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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 27, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00. breaking news. the big vote within the past couple of hours about the a's future in oakland. >> this is final frontier when we got back to normal life. three bay area top doctors
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weigh in on the pfizer vaccine and what they say needs to change. there is no one in our community that is above the law. first of its kind in a deadly police shooting. why the victim's family says it is not over yet. and, this is new. a crook turns a san jose salon into a drive-thru. tonight, what is going on? >> we have been retired to our tents this afternoon it looks like. it started an hour ago. >> and before ken leaves us on his new adventure tonight we are flashing back to one of his first big adventures with kpix5 on the top of half dome. pretty amazing. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. i'm ken bastida. let's get to the top news, about the a's. >> two hours ago alameda county supervisors are throwing
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support behind a move to keep the a's in oakland. contributing future tax revenue to help the team pay for parks, affording housing and other infrastructure. the nonbinding resolution passed by 4-1 vote. oakland mayor had this to say, quote, tonight's vote from the board of supervisors is a historic action that creates a clear path to keep the a's rooted in oakland and build a world class waterfront ballpark district that will benefit bay area residents for generations to come. our other top story tonight, we could be just days away now from 5-11- year-olds getting the pfizer vaccine. final approval from the cdc could come as soon as next week after the fda panel gave the green light. >> what will the roll out look like in the bay area and what are top doctors saying? >> reporter: we are hoping it is the final frontier when
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we go back to normal life. >> three out of three bay area doctors say they understand why parents are hesitant about getting their young kids vaccinated against covid-19. but all agree the risks of covid-19 outweigh the risk of the vaccine. >> most people have said from the beginning of the pandemic that children do not get sick, don't get infected or do not spread. those things are wrong. we have had kids in our hospital that have been really sick, on ventilators, on life support, children who have died. >> reporter: this doctor says right now stanford's children hospital is partnering with school districts to hold town halls to change the narrative. one that some on the fda panel still believe. >> and i think that is a mistake. they are used to seeing, you know, hundreds of thousands of adults dying, to them if a few hundred kids die it is not a big deal. it is a big deal. they say there is a low risk,
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well, 500 children die of something that is preventible, that is unacceptable. >> reporter: bay area is preparing, marin county plans to vaccinate 15,000 children the first month shots are available. the doctors say for hesitant parents pediatricians will be key to changing their minds. >> pediatricians are the most trusted member of the medical community to parents of a child. i have an 11-year-old granddaughter in this age group? i am biting at the bit to get her vaccinated. >> reporter: she plans to get her 11-year-old son vaccinated especially before holiday gatherings. >> i think they want to go back to total normal in school and life. it is a ticket to normalcy. >> one of the concerns the fda panel brought up is concern a lot of parents and grandparents have the risk of myocarditis or
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inflamed heart in children from getting the vaccine. it is rare. did any of the doctors you were able to talk with say anything about that? >> reporter: as you said it is very rare. they say there is a greater risk of getting myocarditis from the virus than the vaccine. as you know there are other heart conditions involved with covid- 19. nonetheless, health experts will be watching this very closely. >> no question. thank you. tomorrow the governor will visit an alameda health clinic to promote vaccinations and booster shots. all part of an ongoing state effort to increase a number of shots in arms that decrease covid-19 rates. new video to show you tonight of a crook turning a san jose hair salon into a drive-thru. it happened at lynn hair design yesterday morning. the police say a cash register and other items were stolen. surveillance video shows
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someone walking out of the store with their arms full. the shop looks closed because they boarded up the windows. the owner wants everyone to know they are open for business. well, first of its kind case in contra costa county. a sheriff's deputy found guilty for killing a man. the guilty verdict is not what the family was hoping for. kpix5 reporter joins us live now to explain that, andrea? >> reporter: ken, history was made in this courthouse today. andrew hall was found guilty of assault with a firearm charge. the jury could not come to an agreement on an involuntary manslaughter charge. >> we received a piece, a part of justice, partial justice. it was a big step. a big step towards holding andrew hall responsible. >> reporter: family members of the victim still trying to
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comprehend the verdict. >> reporter: deputy hall fired nine times at him during a chase. according to the district attorney, hall used excessive and unnecessary force. >> i certainly hope that there is an understanding that there is really no one in our community that is above the law. >> reporter: hall becomes the first deputy to be charged and found guilty in an onduty shooting in contra costa county. the family, though, wants to know if the verdict will lead to justice or if the judge will hand down a lenient sentence. >> mr. hall held accountable to the maximum of the law which we understand 17 years. he should have to serve every one of those at retry the case fami hall ed out in disbelief. hall's attorney says his client was trying
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to protect himself and will be looking to appeal the verdict. >> that is a serious charge. i think it is unwarranted. we are going to take every step we can in terms of addressing that. >> andrea, he is also being investigated for the death of another man earlier in the year, do you know where they are in that case? >> the dea says the investigation is still ongoing, no decision if charges will be brought in that case, ken? >> all right, we will stay on top of it, thank you. tonight, thousands of bay area residents are spending yet another night in the dark thanks to downed power poles and other damage. crews were in woodside making repairs earlier today. here is a look at the current pg&e outage map. most are in santa clara counties. 2,000 customers donove r.the more rain on the
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horizon. paul hagan will be here in just a few minutes with a time line on that. >> three pet shelter employees are facing animal cruelty charges tonight after seven puppies died in their care. the suspect works at pets in need in palo alto. the puppies died while being transported from the central valley. this is back in august. it was extremely hot day. there was no ac, the police say the puppies were not given any water. 20 other adult dogs survived the three suspects have been cited now and released. still ahead tonight, customers going home hungry. the repeated violations leading to the shutdown of another bay area in n . out. i had about a month to get ready for opening day. that is not the case anymore.
