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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 4, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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she is a true hero. a dedicated public servant, serving all this. >> the final work of bay area politician was doing to help the aap i community before she was hit and killed by a car.
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another round of rain moving into the area. i'm tracking the potential for another atmosphere river in your forecast. >> you feel like you got yours when you did? better act fast if you want to get a flu shot. will find out why you may have trouble getting an appointment. >> it was like in an instant. oh my gosh. this is a bear. attacked in her tone location. how this bay area woman survived. what will oracle park be like without buster posey? >> there is a chance he could change his mind. i hope he does. streaming cbsn bay area. tributes point in tonight for a beer area leader whose life was cut short in the county she served. >> we are live in alameda. kenny, you found out that wilma chan was working to help the aapi community and told the
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very end. >> reporter: she was. it is but a quiet and somber night at the scene of the accident. people have been stopping throughout the night to pay their respects. as you can see behind me, a memorial has been set up in her honor. those who know her say she was working tirelessly to help those in the community. tonight, william a chance friends and colleagues in tears to honor the district through supervisor. >> wilma, this one is for you. >> she loved working. >> whenever i needed her, she would be there. >> reporter: a unified teacher says thatthought to work closely with the 72-year-old to stop closes -- >> her. >> reporter: chan spent 30
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years and her public work. she eventually became the first asian-american majority leader in the california state assembly before returning as supervisor in 2010. >> she was not someone to be lightly pushed over or around. she was someone who was tough. it show. >> reporter: carl has been a friend and colleague for more than three decades. are working to help chinatown businesses this week. >> i want to remember her as being unified for the entire county. >> reporter: chan was transported to highland hospital evidence that iran 2:30 this afternoon. >> she is a true hero. a dedicated public servant serving all of us. >> kenny, what are authority sing about what happened today? accident. >> reporter: alameda police say that there was a female driver involved in this incident.
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patient she remained at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. meanwhile, wilma chan is survived by two children and two grandchildren. the family is asking for privacy at this time. >> such a tragic loss. live outside tonight. another storm headed to the bay area. the north will be the first to receive the latest round of rain. >> we weather tonight. >> this is a typical, early rainy season event for the bay area. it will be lights but it is edging into north bay. is moving into sonoma county and parts of marin county right now. the rain is to the west of santa rosa. is up towards cloverdale and beginning to come down. rain will continue progressing to the east. is going around the 10th events to one quarter of an inch of windfall. it will make its way towards the golden gate. let's take a look at the hour
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by hour. will peak in santa rosa and most of the north in the next few hours. will dwindle quickly as we head toward sunrise. rain chances arrived in san francisco and oakland a little bit leader. and further south, it will be a lower chance of any measurable rainfall in san jose. a couple hundred of an inch. will arrive before the sun rises. we will talk about the next round of rain headed our way next week in a few minutes. working live at san francisco, the children ages five to 11 are eligible four but shots. public health officials they soon they will have to show proof of vaccination before entering public spaces like restaurants, gyms, large events, just like the adults. dozens of children throughout the bay area rolled up their sleeves for the first time today to get vaccinated. hundred showing up at this vaccination sites in back san jose. >> it looks like it could hurt. i was thinking i want to get this over with.
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and then after i was glad i finally got the first round of the vaccine. >> the cdc approved the pfizer vaccine for about 28 million grade school children. their shot is one third the strength of an adult dose. it is given with a smaller needle. for everything you need to know about getting your child vaccinated, including where to sign up, head to and click the banner at the top of the home page. flu season is here but the vaccine to protect you against the virus may not be. health experts are warning this flu season may be severe. here is a twist. the pandemic may 2 blame. >> reporter: some vaccine clinics let you drive up and get the flu shot. others allow you to walk in. some are finding even with an appointment they are being turned away because of supply issues. rob got the covid booster as well as the flu vaccine.
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>> i signed up with my help and did a drive through clinics. no big deal. >> reporter: the flu shot is getting harder to find in some parts of the bay area as the season begins. this was a message on the cbs website for berkeley. and in san jose, the earliest right aid flu shot is two weeks out. at cbs, only three out of two dozen pharmacies are scheduling appointments. this month, the cdc warned about flu shot shortages between shipment of supplies, like someone does and needles as the demand goes up. >> it could be worse than previous years. >> reporter: health experts are concerned this flu season may be severe. and last year's nearly nonexistent flu season, as we wore masks and stayed home, may be one reason for the cost. >> the levels of antibodies in the entire populations have gone lower than usual.
