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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 22, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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bracing for an atmospheric river. why a lot of rain too fast would be bad things for reservoirs. a perfect storm for the niners. we are live at levi's stadium ahead of what will be a very soggy game. the police chief speaking to kpix 5 in the past hour about the former police captain shot in a violent robbery. we are on storm watch here in the bay area, gearing up for a huge rainmaker, upping the risk of flooding and debris flow , especially in the burn scar areas. >> we start with a live picture from elmont. the peninsula will be in the path of rain and wind, but it should put an end to fire season in northern california. we have team coverage from the north and south bay. let's go to chief meteorologist paul heggen. any chance the system will change paths and miss us? it could be not as intense,
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but it has been trending in the same direction. it will be a major rainmaker for us. we will see scattered showers during the day on saturday, but more widespread rain moves in late saturday night. it will rain and rain heavily sunday and sunday night, then lingering showers monday and tuesday. the flash flood watch goes into effect at 5:00 a.m. sunday and continues through 11:00. heavy rain is expected throughout the entire region, but we are most concerned about the green shaded regions. in the santa cruz mountains, we have the czu complex burn scar, all these burn scar's in the north bay. that's where we could get debris flows and month size. we also have a wind advisory in effect for the entire bay area. sustained wind will be 15 to 20 miles per hour with gusts up to around 45 miles per hour, especially midday through the will be very windin, going
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to wilson walker in santa rosa, where fire crews are concerned about the effect of that rain on the north bay burn scar's. >> reporter: here on the eastern edge of santa rosa, where they have issued a flood warning for the burn scar of the glass fire, that is really the only sort of flood or slight concern in the north bay. they say the ground has plenty of room to soak up plenty of water. they aren't really worried about slides or debris flow outside, but let us take you back to 2015, where there was a sort of unique fear and concern that comes out of a drought. you are looking at lake mcclure in 2015, where when we walked around back then, the dust came up from the ground as he walked around the desiccated soil. the concern then was that if you got a big, huge incoming storm, all that deteriorated ground, all those steep walls on the lake like that would all go flowing down, creating this huge mud puddle, which can get
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in the pipes, and then you have a big, essentially, a pool of mud and messes up all your equipment. let's take a look at alpine lake just a couple of weeks ago before the rain started. we are talking about different geography, different geology my different soil, different arrangement of land, but i reached out to the folks in marin and sonoma county, and asked them if it's something they are worried about. that you might get so much rain, too much too fast, that it hurts your reservoir. here is one of the answers. >> absolutely, we are still monitoring soil moisture, soil runoff, to ensure that it does not affect our watershed environmental quality, water quality. we are hoping for this rate of storms throughout the whole winter.
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>> reporter: one more thing to remember, lake cinema was affected by the woolsey fire, to see if there is may be any runoff from the fire over there, but back here, out here in skyhawk, the eastern end of santa rosa, it is the burn scar that they will be looking at. it has a lot to do with how this all times out. does this river stall out and dump a lot of ammunition on one spot of territory, when you really end up with problems, so as we heard at 5:00, it really is a focus on timing, and where the intensity of the rainfall end up. we are here in santa rosa, wilson walker, kpix 5. our coverage continues with kpix 5's maria sid medina who is live in santa clara, where it will be a rainy game for the niners on sunday night. i think a lot of people are looking forward to seeing it.
