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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 1, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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as a trio of bay area counties ease their mandates, we have discovered not everyone is ready to show their face. >> looking live at downtown san rafael, tonight marin is the first bay area county with an indoor mask mandate to lift it for just about all settings. that includes restaurants, bars, and retail stores. those businesses can choose to keep their own requirements in place. and now marin is getting ready for new milestone, evacuating as many kids as possible as soon as possible. kenny choi has new information about how that will happen. look for his report tonight at 11:00. meanwhile, in contra costa county, they are no longer required in places like offices, gyms, churches, if everyone inside is vaccinated. but we found out that even
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after 18-plus months of masking, not everybody is ready to give it up. >> reporter: to some, unmasking in public feels, well -- >> naked. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you don't want to do that? >> no, new, yeah, i feel more comfortable with it on at this point. >> reporter: and for kerry williams and her two sons? >> it has become a security complaint. blanket. >> makes me feel safer at school, because a lot of people are cough at stool sometimes. >> reporter: what the end game? >> well, weapon there are in some states but not there in others. >> reporter: dr. monica gandhi said california's infection rates are so low and vaccination rates so high that life is getting back to so- called normal again. she said the virus won't disappear, but it will just become endemic. >> it's going to be like part of the background, and we actually will go back to a norm life. >> reporter: health officials
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say the easing of mask rules doesn't change state and federal orders for the unvaccinated. schools, hospitals, or if you're riding public transportation. >> so when you get your shot, then maybe you'll take your mask off in certain places? >> hopefully. >> reporter: and dr. gandhi said we are all likely to get exposed to the virus at some point. we won't get rid of the virus, we'll get used to it. >> it's not, unfortunately, going to go away, and that means we're all likely to see it, to get exposed. that will probably increase our immunity. >> we have posted more details on the updated masking requirements on just click the banner at the top of the home page. >> let's take a live look at san francisco. a new side effect of the pandemic tonight. the muni ride home from work or out to dinner may take longer. 100 employees were unable to work today because of the city's new vaccine mandate,
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causing disruptions to service. muni says some of those transit operators are trying to get exemptions. it? has an extremely negative trickle down in effect the sense that if one operator is not here for whatever reason, then that's one bus. >> and a live look at the commute across our bay area bridges, which will have the next couple of drives to dry out. another gloomy, soggy start to the week, though. >> paul heggen is tracking today's totals and what else could be on the horizon. and still rain out there right now, and once we dry out, another chance is around the corner and another one after that. there are some showers in the north bay flying underneath the radar. so it's still damp even find it wet north of the golden gate. the heaviest rain is falling in the santa cruz mountcastles. could pick up another quarter inch of rain in those spots. the showers are going to be few and her farther between as we
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head through the rest of this evening. we've added up a decent amount of rain in spots. in the santa cruz mountcastles, it continues to continues to fall. but everybody saw at least some measurable rain, and we do have that next chance that's right around the corner. we're going to track it with futurecast in a few minutes. a pastor from morgan hill is under arrest tonight, accused of molesting multiple children. carlos castrejon works at ministerious generacion josue on butterfield road. investigators thinks there may be more victims. they are asking anyone with information to come forward or make an anonymous report. well, the gilroy city council is meeting right now. absent tonight, the council member whose house was the
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scene of a deadly halloween party shooting. there's a growing memorial outside the counsel mesh's home. one person was killed. three other's wounded at the party early saturday. the victims between the ages of 17 and 19. benjamin calderon of gilroy, the suspect, is 19. the shooting allegedly stemmed from an argument at the party. >> he just got caught if the middle of it. being in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> the council member released a statement over the weekend effect presses her condolences. she kid tot make herself available for any comment today. tomorrow the city council will discuss whether to require gun owners to store their firearms in a locked container in pleasanton, or keep the trigger lock engaged. we'll keep you post developed into the city of walnut creek tomorrow could vote to ban the
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sale of flavored tobacco and vaping products, following a similar ban that contra costa enacted. in a live look at san francisco where small businesses are about to get a big break. the city just launched something called the first year free pilot program. it waves the permitting fees for restaurants and retailers with less than $2 million in gross receipts. the plan to open a new ground floor location in the next year. right now new stores need to shell out for nearly a dozen different permits. restaurants, they require about 20. still to come, a youthful vision leads to an innovative village. >> i used to live under the underpass. i love this place. it brings happiness. >> tonight in a kpix 5 project home report, why this tiny corner of the east bay is getting international attention. >> it's just an amazing model of what a community can do when it decides it's going to tackal
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problem. >> plus another bay area county puts in a big order for kid- sized covid-19 shots, and they could be in use within days. and later, a seal pup ends up way out of his depth in the north bay. how he almost made it on to highway 101. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase risk of blood clots. while taking, a spinal injection increases risk of blood clots, which may cause paralysis. you may bruise more easily or take longer to stop bleeding. xarelto® can cause serious and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. it may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. get help right away for unexpected bleeding or unusual bruising.
