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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  November 2, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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he my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. right now, the cdc is expected to give the final green light to a vaccine for kids. we are live with how the san francisco school district is getting students ready this morning. another bay area city ready to ban the selfflavorred tobacco. what's behind the move. live to sfo the upcoming holiday travel rush is headed our way. how to dodge drama at the airport. and crab may be off the table. why the crabbing season is getting delayed, bay area wide. good morning to you. it's tuesday, november 2nd. parts of the bay area
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getting a soothing sound track overnight. >> who kneads the app when you have that? you can hear the drops in the contra costa area. it is down graded to a drizzle but another round of rain will be on the way. very peaceful let's get a check of weather and traffic. how much rain are we talking? >> it was so ni had e rain from a quarter to a half inch of rain as one to two inches of rain and we have another round of rain as we look to late wednesday into thursday. in the meantime we are catching that drizzle this morning. watch out for the wet roadways, especially along the coast and the bay, areas of fog and cloudy skies. temperatures are running in the 50's this morning. the foggiest conditions i'm noticing along the coast and for the north bay, also parts around the bay catching a bit of -- bit of that fog. as we head through the afternoon looking at mostly
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cloudy skies. it'll be a dry day with a little bit of clearing. mid-60s's along the coast. partly sunny skies and inland partly sunny in the upper 60's to low 70's. around the -- let's check in with ga ind a. we turn the metering lights on around 6:00. all the delays. if you are going toward the bay bridge it's slow at least from that 880 overpass into san francisco looking at a 14 minute travel time from the maze into the city. plan for that. also heads upw. rejust getting first reports of a trouble spot across the antioch bridge. westbound into antioch. looks like the overturned vehicle blocking lanes. keep that in mind. brake light as rouse highway 4 into westbound. making extra busy. slow and go out of tracy getting onto that 580 connector. travel times coming up. the live news desk we are
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watching the un climate change. going unon in scotland. focused on forest and the importance of books," odiversity and them helping clean the air. helping take some of the emissions out of the air. so, meantime we will take a look at capitol hill right now because his legislative plan hit a roadblock late yesterday. joe manchin wants more information before supporting his build back betterra benda which relates to what he is talking about at the climate summit. it includes a half trillion dollars to fight climate change. house speaker pelosi hoping the house will vote on this by the end of the week and the president will hold a news conference in scotland this afternoon. we will watch ou fo a cdc panel is expected to vote on emergency use authorization of the pfizer vaccine for children. >> that means your child could
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get the shot very soon and that's as early as this week. what are school leaders doing to prepare for all this? >> the superintendent and doctors will be talking to 4th and 5th graders about the importance of getting the coronavirus shot. this as you said the same day the cdc is set to look at the approval of getting this shotta previoused for that age group. this could impact about 28 million children across the united states. we know there are some kids who are terrified of needles, especially most kids under antenna cording to some studies. parents, here are some tipser for you from the new york times that can help your child feel more comfortable if you plan to get them that vaccine shot. they talk about logistics. make surey kids get the shot in a comfortable location. maybe a doctor's office or
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school based vaccination site. maybe bring a favorite toy with them so they are more relaxed. other options include playing music. doctors say that these distraction techniques have proven effective in reducing distress and pain related to needles. >> for parents you say they don't know the long term risks of the vaccine. i would say we don't know the long term risks of covid. the risks and benefits of everything. >> now medical professionals say it's okay for your kids to have questions. they say make sure you answer them with the information that is accurate to help them be at ease. >> we are live in san francisco this morning. i'm justin andrews. the thing for families to remember it's their choice to make this decision. this is not a mandate. >> i feel like the more people we can get vaccinated the safer we can be. this doesn't continue the problem. >> starting weekend marin schools and the department of
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health will help open up their first vaccination super pods for the 21,000 five to 11-year- old's who will likely be eligible for the vaccine in days. county
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. line to lopez point. in addition the take of crab using crab traps in the same zone also be allowed -- will not be allowed temporarily when the season starts on november 6th. to protect whales and sea turtles. the department of fish and wildlife said this is the first
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time the crab fishery is subject to similar measures as commercial crabbers to help protect whales and sea turtles. we recognize change takes time but thank everybody who treasures these fishing opportunities. we don't have another opening date but the department said they they will have another assess tent come november 22nd. for now live. >> turkey it is. >> go with turkey. still ahead, streaming on cbsn. >> adding insult to injury for car theft victims. this very no projected timeline. we could be waiting weeks to months. >> thieves smash your car window and then more bad news. why you may have to wait a while to get it repaired. the and flight cancellations and delays becoming to common. how you can avoid the headache. your tuesday travel tips next.