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>> reporter: they are looking forward to seeing this sunday's isofthmost anticipated games for the san francisco or the niners this season. they say they are well aware of the weekends of storms. chopper 5 was overhead levi's stadium today. it is nice and dry right now, but come sunday, it will be a different story when the rain and wind role in during game time. the niners did give us a statement and said, quote, levi's stadium will be ready for any weather possibilities on sunday. we recommend fans allow more time to arrive at and enter the stadium and dress appropriately for the weather. they didn't elaborate on the prep work taken, but the weather doesn't typically keep away diehard 49er fans. we found this video from 2016 when they took on the patriots during a rainstm. these players are used to traveling to all sorts of fields and playing in all sorts of
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weather, but this, they are playing the colts. this is the colts first time at levi's stadium. this is one of the most anticipated games of the season for the san francisco 49ers. one thing to mention now, levi's stadium, their turf has been criticized over the years. as you know, the seahawks coach pete carroll in fact called the turf out here lousy a couple of years ago. with the rain and wind, who knows what it will be like for both teams come sunday but we will be watching. again, because fans will be wanting to come out here, tickets in hand, this is your warning now that it will be a cold and rainy day on sunday, but it won't keep them away. >> just bring the rain gear. you are going to need it. thank you. we have you covered is the atmospheric river gets set to slam the bay area. complete coverage through the weekend on cbsn bay area, and
6:07 pm we will have live radar and storm reports focused on as a storm moves through. now to oakland, a retired police captain is recovering in the hospital tonight after a shootout with robbery suspects. oakland's police chief walked out of highland hospital about an hour ago after visiting retired captain ersie joyner. the chief says the motive appears to be robbery. investigators say it is unlikely the suspects new joyner when they robbed him at a gas station. joyner shot and killed one suspects, but he got shot six times. >> captain joyner is recovering and in good spirits. just really happy to see him, and have a chance to be able to say we appreciate everything he's done. we look forward to his continued recovery. the motive is clearly robbery. random. it appears to be random based on what we see now. >> he was what i consider the epitome of a police officer, at
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community police work. he was that kind of guy. he was about loved by everybody. >> he grew up in east oakland, and rose through the ranks of opd. he spent 28 years on the force before retiring in 2019. so far, there are no arrests in this case. an arrest in a bomb threat scare at a petaluma school. a 13-year-old student was arrested today for allegedly making a bomb threat at petaluma junior high school. the threat, which was made through an anonymous app, prompted the school to evacuate today. chp officers and bomb detection canines scoured the school. however, they found nothing, and students returned to campus. the student was cited and released to his parents. santa clara county health officials are urging everyone eligible to get their booster shots. pfizer boosters have been out for weeks now, but the health director says people are not
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lining up like they had expected. >> in santa clara county and across the state, the uptake of anticipated. we anticipated a much swifter uptake and boosters. one possible explanation is that the public is confused about who should get a booster. >> at last check, nearly 75,000 county residents received a booster shot, but not everyone is technically eligible. it is still 5.1% of the nearly 1.5 million county residents who are fully vaccinated. still ahead on kpix 5, and cbsn bay area -- a fake letter bombshell, stunning testimony from a pfizer scientist, more juror drama, and a new piece of evidence from the prosecution in the elizabeth holmes trial. how oakland is honoring a towering and divisive figure in
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the black power movement. the display created by a former kpix anchor . drivers are being urged to slow down during the storm.
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more potentially damaging testimony against elizabeth holmes and the theranos fraud trial in san jose. it came from a scientist with a major pharmaceutical company. as kpix 5's len ramirez reports, his company rejected
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the theranos technology, but theranos claimed otherwise. >> reporter: throughout this trial, it appears pfizer was the one company that did not fully buy into the elizabeth holmes theranos mystique. pfizer did a lot of research and asked a lot of tough questions, and did not like the answers it was getting back. jane weber was a scientist with pharmaceutical giant pfizer in 2008 when the company was in talks with elizabeth holmes about a possible major investment with theranos. weber testified that they carefully examined the company as part of pfizer's due diligence. >> they checked out the technology. they analyzed it, and they also asked questions of theranos, and they weren't able to get direct answers. >> reporter: weber testified that elizabeth holmes and other executives were defective, evasive, and not believable, so he recommended pfizer hold off on the deal. apparently elizabeth holmes
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didn't take no for an answer. prosecutors show the jury that elizabeth holmes made a deal with walgreens that used to the pfizer logo, and said pfizer had endorsed the technology. >> it's significant because it goes to fraud. >> reporter: and other witnesses companies did invest in theranos testified that he secretly taped an investor leading led by elizabeth holmes and it was played in court. elizabeth holmes led investors to believe the theranos devices were already being deployed by the military in afghanistan, which was false. he had a soft spot for that page because his brother was deployed as a marine. also today the judge had to release another juror from duty for what the judge called good cause. it is the third time a juror had to be let go, and there are now only two alternates left. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. a bust of black panther party founder huey newton is said to be unveiled. >> user divisive figure, but his words are reminiscent of what we hear today. >> the police are in our community not to promote our
