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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 3, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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investments in 2014, media articles about elizabeth holmes and theranos were still glowing and these investors were excited to buy into the company, even though they saw the warning signs and knew it was risky. prominent estate lawyer daniel moseley testified in 2014 he reviewed theranos documents projecting revenues of $990 million for 2015, put said he knew investors could lose their money. still, he recommended several of his billionaire clients, including the walton, devos, and cobs families, former secretary of state henry kissinger and others buy in, and they put $384 million into theranos. moseley himself invested $6 million of his own money. >> the defense trying to portray these investor as sophisticated investors.
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they were advised in writing it was highly speculative and they're taking a big risk here. >> reporter: the testimony was effective according to michelle hagen, a legal analyst. >> holmes is trying to shift the blame to say it isn't elizabeth holmes that made these decisions, they made their decisions based off what their representatives told him. >> reporter: moseley said he relied on a flattering fortune magazine cover story about holmes, and dr. kissinger met memphis and was impressed with her. the trial resumes tomorrow. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5 five. the santa clara district's office is not going to be filing charges in the shooting
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at the home of a councilwoman rebecca armendariz. it was during a halloween party. one person was killed three others wounded the mercury news reports that the suspect is the councilmember's relative. the d.a.'s office said it is not filing charge at this time, pending further investigation. today the grand grand opening of a new training facility at sfo. it is located near the american airlines machin facility on north access road. officers say the bigger space lay how for more classes and practice. >> our members are officers who have to gran go out and do what they do day-in and day-out. anyway deserve thethey deserve the best we can give them, and this is within that category. this evening, the air force says near liver 8500 active
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duty members have missed the didline to get vaccinated, including 800 to refused to get the shot. nearly 5,000 with pending requests for a religious exemption. the air force said that 99.5% of all air force and spaced for guardians are vaccinated. a new move to help stop the spread of covid behind bars. paying up mates to get vaccinated. but some activists say it doesn't go far enough. >> reporter: a covid outbreak at sacramento county's two jails calling for a change. >> we were up to 190 cases in the jail. >> reporter: those number just the last two weeks. monday the first death was report offered a vaccinated
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inmate. >> that's the scariest part. they may not come out. >> reporter: the vaccination rate, the jail is only 30 percent, compared to 70% county wide. since july, the county has offered to pay inmates who get vaccinated, but some in the jail believe that's not enough. >> i'm not vaccinated now, so this wouldn't make me want to get vaccinated, for just $20? no, i would pass. >> reporter: crystal's fiancee douglas, also passed on the $20. she is concerned about the jail's quarantine system that separates inmates in pods and believe this jail should have more precautions in place. >> what arises when they are quarantined and find out somebody has the virus? then what? >> reporter: show lapse son has been behind pars for months and claims he was denied the vaccine. >> he was having problems with his kidneys, so he wanted to know, hey, what about the vaccination, and they had already told him he's not eligible for it. >> inmates upon arrival are
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offered vaccinations and provided information about vaccinations. >> reporter: some are asking the county for the immediate release of up mates, fearing the outbreak will only continue to grow. >> we ask that you tell the district attorney to stop the spread and save lives by choosing not to file charges. >> county officials say all- state and federal protocols are being followed in the jails, including testing during the intake process. >> san jose police have arrested two men in connection with a deadly halloween shooting. here is a look at the suspects. 26-year-old castillo, and 27- year-old every fran. the shooting happened sunday on great oaks drive. a man was found suffering from a gunshot wound when police arrived. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. so far no word on a motive. coming up, the warning if you are looking to buy gifts on-
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line. coming up at 6:00, the bay area transit agency still reeling to fill dozens of job openings. how it could impact dale bus service. in san francisco's financial district, a lot of small businesses really need the big businesses to bring their employees back to the office. we'll explain.
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ to the tragedying shooting on a new mexico movie set is giving hollywood a safety wake- up call. we have more on how actors are taking precautions onset. >> going hot. fire if the hole!