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as we look back at ken's time here at kpix we will show you how he got a front row seat to a remarkable and inspiring achievement at yosemite
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happening tomorrow, the authorities in new mexico will provide more details on the deadly movie set shooting involved alec baldwin. we hope to learn more about the
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chain of command for the gun that was used in the shooting and what kind of bullet was fired from it. the accident killed cinematographer hylana hutchins. sources on the set allege that the crewmembers had been firing live ammunition off set earlier that day. >> there were crewmember who's had gone off and done sort of passing the time fun shooting at targets out in the desert before the shooting occurred with guns from the set including the gun that killed hutchins. >> tonight, the district attorney's office says that criminal charges have not been ruled out. hungry drivers pulled up to the in-n-out today to discover it is closed. the county health department shut it down
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over repeated covid-19 vaccination violations. the health department says that restaurant workers were not checking proof of vaccination at the door.four violations it was shutdown. >> thanks to snowfall. tahoe is set to open on friday. that is a whole month ahead of schedule. tonight, our reporter checked out preps underway. >> reporter: tahoe ski village will be packed with people, some of whom will wear costumes opening weekend falls on halloween and everyone is excited. >> for only the third time in 72 years. skiers will hit the slopes in october at the resort now known as palisades tahoe. >> that is really exciting. >> when three feet of snow hits the mountain what other choice do you have? >> we have a ton of snow. we always get snow up here in the sierra
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in october. this was substantial. >> the spokesperson says it was a quick decision to open this coming friday. >> i started my workday thinking i had a month to get ready for opening day and that is not the case any more. just got a couple days. >> it is all hands on deck prepping the mountain for visitors. >> we kick today in overdrive. we have our lift crews out there. checking our lifts, ski patrol got to get suited up and get back out there. >> halloween weekend, skiers, riders, expected to address accordingly. >> i think it will be fun this weekend to see what people come out wearing. >> that may not include masks for covid-19. they are following placer county guidelines that means no more masks in lift line. they will only have to mask up indoors if they are unvaccinated. >> it will be nice to return to normalcy. >> reporter: a welcomed surprise for this avid skier who is ready to hit the slopes. >> it is pretty cool. it is just like a way to be out
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in the winter. >> aren't they supposed to be going to sleep now? >> i would think so. >> after that big snow. >> they are unaware. nice to see tahoe covered in snow instead of smoke like they were just a couple of months ago. for the bay area, we will see mostly cloudy skies over the rest of tonight. keeping the temperatures from dropping too far. we are going to warm up tomorrow and the near average temperatures are going to continue through the end of the workweek. we have rain chances in the extended forecast, farther down the line. a chance on saturday, another chance on monday. we will talk more about that in a second. first, focus on tonight and tomorrow. future cast shows the clouds lingering over head to start the day on wednesday. more clouds than sunshine. we will flip it around heading towards midday in the afternoon. clearing skies, lots of sunshine wednesday afternoon and until the sun goes down around 6:30 on wednesday evening. we will see plenty of sunshine on thursday and friday as well. that will help the temperatures
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return to average levels for late october. right now the temperatures are mostly in the 50s but still a couple spots hanging out near or above 60 degrees, 60 in concord, 61 in oakland. middle to upper 50s elsewhere. we will settle down in the lower to middle 50s. slightly above average for this time of the year because of the influence and the blanket of clouds over head. high temperatures, clearing out, they will return to average levels, upper 60s, mostly lower to middle 60s. thursday's temperatures will be similar, maybe a slight cool down on friday before the temperatures dip a little more heading into the weekend. let's talk about the rain chancees and we will put the two -- chances and we will put the two long-range models so we can compare. they agree there will be moisture in the area to start the day on saturday. some of that could sneak down into the north bay on saturday and it is only a 1-3 chance of passing showers for the northern half of the bay area. farther down the line the
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models agree that another system will approach the coast heading into sunday night. they agree the best chance of showers move into the north bay. here is where things diverse. the european model spreads over the bay area. the rest of monday, the forecast says it will fall apart. as for all long forecasts we will have to wait and see. near normal temperatures for the next three days, cooling down heading into the halloween weekend. halloween does look dry. for the north bay and along the coast we will leave that slight chance of a shower in the forecast on saturday. not a wash out. we will not have to worry about waterproofing the kid's costumes. we will update you on monday's forecast as we get closer. >> good advice, thank you, paul. this week we are paying tribute to our colleague and friend ken bastida as he prepares to