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welfare, or our security and safety, but there to contain us, to brutalize us, and murder us. >> the bust is the first permanent art piece honoring the black panther party in oakland. some say he we newton's failings were a stain on the black power movement, while others venerate him as a man who works to unite all lack and oppressed people. former kpix anchor turned sculptor tina king created the bust. the unveiling is scheduled for sunday at dr. huey newton way and mandela parkway, near where newton was murdered in 1989. new at six:00, will the a's a stay or go? the proposed waterfront ballpark at howard terminal is at crossroads. an upcoming vote from the board
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of supervisors could help determine if the a's stay in oakland. on tuesday, the board is set to vote on a resolution to use tax revenue to help the a's pay for infrastructure. the oakland mayor is concerned that a no vote would convince the a's that they don't have a future in oakland. back to the storm watch, fire crews are nervous at the storm system this weekend could trigger debris flows in parts of the sierra that were torched by the caldor fire. check out the conditions along interstate 80 in the sierra right now. drivers should be cautious. the highway looks slippery, and up over donner summit. snow at the upper elevations is expected in the feet over the weekend. in the bay area, drivers are being urged to slow down this weekend. a pickup truck driver on slick roads in santa cruz county died after crashing into a large tree. fire crews found a tree completely uprooted and smashed right through the cab.
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a section of east zayante road in the santa cruz mountains is expected to stay closed for hours. chopper 5 spotted gloomy conditions over san mateo county today. most of the peninsula will be under a flash flood watch him especially in the coastal areas. stormy conditions are stirring up a rough seas, spotting this car being sprayed multiple times. it is a good morning and reminder not to park your car too close to the ocean this weekend. the ocean never loses, paul. we know how that battle will turn out. a lot of dire predictions about what we might expect this weekend. the bottom line is we have not had rain in months and months and months. we need it. the last time we saw that was late january, but that was lower on the scale we used to measure these. just a few showers in the forecast tomorrow. scattered light activity. the northern half of the bay area has the best chance of
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rain, but the big storm arrives on sunday. a couple of sprinkles in the north bay, can't completely rule out a passing shower this evening, but the rest of the bay area is dry. we will stay in the break tonight, and tomorrow morning. a few showers will roll in late morning and early afternoon. the best chance of rain will be the northern half of the bay area saturday, but everywhere else, there is a chance that the passing shower. we will see some heavier shower saturday evening and night, but the heaviest rain associated with that atmospheric river will arrive even before the sun comes up sunday morning. it will fall for the northern half of the bay area the first half of the day on sunday. still plenty of dry areas further south, by noon even on sunday. that heavy rain makes it way steadily further and further south as we go to sunday afternoon and evening. moderate to heavy rain across the entire bay area, through the evening, it into early overnight. gradually, it will end north to south sunday night, with
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lingering showers for the first half of the day monday. let's add up the rain. this is forecast model data, and these models aren't perfect, but this is a good handle on the overall pattern. still, almost 1.5 inches for san jose. widespread amounts of 3 to 5 inches, and even higher amounts for the north bay in santa cruz mountains. let's focus on the burn scars. we move into the cz you burn scar in the santa cruz mountains. on the periphery, we look at rainfall amounts in the 4 to 6 inch range, but within the santa cruz mountains, we are talking about over 6 inches of rain possible. that is why we are concerned about debris flows. it takes years for these cars to recover. so for the next couple of years, whenever we have a heavy rain event, we have to watch these areas carefully. even heavy rain amounts in the higher elevations of the north bay, 6 to 9 inches of rain, and that is a lot of water in a short amount of time. right now, temperatures around 60 degrees, nice out this
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evening. the weekend looks soggy. we have riley, juno, and cadence for this evening's dog walking forecast. temperatures in the 50s with a chance for a passing sprinkle through the rest of the evening. amateurs tonight, low to mid 50s. tomorrow, mostly 60s, but cooler for the north bay and on the coast. a better chance of a shower in the north bay. heaviest rainfall sunday, but still lingering showers monday and into tuesday. then we dry out wednesday, thursday, friday, with temperatures returning to near normal levels by the latter half of next week. straightahead in sports, steph curry proves what he was named the top 75 nba player of all time, but his team a clay thompson is snubbed, and is sick of the disrespect. plus jimmy garoppolo is a go
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but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. what you say, it has been the canadian shuffle for san jose to begin the season. jets, canadians, senators, all victories. today the 3-0 sharks were in toronto for a matchup with the maple leaves. 30 saves in this one. goals galore in the second period. this one courtesy of teemu meyer, deflected by toronto's goalie and into the net.
