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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 3, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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news in alameda where a victim sell being held at the spot where alameda county supervisor wilma chan passed away after being hit by a car while walking. kenny (friends and family are devastated by this loss. will chan was walking her dog earlier this morning, right near this intersection of shoreline drive and grant street. take a look behind me. one of her colleagues just lit three candles in honor of the supervisor. chan suffered major head injuries, and was transported to highland hospital this afternoon. her chief of staff said she succumbed to her injuries around 2:30 this afternoon. we spoke to a resident and an oakland unified teacher who said that chan brought about a lot of change in so many ways for this community and so many
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others. >> so when it said on the news a supervisor was hit by a car, said, well, let me look up, because i went so fast, and when saw it was her, i was devastated. because i always see her in safeway. i was just saying i have to call wilma tomorrow morning,, she always help mess at christmas time. >> reporter: chan was first elected to the alameda county board of supervisors back in 1994 and served in the state assembly, becoming the first asian american majority leader, and got re-elected to her supervisor position in 2010. she is survived by her two children, as well as two grandchildren. the family is asking for privacy at this time alameda police department saying that the female driver involved in this incident this morning remained on the scene, and is cooperating with this investigation. we're live in alameda tonight,
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kenny choi, kpix 5. now to the weather, and a live look at the commute, which could be pretty damp by morning. >> paul heggen is tracking the next round of rain just hours away, paul. >> yeah, the good news is the heaviest rain will fall overnight. the bad news is the road probably still going to be let. so allow patience and extra time. that have any falling along the northern california coast right now. let's check out our hour-by- hour-rain chances. north of the golden gate santa rosa, those rain chances packing there around midnight, and then ramping down quickly as we head into the early hours of thursday morning. this starts to move in around midnight, with the most widespread rain around 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, also winding down quickly. for san jose, it's going to be even later. still a good chance of at least
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some measurable rain. anything more than a trace, but a couple hundredths is likely the extent of what you're looking at there. this is not the last rain event we have in the forecast. i'll show you the rest coming up in a few minutes. authority pig story tonight, the end of an era in san francisco. >> buster posey is expected to announce his retirement tomorrow. >> good for him and congratulations to buster for obviously a great career, if it was his last season, but i hope that's a horrible rumor. [ laughter ] >> well, kpix 5's vern glenn joins us now. that's just one of the big sports stories you're following. not a rumor. >> it is the biggest. buster posey, after 12 seasons, adios to the game? that's a press conference i have to see tomorrow. the three-time world series champion will retire thursday.
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regarded as the greatest catcher in giants history, he returned to his all-star form this season after sitting out in 2020. he goes out on his own terms, and at the top of his game. help henry ruggs iii release bed the raised yesterday was in a wheelchair this morning during a court appearance. prosecutors said he was driving as fast as 156 miles per hour seconds before impact. the driver of the other car was killed. ruggs blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. his former coach and quash spoke earlier today. >> we love henry ruggs and want him to know that. his terrible lapse in judgment of the most horrific kind. it's something that he'll have to live with the rest of his life. >> he needs people to love him right now. he needs to be loved.
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and if no one else will do it, i'll do it. >> packers quarterback aaron rodgers will not play sunday against the chiefs after testing positive for covid. the former cal star told reporters in training camp he was immunized. but by being ruled out for 10 days, he is following the protocol for unvaccinated players. the packers went from a one- point underdog to seven and a half. now that the cdc has approved the covid vaccine for children ages five to 11, thousands of bay area kids got their fifth shots today. we checked out a vaccination site in san jose. >> it looks like it could hurt. >> i was basically thinking i
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just want to get this over with, and then after, i was glad i finally got my -- the first round of e vaccine. the cdc approved pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for about 28 million grade school children. their shot is one third the size of an adult dose, and administered wait smaller needing. the cdc said every million doses given by children ages five to 11 would prevent about 58,000 cases, and 226 hospitalizations in that troop. many parents we spoke with were relieved their kids' turn is finally here. >> there's holidays we didn't celebrate, friends we didn't see, birthday parties we did not have. we ended up at the beginning of the band taking all of our kids out of preschool and all of their activities, and i actually quit my job so that could stay home. >> kids 12 to 1 currently is the
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18 currently is the lowest vaccination rate the county at 72.5. >> we have peteia drugs that can answer any questions in regards to hesitancy, and many offer the shot right in their offices. >> we have posted more details on the rollout and how to sign your child up on an attorney who urged several billionaires to invest in theranos tested at elizabeth holmes' fraud trial today. he said he knew there were big risks, put he recommended backing theranos anyway. daniel mosley said he did not see a basis for the enormous revenue projections that thorne was making for 2015, still his clients. up a combined $380 million in theranos, and he invested $6 million of his own money.
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>> the defense was trying to portray investors as sophisticated investors. they were notified in writing that it's highly speculative and they're taking a big risk here. >> the investors ultimately lost their money. the trial will resume tomorrow. no charging for now at least in a deadly halloween shooting at the home of gilroy board member armendariz. the saturday shooting killed one person and injured three others. san francisco police have made five arrests in a series of armed home invasions. it happened in august and september. the six victims included an
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elderly couple and a man who was pistol-ed. the suspects were roin a series of warrant searches in antioch, elk grove, and stockton. doordash launching a new feature to keep its drivers safe in the city. you might recall this past february, a dasher had his minivan stolen in pack heights with his two kids inside. they were later found safe two. suspects were arrested. starting this month, san francisco dashers will be able to access adt security agents through the app if they feel unsafe, or a need to help -- or that help needs to be isn't to them. the feature will be available to all dashers by the end of the year. still to come, it's a project two decades in the making, and even comes with it's on ferry terminal. a look at the housing in the works on treasure island. and one of cal's timeious falcons is in the hospital.