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retire. back in 1991kpix covered a incredible act. a paraplegic and his partner decided they were going to climb and concure half dome. it is usually a 10 or 12 hour round trip adventure. for these two men with wellman only using his arms to climb they planned eight days and it took a grueling 13. ken bastida was part of the team that covered the event through rain, slow flurries. >> let's take a look. >> reporter: so far it seems lady luck is on their side. they were able to reach that first pitch just before dusk. they will spend the night tonight more than 2,000 feet above where it all started. >> you know you really start feeling like hay we are up here on half dome. no turning back now. we will make it to the summit. >> physically and mentally i was intimidated by half dome and intimidated by the coverage or the fact that the
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whole world was watching. >> reporter: what they are looking at tonight is this. rain. these thunderstorms which can be severe enough to stop their climbing are expected to continue for the next several days. >> it is man against god, you know. >> reporter: day 7 was hellish, the weather came in with a vengeance this time. >> we have been retired to our tents for the afternoon it looks like. it started an hour ago. the rain started coming down and then it quickly turned to hail about the size of peas. >> reporter: at the end they run out of food. hands and arms were aching, they were dirty, hungry, exhausted. it did not matter at all. they had faced half dome and won. >> it is the same music they use on airplanes when you are landing. did you notice that? >> i was getting visions of miami vice in that moment. [ laughter ] >> take a look at this photo. who is that guy? mountain man. that is ken underneath all of that gear
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and facial hair of course. wellman was the first paraplegic to make the climb. ken, part of the story was how kpix showed us the images live. this was before cellphones, before wi-fi, before the internet, before go pro, how did you pull it off? >> we were able to put a satellite truck in the valley and then do a microwave signal from the top of half dome down there. and we outfitted both of the climbers with two-way radios to give us updates constantly throughout the day and then i hired a bunch of guys to go over the side and do one- on-one interviews with them. i did not get to do that. it was a production for sure. >> amazing. >> two weeks we followed them. >> yes, i lost level pounds on that shift. >> it was tough. it was fulfilling. mark went on to start a successful company. he was a paraolympian and mike, i believe, is somewhere up in the valley still enjoying the high country.
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nba up top and the warriors, four games, trailed at the half of each. by the finish, oh, yeah, scoreboard. and this guy, write your own caption, i am not body shaming tonight. first quarter, the old steph curry highlight. leading the team with 23 in 32 minutes. oklahoma city controlled the 1st half. scoring, 30, thunder led by as many as 15. midway through the 3rd. warriors down 9. in the rhythm. it works around for lee here. scoring 20 points off of the bench. they are getting contributions from everybody. on the block from one end, at the other, why not, porter from the corner. warriors scored 15 in a row and led for good. second straight game. curry did not need to score in
2:03 am
the 4th quarter. unbeaten at 4-0. next up, a chase center run on thursday with memphis. baseball and the world series, open for business in houston. game one as dusty baker hosted the braves, baker in the fall classic for the first time since 2002. atlanta did not waste any time. leading off with a homer. first lead off homer in a world series game one. top third, adam duval, remember him as a giant? better as a brave. left field seats, poplar spot. two-one blast. the braves went ahead and started morton, settling in after a shaky first. then this. liner off of his leg. he got the out. the impact broke morton's leg. he did not know it at the time. he stayed in and faced three more batters, struck out altuve before the pain was too great.
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big casualty in a big win. game 2 is wednesday. brit burns and the familiar face pillow. sharks were in nashville to finish a road trip. 3rd period, trailing, sometimes you have to keep trying and try and try again. finally getting the puck in. he has a point in all six games this season. sharks look to tie it, it will stop. the predators cleared it out. look at this. slid all of the way into an empty net. nashville won it 3-1. the sharks are coming home after a 3-2 road trip. and shout out to the great u.s. women's soccer career of carli lloyd. it ended tonight in minneapolis. 316 games, 134 goals, two world cups, two gold medals, two time world player of the year. subbed out in the 66th minute against south korea and left to a
2:05 am
standing ovation. i think we might do a standing ovation around here the tail end of the week. >> oh, take a seat. [ laughter ] >> >> i would rather stand. >> a lot more celebratg to do. >> your best pair of heels and head to the
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a return of a race in washington, d.c. it may be a sign that things
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o al. tting ju besu rap ur stils. night, thousands cheered on drag performers at the 17th street high heel race. many made a mad dash to the finish line. some tripped and fell. don't worry, got right back up. the race started back in the '80s when men in drag decided to race down the street in heels. >> it can happen, you know. >> and it stuck and became a yearly event. i am impressed. i can not run
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the late show with stephen colbert is next >> thank - [voiceover 1] the following is a paid presentation for neuroq a total brain support system designed to boost focus, reduce anxiety and stress. - [voiceover 2] and has been clinically shown to improve working memory


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