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a new tiny home village has opened its doors in oakland tonight. lake view village was built on city-owned land that sat vacant for years at lake merritt and can a i come date 65 currently unhoused people. >> another tiny home village is
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getting international attention tonight. >> it kind of makes you excited to see it. it's like this place is so cool. >> reporter: colorful murals greet visitors at tiny home empowerment village, a welcome home for ashley and her dog. >> i love this place. it brings happiness. >> reporter: each home is a little shorter than an rv. ashley was homeless in oakland for more than your years. >> i used to live under the underpass in the makeshift tent, or in my car. >> reporter: the east oakland village has its unsheltered people age 18 to 25. the once vacant slot now a fenced in community with 25 teeny homes, a shared kitchen, community area, and showers. each unit comes with a murphy bed that folds into a desk. a laptop, wi-fi, and electricity. village manager angel griffin said that residents get more than a roof over their heads. they get a new start. split gives them a sense of independence and the guidance of saying, okay, i can do this
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on my own. >> want to make sure that you guys are getting that training. >> reporter: residents participate in the youth spirit artworks program. the berkeley based nobody profit provides wrap around services, and art classes to promote healing. residents pay a third of their income on rent and can stay in the tiny homes for two years while they get on their feet. >> they were involved in all of the different elements. >> reporter: sally hyndman said the nonprofit's job trainees led the process from planning to prototype. >> they were the decision makers, the brilliant leaders in everything. . >> reporter: youth leaders not help from 3,000 volunteers from dozens of interfaith congregations, schools, and businesses. they built and painted the murals then $1.3 million project fund by city grants, a go fund me campaign, and donations of materials. >> it's just an amazing model of what a community can do when
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it decides it's going to takal problem. >> reporter: and the world is watching. >> we've had calls from germany and e-mails from romania. >> for ashley, she finally enjoys a safer is reason environment to study on-line at laney college. >> i look at it every day and it brings joy. >> reporter: she plans to be a social worker, so she can open doors for others who also need a home in a hope for their future. in oakland, kpix 5. now, the original plan was for 100 attain where i homes. sally said talks are underway with several cities in the east bay to build the next 75. take a look at your top headlines. kids as young as five could be getting their covid shots later on this week. the cdc could give the final green light to pfizers scaled down dose as soon as tomorrow. it's found to be 91% effect anybody kids five to 11 with if serious side effects. contra costa is one of several bay area counties
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getting ready for the rollout, with about 20,000 doses on order. they'll be given out at healthcare facilities and even some schools. meanwhile tonight, the feds could be just days away from requiring vaccination or weekly testing for workers at private businesses. it would apply to companies with at least 100 workers. employers that fail to comply could face fines up to $14,000 per violation. and white house press secretary jenn sidewalky is in quarantine this evening, after contracting covid-19 from a family member. shed her symptoms are mild. and tonight, president biden and in scotland for the u.n. climate conference with world leaders are using dooms day rhetoric to set the tone for two weeks of negotiations. >> we face a stark choice. either we stop it, or it stops us. we are digging our own graves.
