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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  October 22, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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chp investigating if weather
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played a role in this deadly crash in santa cruz county. a tree fell onto a pickup truck on redwood causing the truck to go down an embankment. we will pass along new details. we saw rain last night into this morning. i am tracking even heavier rain and gusty winds for sunday. shockey developments. a san jose man allegedly advocating violence against police. equally shocking, the popgun misfire in new mexico. >> there is still a lot of pressure, and it can be dangerous. >> disbelieve on a movie set. a shattered alec baldwin on the accidental shooting that killed his sent a photographer. rain, rain and more rain that just won't go away. we are all over the storm watch. it is cloudy today, but there's potential for heavy rain, flooding and high winds this
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coming weekend. much of the bay area got a soaking overnight. san jose finally got measurer rainfall. only the latest in a series of showers. paul saracen there is much more on the way. >> legitimate heavy rain on the way for sunday. let's add up the rainfall last night and today. over one inch in santa rosa, two thirds of an inch in san francisco. a good soaking rain. finally some measurable rain in the santa clara valley. rain chances will break right now. scattered showers saturday, best chance north of i-80, then it will rain saturday night into sunday night. scattered showers monday and tuesday. a flash flood watch in effect starting 5:00 a.m. sunday for much of the northbay and santa cruz mountains. this is where there is the potential for even heavier rain. that can cause problems with the burn scars. there is a wind advisory in
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effect with gusts of 45 to 50 miles per ever by the time all is said and done, it will be a four punch of impressive rain and pg&e is putting up the best defense it can. it will somehow get ready for more than eight inches of rain in the mountains. justin andrews shows us what they are doing to get ready. >> reporter: i am standing at the fremont distribution center where pg&e crews will be coming as this rain is moving in to gather all the equipment and materials they may need if the power goes out. take a look at this video of the nearly 30 acre site stocked with cable, transformers come across arms and other electrical tools that may be needed with the heavy downpours of rain forecasted, especially sunday night into monday morning. there could be inches of rain
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with the system. that can be destructive and dangerous coming out of a very dry season. a spokesperson says this will be an extremely busy area for crews now into the next 72 hours. >> this is a great location because it is right here in the bay area. when we have issues like a storm or other kinds of emergencies come we can access equipment we need immediately, get it to the right location so we can restore customers safely and as quickly as possible. >> reporter: we did ask about the situation we saw couple days ago with a light rain and some of the power lanes on fire. she told me a lot of mud and debris may sit on the power lines. she is hoping the rain that comes down over the next couple of days could watch that away. we are hoping we don't see what we saw a few days ago with the power outages. we have cover through the
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weekend on cbsn bay area and we have live rater, storm reports and special live reports as the storm moves through. there is a big story out of santa clara county today. a man allegedly encouraging people to shoot police officers actually works for the san jose police department. denis shevchenko was arrested for what he allegedly posted online. >> reporter: the san jose police chief today saying this type of behavior will not be tolerated, adding today is a difficult day. this happened on october 14 when they were notified of these posts by the f.b.i. that were allegedly disturbing and hateful on a website that identifies with a far right extremist ideology. those posts encouraged and solicited violent acts against people who do not share the same views and advocating the shooting of police officers. >> this incident is
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unfortunate. i am extremely disappointed that an employee in our organization has harbored and spread these hateful messages. i strongly condemn extremist ideologies and hate, which have no place in this community. it will not be tolerated at this department. >> reporter: there is no indication that other employees have engaged in similar behavior, however, they asked for continued assistance by the f.b.i. to identify others who may be involved. denis shevchenko has been released on bail and been put on administrative leave. we brought you that news conference from san jose pd live on cbsn pa area. you can watch 24/7 streaming on or our news app. he was a police captain decorated for his service. he worked to control gun violence, and he was shot six times in oakland yesterday.
