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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 1, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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psychological adjustment. to some, unmasking in public feels, well -- >> naked. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you don't want to do that. >> no, no, no. yeah, i just -- no, i feel more comfortable with it on, at this point. >> reporter: and for kerry williams and her two sons? >> you know what it? has kind of become a security blanket. >> definitely makes me feel safer another school, because a lot of people are talking at school sometimes.. >> reporter: where are we in the end game? >> we're there in some states but northeasts. >> reporter: dr. monica gandhi said that california's infection rates are so low and vaccines arates so high life is getting back to so-called normal gain. she said the virus won't disappear, but it will just become endemic. >> it's going to be like part of the back ground, and we actually will go back to normal life.
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>> reporter: but for some, it's a psychological adjustment. >> because i don't trust people to be honest about their vaccination status. >> i think i probably wouldn't remove it right away, because i do work in healthcare. >> reporter: health officials say the easing of mask rules doesn't change state and federal orders for the unvaccinated. schools, hospitals, or if you're riding public transportation. >> is when you get your shot maybe we'll take your mask off in certain places? >> hopefully. >> reporter: and dr. gandhi said we're all likely to get exposed to the virus at some point. we won't get rid of the virus. we'll get used to it. >> it's not, unfortunately, going to go away, and and that means we're all lively to see it and get exposed, and that will increase our immunities. >> reporter: july yet, what
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are restaurants going to do? >> reporter: that's an interesting thing, one restaurant owner told me it's kind of a double-edged sword. if he tells his customer his doesn't they don't have to wear mask anymore, then he has to check vaccination cards when they come through, so he still has that sign on the front. the fda gave the authorization for ages 25 five to 11 last week, and the cdc dulled could give the final green light as soon as tomorrow. while children are less likely to get severe covid, thousands of children have been hospitalized. pfizer's lower vaccine was found to be 91% effective, and no serious side-effects have been detected. >> parents told me they don't know the long-term risk of the vaccine, i would tell them we also don't know the long-term effects of covid, so we have to
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weigh in everything.. >> officials are working with healthcare providers and setting up vaccination sites at some schools. to the weather now map soggy start to the week, as scattered showers return to the bay area. this was the scene in san jose and walnut creek earlier today. the rain also making for a wet evening commute. paul heggen is hear tracking the wet weather. paul? >> the heaviest rain came through this morning to around noon. we still have some lingering light showers around there. it's just generally damp. let's zoom in for a closer look. the bulk of the actual shower activity is now falling in the east bay hills. any higher elevation spots, you're going to pick up additional rain as we go through the evening. it's going to feel wet for the next several hours. there are more rain showers falling in the santa cruz mountains, where you're going to pick up another quarter inch
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are so of rain over the next few hours before the rain tapers off, as it should do between now and midnight. looking at the bay bridge, it looks gloomy out there. almost two-thirds of an inch of rain in the santa cruz mountcastles. almost a quarter inch in downtown san francisco, but we'll take whatever we can get. and there are more rain chances in the forecast later this week. we'll focus more on that coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. well, this evening, we are hearing from someone who was at a halloween party in gilroy that turned deadly, held at the home of a city councilmen. devin felix joins us with the story of the man who saw what was happening and then left. devin? >> yeah, the man said he just had a bad feeling about this party where four people were ultimately shot and one person tragically killed on saturday. you can see the family and friends of the victim gathering
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for a vigil service this evening. the police department just told me they believe the shooting was not the work of a single gunman. they believe there was at least one other shooter that they're looking for. what is also abundantly clear is that this is a community whose heart has been shattered by gun violence again. >> as soon as i arrived, i saw the people and he and my friend just decided to leave. >> reporter: nate was brief late the halloween party at the councilmen's home on saturday, but said he had a bad feeling even before the bullets started flying. >> i knew the people going to be here, i didn't feel comfortable around, because i knew alcohol would be around and there was a good chance they had weapons on them. >> reporter: flowers and candles were arrive rained outside of the home, marking the spot where four people were shot and one died saturday.