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>> reporter: there was a real- life lesson for the students at the theater of arts today after the recent tragedy. a veteran master armorer, clay van sickle, was invited to train the students. first, he wanted everyone to understand what an armorer is. >> the armorer is the person on the film set who is in charge of all of the, wens and everything that relates to them. all of the blank ammunition, dummy rounds and rehearsals. >> reporter: he has been doing this for 18 years and walked through all of the safety protocols on film set has have been in place for decades. >> ensuring all of the weapons are cold with multiple checks, at least three on the way to talon every single time. and then going through what
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would happen if you're firing a blank on the set. >> reporter: this group wasn't able to have the hands-on course for two years because of the pandemic. they want to make sure their soon to be and future graduates will get the training before getting a job in the film industry. >> and i know anywhere i work, it's definitely going to be somewhere where there is probably going to be a gun at some point, so i'm kind of red and waiting for that. >> reporter: garrett north is glad he had to come back and get trained on safely handling weapons onset. >> there was a little bit more of a level of confidence with holding that. and that's great to have. >> negligence and complacency can kill. hopefully going forward this can be a wake-up call, and hopefully something positive can come out of this terrible tragedy. >> brandon lee's sister shannon is also calling for hollywood to have mandatory gun training on set. brandon lee was accidentally shot and killed on a production
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set in 1993. many products sold on-line, including toys, may be counterfeit. of crazy aaron's. his magnetic putty for kids sells on amazon and other on- line retailers. he said that sim already putty popped up from overseas, and he found that counterfeit and pirated goods and rapidly grown in the internet area and make up more than three percent of all global trade. >> it affects national economies and affects businesses of all sizes, and has explode in the last decade, and even more since covid-19. >> they should tell the marketplace who they are. doesn't that sound pretty basic? the seller should be verified. >> congress is now considering legislation called the inform act, designed to combat the sale of counter fit goods on-
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line. amazon, etsy, ebay, or endorsing the house version of that bill. up. >> next, it may not look like much, but this little cottage in santa cruz county just sold for a pretty penny. coming up, it's a busy news day. today across america, kids five and up are getting their first covid vaccinations. we'll get parents' reactions, plus the new plan on capitol hill to lower prescription drug prices. and
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the fell in love with story telling and is teaching her multimedia skills to empower play people in underrepresented communities. >> we are introduced to this week's jefferson award winner. shane? >> allen and liz, she intend with barbara alterers, and now excels in sharing her talent. >> we'll do an eight week program. she gives free classes so people like ethnic minority and
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formerly incars rated people can tell their own stories. >> it's really difficult stills to get heard, and so i wanted to focus on underreported voices and take the magic and power that is story telling and bring it to the people. arabella founded we excel in 2018. the nonprofit recruits professionals to teach story telling using media and technology. dozens of participants have produced podcasts, video shorts, animated films, movies, and more. often on social justice topics. >> maya, ava, this is sophia. >> reporter: fourth grade girls created their own short film on live video conferencing. >> seven creating and sharing. >> reporter: and on this day, arabella invites a paid fellow to take part in a show. >> i'm an ambassador. >> reporter: as a past fellow,
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gabriella davey of oakland produced a youtube series on public health as part of her public service last year for miss wisconsin. >> mental health is something they family struggled with, but i never saw other people talk about. >> reporter: she crediting arabella with teaching her to tell stories with empathy so she could reach others. >> she saw that in me and that instilled so much confidence in who i am as a storyteller. now when cop to a story, i bring my full self. >> reporter: arabella's gift for helping people find and share their struggles inspires we excel video editor antonio. >> i can see the passion that she has for these people and the stories they have. >> reporter: arabella says in one person can connect and find healing through the stories, it's all worth it. >> they start seeing, oh, wow,
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somebody does need my story! somebody can get inspired by it! haven't so for equipping underrepresented people wealth the media and technology skills to tell their own stories, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to arabella deluco. >> arabella is working on bringing a story telling after school program to fourth and fifth graders in san francisco. >> wow, what a fantastic service she is providing. thank you, sharon. >> if you know of community heros making a difference, not nate them at >> it's pretty common for a home in the bay area to sell for more than a million dollars. yeah, you are don't blink. but difference in santa cruz county. this 328-square foot one bedroom and one bath home in
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the sea bright neighborhood sold for $1 er the new owner won the bid after offering to pay cash. cozy beach cottage. >> that is the story of the bay area. cash is king. >> 328 square feet. >> don't stretch your arms out. >> i'll trying to do the math in my head how many dollars per square foot. hard to do that on the fly. the bulk of the shower activity will be done by morning, and then we'll stay dry tomorrow and on friday. but another system out over the pacific looks like it will be making more of a run towards the bay area by the first half of the weekend. a chance of showers in the forecast on saturday. let's look at the radar first, and see where the rain is new. it's still well off our northwest. more directly to our wrist that will eventually show as it gets
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coast. the rain isn't going to start moving to the north bay until 10:00 or so with that steadier rain making its way farther into the north bay by 11:00. san francisco, oakland, reddick city by between midnight and 2 a.m. this is going to become weaker and weaker as it makes its way into the area. some lingering showers, patchy mist, patchy drizzle possible, but then decreasing clouds by mid-day, and plenty of sunshine by this time tomorrow evening and the really nothing to see tomorrow night into early friday. maybe some locally dense fog. passing clouds during the day friday, and then here is this next system, still off the coast as we head to midnight friday night. we'll zoom in for a closer look. saturday morning, showers showing up with the best chance from the golden gate northward. this is a new feature nodl data. so we're trending the forecast
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in a slightly wetter direction. there are other forecast models that keep us entirely dry the entire weekend. i wouldn't necessarily cancel anything you have outdoors on saturday. this is going to be very light rain if it happens at all. be flexible with those plans for saturday. an better chance monday, monday night, and tuesday for rain. that will provide the bulk of the ran we pick up over the next week. a half inch to an inch forethe trivalley and other parts of the east bay, but an inch to inch and a half of rain in san francisco, even to around oakland into the east bay hills. highest amounts, the far north you go. some of the highest terrain spots mick picking up more than three inches of rain. most of that is going to be monday night into tuesday. temperatures today were nights and warm. made it into the 70s in most spots. current temperatures are backing off a little bit, but a very pleasant even. the cloud cover is starting to show up on the horizon.