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a live look at treasure island where a big new housing project is in the works tonight, mayor london breed and others take a ferry ride out there today to check the progress on a project two decades in the making. so far two buildings are almost complete now. one has market rate condos, and the other building will house homeless veterans. >> 8,000 units being planned, and 2,000 of those will be affordable units. >> project will take another 15 years to complete. in the meantime, the new
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treasure island ferry is set to begin service on january 1st. in just the past hour, cbs news called the new jersey governor's race. incumbent democrat phil murphy eked out a narrow victory over republican jack ciattarelli in the deep blue state. and the democrats needed that win. the party was pummeled in virginia where the gop took the republican and attorney general's offices, and is one seat away from taking over the state house in a state that president biden won easily last year. >> those suv urban voter approachable and get football you're a republican not named donald trump. >> people want us to get things done. they want us to get things done. >> well, not much progress on that front as president biden
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returned to the u.s. today from his europe trip. both of his measures are still held up. house speaker nancy pelosi she is hoping for votes next week. and a major gun control case before the supreme court today, it's first in more than a decade. it centers around a new york law which requires applicants for a concealed carry license to provide a good reason why they need it. the attorney for the man arguing against the law said he is not challenging the ability to prohibit begins in places like churches or schools. and, allen, a ruling is expected sometime next year. >> we'll look for that. thanks, liz. >> glen: high drama tonight after one of the university's famous falcons was found injured in an apparent turf war. greenell is being treated at the lindsey wildlife experience after an journey he suffered in
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an apparently r apparent battle with another bird last month. he and his mate have hand 13 eggs in the tower. green sell expected to be released in about two weeks, but it's unclear what type of homecoming he is going to get, because this unknown male has been sighted staking out the pairs nest box. he may have to fight for annie's honor and his home when he returns. isn't that the way it is? [ laughter ] paul, i'm think about that falcon love triangle. >> as the bird's turn? >> feather your nest. >> i knew you would have a joke in there somewhere. [ laughter ] >> the moisture is falling farther to our north. northern california, oregon,
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washington. it's a genuine atmospheric river in that area. but we're on the edges of it. we'll get some rain, and we'll take what we can get. this is the shower activity that will look more impressive as it approaches the north bay coast within the next few hours. the rain is going to make its way towards the golden gate around midnight to 1:00 a.m. then we'll head towards 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning where it will taper off. this will be a quick-hitter system. it will be moving oust before the sun even comes up tomorrow morning, but it will still be damp with a few lingering showers for the first part of thursday. gray skies to start the day, but we'll dry out and clear out as we head into mid-day and the afternoon, and will stay dry. we have added a rain chance to the forecast for the first half of the weekend on saturday. the next storm system looks
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like it will be close enough to maybe drag some showers into the bay area, primarily north of the golden gate to start the day on saturday, but there's a chance for most of the bay area, as we head towards late saturday afternoon. not all of the forecast models are agreeing off this. it's something we'll keep an eye on. but be flexible with any outdoor plans on saturday. still a few days off, but too early to cancel anything. we'll get more substantial rain next week. a quarter to half an inch for the santa clara valley. an inch to inch and a half around the central bay with higher amounts north of the golden gate. after about tuesday of next week, the forecast does dry out for a while. that system early next week is going to be an atmospheric river, but not a repeat of that level five atmospheric river for a couple of weeks guy. this one will be weak, but it's still rain and we'll take it.
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temperatures dropping off into the mid-to-upper 60s, but it's still mild out there right now, and will be mild overnight with that blanket of clouds overhead. temperatures only falling down to the mid-to-upper 50s by tomorrow morning. then temperatures will return to the mid-to-upper 60s across the board tomorrow once the sun comes out. these temperatures a degree or two below average for early november. a chance of showers on saturday. that will be similar to what we get tonight. very light, but it is a chance, and it's on the weekend, so we'll keep you updated. the heavier rainfall is monday, monday night, and tuesday. that's that weak, and each border line atmospheric river. we'll be updating all of this coming up at 11:00. hey, you don't feel like cooking thanksgiving dinner this year? why not have it all frozen? how you can get your fill of all of the holiday flavors including turkey in a bowl of
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all right. shear something that probably falls scarily in the category of thing no, sir one asked for. [ laughter ] >> well, salt and straw is bringing back their thanksgiving flavored ice creams, and not just pumpkin pie. it includes caramelized turkey and cranberry sauce, and parker house rolls with salt butter cream. the chain has half a dozen locations here in the bay area. from thanksgiving bowls to tahoe plates, license plate finance you purchase a new one before april 1st, you get a free ticket to one of eight
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participating ski resorts. this retired tahoe ski patroller won't have to pay for any of his lift tickets. how his olympic legacy is
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are you ready for a celebration? >> yes, i am. >> happy birthday to you. >> what a birthday it is. that is 101-year-old tahoe ski patrol legend. >> he worked at heavenly for decades, and built the cross- country track for the 1960 olympics. he said he is retired from downhill skiing after his last experience. >> i made three turns, and a
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snow bolder got into skied over my knees! >> yeah, i kind of get what he's saying there. as you can see, he's no worse for wear. i love his olympic sweater, too. they made a replica of him with old ski lift parts, and a free ski season pass. he shouldn't have to pay anything. he give mice knees hope, you can get run over and still bounce back. good job. thanks for watching they were news continues
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