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it's a foggy and wet start to the day as we head through the afternoon. high pressure builds in and a quieter afternoon ahead. we are looking at daytime highs near normal for the mid to upper 60's and low 70's inland. we will talk more about what you can expect with
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yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. the gilroy city council met last night but was short one member. her house was the scene of a deadly halloween party shooting. a memorial is growing outside of the home where one person was killed and three others wounded. the victims all between the ages of 17 and 19. the mush require news reports the suspect who was arrested is the councilmember's relative. new, pacifica police are investigating a hit and run that left a bicyclist with some serious injuries. this happened on skyline boulevard. the bicyclist was riding at long the shoulder of the roadway when he was hit from
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behind. that car did not stop the victim was taken to the hospital but is expected to survive. auto break-ins are on the rise in san francisco and now a glass shortage is leading to high prices and long delays to replace damaged car windows. car owners say all the arbaed. maz auto glass said that it used to be able to replace blas in a couple of days but since most of the glass is imported pandemic supply chain issues are causing delays. >> we have not seen a glass shortage like this we have seen low supply but not into the -- not into the aspect where even when we ordered through the dealer, they have no projected timeline. they could be waiting weeks to months. >> normal glass repair is about two to 300. then you know when i talk to the buy i was like, why -- why is it $900, does it really cost that much and you can not get it done any sooner? he was like, no. >> repair shops say they are
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seeing glass shortanyones for both new and older cars. new video of southern california this morning a major outage knocked out power to every terminal at lax last night. check it out. the airport completely in the dark. the lights back on this morning. it's still unclear what may have caused that outage. the passenger accused of attacking a flight attendant midflight appeared in court. the 20-year-old is facing federal charges after he pinched the flight attendant on the nose. it happened on a flight last week. witnesses say he tried to use the rest room when the seatbelt was on and when the attendant told him to stay seated he responded his fist. looking live at sfo right now. some travelers still feeling frustrated after hundreds of american airlines flight cancellations over the past few days, this morning there are nodelays or cancellations as of
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now but from friday to yesterday more than 2500 flights were canceled nationwide. the airline blames staffing shortages and weather issues but experts warn that more cancellations anddelays to come with the holidays just around the corner. what if this happens to you? >> you hope it doesn't. gianna has ideaso on how to handle what could be a travel nightmare. >> it's stressful enough during the holidays and delays and that and taling with canceled flights don't make it easier. it's very typical especially if you are traveling kids. there are a few thing that you can do in advance to avoid some of the issues. that starts with your timing when you book your flights. >> trying to avoid the peak dates that. will be friday, saturday, sunday. if it's before the holiday or not. i always try to get out in the morning. get out from the large hub. you don't get caught later
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today in a cascading delay. >> that was travel expert -- and he said that checking the terms on the credit card, several cards have built in travel insurance or delay protection plans. that could help with hotels and meals if you do get stuck and that's something that i didn't realize because you always have that option to click when you book flights or hotels. it's very pricey and i never use it. this is a really good way and you get rewards when you book on your credit card. >> it's important to ask. i know some credit cards do it. some don't. heck it out between whatever company you wish. >> i love it. especially now. around the corner. christmas coming up. >> you setting us up. we have a few brake light. a traffic alert along highway 4 toward the bring. we have a one car crash as you work toward that 160 area. making already for a very busy
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ride as you work westbound, headed out of that antioch, pittsburgh, bay point spot that. traffic alert in effect. have you lanes blocked. we will keep a close eye on that. that highway 4 ride getting busy this morning. as it 580 look at this map here. look at all that redw. reclocking in very slow speeds on 205 right around mount house. westbound as you get onto 580 as well. things slow at least to north flynn it. gets better as you work toward the dublin interchange. live look here and you can see traffic moving on the okay pace. westbound headlights working toward 680. 680 looking good in both directions. we haven't had any brake lights or issues. let's check the travel times. 40 minutes westbound 4 from 160 over toward the east shore. a 52 minute travel time. westbound 580 toward that dublin interchange. east shore getting busy. westbound as you head toward the bay bridge.