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later in the second, tied it to mac. eric carlson, slap shot, and he sinks it. san jose back on top. already 6 points this season. they are 4-0 for the first time since 2015. the 49ers made it official today. jimmy garoppolo will start sunday night in against the colts. trey lance has been ruled out. left tackle trent williams is doubtful with a sprained ankle. the 2-0 warriors have a few days off before the matchup with the sacramento kings, and you know who we are talking about today. steph curry bounced back from his self-proclaimed trash performance on tuesday night. and of the all-time historic first quarters, 9 of 9 from the floor, 25 points, and with less than 2:00 to play, pulls up from the third ring of saturn, and buries it. 7'3" of the night, and curry in stride. gutsy.
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the warriors lead for good from there. 45 points. >> i expected all of them to go in, regardless of how ridiculous some of them are that he decided to take. he makes those ridiculous shots, and that is what he has done over the course of his career. that's why he's great. that's why he is one of the top players in the league and to ever play this game. tough shot taker. tough shot maker. >> klay thompson, he is upset about being left off of the nba's 75th anniversary team. he posted on instagram, quote, i can't wait to hoop again. sick of the disrespect. winning isn't everything to some people like it is to me i guess. great story in cleveland. the third stringer got his chance due to injuries. this is a guy who dm to every
6:26 pm
aaf team on twitter to get a tryout in 2018, and he ran for 146 yards, a touchdown, and the browns went last night. >> lebron chatted you out on twitter. >> he's big-time. big-time right there. lebron? man. lebron? >> you love the humility. it was a few years ago and he was sliding into intern dm's trying to get any sort of meeting and a tryout. and here he is for the browns. ♪ ♪ low maximum out-of-pocket costs. more saving. more spoiling. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022. call today, or ask your agent about scan health plan. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ for 2022. ♪ red roses too ♪
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one more update on the weekend storm system that will affect the bay area on sunday. heavy rain is likely flash flood watch in effect for most of the north bay, but down the peninsula and into the santa cruz mountains. we are most concerned around the burn scars. gusty wind is likely. the wind advisory in effect for the whole bay area. the high surf advisory continue sunday night and into monday. he will have another look at the futurecast coming up at 7:00. thank you for watching tonight at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5 news app, and "cbs evening
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news" is next. we will be back here on the kpix 5 news at 7:00 p.m. until then, have a good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, movie set tragedy: actor alec baldwin fatally shoots a cinematographer and injures the director. all the new details, and the big question tonight: how could something like this happen? the actor visibly shaken in new mexico. was it live ammunition in a prop gun that led to the deadly accident? the reaction from movie professionals. >> it's your worst nightmare. >> o'donnell: vaccines and children: a mini-pfizer dose for kids five and up. the new numbers about how effective it is. plus, advice for adults on which covid booster combination works best. abortion showdown: all eyes are on the supreme court as it agrees to hear a major challenge to the strict texas abortion law. educating our children: the ma


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