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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  October 22, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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plus, what a company scientist told the jury in the elizabeth holmes trial. >> it's significant because it goes to fraud. anything. i'm ken bastida. and i'm elizabeth cook. don't let the calm skies full you right now. you only have about 24 hours left to prepare for the atmospheric river rolling our way. >> most of the bay area likely to see inches of rain on sunday but with much more, and snow in higher elevations. flash flood watches have already been issued for the last year's burn scar areas. the storm will also come with some strong wind and large ocean swells. paul heggen begins our coverage. >> you have been talking about this on cbsn bay area , this 5 out of 5. river ratea level it means there will be a tremendous amount of water being transported through the
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atmosphere over our heads. it's really centered right on the bay area. this red shaded area is where we will be at the extreme to exceptional up on the atmospheric river scale. i did talk about this in our weather extra segment on cbsn bay area. a typical atmospheric river transports the amount of water that goes through the mississippi river. these exceptional events transport 10 times that amount. a lot of the water will get squeezed out over the bay area. we have flash flood watches for most of the north bay, then down the peninsula and into the santa cruz mountains. we are focused on the burn scars because of the potential for debris flows, rockslides, and websites as well. everywhere, we are prone to localized flooding. you will have to watch that very carefully on sunday and sunday night, and we have a wind advisory that goes into effect on sunday. the gusts widespread, 45 miles per hour, potentially stronger than that. we will take an hour by hour
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look at futurecast to track the rain, and the wind gusts, coming up in the full forecast. it will be a long day once the rain starts falling heavily which will happen for the north bay already by sunday morning. pg&e is putting up the best defense it can, cutting limbs away from power lines across the region . >> it's all hands on deck right now. we have 350 crews right now standing by ready to roll into these different areas as the wind and weather moved through the area. >> across the north bay where the storm will hit the hardest, the main concerns change with the terrain. >> if it does land over one of the burn scars, it is likely we could see about whether it is mud or some sort of debris ow, whether it is small-scale or large-scale, we don't know at this point in time. >> the main impacts we will have right now are trees we have a lot of foliage on monday will soak up water and behavior, and any wind with
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that will mean a lot of trees down across the roads and power lines. >> in the santa cruz mountains, whether likely to overall in taking down the tree that killed this driver, just east of highway 9 and felton. chopper 5 flew past levi's stadium today where the 49ers are set to host what is sure to be a muddy and slippery sunday night game. the team says the facility will be ready for anything, but is recommending that fans arrive extra early, and dress appropriately. we will have you covered through the weekend matter what, on air and online still ahead, the one thing you might not think to check, but you should, at of the storm. let's take a good look at san jose, where eight police department employee linked a social media post advocating for killing officers is free on bail tonight. the community service officer denis shevchenko briefly served as a sworn police officer.
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he was arrested last week on wes s. gun crimes only came to light after the fbi linked him to the comments he allegedly made on an alternate right website back in may. >> this incident is unfortunate. i am extremely disappointed that an employee in her organization harbored and spread these hateful messages. i strongly condemn extremist ideologies, and hate, which have no place in this community , and will not be tolerated at this department. >> the chief said the officers recovered nine firearms at shevchenko's home , including an illegally modified ar 15 style rifle. they also seized his electronics to see what else he may have set online. new details tonight on a shooting involving a retired oakland police captain. ersie joyner is recovering at a hospital after a gunfight with three robbery suspects.
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it happened yesterday. oakland police chief walked out of highland hospital a couple of hours ago after visiting with joyner. the chief says it appears to have been a random robbery. joyner shot and killed one of the suspects, but then he himself got shot six times. >> he's in good spirits. just really happy to see him, and have a chance to be able to say we appreciate everything he's done, and we look forward to his continued recovery. >> police are now looking for the two suspects who drove off in a nissan sedan. riveting testimony today from a pfizer scientist in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial in san jose. kpix 5's len ramirez when it was in court. >> reporter: it appears that pfizer was the one company that did not fully buy into the elizabeth holmes theranos mystique. pfizer did a lot of research, and asked a lot of tough questions, and did not like e answers it was getting back.