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sheer what's in store. lot of people make that trek into san francisco. bay bridge toll plaza. it's slow and go there. sluggish on the bridge as you work westbound. those headlights going toward foster city. it's slick. i was having my -- my windshield wipeerns going most of my riden. >> i'm track that fog. watch out for the slick and slippery roadways. along the coast and around the bay. here we go. checking the visibility down to about a mile in santa rosa. the north bay. a half mile in napa and along the coast. better earlier this morning down to near zero and looking at half moon bay at about three miles for the visibility. lot of moisture in the atmosphere after that rain that we had yesterday. here is a live look with the sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay. again, we are dealing patchly fog, dense fog and spotty
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drizzle. your forecast for today as we head through the day. it'll be a dryer, quieter day with partly sunny skies as we head through the afternoon. near normal. where we should be for this time of year. let's walk you through the day. we are looking at high temperatures just around 67 and clearing through the day today. for you in oakland. topping out at 68 with some sunshine as we head through the afternoon and for the south into you at 67 later on with mix of sun and clouds. on future cast as we go hour by hour. you can see more clouds through your noon and lunchtime and as we head through the rest of the afternoon catching some clearing for us. that will we a pleasant day across the area. sunrise at 7:36. checking daytime highs for the coast. mid-60s's. peninsula, the south bay low 70's. santa clara and for campbell.
6:20 am
loss and gatos. 70 in pleasant hill. around the bay, from 66 in daley city. 67 alameda and for san leandro and the north bay highs in the upper 60's. 68 in the napa valley. tracking our next was sit temperature we need more rain it. was so great to see that yesterday and the next chance of rain will be late wednesday night into thursday. picking up maybe a few hundred diagnostics to a -- it's not a lot but it's nothing to look forward to. seven day forecast, try for today and most of wednesday, rain returns as we look ahead to late wednesday night into thursday. dry friday and saturday and then showers back sunday after into monday. inland east bay, north bay and for the coast. dry for the inland east bay. for the north bay and coast you will see the rain earlier wednesday night. all of us thursday morning. it'll be a wet start and then friday and saturday dry. look ahead to sunday. rain returns sunday afternoon into monday and by the way,
6:21 am
daylight saving time ends. back to you. >> i like to hear it. thank you. piles of debris into the sidewalk. why some neighbors say that it's not just how this looks that's concerning them this morning.