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captain ersie joyner survived his injuries. he is recovering at highland hospital. this all happened in one minute yesterday when he was rushed by three men while pumping gas. they were stripping him of his belongings when he pulled out a pistol and killed one of the men. one of the suspect shot back. they hit him six times. the other suspects escaped in a black nissan sedan. no arrests at this point. police are trying to figure out if this was an attack specifically targeting joyner. we will have the latest coming up at 5:00 p.m. the cdc signed off on booster shots for the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines. millions more americans are now eligible for the shots. santa clara county says bring them on. >> all three vaccines are available at the many
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vaccination sites, as well as at many pharmacies, community sites and doctors offices. >> those 18 and older with a j&j dose can now get a booster two months after their first shot. moderna is six months. the cdc has approved mixing and matching vaccines. as for what is next, discussions on authorizing the pfizer vaccine for kids. this morning pfizer said it's covid vaccine is about 90% effective at preventing infections in schoolchildren. the white house is combating vaccine hesitancy is key. >> we have seen over time comfort with vaccines with more and more rollouts. we saw that with adults. we anticipate to see that
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uptake with children as well. >> here is the timeline. next tuesday in independent fda advisory committee will go over the data. the following week, the cdc will take it up, and if everything goes well, that will put the pfizer vaccine on track for approval for kids in about three weeks. while all this is happening, a big decision about abortion from the supreme court. they decided not to block the texas ban on abortions for now. instead, they will hear arguments on the case on november 1. they first have to decide if the federal government has the right to sue texas because of the band. that ban all -- outlaws abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy. clinic say it already has led to an 80% reduction in abortions in texas. today the chair the federal reserve said high inflation will likely last well into next year. >> the feds looking at a 3 1/2%
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inflation increase. they are stripping out energy, there stripping out food. all the real were things we know of. we know those things have gone up too, and so, we want to talk about how much of an impact this is going to have on the recovery. we're still in the middle of a pandemic, but on the backend of this. will the momentum be lost? this is a huge economic factor and huge political one clearly for the biden administration. we have one of the top economists in the world, the chief economist at the international monetary fund, who will talk to us about what to expect. and we will look at the political costs for president biden as he tries to get this massive spending bill through. >> you can watch face the nation sunday mornings at 8:30 am right here on channel 5. still ahead, tragedy on a movie set in new mexico.
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what alec baldwin himself has now said about the accidental feeding
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welcome back. production halted on the latest movie by alec baldwin after a
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deadly accident during filming brooke baldwin himself fired a prop gun and two people were hit. he is cooperating with authorities. he released a statement saying there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of this hned onthe set of the prod the movie. the cinematographer was killed . the director, he does have ties to the bay area, was injured. experts say weapons, even blanks, used improper guns can be deadly. there are specific protocols to make sure that nobody is injured on the set. >> nowadays, all weapons are checked before any blanks are put into the weapon. there are lots of other protocols in place, including
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active training beforehand. there will be rehearsals. >> reporter a variety magazine says the los angeles prop union sent an email to members saying the gun contained a live single round and the prop crew working in new mexico was not part of the union. cbs news has not been able to confirm that information. to wall street now. the dow was up about 74 points to close the week, nasdaq off 125, s&p gave up about five points. tomorrow the public will get its first look at the first comprehensive health service center for the vietnamese- american community in the country. it is in san jose. the site will offer health screenings, dental services, a pharmacy, vaccinations, senior wellness and more.
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joining us live now is betty, the center manager. i know you must be busy. you must be excited. it is a first for the country. tell us about the importance of having a center like this, especially here in the bay area. >> thank you so much for having me on today. santa clara county is home to the second-largest be enemies population outside of vietnam. this is a population and community that is woven into the fabric of our society here. in 2011, a county health assessment revealed the vietnamese-american community faced significant disparities and challenges with mental health, healthcare and physical health, integration durational conflict the difficulty in navigating existing services. we really need to think about how we approach vietnamese- american residents to make sure they have the help they need. >> i was struck by one thing i read about this, that vietnamese folks have a higher
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incidence of things like diabetes. why would that be? do we know? >> for a number of reasons. there are language barriers, cultural differences, different approaches to diet, food traditions. a lot of that was lost in the home country when the community left and fled to america. also, lack of resources and accessibility to healthy food as well. education is a key component. being able to meld cultural competency with healthy science is going to be critical. that is what we want to do here. liver cancer is also four times the rate of other adults in the county. affect thmmunit es of dispio we wad rectly. >> good for you. tomorrow when he opened there will be a lot of things going on. can you tell us what we can expect to see for folks who visit? >> tomorrow will be the first look for a project that is been
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in the making since 2011. a lot of folks are anxious to see it. we will have guided tours, a stage program, a ribbon- cutting. will have a children's activities area. we will have a senior program on site to provide treats for the community. musical performances. community leaders will be celebrating with us. >> that sounds great. i hope it doesn't rain. have fun tomorrow. and congratulations to you and everybody down there. thanks so much for joining us. time for a look now at the forecast with paul heggen who says he will make sure doesn't
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rain in san jose tomorrow. >> there will be a few showers on saturday. the best chance along and north of i 80. but the major storm system that we've been talking about, this atmospheric river, that arrives on sunday with heavy rain, gusty winds and high surf along the coast as well continuing into monday and tuesday. futurecast keeps us dry tonight. we will track a few showers making their way in on saturday. this will be hit or miss light activity. this is not the main event. be prepared for rain anywhere, but the best chance will be along in north of i-80. showers more numerous in the north bay. slightly heavier rain late saturday evening and early saturday night, but the heaviest rain takes aim at the north bay late saturday night and early sunday morning. a fire hose aimed at the california coast in the stream drifting down th. st infor the ha of the north golden gate, but it will shift farther south as we head into sunday afternoon and into sunday evening. eventually the entire bay area will be covered by moderate to heavy rain sunday afternoon and evening. that continues after sunset. gradually the back edge of this will move further south. the heavy rain tapers off by early monday morning, but there will be follow-up off and on showers heading through the rest of the day on monday.