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shane weber was a scientist with pharmaceutical giant pfizer company was in talks with elizabeth holmes about a possible major investment with theranos. weber testified that he carefully examined the company as part of pfizer's due diligence. >> they checked out the technology. they analyzed it, and also asked questions of theranos, and they weren't able to get any direct answers. >> reporter: weber testified that holmes and other executives were defective, evasive, and not believable, so he recommended pfizer hold off on the deal. but apparently holmes did not take no for an answer. prosecutors show the jury that homes made a deal with walgreens with the pfizer logo, and that pfizer had endorsed the technology. >> it significant because agosta fraud. >> another company testified that they secretly that an investor meeting led by holmes, and the tape was played in court. it said holmes led them to
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believe that the devices were already being deployed in afghanistan, which was full. he said he had a soft spot for the pitch because his brother was deployed as a marine in afghanistan. also, the judge had to release another juror from duty for what the judge called good cause. it is the third time a juror had to be let go, and there are now only two alternates left. len ramirez, kpix 5. still to come, what pfizer had to say today about how well it's vaccine protects kids. new details on alec altman's movie set shooting in new mexico. what he was told moments before the tragedy that killed a cinematography and wounded a bay area director. >> situations like this should never happen. the heavy equipment being deployed in the burn scar in the sierra foothills ahead of this storm. how the governor hopes a few trick shots will convince you to get your
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some newly released court records show an assistant director did not realize that a proper gun was loaded with live rounds when he handed it to actor alec baldwin on a new mexico film set point he told him it was safe to use. moments later, the cinematographer halyna hutchins was dead . in a statement on twitter, alec baldwin said no words convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident. the shooting also wounded director joel souza, who was standing behind hutchins. souza is from the bay area. next arrow spoke with his neighbors. >> reporter: the movie director is from a quiet neighborhood in fremont. some neighbors told me they were shocked to learn he was
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one of two people hit by this prop gun. they are grateful to is el is a good hb he watched souz grow up. >> he always wanted to be a writer for the movies. >> reporter: he was stunned. >> i didn't believe it. my wife told me it is on the computer that joel is heard. i said what is hurt. she said it was on tv making a movie and mexico with baldwin, and something happened with a loaded gun. >> reporter: and actress in souza's film tweeted that he's now out of the hospital. they are relieved that souza is expected to be okay. >> he's a great guy. very polite. a very respectful. he picked up quite a bit from his mother. >> reporter: the movie set is
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now quiet. shoot blanks. ed to se. ro loaded. taking a look at top headlines, walmart is recalling thousands of bottles of aromatherapy room spray that may contain a deadly bacteria. u.s. health officials traced the bacteria to the better homes and gardens spray after four people in different states who had not traveled came down with a serious tropical disease. two diet, including a child. the various sprays remain in india and sold at walmart stores and online for most of last year. pfizer announced today it's vaccine is nearly 91% effective at preventing covid-19 infections in children ages 5 to 11. president biden says he expects approval for that group within weeks. the children will be given two shots third the size of an adult dose, 3 weeks apart.
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the cdc has officially signed off on moderna and johnson & johnson boosters for adults. seniors and high-risk americans 6 once out from their last moderna shot can get another, and any adult who got a johnson & johnson shot can get a second after two aunts. the cdc also said it is okay to mix and match different vaccines. how do you know what is best for you? our entrce in econo will have answers to your questions tonight at 11:00. ♪ ♪ >> governor newsom taking his best shot at encouraging californians to get the flu vaccine is shooting hoops with state health secretary dr. mark galli on tiktok. that song is bound to get that stuck in your head, and that is probably the point. >> people still need to be convinced. i don't get it. flooding and mudslides are a concern in the sierra foothills with the storm
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coming, particularly in e fire scarred areas. the state office of emergency services is calling in extra support, and bringing in heavy equipment. they will have staff trucks at the ready all weekend long. >> pre-position equipment, whether that is bulldozers, deep water rescue feels cole's, and also work with our local fire partners in case swift water rescue becomes needed. here's how things look right now along highway 50 in the caldor fire zone in a similar scene to the north along interstate 80. some dreary driving conditions, but nothing too dangerous. >> it will be a very different scene in the sierra in a couple of days. we will get several inches of rain, and they will get several feet of snow. in the bay area, mostly cloudy skies tonight. tomorrow, some showers possible, but light off and on activity. the best chances will be in the
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northern half of the bay area, and then the storm system will arrive on sunday. the heaviest rain and strongest wind sunday and into sunday night. let's look at the radar loop right now. we are in that break. we can't rule out the possibility of a couple of sprinkles in the north bay. futurecast does show some showers running into the coast north of us, but for the bay area, spotty showers through midday in the north of the golden gate. they are possible anywhere, but more concentrated farther north. an area of heavy rain will work its way and after the sun goes down tomorrow evening. but this is not the full- fledged heavy rain that arrives sunday morning. for the northern half of the bay area, the heaviest rain will be falling right on you through midday on sunday, then it gradually starts to work farther and farther to the south. by the time we get into sunday afternoon and evening, heavy rain falling across the whole bay area, adding up more and more, because it will be parked in place for hours on end.