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residents living on the street in korea town in los angeles say they are tired of living near one home. >> they consider it a hoarding health hazard. take a look. the home is surrounded by eight foot tall piles of debris. from above you can see a parked car buried in trash and scrap metal. the top of the car is also covered with roaches. there is even in inside the vehicle. neighbors say they have complained to the city with no
6:25 am
results. one city councilmember said they are working to resolve it. i can imagine the help is not coming quick enough. that's a hot mess. >> wow. i can't -- how do you get to the front door? >> so many questions about that one. 6:25 is the time. also streaming on cbsn in bay area. on the chopping block the bay area school district that could be facing serious cuts this morning. plus. and doctors will be talking to students in the san francisco unified school district about the covid shot. i also have tips for parents coming up next. and the president wrapping up at the climate change summit in scotland. what is he vowing to work
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if you are just waking up with us. here are your morning headlines today. a cdc panel is expected to vote on emergency use authorization of the pfiser vaccine for kids. if approved 28 million children ages five to 11 could get the coronavirus shot as soon as tomorrow. the city council met last night but was short a member. her house was the scene of a deadly halloween party shooting. this as the mercury news reports the 19-year-old suspect who was arrested is the councilmember's relative. the city of walnut creek could vote to ban the sale of
6:30 am
flavored tobacco and vaping products. it's aimed at young smokers. it would follow a ban contra costa enacted. it's 6:30 and it's tuesday. good morning to you. fog this morning. subin the afternoon. later, we will talk rain again. >> a full forecast. >> natalma mary is here to sort it out. >> we are in that perfect weather pattern. we have a break. we have more rain. this is what we need to get us out of our drought eventually. we are on the right track here. let's talk about what you can expect for today. we have foggy conditions. you can see that on the sales force tower camera as we look north. and a little bit of drizzle. just a lot of moisture after that rain. temperatures running in the 50's. grab that jacket first thing this morning as you head out the door for work or school or to walk the pet wal-mart relooking at high pressure
6:31 am
building in for us. catching clearing this afternoon. mid-60s's along the coast 689 mostly cloudy skies, mid to upper 6o's about partly sunny skies and a mix of sun and clouds in the inland locations. up ir60's to low 70's. tracking our next round of rain coming our way with the next weather system. details on that. i know there is a traffic alert. involving an overturned big rig. it's for that commute heading out of brentwood into antioch and we have that ramp shut down from westbound 4 over to that 160 connector that. will be shut down until further notice. chp issued that alert about 20 minutes ago and it's causing a back up as you work and around that area. with that closure in effect, your work around. you can take laurel to empire to main street. that is your best go round to avoid those delays. if you are getting back to highway 4 be have brake lights out of antioch into pittsburgh and bay point. getting busy in the pass as
6:32 am
well. ly have your travel times with this area in my next report. and in just hours right now a cdc panel will meet to agree the pfizer for kids five to 11. >> justin an true is live with what san francisco schools doing to prepare. what's the plan here? >> yeah. doctors and also the district will be talking to students today about the importance of getting the shot. then those kid wills have the opportunity to ask questions to help them be at ease with getting the vaccine. this is for 4st and the 5th graders in the school district. those are just some of the 28 million across the united states that falls in to that five to 11-year-old age group who will likely be eligibleo for the shot. once that panel approves it, if you have kids you probably know this. many are scared of needles,
6:33 am
especially most under antenna cording to some studies. the new york times is giving us tips to help your child feel at ease and feel more comfortable if you plan on vaccinating them. make sure your kids get the shot in a comfortable location. maybe their doctor's office or school based vaccination site. maybe bring a toy with them to help them be relaxed and also play music, do a little breathing exercise. doctors say the vaccine for kids is indeed necessary. >> it's safe and -- it's effective. it's protecting kids from ending up in the hospital, with complications and dying. we have not seen any kids get harmed with this. we have not seen any teens get harmed with this. >> now when the cdc gives the green light which it is expected to happen today we know there are four sites in the san francisco unified school district that will let the students and families get
6:34 am
the vaccines. we are live in san francisco. new this morning san francisco classrooms could be seeing major cuts as the city school district is faced with having to slash $125 million of its budget. district leaders have come up with a plan to balance that budget which would reduce school budges next year by 50 million dollars each and cut about 360 positions from staffing. that plan is set to be presented to the board next week. going live to the big board. opening bell ringing moments ago. the dow was up eight points. tesla stock down a little bit today. that is after some kind of confusing information just came out from a tweet from elon musk. that's after we announced last week that it had penned a deal with tesla to buy 100,000 of