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benjamin david calder own was arrested. >> he just got caught in the middle of it at the wrong time, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. it's unfortunate. that's why it's so sad, because he had nothing to do with it. >> reporter: the councilmen released a statement addressing her sadness over the incident over the weekend. she has spoken in the past about the terrible toll that gun violence has had on the city of gill roy, especially if the aftermath of the garlic festival shooting. grief that has landed not just on her city, but this type at her door. >> it really hurt, because it could have been any of my friends. it could have been me if i stayed here. it could have been more people. >> reporter: so the police department has just released in information about their vision specifically the fact that they're no longer looking for a single shooter. the believe there was at least two gunmen responsible for this shooting in which three people
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were injured and one was killed. in gilroy devin fehely kpix 5. in an investigation, police say that pastor carlos ramos castrejon inappropriately touched multiple children. the us is particular works at ministerious generacion josue. the church is located on butterfield boulevard and morgan hill. castrejon has been arrested for counts of lewd acts and use of force with two children under the age of 14. president biden joining leaders from around the world at the climate summit in glasgow, scotland today. >> skyler henry reports from the white house. >> reporter: president biden addressed world lead errs in glasgow, scotland, calling for immediate access to fight climate change. there we can deep keep the goal of limits global warming to
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just 1.5 degrees sell seeious within our reach if we come together. >> reporter: the previewed the u.s.'s long-term strategy for achieving note zero carbon emissions by 2050, which includes transitioning to see circular wind power. >> we're planning for both short-term sprint, and for a marathon that will take us to the finish line. they haven't white house want toes to include more than half a trillion dollars to battle climate change if its spending bill still being negotiated in the city. >> it's about worker that will lay thousands of miles of transmission lines of clean resilient power agreed. haven't he is trying to definition convince other world leaders that the u.s. will lead the way and apologized for past actions that he says set the country back. >> the last administration pulled out of the paris accord. >> reporter: queen elizabeth delivered a video message next to a picture of her late
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husband prince phillip. >> when nations come together in common cause, there is always room for hope. >> reporter: during the summit, leaders from australia, india, and canada detailed ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions. >> we must demonstrate how we'll deliver on the promise of paris with transparency and accountability. >> reporter: some of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions including china, russia, and saudi arabia, are not in attendance. >> teen climate activist greta thunberg was also in scotland speaking to protesters. her message is the poll advertises gathered at the u.s. summit are just quote pretenders. >> there's just politician and of course people in power pretending to take our future seriously. of the people being affected already today by the climate crisis. change is not going to come from inside there.
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there is no leadership. this is leadership. some this is leadership! [ cheers ] coming up, the supreme court takes on a high stakes case. the challenges what pro choice advocates call the biggest throat to reproductive rights in years. plus a flight attendant punched twice. the details emerges about the accused attacker. and a seal pup wanders on to the highway. the rescue that happened just in time. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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for 2022. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ the u.s. supreme court today heard challenges to the texas abortion law that allows private citizen rather than state officials to enforce the law. >> abourgeois is healthcare!
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>> seattle right! >> reporter: demonstrators garaged outside of the supreme court, as the justices heard two challenges to the strict texas law that bans abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat is affected. >> it is important to protect life. >> reporter: but today's arguments focus on legal questions around the law's enforcement mechanism. not abortion itself. the statute allows private citizens to bring civil lawsuits of penalties out of heat $10,000 for violating the law. abortion providers and the biden administration say the law was intentionally designed to try and evade federal review. >> it's an attack on the authority of this court to say what the law is and to have that judgment respected across the 50 state p. the texas general attorney argues net the providers for the u.s. justice department has the legal standing to sue. >> the united states cannot
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seriously assert that the constitution requires enforcement and federal enforcement review. >> reporter: the high court will hear architecting on a mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. that case a direct challenge to the landmark roe versus wade decision that legalized abortion in 1973. the high stakes arguments come as many conservative leaning states across the country have passed abortion restrictions. it's part of an effort to get the issue of abortion before the newly conservative supreme court, with six conservative justices, including three appointed by former president trump. a majority of supreme court justices signaled they had problems with how the texas law was structured, including the court's two new conservative justices. that may lead to a ruling allowing abortion providers to sue to block it. a new york from grand jury has indicted robert durst for
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the murder of his wife who disappeared in 192. this after was sentenced to life in prison for killing susan berman who aimedly helped him set up his wife's death and was killed shortly before she was going to talk to authorities. alec baldwin is talking about the shooting on hiss movie. >> she was a friend. there are accidental accidents on film sets from time to time. put nothing like this. this is a one in a trillion episode. a one in a trillion. >> with his wife by his side, the talked directly to reporters for the first time about the accidental shooting. he said he is cooperating with police and has met with hutchins husband and their nine- year-old son. >> we are in constant contact with him, because we're very worried about his family and
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his kid. >> baldwin said he doubts the production will start up again and rock isallized the need for change on film sets. singer jon bond joe vie tested positive for covid-19 just before taking the stage at his concert at miami beach on saturday night. he and his band took rapid tests before the concert and his turned out positive despite being fully vaccinated. fans ate to the show were required to showproof of vaccination or a negative covid test. the show was canceled. a live look at the pacific up here, and a warning about dangerous conditions along the coast. the so-called stinker waves are expected. the weather service putting out the alert because of a northwest swell hitting the coastline that can trigger bigger than expected waves that cover more of the beach. and in santa rosa, thanks to recent rain, the fire department has officially declared the ender of the wifi santa rosa received about 11
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inches of rain in october. >> let's bring paul heggen back in. it has to be a pretty good chunk of what they get during the year. >> yeah, close to what we picked for the one to 2020 rain season. it is still generally wet out there. and these showers are going to continue for the next few hours. gradually becoming fewer and farther between the higher terrain spots more likely to pick up additional measurable rainfall, so be careful if you're on the roads. as this moist air mass continues to encounter they'rer terrain of the bay area, that's where we'll squeeze out that additional measurable rainfall. gradually quieting down as we get to about midnight, and then drying out entirely by tomorrow
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morning. we'll start off wait lot of cloud cover overhead and locally dense fog at ground level. we are going to see the sun emerges by tomorrow afternoon, and that's going to help to warm temperatures back up to about what's normal for this time of year. dry weather tomorrow, dry weather during the day off on wednesday, but the next chance of rain already moves in by wednesday night. so we're lookling at that next round likely wednesday night into the first half of the day on thursday. some lingering showers there, and we dry out again friday, saturday, and likely sunday as well. outside chance of showers sunday, but i'm not worried about it right now. another system moving in monday. we're look something still a week out. we can't get too confident with those chances. it looks like that could linger into tuesday as well. let's look at the rain still assum accumulating now is.
