get more of a reaction. >> reporter: this year, all flu vaccines, including the nasal
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spray, mean a single dose contain four different strains of influenza. >> it will give a greater percentage of people greater coverage against an influenza strain that may be circulating. >> reporter: another question, should i get a flu shot at the same time i get a covid shot? >> i don't know. i would think maybe you don't want to take it at the same time. i don't know maybe because you are putting too many things. i don't know. >> i wouldn't hesitate to get them in the same day. >> you shouldn't get them in opposite arms, but it is fine to do them at the same time. >> you couldn't overload the immune system by two vaccines. your immune system can handle more than that of the same time, and does a daily basis. >> reporter: do i really need a flu shot now? >> this is something we should continue, particularly that of
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already been vaccinated for covid-19. >> reporter: all of our experts say yes. last year with all of the mask wearing, social distancing, hand hygiene, and staying at home, the flu season was light. >> in my five decades of being an infectious disease specialist, i've never seen an influenza season like last year. >> reporter: the downside -- >> there were so few people that got exposed to the virus, so they won't bring over this year any protective immunity they would've picked up last year. >> reporter: just like of it, you don't want to pass a flu infection to a more vulnerable loved one. a newborn, the immunocompromised, or the elderly. for them, influenza can be deadly. the flu shot is free, but be sure to check first with your insurance company to find out if you have to go to a specific facility to get it. amanda starrantino, kpix 5. we all got our shots today. the average flu kills 30,000 americans every year, who otherwise would not have died. taking a look at top headlines, about an hour ago, the cdc director signed off on
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booster shots for the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines. the move comes just a day after the fda authorized them for seniors and high-risk individuals. pfizer never reports a new large-scale study showed that it's booster restored more than 95% protection from asymptomatic infection. using the delta variant as its dominant strain. the fbi says dental records confirmed human remains located in a florida park are those of brian laundrie. the fiancee of gabby petito rate he disappeared last month, a few days before wyoming authorities found gabby petito's body. she had been strangled to death. a mixed bag on the labor front. new u.s. jobless claims fell by 6000 last week to a new pandemic low, but here in california, they jumped to their highest weekly level in six back months. many analysts expect to see that trend start to reverse one extra federal benefits ended last month, but it is not mid
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to high wage hiring that is the problem. it is lower wage work, especially in the bay area. >> it is really hard to find people who can live and work in that area. i think a lot of those people are choosing to do something else. >> that coffee shop manager told us the wage issue was a problem well before the pandemic, but covid seems to be making it even worse. the alameda county fair returns tomorrow for the first time in over 2 years. that event is normally held in the summer. it's not your imagination. it had to be pushed back because of the delta search. tickets will be sold by the day, and capacity will be limited. it might not be the best weekend to have a county fair. we look live over the tri-valley . >> bring your rain jacket. chief meteorologist paul heggen is tracking what is behind this brief break in the rain. we are in the warm and muggy sector right now.
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it feels humid outside, but the next storm system will sweep in with more rain as we head through tonight. it will be a wet commute tomorrow morning, and the big storm arrives on sunday. both of these are atmospheric rivers. these are channels of moisture that direct a lot of water in the atmosphere towards the west coast. the one tomorrow morning is on the week end of the spectrum. but the one that has her way sunday and sunday night will be significantly stronger. if you're not used to that phrasing, i talked about it in this week's weather extra segment on you can also find it on the kpix news app. these atmospheric rivers bring a lot of rain to the west coast. you see this one aimed directly at the bay area on sunday. still a chance for spotty showers and the north bay, but the more substantial rain is going to be moving into the north bay after midnight, spreading across the rest of
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the bay area as we head through the rest of the net night into early tomorrow morgan. it is going to be a wet commute friday morning. plan for some extra time and stopping distance on the roads, or take other public transportation. we will be checking that rain as it moves off to the east by midday tomorrow, and then another break in the action for that rain to soak in, and even sunshine tomorrow afternoon. it will not be as warm today or is humid. we will be on the cool side of that system, but the moisture will return, and here it comes. we will track off and on showers as we head through the day on saturday. this is not the sunday heavy rain event. this will be intermittent shower activity mainly north of ida shady on saturday. and saturday night, the showers become more widespread. picture the atmospheric river as a firehose. it will initially be aimed at the northern california coast, but then it will drift down towards the bay area as we had further into the day on sunday. the heaviest rain sunday falls in the northern half of the bay area sunday morning, but then as the firehose drifts, it will make its way further and
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further south as we head into the afternoon and evening. this model runs out of data at 11:00 a.m. on sunday. coming up at 11:00, we will get a new run that will take us all the way through 5:00 on sunday, and it will show is have your rain aching its way further and further to the south. and it will be windy. the gusts will be noticeable sunday morning, 15 to 25 miles per hour, but watch what happens ready by late morning. we are talking 30 to 45 mile- per-hour wind gusts, and that will be the case for the rest of the day on sunday. the niners play at home in santa clara sunday evening with 5:20 kick off. it will be wet and windy and gross. i can't wait to watch it. it will be sloppy. here is how much rain we are talking about overall. once we add up everything through monday, they are saying to the 3 inches of rain even in the santa clara valley. 2 to 4 inches in the east bay. 3 to 5 inches for san francisco. 8 inches of rain possible in the santa cruz mountains. north of the golden gate, 428 or more inches of rain. we will have to watch the burn scars for debris flow issues as we head into the second half of
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the weekend. right now, temperatures are in the 60s. those will drop back down into we don't warm-up much tomorrow because we will be on the cool side of the system. high temperatures mostly in the 60s with upper 50s right along the coast. temperatures stay below average as long as the reigning pattern is here. once the heaviest rain drifts away monday morning, lingering showers monday and tuesday, with the next fridays in the forecast not arriving until wednesday and thursday of next week. again, we will have the updated look at futurecast, and able to look a little further into the future with that heavy rain event sunday coming up at 11:00. >> thank you. still to come, a new study reveals the key piece of infrastructure most likely to fail in a major bay area earthquake, and it is not a road or bridge. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area , in addition to paul's atmospheric explainer, we catch up with ucsf dr. monica gandhi. her thoughts on the states approach to the pandemic
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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a new usgs earthquake study is revealing the dire straits we could find ourselves in when the big one hits. >> it found a magnitude 7 on
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the hayward fault could knock out cell phone service for days or weeks. making emergency unit communication next to impossible. researchers say alameda county would likely be the hardest hit, which is 7% of cell service available. that is exactly what happened in new york city after 9/11, with 93% of cell phone calls failed. >> the report also found the potential for big problems further down. 880 in santa clara county, and we will have that part of this story had at 11:00. it could be just the ticket as
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a shuttered movie theater in san jose is being
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transformed into an indoor mini golf course. >> the mercury news reports that urban putt, the site of the former camera 12 movie theater on south first street. >> urban putt already operates this course in san francisco. one hole is shaped like the transamerica pyramid. they have some room goldberg inspired challenges as well, and to complete around, they also offer drinks and dining. >> it is so much fun. it's a great place to take the kids, or for date night. it's great to have that around. >> i haven't played peewee golf in a while. >> it is so much fun. thank you for watching. the news continues streaming
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