6:35 am
the electric vehicles for it's fleet. that sent tesla stock soaring past a trillion dollars for the first time ever. now elon musk tweeting overnight that no contract has been signed yet between the two companies. he said tesla has more demand than production. we will only cell cars to hertz for the same march begin as to consumers. he said the hertz doesn't affect our economics. we are going to watch that throughout the day. so far no word on this from hertz. back to you. >> thank you. this morning we have learned pg&e is expecting a more than one billion dollars financial hit from claims related to the dixie fire. we have gone over the utility's latest filing the sec. pg&e revealed that it received a subpoena last month from the united states attorney's office in defense exhibit with the dixie fire. that fire consumed nearly a million acres. investigators say a burning
6:36 am
tree leaning against a pg&e line may have sparked the fire. pg&e executives say a $1.15 billion estimate is on the lower end of potential costs from the dixie fire as claims continue to pile up. pg&e issued this statement to kpix. we believe our action around the time of the dixie fire shows we are a reasonable operator of our electric system. we remain focused on reducing wildfire risk. live look to san jose. today santa clara supervisors will discuss how they plan to spend the rest of its federal relief funds. that's about $300 million. here are the areas set to get the biggest parts of that 300 million. $157 million for county coronavirus expenses not covered by fema. nearly 80 million in grants, family focused services and infrastructure. more than 65 million for mental health and homelessness. over 37 million for outreach
6:37 am
and engagement at homeless camps and about 30 million for behavioral health services aimed at the homeless. the president is wrapping up his trip to the global climate conference. as he meet was other world leaders and climate change back here at home his package of bills to address it has hit another roadblock. despite weeks of negotiations, west virginia senator joe manchin wants more information before supporting his build back better agenda. he wants the house to vote on the bill. that the senate already passed. >> i will not support a bill that is this important without understanding the impact that it'll have on the national debt. >> the house speaker is hopeful the house can vote on both bills this week. democrats say the build back better agenda is paid for by raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy. voters heading to the polls right now in virginia to decide a hotly contested race for
6:38 am
governor. it pits a former governor against glenn youngkin. the republicans have not won a statewide race since 2009. the president won virginia by 10% points last year. time now for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. yayle is here. >> steve, yes. >> hey gayle. >> hey. i was talking to tony. you interrupted a very important conversation. >> i'm so sorry. >> we are glad to be here. >> head on cbs this morning. >> we are glad to see you. ahead on cbs this morning joe manchin said he won't support his party's bill. we will discuss what this means for the president's agenda and how it could affect state and local rates. today is election day. please get out and vote. millions of young children could soon get their first covid shot. how one program is helping kids overcome their fear of needles.
6:39 am
i need this class too. and michael dyson to talk about his new book that looks at how we think about race and the black experience. he has a lot to say about that and a broadway star of the cbs show be positive will be here in the studio. can't wait to see here. we will see you at seven clock. back to you. tell tony we said hey. >> hey. he said hey. >> see all of you at seven. the time is now 6:39. coming up, streaming on cbsn. >> former 49ers collin kapernick compares the training camps to slavery. the controversy in his new series. if you were thinking crab thanksgiving you may have to reconsider that. crab season is being delayed. we will tell you why.
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time now, a rescuers up against the clock in nigeria as they search for survivors. at least five have died following the collapse of a luxury high-rise building. three people have been rescued so far. this is new video just moments after the collapse. it's unknown how many are missing but many are feared trapped in the rubble. an investigation in to the cause is ongoing. warning is out for a crypto scam. diane king hall is live from the new york stock exchange. you can tell us more about this? >> good morning. i will get to it in just a moment. let me give you a check of trading action. you have really a push, pull between the bulls and bears
6:44 am
here on wall street. have you records hitting for the nasdaq and s&p500. the dow has turned lower after starting higher. it's down 14 points in the tech sector. the nasdaq started lower. it's on the plus side by 14 points. regulators around the world are sounding at alarm about crypto. one coin based on the show squid game is worthless after it's creator cashed out with more than three million dollars of investor money. squid had hit over $2,500. one sign it was a scam investors could buy but not sell the coin. got to look at that carefully. cbs money >> yes. thank you. >> you got it. a lot of americans have been quitting their jobs lately. this repart of an unemployment -- employment exodus. it's measured against the total employment rate in august. it rose to an all time high of