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that means that we have less immunity going around. if the pirates circulates again, more people could get sicker. >> you feel like you got yours when you do? >> i did. i would say go to get a. >> reporter: marilyn and rob were ahead of the surge. listening to the cdc recommendation to get the flu vaccine by the end of last month. >> with the pandemic, and such, the wearing masks, cold and flu disappeared. >> reporter: another reason why doctors are urging people to get the flu vaccine is to lessen the impact on hospital beds and icus as we continue to deal with covid-19. this flu season may also be more severe because people are getting tired of health mandates, including wearing masks. this take a live look at oracle part. giants fans are in shock this evening after hearing their longtime favorite catcher, buster posey, is retiring.
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we are live at oracle part, where buster posey is expected to make his big announcement tomorrow. >> reporter: this news spread quickly among giants fans. i have to say, a lot of them are in disbelief. many of them are hoping this is one big mistake. >> there is a chance he could change his mind. i hope he does. >> reporter:'s and are not ready to see their favorite catcher walk away from the game. >> i could see from his perspective how it might have made sense. of course, we want him to play for ever. >> reporter: the 34-year-old had a career that started off as a rookie of the year and became a seven-time all-star, gold glover and three times world series champion. buster posey is above everybody. he accomplished so much. >> reporter: peaceful historian and host of talking baseball system brings makes him the
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best catcher in franchise history. >> his resiliency and seeing him behind the plate and seeing his entire career. >>reporter: buster upper two season ending injuries and took several knocks to the head behind the plates. he could tell the injuries were taking a toll. >> to grind got to him. i think he would like to live a normal, so-called, life. that is the bottom line. >> reporter: a player never sought the spotlight leave quietly without a final curtain call, unlike some of his battery mates. >> buster, thank you so much. you have made me as a giants fan so happy. being able to hold on even though we had tough times. best of luck to you. take you for all you have done for us. >> word to the giants even start in trying to replace buster posey?
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>> reporter: these are huge shoes to fill. the giants to have young prospects. it is not what happens on the field but off of the field. buster and his wife were involved in pediatric cancer. is a huge loss all the way around. >> it is. it will be hard to replace them. still ahead tonight. >> in an instant, oh my gosh. this is a beer. the next thing that happened is that i am being torn apart. a beer a woman who felt the wrath of an angry bear sits down to discuss the terrifying experience. >> one of our members was over $7.5 million in one month. california growers are taking a massive financial hit. what they say is to blame for the huge dip in business. a crack down in contra costa county. the city is banning any
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new at 11:00, imagine you are at home, you hear a noise, you go to check it out and all of a sudden it is a bear. and east bay woman tells kpix 5 she is grateful to be alive after what happened to her in tahoe. >> bear mulling is not a little thing. it is huge. >> reporter: laurel rose has dozens of stitches in her face,
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deep laceration on her chest and arms, and puncture wounds all over her torso after being mauled by a bear early saturday morning and her families tahoe vista cabin. it started when she heard ringing in the kitchen and went to investigate. >> i could see the freezer door half open. and food. it was in an instant, oh my gosh. this is a bear. the next thing that happens is that i am being torn apart. >> reporter: she was blocking the door where the bear came in and thinks the bear mauled her so it could get back out. >> i am screaming the entire time. screaming at the top of my lungs. >> that bear outweighed her by easily 400 to 500 pounds. >> reporter: experts say the bear could have killed her and unfortunately back bears are becoming more of a problem in tahoe. >> "getting from there.
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what they are doing is they're getting more comfortable around people. >> reporter: the bear was spotted going into safeway to get food. then into a convenience store not seem to be bothered by the cashier trying to shoo away. she often spotted bears around her cabin but never imagined she would come face to face with one in her kitchen. especially at a time when she is rattling states for non- hopkins lymphoma. >> i am so incredibly lucky to be alive. no question. >> amazing. laurel rose so she threw a quilt over the bear's head as it was going down the stairs, which helped by her time and help her escape. the wildlife experts say the top food items bears are going after his produce and ice cream. >> they are that selective and picky? >> they are that smart. give me the rocky road. >> they are getting more brave around humans. they are hungry and will go for
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it. she is lucky. with a black log of ships sitting off the california coast, lawmakers are trying to figure out how to ease that bottleneck. more than one dozen speakers to heart in a four hour hearing at the capitol today. among them, growers who are unable to ship the pistachios, walnuts, almonds, cotton overseas. members loss over $7.5 million in one month of sales because of the inability to fill commitments. >> supply-chain shortages and transportation disruptions are not going away anytime soon. the advice for shoppers this holiday season, how small businesses have spent months crafting a new strategy to ensure that they have plenty of stock on hand from treats to toys. >> many of our distributors are sending us letters that they are no longer taking orders until january. >> supply-chain crisis is tomorrow night at 7:00 on kpix 5. new at 11:00.