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it is going to be sloppy for the niners game in santa clara, rainy and windy. the back edge will work its way north to south sunday night. it moves out before the sun comes up on monday, but still lingering often done showers are likely as we head through monday, and even into tuesday. that is icing on top of the main cake of heavy rain make it sunday and sunday night. we will focus on the northern half of the bay area first. look at these numbers. it has been years since we have seen this kind of rain. it has been 11 years since an atmospheric river of this magnitude has taken aim on the bay area. we are talking about 5 to 8 inches of rain widespread for the north bay, and higher amounts possible in the higher elevations, or some of those burn scars are. that's a significant concern. it will also be a concern in the santa cruz mountains. 5 inches in that area.
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it is forecast model data. it doesn't mean you will pick up 6.16 inches of rain in san ramon, but it gets us the overall pattern, and this model has a sense of this pattern because it's very nicely outlining the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains in the santa clara valley, but even san jose, 125 inches of rain, san francisco 3.5 inches according to the forecast model data. it will also be windy. noticeable wind saturday night and into sunday morning, but it will pick up already sunday morning. look at these numbers as we head towards midday on sunday. 40 to 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts, enough to push you around on the road, plus potential flooding issues, and downed branches and trees, and power outages as well, so a lot to keep us busy throughout the day on sunday. temperatures right now, the calm before the storm.
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temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, to around 60 degrees. low to mid 50s tomorrow morning, with some 40s and the north bay valleys. high temperatures tomorrow in between the spotty showers reach only about 60 degrees along the coast, and 60 four the north bay because of the thicker clouds. mid to upper 60s in linden in the east bay and santa clara valley. temperatures stay below average through the first half of next week. the wettest today is sunday, but lingering showers monday and into tuesday. then three straight dry days to finish off the last full week of october. near normal temperatures as well. at this point, it looks like the dry weather will continue into hollowing weekend, but that is a long way down the line. we are focused with sunday with the rain and wind causing problems for us. i will have another update at 11:00. >> i got the rain gauge installed this morning. >> i hope it's a big one. still to come, the one thing you should be checking carefully ahead of the storm,
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besides the state of your gutters. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, the effects of climate change in the west. join our own tara peck and other california meteorologists for a townhall chat starting at 8:00. you can find us on , or on the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download it for free on your favorite streaming device. ♪cough cough ♪ ♪ sneeze sneeze ♪ [ sneezing ] needs... ♪ plop plop fizz fizz ♪ [ loud fizzing ] alka seltzer plus cold relief. dissolves quickly... [ loud fizzing ] instantly re alka-seltr all denny's pancakes are made
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if you're still concerned about flood damage, now is the time to act. free sandbag stations like this one in concord are set up all over the bay area right now. and there is one thing you might not think to check that you probably should. >> your insurance coverage. with the real estate market booming and the price of building materials up over 20%, many homeowners may be under insured. know that it is starting to rain again, it's a good idea to double check your coverage. homeowners insurance typically comes covers damage from what comes out of the sky, but flooding and damage from mudslides requires separate flood insurance. >> think of all those things when you are building your home insurance to make sure that if
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disaster strikes you will be okay. now at 7:00, it's almost that time of year again. dungeness crab season. this year instead of going to the market, you may be able to purchase crab directly from the boats that pull in at fisherman's wharf. if the port commission approves the plan, set to be presented next week him a direct crab sales from commercial boats to start november 15, in time for saint thanks giving. just in time for halloween, this killer listing in l.a.. the movie that made it famous, and the star
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the home that was made famous in "a nightmare on elm street" is up for sale tonight. is actually on north genesee
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avenue in l.a. >> in the listing, freddy krueger himself demonstrates how welcoming and comfortable it is. just don't expect him to slash the price. the blood the colonial is listed for a bloodcurdling $3.25 billion. offers are due by midnight on halloween. >> it does come with a free set of steak knives. just kidding. that's not true. >> radio, i like the style of the house, but it's a little too creepy. >> $3.5 million, i am looking for something else.
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