6:45 am
2.9%. that accounts for more than four million workers this is many haing at a time when there are about ten million job open openings nationwide. >> people feel comfortable that they can get a job anywhere if they want one right now. if anyone is in all dissatisfied with their job the temptation to quit is very high. >> another factor is that the pandemic has allowed many to work from home. now some want to keep it that way at least. some of the time even if it means changing jobs. taking at i live look at san francisco bay where crab fishermen are in a holding pattern. that's because commercial crab season is delayed again this year. >> we are live from the port of redwood city with the reasons for the delay this year. people will have to change the menus they have planned for thanksgiving. > >> that's right. we know that crab can sometimes be part of those thanksgiving plans but that may not be possible this year and that's because of the presence of
6:46 am
whales and sea turtles right now. the department -- fish and wildlife said they want to prevent them from being tangled in crab pot lines it. was -- done it protect whales and then for price negotiations. this year the commercial crabbing season was scheduled to start on november 15th. it its been delayed in fishing zones three and four from the sonoma, county line to lopez pointn. addition the take of crab using crab traps in the same zones will not be allowed to temporarily when the season starts on november 6th. again to protect whales and sea turtles. take a look at this. in a statement the state department of fish and wildlife said that this is the first time the crab fishery is subject to similar measures as coulders manial crabbers. we recognize that change takes time but thank everybody who treasures these fishing opportunities. we don't have a set opening date but the hope is that
6:47 am
another risk assessment will happen come november 22nd. for now live in redwood city. >> all right. many crossing their fingers. thank you. it's now 6:47. time for check of weather and traffic. >> we will start with mary with a look outside this morning. >> all right. good morning to you. with restarting off the day with foggy conditions and also some drizzle as well. slick slippery roadways especially along the coast and the bay. i want to show you the areas dealing the dense fog this morning. really watch out on those roadways especially along the coast. half moon bay now down to near zero. thick and dangerous fog along the coast for the north bay. little better. three miles in napa. go and a half for -- this morning. here is a live look with the sales force tower camera looking north. patchy fog. temperatures running in the 50's. upper 50's. concord, oakland, san jose and low 50's in santa rosa. here is today's forecast.
6:48 am
what you can expect. dealing patchy, dense fog and spotty drizzle as we head through the afternoon. high pressure builds in for us. partly sunny skies and near normal for the daytime highs. around where we should be for this time of year. catching a break from the rain today. as we go through the day in san francisco, you can see high temperatures around 67 and catching a little bit of clearing through the day today. for oakland, good morning to you. topping out in the upper 60's with a little bit of sun as we head through later in the afternoon and for the north bay. 70 degrees. pleasant, mild day. here we go on future cast as we go hour by hour. stopping the clock on the lunchtime hour. you can see it noon. there we go. catching some clearing for us with that ridge of high pressure. dry and conditions through the afternoon. sunrise at 7:36. checking daytime highs along the coast. mid-60s's along the coast.
6:49 am
64 in pacifica. upper 60's. 67 for san mateo. 70 in santa clara. 71 campbell for morgan hill. the tri valley in the upper 60's to low 70's and around the bay from 66 in daley city. 67 alameda and for the north bay. highs in the upper 60's. 68 in napa. we are tracking our next weather system and the rain returns for us wednesday night into thursday morning. picking up a few hundred diagnostics, to the possibility of about a quarter inch much of rain by thursday. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. dry for the most part for wednesday. rain returns late wednesday night into thursday morning. dry friday, saturday and then looking at another round of showers. sunday afternoon into monday. inland east day looking at a dry day for wednesday. for the north bay and for the coast the rain will arrive earlier wednesday night into thursday all of us will see that wet start to the day thursday, for that commute in
6:50 am
the morning. dry friday, saturday and the showers return season on sunday and monday. we gain that extra hour of sleep. ?nye know are you tracking a traffic alert. >> it is causing brake lights for the ride into antioch. the highway 4 ramp to 160. if you are getting ready to head out the door and you norm ily take that area you are going to see a lot of brake lights. that closure is in until further notice. injuries involve. they will need a heavy duty tow truck to clear that one out. pretty significant delays. if you want to work around. you can always go from laurel to empire to main. that is your best way to kind of get around the brake lights and delays. if are you taking highway 4 through antioch. if you are going west of there. it is already busy. pittsburgh into bay point. westbound 580 busy as well.