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mid-to-upper 50s by early tomorrow morning. once the sun breaks back through, we'll start to recover temperature-wise, but a little below average for tomorrow's afternoon highs. low 60s on the coast. near 70 degrees in the santa clara valley, but just falling short in san joaquin. fairfield likely the warm spot, right at 70. mid-60s in san francisco, and mid-to-upper 60s for the north bay, as well. temperatures forts north, a little bit cooler, staying short of 60 degrees for thursday afternoon. temperatures stay below average as we head into the weekend. we have brought some shower icons into the forecast for the first half of that weekend. gain, be flexible with any outdoor plans. sunday look good. and then monday, monday night, and tuesday bring the best chance for rainfall. and the eight to 14-day range
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looks like we'll stay in a dry pattern for most of the bay area. so we'll hope we can pick up as much as possib>>new at 6:00, re the death of alameda county supervisor wilma chan. these are just coming into our newsroom. today another two dozen bus drivers graduating. >> we can blame lot of things on covid, but people still need to get to work, and somebody has to be out there doing it. >> and what small businesses indown san francisco are hoping bring back more customers. still ahead here at 5:00, we're going to good get a look at a new housing
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a new treasure island is starting to take shape in san francisco bay. >> the mayor got a tour of what will be a massive addition to the city's housing stock. wilson walker walk walker went along for the wide. wilson? >> reporter: yeah, housing just one piece of the changes out here. the mayor came by today for a tour 0. >> we can't stop here. this has been a project that's been over 20 years in the making. and it should not take this long to get housing built in san francisco. >> reporter: today mayor london breed toured something that could be described as a housing development and also as
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the wholesale transformation of two san francisco islands, from the new water tanks, to the massive earth redistribution. but the focus was on the two buildings nearing completion. this one with mostly market rate condos, and this building, 105 units, all for homeless veterans. >> 8,000 units of housing that's been scheduled for treasure island, and over 2,000 of them will be affordable units. >> reporter: so the two buildings mark the start of a massive build-out on top of hundred of millions of dollars of infrastructure improvements, including the mode of transportation the mayor took over for today's tour. that is the new treasure island ferry, set to begin service on january 1st. >> yeah, so long as it's a reasonable rate, think i'll probably take that more than the bus. [ laughter ] >> reporter: greg dawkins said he and other island residents know time in their old housing is short and they would like to
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think there will be a place for them on the new t. >> jaymee: >> i'm not entirely certain how moving forward the treasure island manager is going to go about these things, where weather those who have lived here for a long going to get priority in those new units, for we have to apply like everybody else. >> reporter: those questions may take some time to get answered. the project has moved slowly thus far, due to safety concerns, and the timeline for completion is a long one. >> well, it's probably another 15 years for full build-out. the transformation you're going to see in the next two and a half, three years, though, is going to be remarkable. >> reporter: yeah, 1200 to 1400 units coming in the next couple of years, but as you heard, a long time to build this project. one of those things you watch ask sort of measure by how long you've been in the bay area, but the first two buildings are
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underway. wilson walker, kpix 5. breaking news at 6:00. what we're learning about the death of an alameda county supervisor hit and killed on a morning walk. the reactions just into our newsroom. plus a pandemic and workplace tragedy. how the vta frying to get its service back on track. >> and how small businesses in downtown san francisco are looking to major companies to help bring their customers back. but we start with that breaking news in alameda county. >> tributes are pouring in after the death of supervisor wilma chan. kenny has the details on the collision that took her life. kenny? >> reporter: allen, absolutely heart-breaking news for those who knew her in this community in alameda. the 72-year-old, wilma chan, the board of supervisor for alameda county for several years. her career spanned 30 years in
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public service. she was walking her dog near shoreline drive and grand street. a popular spot for people to walk in the morning and the evening, as well. as you can see here, she was struck by a vehicle, suffered major head injuries, and then was taken to highland hospital where she was pronounced dead. her service, 30 years as a politician working here in alameda county. was first elected in 1949, and then served in the state assembly. she was the first asian american in the state assembly as the leader there. she is survived by two children and two grandchildren, as well. take a look at some of the video from chopper 5 from earlier this afternoon. we have very few details of what exactly led up to the fatal accident this morning, but alameda police confirming


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