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half inch to an additional inch from what we've seen. some of in the higher terrain spots cocould pick up one inch of kettle of total rainfall. 61 degrees the temperature downtown san francisco 378 other temperatures mostly low- to-mid 60s. still a few showers over the north bay at this point, too. temperatures tonight only drop down to the mid-to-upper 50s for most of us. a. as the sun breaks through, we return to near normal temperatures by tuesday afternoon. that means mid-60s along the coast. upper 60s around the bay, with temperatures farther inland getting close to 70 degrees. not much change from tomorrow's
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high temperatures to mperures. st tica we mr. cool off with that next round of rain wednesday into thursday. and we dry out friday, saturday, and sunday. the first weekend in november look good. good news on sunday for those folks running the golden gate half marathon sunday morning, and the next round moves in sunday night, but more likely by monday, monday night, into tuesday of next week, and the first of many reminders, saturday night we ghost an extra hour of sleep or an extra hour to do whatever it is you do on saturday night, because we society the clocks back 37 that means a week from today, in the sun doughs down right about now. >> kids is animals don't understand the time change. >> no, not looking forward to that. [ laughter ] >> coming up, it is finally a victory monday for the 49ers. can san francisco put their losing streak in the rear-view
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mirror and get back in the playoff race? >> streaming today on cbsn bay area, we have a local doctor about pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for children and if the benefits outweigh any potential risks.
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well, it took until the final day of the month, but 49ers actually got a win in october. >> vern glenn joins us with the latest and if yesterday's result could be a sign of things to come. >> all i've seen is frowns
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turned upside down. you know what 42 means? that's the number of days between wins for the niners franchise. that's a mighty long time. we talked about yesterday how a single play can flip the game. at chicago sunday, this was it. it was third and 19. the team was ready to punt. but look at the run after catch from deebo samuel. he just went off. an 83-yard gain, inside the five, nearly explore. it ignited the team, and san francisco scored touchdowns on three straight drives, took control intended a four-game losing streak. >> i think our team just need add win. losing four in a row like that, you have to just do something about it, and think our guys did. we came ready today. there was good mindset on the sideline. guys were talking. you could feel each other. >> we're had a lot of talks and
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meetings, and everything, just leading up to this game, and it's all good, but it matters what you do out on the field. >> samuel, who had a monster game, six catches, 171 yards, passed jerry rice for most yards after seven games of a season. we'll just let that one marinate as we look ahead to the 911 hosting the cardinals. >> most improvive. i remember text something of my friends at one point, we could actually win this thing! i did want to jinx it, though. >> always a good call. coming up, why many retailers have reason to be optimistic this year. why some others are still facing hard times. plus a tough loss for sports man shipp, a high school football team scores so many touchdowns even the referees asked to stop the game. seal reese
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companied after narrowly avoiding
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right now, a disturbing discovery at a northern california park. a bear's head left in a tree. the search for whoever is responsible. >> plus california high school football team accused of being
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bad sports. wait till you hear how they ran e score on their opponents, and what some are saying about that ugly win. >> but first, how high-end retail could give the upcoming holiday shopping season is biggest boost. >> retail stores forecasts record-breaking holiday shopping season. sales could be as high as 10% above last year, according to the national retail federation. len ramirez said a certain type of shopperring will fueling that surge. >> reporter: e-commerce will continue to be a big factor again this year, after helping the economy get through 2020, but this year retailer expecting many more people to be shopping in person inside the stores. even on a rain-soakle dade after halloween, the sidewalks at santana row were packed newspaper stores and restaurants are opened, and holiday decorations were already going up. >> i like coming out here and
5:30 pm
seeing all of the decorations. >> did you miss it laugh year? >> yeah, i did miss it. >> reporter: kathy and hair i it holmes say they plan to spend more alfth after avoiding the malls last year. >> this year, i'm looking forward to being able to come out and do my shopping. >> reporter: the economic effects of the pandemic are still evident in many places, especially downtown shopping districts and those around office buildings, where workers industrial not returned, but destination shop something entertainment districts like santana row are thrive, in part because they cater to higher income households. >> many in the tech industry look on value, have been doing very well this whole time. so they have cash to spend, and they're looking for luxury products. >> in fact, higher income households are expected to increase spending by 15% this year, providing the biggest bump according to the national
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retail federation. >> i think er


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