6:51 am
the travel times slow and go for that ride in the toes practice. almost an hour now. 56 minutes 205 toward 680. if you are taking highway 4 that's a 53 minute commute from 160, from the bridge connector, over toward 80 and the east shore freeway starting to bog down. we are seeing that approach to the bay bridge very bus which. 24 minutes as you work toward there. if you are going toward the bay bridge toll plaza. busy out of the south bay. northbound 101 tracking the usual stuff out of san martin. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up to at least the foot of the maze. sluggish and it stays busy across the upper deck in to the city. a 15 minute travel time over to san francisco. former 49ers quarterback collin kapernick is creating controversy again. >> by comparing the nfl draft process to slavery. >> love your blackness. >> in ace series kapernick
6:52 am
said that potential draftees are poked, prodded, saying there is no boundary respected, no dignity left intact. the episode shows a group of black rookie football players moving to an auction block from a training field. >> the combine ultimately when it its ended did not end in disenfranchisement and death. it didn't end in lineages being broken up. it ended in generational wealth. >> other player who have gone through the combine disagree with him and say the combine is like an interview process for a job and one that pays you a handsome salary. bay area kids could be rolling up their sleeves for a vaccine as soon as tomorrow. we
6:53 am
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with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pills, voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief. voltaren, the joy of movement. the live news climate sum in scotland. the president just got done
6:56 am
speaking. urging the nations there to put us on the path to net zero emissions and use that quality and -- in every decision they make. >> every choice we make in this decade, i mean it between now and 2030 has to bring us closer, not push us further away from a sustainable path to net zero emissions. let's look at capitol hill. senator joe manchin wants more information before supporting the president's agenda that include that half trillion dollars to fight climate change. he will hold a press conference in scotland before flying back to dc to continue his negotiations. we will watch all of it. back to you. i'm justin andrews live at the san francisco unified
6:57 am
school district. this comes at a time where the cdc is set to look at discussions when it comes to approving for five to 11-year- old's this is a big deal. some studies say that parents -- say that kids are terrified of needles and parents if you plan to vaccinate your kids the new york times said think about logistics. make sure your child is in a familiar space like a doctor's officer a school's vaccination site. maybe bring a favorite toy with them to help them feel more relaxed, other options include music or breathing exercises. they say it's okay or them to ask questions. make sure you have the answers to make them feel at ease. if you are hit that antioch area, westbound eye hiway 4. it's slow and go. a traffic alert at that 160 ramp. it's due to a big rig that overturned.
6:58 am
busy ride into and of look at that. most of the major freeways are in the red. let's check the forecast. musty out there morning. >> i'm tracking drizzle and foggy conditions. watch out if you are about to hit the roadways. checking the visibility, the coast dealing dense fog. we are looking at three quarters of a mile in napa and two and a half for -- drizzle along the coast and around the bay for some slick roadways out there. as we head through the afternoon we are looking at partly sunny skies, high pressure builds in, mostly cloudy along the coast. mid to upper 60's with partly sunny skies and upper 60's to low 70's inland with a mix of sun and clouds. new, a dive bar is going viral for a sign on its jukebox. >> please don't play this song.
6:59 am
we all know that song that signifies. they have already had enough. the bar said it's all i want for christmas will be skipped if played before december 1st. >> what? >> after that the song is only allowed once a night. the bar's manager said customers play it too much and too soon before christmas. >> i don't hate it. >> you don't? i can't tell. >> someone posted on twitter is this the war on christmas i have heard about and moriah responded with herself in armor ready to do battle. she also posted a video of herself destroying the not in it's not time. she is going after you. >> i love that song. >> i do too. >> it gets you in the noad.
7:00 am
>> christmas play list is >>lo >> e you. ♪ welcome, welcome to "cbs mornings," and hello to our viewers in the west. we're all here. let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. >> this is a moment, a defining moment for the future of our commonwealth. >> we're at the end zone. are you ready to take that ball over the line? >> virginia is for voters on this election day, while the governor's race there could have national implications. a blunt warning from president biden on climate change. he says america will lead by example.


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