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through sunrise on monday for the north bay we are talking about a substantial amount of rain. futurecast indicating four inches to eight inches of total rainfall. that is why we have a flash flood of fact especially focus on the 2020 burn scars. further south the amounts will not be as high, but they will still be high. up to two inches of rain in the santa clara valley. i think will add up more than this in san jose. over one inch of rain. over five inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains and even six inches elsewhere across the entire bay area. that is a lot of rain. and it will be windy. the winds will be noticeable saturday evening. they start picking up already sunday morning. up to 40 miles per hour wind gusts. the strongest wind gusts ound m up to 45 mile-per-hour winto af
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gusting out there. watch out for water covered roads and intersections. and we will watch for debris flows on burn scars as well. some interesting looking clouds outside, but also plenty of sunshine. temperatures low to mid 60s. they will drop down into the low to mid 50s by early tomorrow morning. even 40s in the note north bay valley. high temperatures tomorrow mostly in the 60s, low to mid 60s around the bay commitment to maybe upper 60s further inland except the north bay. the better chance of showers gives us around 60 degrees. the heaviest rainfall sunday lingering off and on showers on monday. evening to tuesday. that we try out for a few days. temperature should return to closer to what is normal for this time of year. but again, the wettest timeframe is sunday into sunday night within the shfor thrst co days next we. we have en using terms like atmospheric river and bomb cyclone. they sound big and dramatic, and they can be, but a segment streaming on cbsn bay area, i strip away the hype and focus
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just on the science. a bomb cyclone is a system that significantly intensifies within a short period of time. technically, it is when the central pressure, low pressure at the heart of the storm system, plummets by 24 millibars or more within 24 hours. the process is referred to as bombogenesis, would sound even more dramatic. as the pressure drops rapidly in the center, air rushes in to replace the vacuum created, and that process can produce damaging winds. you can watch the rest of my whether extra streaming today on cbsn bay area at 4:30 pm. you can find us on or our news app. we also on the cbs news at. you can download it for free on your favorite streaming device. coming up, the
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welcome back. it is a mostly cloudy friday afternoon. oakland picked up one half inch of rain. paul says much more on the way on sunday. former president barack obama and bruce springsteen have a podcast together. anthony mason asked them exactly how that happened. >> we just ended up being in settings where we had these long conversations, and i thought the things we're talking about, what does it mean to be a man, what does it
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mean to be an american. these were things that were popping up over a meal. and i thought, you know what? this might be something that would be useful for folks to hear. >> i initially thought that he had gotten the wrong number when he called me. i said okay, let me figure this out. i am a guitar playing high school graduate from freehold new jersey. you want me to do what? >> you can watch them talk about race, their friendship and the influence of their fathers on cbs sunday morning with jane pauley this weekend. first we can watch the performable calm before a mighty good storm headed our way this weekend.
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the storm system sunday, but a lot going on this week and starting with the alameda county fair. the best day to go out a saturday. can't rule out the chance of a passing shower. it will be mostly cloudy with temperatures topping out in the mid 60s. wet and windy on sunday, which will have an impact on the niners game as a play sunday night football against the colts. it will be gross. i cannot wait for it. >> thanks paul. coming up a 5:00 p.m., live in the north bay to see what people are doing to get ready for the sunday storm. that will do it for kpix 5 news at 3. cbs news live with norah o'donnell is next.
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we will be streaming in more ways than one this weekend on cbsn bay area. alan martin is back on monday. have a captioning sponsored by cbs .>> o'donnell: tonight, movie set tragedy: actor alec baldwin fatally shoot a cinematographer and injures the director. all the new details and the big question tonight: how could something like this happen? the actor visibly shaken in new mexico. was it live ammunition in a prop gun that led to the deadly accident? the reaction from movie professionals. >> it's your worst nightmare. >> o'donnell: vaccines and children: a mini-pfizer dose for kids five and up. the new numbers about how effective it is. plus advice for adults on which covid booster combinations works best. abortion showdown: all eyes are on the supreme court as it agrees to hear a major challenge to the strict texas abortion law. educating our children: the


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