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and amos boat, walnut creek became the first contra costa city to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes and candy if it tends. the cancel made it clear it is trying to curb nicotine addiction among young people. a live look at treasure island where big changes are coming, occluding ferry service. -- wrote the ferry to check out the progress on a housing development today. has been in the works for more than 20 years. as of now, two buildings are almost complete. developer say it will take at least another 15 years until we see new buildings in the area. the new treasure island area is set to begin service on january 1. a beautiful view of the city from treasure island. it is cold and windy. >> it is one of those spots. the bay area has some the of them. we will be wet as we had through tonight. will not be a huge rainmaker. the showers are moving into the north bay and they will make
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their way across the rest of the bay area as we go through the rest of the overnight hours. rain is edging toward santa rosa. the studio rain is closer to the coast. this rain will continue progressing towards the rest of the coastline and across the area. it will move quick. be out of here before the sun comes up tomorrow. we will freeze the maps here at about 2:00 am, and most of us will be sleeping. that is when we will see the heavier showers moving into san francisco and across the bay. the activity continues to diminish as it goes further inland. there are lighter amounts. at least some measurable rain and a few showers and pet sheep missed drivel. the heaviest showers move out before the morning commute. you have to contend with wet roads and enough moisture to fiddle with the windchill wipers . than the sun emerges by tomorrow afternoon. it will lead into a dry end of the work week on friday.
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the weekend forecast is complicated. the forecast models have been all over the place in terms of trying to bring sums showers at least in northern california, a b toward the bay area. we will at least see some more cloud cover overhead. whether or not we see any showers in thy area, that is a coin flip. the best chance will be north of the golden gate along the coast. i think we will get through the weekend mostly dry. stay tuned for updates on that. hopefully the forecast data comes into better agreement. maturing tonight? attend the rights to one quarter of an inch. that is for the north bay. lower amounts in line and east bay. if you hundredths of an inch of rain with about a 10th of to 2/10 of an inch for san francisco. the next rainmaker that arrives monday will be an atmospheric river. will not be a repeat of what we had about 1.5 weeks ago. this will be an atmospheric river is a one-to-one or skill of one to five. this'll be a order line pulse a
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week. right now we are waiting on the rental life. temperatures are in the lower half of the 60s. the temperatures will drop down to the mid to upper 50s as we head into the rest of tonight. because of the blanket of clouds keeping temperatures from falling further. with the clouds hanging out tomorrow we do not warm up a lot. mid to upper 60s across the board. not much difference between the coast and areas further inland. only and eight dig degree difference, which is low. temperatures will stay below average as we finish up the work week and head into the weekend. are in the forecast. any chance of a shower will be confined to the north and along the coast. it a better chance of rain for peabody on monday, monday night and tuesday. eventually we will narrow that down a bit more as we close earlier to you next week. maybe monday night. we will keep you updated as we get
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closer to that next good chance of rain for the entire bay area. we have the warriors. what happened when eded h rest of the warriors to the rescue. all hands on deck to take down the highest scoring team in the league. a lot of
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up top in the warriors, what if i told you steph curry scored five points by halftime, struggle offensively against the highest scoring team in the league? it is a loss, right? wrong. steph curry the slick like uniforms. the house at the charlotte hornets. gary payton the second. oh my goodness. they were down. then the jordan pool show in the first half. that 3 tied the game. less than a minute later, here he went again. 22 first-half points. everyone for the game. seven threes.
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ball movement. payton, back door. 14 points, five rebounds. fourth-quarter, curry bounced back. made it a 10 point game here. 15 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assist. or square the last 16 points of the game and won. 114-92. warriors beats three nba teams to have the 6-1 record. baseball. 3:00 press conference on thursday. buster posey set to retire after 12 seasons. takes with him three world series, seven all-star games, and mvp, one of six players since 1969 to finish his last season in the biggs batting .300 or more. nfl. for details and aftermath of the fatal car crash early tuesday morning. rugs, released at the raiders yesterday, was in a wiltshire this morning with a neck brace during a las vegas court appearance.
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prosecutor say he was driving as fast as 156 miles per hour seconds before impact, which killed the driver of the other car and her dog. his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. their car heard from him just hours before the crash. >> he texted me at midnight. how does my swing what? you can see to help me. just seeing that and then getting the news when we woke up , i do not even know how to handle that. packers quarterback, aaron rodgers, has tested positive for covid-19 and will miss sunday's game against the chiefs. there is an investigation by the league to find out how long he has gone unvaccinated this season. he had said during training camp he was immunized, which led many to believe he had received the vaccine. is out at minimum of 10 games. here is a question for you,
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who gets the statue first at
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ford is that within a pickup truck. >> it is a blast from the past and eco-friendly. the retro spin is homage to his 1978 f 100 pickup. this one boasts 480 horsepower, all-wheel-drive and zero emissions. >> and how much it cost?
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features an aluminum -- and leather upholstery. not quite the throwback but i love the look. >> it is cool. i like the colors. i could see rocking one of those. >> i would definitely do that. >> we are right back. obsolete so
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