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>> if we don't get serious about climate change today, it will be too late for our children to do so tomorrow. >> now despite the absence of russia, china, and saudi arabia, leaders from more than 100 nations are trying to secure a global commitment rapidly decarbonizing the planet. >> today i'm releasing the u.s. long-term strategy, which presents the goal of net emissions economy wide by no later than 2050. >> the white house wants to include more than half a trillion dollars to combat climate change in the spending bill still being negotiated in the senate. and demonstrators gathered outside of the supreme court today as justices heard two challenges to the texas strict new abortion law. it bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, and allows private citizens to sue
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anyone involved in the process. today's arguments focused on that enforcement mechanism, not abortion itself. but, allen, in exactly one month, the newly conservative court will hear argument on a miss mission law banning abortions after 15 weeks, and that case a direct challenge to roe versus wade. >> thanks, liz. what a difference a storm makes. major rain relief tonight. a couple of reservoirs we visited in marin county have risen 20 feet in the last week. ranchers are also enjoying the rain, helping them water and feet their livestock. >> it's just nice to see, especially with more right around the corner. the most intense rain right now is falling in the santa cruz mountains and numerous showers in the east bay hills. it's just the terrain of the bay area squeezing out additional moisture. we have been seeing some showers. they're just so close to the
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ground, they are flying underneath the radar. about half of the reporting sites north of the golden gate have recorded at least a couple of hundredths of an inch of rain within the last hour. it's still damp in some spots, just flat out west this evening. the rain will come to an end aroundmy night. a couple of lingering sprinkles past midnight, but that's about it. they'll be few and far between. locally dense fog at ground level tomorrow morning, but that will dissipate by late morning, early afternoon, and then temperatures returning to what's normal for this time of the year. we stay dry tomorrow night and wednesday, but the next shore will be offshorepy wednesday afternoon and tracking across the coast of the north bay we wednesday evening. and after the sun goes down, though first showers making landfall. the best chance will be late evening into the overnight hours. it will be similar to what we
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had today. that moves off to the east. this version of futurecast really dries us out after the sun comes up on sunday, but think there could be a few more showers lingering behind, but more welcome rainfall and more after that as we med into next week. in total over the next seven and a half days, this goes through next tuesday morning within talking about a half inch to just over an inch of additional rainfall, setting us up well for the month ahead. a significant chance of above average rainfall for the fair, northern california, into the pacific northwest. we will definitely take it. you're wondering what above average means, if the month of november, well, average rainfall is just over 2.5 inchs, so if we can pete that by just a little bit, it's definitely going to help, especially when you add it on the several inches of rain we tor recorded in san ontof
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francisco, dating back to 1850. once the clouds dissipate, temperatures will warm down what's normal for this time of we're, upper 60s to near 70 degrees tomorrow for most of the bay area, except right along the coast. we dry out friday, saturday, and sunday. looking good for the first week of -- first week depend november, and then another chance of rain heads our way by early next week. could arrive as soon as sunday night, but looks like monday and monday night will bring us that next good chance of rain. we'll have an updated look at futurecast coming up at 11:00. >> okay, paul, thank. still to come, bad weather makes for another messy weekend for a major airline. but fit this bad now, what is going to happen at the holidays. and streams tonight on cbsn bay area, at 8:15, a local doctor joins us to discuss
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pfizer's vaccine for kids. you know find cbsn bay area on or on the kpix app. we're also on the cbs news app. you calofrfr on your favorite streaming device.
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well, there's more travel trouble for lots of people flying american airlines today. >> if it's this bad now, what glowing to happen with the holidays coming up? with thanksgiving just over three weeks away, there will be more flight bookings than we've seen in a while, but staffing shortages due to covid-19 and related vaccine mandates mean any weather related they could have a domino effect. experts recommend having a backup plan. >> make a backup plan in case things go wrong. mine where can you go? where might i stay? if you have a connecting flight, tie have friends in that area? is there a certain place i should stay. maybe look up where the hotels are in that area. >> if you are traveling for the holidays, experts suggest booking now, and traveling
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light wait carry an only, and track an early flight. a new way to stretch your legs on delta. it's teaming up with peloton to offer stretching and medication classes an planes that have the flat black screen. they are meant to help passengers relax, earn even fall asleep. >> and a crazy commute for this bay area sea pup. where he was finally pulled over.
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. take a look at this little guy. this is actually a northern fur seal pup found roaming the streets of southern san rafael, discovered near the corner of
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grangeway and francisco confirmed there saturday, and also made it on to highway 101. >> he puck was found on a big patch of ivy, so that's what they named him, ivy. they live hundreds of miles offshore in the open ocean, but turns out they are also great at claims rocks and walking on land. >> he looks a little skinny. need to fatten him. . >> a sweet face, though. >> get him back home out in the ocean. >> thank you forking, the news continues on cbsn bay area. >> have a good night. we'll see you back at 11:00 tonight.
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